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I5-2500k overclocking (voltage help)
i5-2500k Overclocking help.
Gigabyte X58A-UD3R. What is the biggest CPU i can put on this mobo??
Brand New PC i7 2600k on eVGA P67 FTW
QX6850 and ASUS P5WDH heat issues?
BSOD i5 2500k 4.5Ghz OC
Upgrading my core 2 cpu...advice needed
Core i7 2600k Overclock BSOD Issues
unable to go past 198 bclock
Intel Sandybridge 2500k vs 2600k
SB Quirk. 2500k Spiking to 98*C on single cores for an instant.
i5 2500k with Hyper 212+ getting 60C+ during Prime95. Help!
Temp Check i7 920
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 temps
List of Successful i7 2600k Overclocks?
Anyone have an i7 920 batch# 3949A372?
New CPU with Mobo what is the brand to get?
Random BSOD
Help finding a better CPU
I5 2500k Speed Step
Do CPUs get hotter over time?
i7-930 3.8/4.0Ghz OC help/sug.
My 2600k overclock so far, need some help
I have the 2600K but I have no idea what good it is
Improve 2500K OC
2500k OC question - I want it to be 24/7!!! How to? Keeps DCing itself :(
RMA With Intel For Core-i7 920
Intel Entry Pentuim G620/G850 Builds Sandy Bridge ITX Platform
I5 2500K Overclocking Failed Message, but I've never overclocked it!
OCing Intel E7500 & NVidia 9400 GT on DG35EC
Does DDR3-1333 prevent me from overclocking Q9550?
Better to adjust DVID or base CPU Voltage 2500K?
bsods from overclocking.
i7 930 4.0GHz OC - Opinions?
Overclocking Newb
Need Help,in overclocking c2d e4500(200mhz) on P5G41T-M-LX,is +250mhz possible?
PLL voltage settings
[Help OC] i7 950 on P6X58D-E
i5 2500k Temp Spikes??
Help around OC e5400
i5 2500K Overclock Questions
overclocking Toshiba A500
What is a good amount of overclock for 2600k?
Real Temp and Bios Temps
Ivy Bridge > 4 core ETA
Sandy Bridge-E 22nm? Graphics on cores?
Have you used Intel Quick Sync yet? Are you impressed?
LGA 2011 on EBAY, someone's being naughty
i5 760 Overclocking high temps with Hyper 212+
Got the OK from lady to spend $$ on new rig
i2500k blue contacts?
BSOD with auto vcore
Overclocking I5 750
Sandy Bridge-E prices are here!
VR-Zone: Sandy Bridge-E to Ship Sans Cooler
intel upgrade service
i5 2500K has degraded bad
Ivy Bridge Rumors
Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 OC please advise
stock i7 running at high clock speeds
Just OC'ed i5 750 first time...
[Help Oc] I7 960 + R2E
Need help with i7-2600 OC
Overclocking and Speed Step
What is dynamic v core
Turbo Boost on i7-2720Qm?
How to Overclock i7 970 on stock cooler
Temp variation on a 2500K
i5 2500k are the base multipliers unlocked
Is it worth the upgrade? i5 750 to the 2500K or the 2600K!
Getting ready to OC i5 2500k
i7 950 GA-X58A-UD3R stability at 4ghz
are there Multi walls on the sandys like there was FSB walls on the Q6600 ect?
Help CPU radically overhears upon windows boot.
875k @ 4.2
Upgrading my E6750... new CPU or New Build?
Overclock Q8400 @ P5G41T-LX3 HELP!
Intel Extreme Tuning utility says my CPU is a little hot..
Intel Burn test issue...
i5 750 OC?
Overclock help
2500k 5Ghz, safe vCore?
Help reading correct i7 920 CPU Temps from EVGA MB
E6320 idle temp is this high. (solved)
E3300 Upgrade :S
Need input on Pentium G620
Core 2 Duo E8400 Strange Issue ?
i7 930 Batch#
i5 2500k max temp
First Overclock Rate me and Advise please
Overclock Mobile Core I3-350M?
Need help with voltages: i5 2500k OC and idle
Q9650 Overclock Help
Bind9 DNS on Solaris 10 x4270 & CPU usage
i7 2600k stock cooler
i5 2500K 4.5Ghz - CPUz not reading voltage
i5-2500k needs too much Vcore for 4.8Ghz?
Need a help with my i7 940 Stepping
2600K Automatically Underclocking to 1.6Gj
2600k oc question.
Q9550 or E8600 for P5N-E Sli?
Benchmark comparing frame rates?
Need advice on old CPUs (Celeron 2.4ghz vs XP1600+)
Questions about QPI (i3)
overclocking intel E6700 Dual Core
New i7-2600k hits 97 C on first boot, no OC.
i5 core speed problem
Alienware Aurora: Need CPU back to 3.4GHz
Which Program correctly shows clock speed?
i7 920 upgrade question (opinions pls)
Intel(R) Core(TM)2DUO E6850/High Idle Temps with Antec Freezer Revision 2
i7 920
most overclockable midrange 1155 cpu on the market - looking for GHZ, not cores
I7 2600k temps
Help with Overclocking my i7 2600k (P67 mobo)
Need help with overclocking
Noob with questions
Dumb Question
First Overclock, Nervous.
Overclocking Intel E7400....HELP!
Where is a list of default voltages for Intel CPU?
Laptop CPU upgrade
i5 2500K core temps
OC a core 2 duo from 3ghz to 3.3ghz
i7 930 can't get bclk past 190Mhz
Ivy Bridge RAM and Base Clock News
I5 2500k Build, suggestions welcomed.
i5-2500k - Multi LLC - Vcore - Wattage
Overclocking i7-950 on Asus Rampage Gene III
Q9650 running on windows at 101 CELSIUS :(
getting my q6600 to 3700mhz or even 3.8 stable.
Can You guys take a look at this?
COre i7 875k Turbo Boost Overclocking Doesn't Seem To Work
This new board I got will boot one q6600 but not another....
i7 2600k overclocking issue
Which CPU
Is it worth the switch from OC Q9550 3.83ghz to i7 2600k ?
Planning a i7 2600k build - need some advice
Help with X5650 please
Xeon x5670 max safe vcore if on water?
You know how they talk about "reduction in CPU life" when you overvolt too much.
Need help selecting powerful enough cpu/machine as Media Server and IP PBX
intel i7 970 discontinued........
Help overclocking the Q9650?
2600k question.
Good voltage for i7 2600k @ 4.2?
i7 2600k boot loop issue
2500k reaching 95 C at stock speed
E7300 Problem
Does OS have anything do with OC stability?
i2500k max voltage
My q6600 g0 overclocking log (will need help)
Overclocking p4 2.8 Northwood
Overclocking process for 2500k
CPU Performance Confusion: AMD vs Intel
intel core i5 2500k, bottle necking?
CPU speed
Cpu temp 2500k
2500k hot...
Real Temp question...
Intel i5 2550k build needing input and suggestions
2600k runs HOT stock
i7 930 overclock/ temps?
AMDs Impending BD release
Overclocked i7 950
Overclocking My Laptop
Help me OC my Q6600, can't get it past 3200...
Turbo Boost not working *again*
E8400 or Q9300 for gaming?
Sand Bridge i5 build comments/segguestions please
i7 2600K Overclocking Help
?s about Q9550
how to overclock a Asus P5G41T-M LX ??
How does the Onboard Intel HD3000 fare against discrete cards?
my sandy bridge build....comments/suggestions
i7 920 C0 BSOD - RMA?
How long should Intel Burn Test run?
SB-E CPUs revealed. Possibly.
o/c results from occt
New guy on the block..
My Options
i7-2600k OC 5Ghz Stable guide help
what to do with this.
i7 930 stock temps
2500K Does this look right?
i7 2600k & My motherboard
What temps should I be aiming for when overclocking an i7 2600k
i7 860 Stable OC Help
problem with system time when overclock
Q9550 OC passes Intel Burn Test/Prime95, crashes randomly on desktop
Need help with weird problem.
My first intel CPU! need advice.
CPU-Z Question
Need some insight with my OC (i7 2600k 4.4Gzh 1.385V).
Need Help for overclock E7500 with Thermaltake Frio
Overclocking an i7 920
Dead-End on an OC. Increase Core Voltage?
Upgrading CPU & new mobo
1st time Intel CPU pls help
Intel Core i7-2600K with GIGABYTE Z68X-UD7,the latest High End Platform OC Guide
I found my old settings for my overclock (please read)
Upgrading from 775 to 1155, I need your opinion!
Swap CPU's?
Where do the Pentium Dual Core Sandy Bridge stand in performace?
Would someone please point this noob in the right direction? - 980X Overclocking
Possible fried CPU?
Cpu Overclock
Qx6850 with asus p5n-e sli
i5-650 safe temp's?
Gamer Upgrade
My i7 920 running hotter than usual?
Best mobo for 2500k or 2500
please help out this has been driving me crazy!
general question about i7 2600k
Intel C2D E6850 3gig 1333 fsb
2500k OC
Celeron E1400 -> C2D E8400?
Really want to overclock my HP q6600
2500K -High Core Temps Problem, Help!!!
QX6850 ES
Another Golden Intel i7 970
LLC Level & voltage offset (p67 extreme4)
Core i7 920, reaching the max OC!
i7-930 2.8GHz Temps
cant change voltages in bios intel(R)Pentium(R)dual cpu E2140 @ 1,60ghz
hi im thinking of getting an i7 core 2600k and a 6870 ati card?
Need Help OCing my ancient E2200
I7 950 OC @ 4.025Gz
Hot stuff
Intel D945GNT Pentium D Processor
Intel C2D E6300 @ 1.86 GHZ stock yay or nay?
Dual fan cooler for i5-2500k overclock?
sandy bridge 2600 (non k) question..
OC 2600k on intel extreme board
2600k - BSOD Code: 0124
overclocking my cpu on stock cooler!
HELP ! i7-2600k @ vcore of 1.54v !
CPU fan
How does the CPU "Decide" which core to send the work?
Upgraded CPU, now system locks up
Wondering on temps in my new rig.
OCing Q6600 to 3.6Ghz with DDR2 PC-9600?
Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 w/ i7 2600k Overclock Settings
2600k - Does this look good?
OC Q9450 on P5Q3 Deluxe WiFi@n
P6X58D-E + i7 930 OClock on multiple lanes.
i5 760 4.2 ghz oc, please review specs
Core i7 920 Overclocking
2500K and Z68 on the way
Will a i7 860@stock bottleneck a high end gpu badly?
E8400 Wolfdale OC advice
i7 920 + Hyper 212+ - Temps?
Q6600 Voltages
Sandy Bridge vs. E8400
Intel i5-750 OC help
Insanely high temps?
i7 920 D0 20x Mulitiplier vs. 21x Multiplier to hit 4.0Ghz
New PC coming soon! XD
PC booting delay
Intel CPU replacement
i5 750 @ 4ghz on GA-H55M-s2v
CPU overheat at start
E3300 Overclock
Windows showing 3.85GHz instead of 4GHz?
amd made of fail
CPU @ Stock = BSOD
Need help overclocking i7920 D0
Can someone explain this simple OC guide please
200x20 or 160x25 ?
Help an AMD guy out
CPU cooler for i7 2600k OC'd to 4.2
Need help ocing Q6600 G0 processor
Damaged my i7 930?
What is your comfort voltage?
WTF am I doing wrong i7-2600k OC'ing
Overclock my i3 540
Help OCing E8400 on EP45-UD3P
Safe temperature for E2160
Help! My brand new 2500k seems to run way too hot!
Max TDP for i7 2600
My overclock results. i5 2500k, golden chip?
Need insight, torn as to what can be my problem...
Need some serious CPU grunt - Is this a good choice?
I3 3.07 at 4.1 Intel telling the truth?
Just installed my H50 p/p -- easy settings for OCing i7 930 to 3.6GHz?
Intel Pentium D 820 Overclocking Question
Overclocking i7 860
OC help needed
core i5 showing 2 cores?
An Intel processor through the eyes of an AMD user
What to do? Advice please.
Couple Technical Questions re: i2500k OC
Best OC'ing CPU and MB?
Help with OCing 2600k and Z68x-UD5
Anyone own i3-2100 or i3-2105?
Overclocking i7 2600 ?
E6750 Max temperature ?
i7 2600K OCing help.
e2200 bsel
i7-950 being stupid hot
Xeon E5620 Vs. Xeon E3-1245 {Sandy Bridge Xeons Vs "Gulftown" Xeons}
Q8200 and EP35-DS3L
game system question i5k or i7k
E3300 CPU Volts
i5 2500S vs i5 2400
Pin Mod Questions
Best Sandybridge Processor?
Stuck at 3.36GHz... HELP!
2500k ~ 1.44v and 80c safe?
Best Combo for i7 960 @ 4GHz ?
Intel Burn test.
Overclocking E6300 - Crashing video drivers
Will adding 4 more gigs of ram throw off my settings?
i7 930 + GA-X58U-UD3R OC
2600K, further OC?
E8400 vs E3110 - ???
How far can I overclock a i5 2500k with the factory heatsink/fan?
Overclocking i5 2500K (Should be easy right?)
i5 750 makes my room hot!! will a 2500k help?
Questions on Vcore & VID
i7 960 @ 1.35vcore
C1E support the same as EIST
680i Q6600 B3 8gb Reapers OC need help please.
Problem overclocking i530
looking for eist control
Recommended Overclock for i72600k!
Worth upgrading my laptop?
So I was having trouble getting to 5ghz....
D945 at 3.4 for overclocking
Troubleshooting Bad 2500k
i5-2500K - are my expectations too high?
2600k: Dumb question about core voltage.
Ultra stability test
a CPU to match the rest of my system?
I need a hand on how to overclock a Q8200!
q6600 on 680i lt o.c.
4.8GHz on e8400 with Noctua NH-C14 cooler?
Overclocking i3 550
Intel Core i7 2600k vs 990X
Does this seem normal ?
Upgrading my cpu
format after installing a new cpu?
50c idle temps w/H50
Advices on 2600K oc'ing
i3 540 Overclocking help!!
help! how to OC Intel® Core™ i3-550 Processor
Oc i5 2500k
Quick CPU-Z/VDroop question
Overclocking Q9400 and MSI P45-C51
E8600 or Q6600
What should I expect from my i7-960?
i7 950 or 960?
Q9550 Overclocked Idle Temps
2600K boot 55x/voltage?
Voltage help
Stabilizing i5 750
New to OCing
Looking for a tut new to overclocking :)
2500k too hot?
E8200 not overclocking to desired effect.
Thermal paste on CPU socket
Q6600 on strike?
2600K worth it from what i have??
Using integrated GFX with nvidia card
Intel Core i7 2600K or Intel Core i5 2500K?
Alienware 04VWF2 X58
Further overclocking Q8200
WOW does not stress my CPU
Anyone seen this wierd behavior with a 970?
Windows saying i'm running at 4.16Ghz but CPU-Z Doesn't ?!
Can't hit 4GHz !!!!!
Celeron e3300 overclocking capability
i5-2500K Default Voltages & Some Other Stuff
i7 950 can't get past 143 Bclk
Here's my CPU, can I OC it?
2600K, what about offset mode?
2500k CPU new member need help
E8400 rev.C0 to 4GHZ?
my clock speed
Intel I7 960
Weird Issue, not sure what it is
Looking for a Pro in OC (i7 960)
intel pentium extreme edition, any good?
i3 2100 & no RAID vs. Pentium G620 w/ RAID 0
QPI/DRAM voltage
Help with Overclocking Q6600 beyond 3.3Ghz (Warning Image Heavy!)
question about oc'ing 2500k
vcore not fluctuating with speed
Is SandyBridge Integrated Graphics Good For Photo Editing?
i5 750 is an amazing little bugger!
E2180 Multiplier
2500k - New to Overclocking
CPU issues / lag
New Intel Roadmap... SB-E and Ivybridge release info...
Core1 ican be up to 10 degrees warmer at idle?
Q9450 ocing
Working on a new build, let me know what you think.
Core 2 Quad q8400 vs I5 2500k
Everything Kosher Here?
New Build CPU questions
Some advice on Voltages (i7-860 @ 3.8GHz)
i5 760 + Noctua NH-U12P high temps
2600k HT or not HT...
Best CPU cooler?
Please assist with OC Q8400/ MSI....horrible results so far.
Do our computer systems really cost all that much to run?
i7 2600 or i7 950
i7 990x worth it?
Can Someone Send Me A How-To?
2500K Random BSOD
2600k Is it normal to be clocked at 1.5Ghz at the Desktop?
AI Suite II and other problems! please help!
Two Pentium 4's Overclocking
First OC attemp done / stable. LMK what you guys think!!
Windows still showing running stock speeds.
help with vcore / i5 760 @ 4ghz
DRAM voltage at 1.7v ?!?!?
stock i5 760 temps with new cooler?!?!?
QPI Link
Processor Help
Q8200 overlocked freeze problem
New here, New to OC, help me understand this SS please.
2500k ~ Should I go for 5.0++???
i5 2500 OC
Help...GTA IV low fps on q8200
Should I Be Worried?!
Overclocking Help (ASUS P6T//i7 920)
New 2500k Overclocks
First time OC, brand spankin new!
HELP Q8300 running at 2GHZ!?
Help..overclocking Q8200 on GA-P41-ES3G??
New 2600k processor excited!
New processor Questions.
i7 2600k integrated graphics
Slotket help (sy-370)
2600k overclocking - CPU voltage advice
I3 540 Overclocking (still in progress) need professional help
i5-2500k CPU usage
si software sandra reading wrong speed
When and why increase vcore votage?
Choosing a new CPU + introduction
Will QPI CPU work on FSB Motherboard?
2600k OC at 5GHz?
Drightening CPU temperature
Overclocking the processors in an old Poweredge 1300
Xeon CPUs for gaming?
Q9550s vs Q9550 voltages
Core i5 2500k - 1.37v too much?
How much more...
Overclocking my i7940
Problem with overclocking i7 950 to 4Ghz
CPUz versus Real Temp 3.67
Are my settings correct?
Should I overclock & how?
2500k temps
need help o/c my pc
Inching my way toward my old OC
Clocking Asus P5Q Pro, Intel E8600, Corsair Dominator PC8500
2500k and asrock p67 pro3
Sourcing Binned 2600
Pentium D Upgrade?
How to see processor speed.
Q6600 60c stock speeds with tuniq tower?
Z time has come. Z68 boards out
overclocked my e2160
i7-860 + asus board OC help needed
I bought a 1155 system
Worth the upgrade?
Newbie overclock help from the pros
75C in prime no good?
help!!my cpu clock speed decreased to half its original value
59x100 2600k h20
e5800 problems
Overclocking i7 960 Newbie, Help!
Possible to overclock this 2600k??
2600k 10C difference between cores
i7-2600k temperatures
My 1st (apparently successful) overclocking experience
i5 2500k always at max frequency !!
i5-2500k high CPU usage?
Quick uncore q
CPU temperature rising rapidly
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Temps
HTPC question (sandy bridge? as well)
i7 Setup
Overclocking a Pentium D 940 3.2
Any suggestions for upgrade?
To Speedstep or not to speedstep?
cpu for a 6990