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Q9450 ocing
Working on a new build, let me know what you think.
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Everything Kosher Here?
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Do our computer systems really cost all that much to run?
i7 2600 or i7 950
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Can Someone Send Me A How-To?
2500K Random BSOD
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AI Suite II and other problems! please help!
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First OC attemp done / stable. LMK what you guys think!!
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help with vcore / i5 760 @ 4ghz
DRAM voltage at 1.7v ?!?!?
stock i5 760 temps with new cooler?!?!?
QPI Link
Processor Help
Q8200 overlocked freeze problem
New here, New to OC, help me understand this SS please.
2500k ~ Should I go for 5.0++???
i5 2500 OC
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Should I Be Worried?!
Overclocking Help (ASUS P6T//i7 920)
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New processor Questions.
i7 2600k integrated graphics
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I3 540 Overclocking (still in progress) need professional help
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si software sandra reading wrong speed
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2600k OC at 5GHz?
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How much more...
Overclocking my i7940
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Are my settings correct?
Should I overclock & how?
2500k temps
need help o/c my pc
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Clocking Asus P5Q Pro, Intel E8600, Corsair Dominator PC8500
2500k and asrock p67 pro3
Sourcing Binned 2600
Pentium D Upgrade?
How to see processor speed.
Q6600 60c stock speeds with tuniq tower?
Z time has come. Z68 boards out
overclocked my e2160
i7-860 + asus board OC help needed
I bought a 1155 system
Worth the upgrade?
Newbie overclock help from the pros
75C in prime no good?
help!!my cpu clock speed decreased to half its original value
59x100 2600k h20
e5800 problems
Overclocking i7 960 Newbie, Help!
Possible to overclock this 2600k??
2600k 10C difference between cores
i7-2600k temperatures
My 1st (apparently successful) overclocking experience
i5 2500k always at max frequency !!
i5-2500k high CPU usage?
Quick uncore q
CPU temperature rising rapidly
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Temps
HTPC question (sandy bridge? as well)
i7 Setup
Overclocking a Pentium D 940 3.2
Any suggestions for upgrade?
To Speedstep or not to speedstep?
cpu for a 6990
For video editing: hexacore i7 or sandybridge?
Intel’s Roadmap: Ivy Bridge, Panther Point, and SSDs
just upgraded my Core 2 6420 to Quad Q8400...a few questions
Help me get my 2600k to 5ghz stable
Overclock Intel core i3 550 Clarkdale @ 3.20GHz?
Please Help Me Overclock My E2180
Help me O.C Q6600
Questions on Ivy Bridge?
P4 640 Won't get past 225 fsb
Here is one for the p4 gurus
what cpus are the best for video converting?
8 ES Core Sandy Bridge XEON First look
Intel's '3d transistor' for Ivybridge
2xEVGA GTS 450SC or EVGA GTX 570??
i7 950 OC to 4.2 need help to get to 4.4 =)
Question on potential Intel purchase here...
Disabling speedstep isnt working.
qx9770 overclock.
Ivy Bridge Questions
Xeon 2,8s not being detected correct in windows?
SB and i7 differences?
Is there a worthy upgrade from i920 @ 4.3 GHz?
Worth upgrading from i5 650@4.5ghz to i7 870?
cpu differential - cpu clock skew - CPU amplitude
OC i5 760
Overclocking i7 920 with MSI X58 Pro (MS-7522)
Getting 2600K to 5GHz (no go)
bus speed i5 2500k
True or False: Intel Sandy Bridge cuts time it takes to transcode video in half
First PC Build Help. :D
i5-2500k + MSI P67A-C43 overclocking
I love my 2500k
upgrading from a Q6600 to a QX9770 on a EVGA 780i SLI board
cant OC i5 2500k to 4,5 o.O
Can't get Q6600 stable @ 3420 Mhz (edit: now 3915.2 Mhz)
Noticeable difference between 4.5 and 5.0ghz?
Trying to OC P4 1.6ghz
i7 930 and X58A-UD3R Overclock
Can't get e8400 past 3.8ghz
Extreme BlackBird: Project Raptor
2600K 5.7 w/HT on H2O
I7 930 help
CPUs maximum Voltage + MHz tolerance.
Sandy Bridge Overclocking suggestions (i5 2300)
When will I get 5Ghz from my CPU?
stability on oc i5 2500k
Overclocking an i7 920
i7-950 @4.4Ghz !!@1.456V!!
i7-2600k and MIVE results
Can't retain OC'edge.
voltages for E8400 at 4 GHz
HOWTO overclock your i7-2600k on a P8P67 (w/pictures)
Which PSU for Triple-Sli 570?
Screen blanking upon load of W7 OS.
Offset vs Fixed Vcore? (2600K OCing)
2500k running hot?
My CPU Temp too high?
My new PC is back from getting the 2600 switched to 2600k, have questions
The old 2500K versus the 2600K dilemma
Was This a smart decision?
i5-2500k 4.7ghz OC, how did I do?
Should I try for 5Ghz?
5.7ghz superpi (2600k)
Overclocking Intel Celeron E3200
Cant get my 4.0ghz stable
Multiplayer from CPU i7-950
i7 20600k OC & Temps
Help with overclocking i7 875 k pls
i7 920 + p6x58d premium
DG41RQ and Celeron E3300
Help¡ Intel Pentium D Overclock
i5 2500k voltage
Strange happenings...
5 year since last upgrade! wait for z68?
i5 2500k high Voltages required?
Intel Roadmap Leaked: Sandy Bridge Enthusiast Specs
LN2 setup complicated? Homemade?
2600k @ 4.5 @ 1.27 vcore
***BurnInTest Results***
Intel Corei5-2300 with best buy BIOSTAR TH67XE
2600k no ht?
2500K More VCore?
Getting ready to OC, but Q6600 has some weird temps
Q6600 died - but not completely
Prime stable for days.. 124 BSOD when idle...
4.5ghz i5 2500k Temperatures with CM 212
+12v is down!!!!!!
Anyone have any new info about ivybridge and LGA2011?
Please look at this.
Q9400 OC results
Question - OC E7500
A bit of confusion (E2200)
10X fsb 400 or 12X fsb 333?
Most of an i7-2600 (locked)?
overclocking i7 960 with 24gb ddr3
Sandybridge questions!
OC Help to i5-2500K
2500K OC help
RAM timings? (2600k)
i7 slows down when i start or try to play my game
New to OCing just have some ?'s
Temp Doubt
Noob Overclocker results
Windows Freeze
Long time AMD guy doing first Intel build in ages, what can I expect?
Would an i5 750 at 3.6 be faster than a 2500?
i5 760, Evga P55 FTW, ati4890
New i7 2000's Vs old i7 9's
Balance OC/CPU Life Span
QX6850 failing prime95
i7 950 Overclock help.
Omg, is this normal??
Removing Stock "safety" heatsinc from processor i7
First OC since the old slot celeron a's
i7 960 OC voltage question.
What is today's Q6600 G0?
Annoying Warning Tone
Should I upgrade or wait?
Help needed to clock Q6600 past 3ghz
Doesn't want to boot into Windows
i7 960, Need help
Max Overclocking E2180
Back after a few years O/C i7 960
Intel 2500K Over Clocking Question!
Question about OCing
i5 temps
i7 2600K Same Bsod on 2 PC's
First time oc. Did I do it right?
Worth upgrade to 2500k?
2500k weird temps
i5 2500k compatible?
Overclocking i-7 2600
i3 540 Overclock
Biostar TP67B+ Results Thread
Volts good/bad - Will something burn soon?
Gaming system config question?
My 2600k UD7 OC Need Advice Thread
Intel Releases 10 Core E7 Xeons
overclock advice needed!
Help overclocking my old Prescott
celeron d 330 oc ;) ..oh yea its a dell!
Over Clocking?
multiplier and LLC
2600K overclock to 4.8 issues
Quick Overclocking Question
2600K Build Question
2600k 4.8ghz is my OC ok?
Kernel-power event 41
intel i7 920 2.67 GHZ
Intel SU7300 - can it play 720p MKVs?
i5 540M vs i7 740QM
Core i7 970 w Asus sabertoothX58 Mobo OC
e7500 overclock
An inquiry as to the affinity of Prime95 worker threads to CPU cores
Concerns with my E8400 OC
Stabilizing an i7 Overclock
Requesting profile for 2700k/asrock p67 extreme6
Realtemp Question
Is my PC finally "GOOD ENOUGH?!"
Inconsistent Vcore with LLC
Help OCing 920....
AMD Phenom II X2 550
Is my CPU running too hot?
Why are all the questions in the AMD section about Intel CPU's
Anyone have a template for i7 950 and an EVGA X58 board or simular ?
I would like some help with overclocking my computer
Help oc my system
i7 950 4.2Gz on DX58SO
New SB build, couple bugs
Should I reseat my CPU? (2500k + noctua u12p se2)
Overclocking Q8400
Overclocking 2600k
Giga-Byte GA-EP35-DS3L overclock
Intel Roadmap Leaked: X79 Chipset Details Emerge
Laptop Overclcocking - DONT FLAME!
i7 voltage fluctuation
Why so many different sockets from intel?
Total newb requests help with OC'ing
2600K won't overclock
2500k Vcore doesn't change from 1.2
New "emergency" build
Any opinions about CPU
2600k overclock issue
P6X58D-E & i7 930 @4,01Ghz (Need some Advice)
e8400 oc/temps/vdrop
Anyone still run a Q6600?
Problem with i7 2600k
I7 920 random massive slowdown and problems.
Overclock of i7 920 alright?
Help w/ my i7-960 @ 4Ghz
After LGA 2011?
DELL XPS 420 VID-Vcore-Vdroop pencil volt mod Q6600 3.1 @ 1.25 v
Should I get the 2600k or wait for the new I7?
Prime95 vs Intel Burntest latest wisdom?
Need Help on a Q8300
E2180 Overclocking
2600k on Asus Rev3 P67Pro Issue
e5300 temps
Another Core i7 Temp question
e8400 Stability help!!
LGA 1155 Build thoughts/opinions/recommendations
Help Needed With First Build
Core 2 Duo E6550 Extream OC
Overclocking i3 530 stable
Information Gathering to Overclock dual X5680s on an SR-2
i7-2600K 4.8Ghz, question on voltage
2600K VccIO question.
Help ID this old Pentium system
Fans PWM stock at 40%
Would this LGA1366 build would be good for 3D Rendering, Gaming and Adobe work?
P4 3.4E prescott "upgrade"
Q6600 will not Overclock
QX9650 (ES) 3.6 ghz on P5Q pro turbo
Pleas help me over clock my i7 950 4.0Gz on DX58SO
i7 2600K: load temperature "spike" normal?
Prime95 fails on everything i do, even autotune
e2160 OC im lost
i7 930 4.0GHz Failure Unstable?
i5 650 upgrade to i7 860
Resource Monitor: Maximum Frequency?
Yet another Sandybridge overclocking thread
Pent II
Stress tools process question
I3-530 P55 gaming question
How is this for a daily OC ?
Testing Laptop
First Build 2600k Idle 49c
P55 LE with I5 750 OC'd to 4.0 ghz (200BCLK X 20) will not boot with 4 sticks o
Turboboost turning off
2 Xeon E5645 vs 2600k
i7 2600k 4.7 @ 1.39v
Degradation test for SB
Q6600 Temp Question
Help overclocking my i7 960
Q6700 on P5N-D
I7 950 Bloomfield X58A UD3R Overclock
I7-970 OC HELP!
Need help - i7 930 with P6TD Deluxe
HELP: is there a problem with my CPU
core i7 960 questions
Help me please!!!
q6600 go overclock help
Anyone Know the Clock generator??
Time to upgrade from Q6600?
i7 970 or 2600K?
Best amount of thermal paste on Sandy bridge?
Are these interchangeable?
*PICS & VIDEO* BC2 VERY LARGE GAINS with i5-2500k upgrade from Q9650 Benchmarks
i7 990x Running Too Hot (I think)
CPU multiplier falling back
2600k Bizarrely Overheating Issue sitting in BIOS
<-- Newb Managed to OC and mess it up
i7 920 stock voltage settings
Can I have some advice please?
need help overclocking my q6600 with asus p5ql-cm
i5-760 OC room for improvement?
Took a trip to frys, left 500$ poorer, Sandy Bridge build here I come
OC Help - E8400 on 680i
Single Prime95 fail at 10+ hours?
22nm Process
i5-2500K with 4 x 2GB 1600MHz
What happened to my overclock?
Help a Newbie Out with OC, i don't recognize my BIOS
which temp reading is more accurate for i7
Disabeling Speedstep doesn't work 2500k
Prime95 worker won't start
how much thermal paste for an i5 2400k
HT Processor shows up in Task Manager as a single CPU
Is the 2600k better then the i7 960 for gaming?
i7 960 Overclock problems