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help!!!! first time ocer needs help with 980x i7 to stable 4.5ghz and asus ra3ex
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fsb & multiplier .
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Got a G6950 to play with.
Intel Sandy Bridge High C/P Combo-Core i5-2500K with GIGABYTE P67A-UD3R OC Guide
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O.C. help
q6600 w/ asus p5p43td usb3 overclock
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Intel Ivy Bridge 22nm processors to take over Sandy bridge as early as 2H 2011
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overclocking help i7 950 new pc
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i7 2600k vs i7 960
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2500K 4GHZ stock cooler waiting for yasya
help with Overclock please :) (P8P67 pro + 2600K)
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I7 950 Bloomfield - Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev 2.0 Overclocking
The LGA2011 processor size!!
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e6700 oc 3.8 stable "stock" coller trick
I7 950 Overclocking
Switching to Intel
2600k won't overclock over 4GHz
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Just how useful is PCH voltage to Sandy Bridge?
Need Help with my OC
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New here, Q8200 help
High temps.
Stabilizing i7 920 @ 4.2 with 12GB 1600 RAM
Xeon W3565 Batch... worth it?
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i7 930 @ 3.8GHz
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E6400 VID 1.325 Worth OC?
Intel i3-540 OC (Clarkdale)
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I5 650 Overclock - Videocard buzzing sound.
Narrowed down to 2 fans/heatsinks...
Sandy Bridge fixed hyperthreading?
i7-930 undervolting
i7 overclock help
How to Overclock i7-875K
1st Overclock..need opinion!!
Sandy Bridge 2600k questions
i7 860 - computer won't boot when over 4,01 ghz
Overclocking Problem
The final verdict on Gulftown vcore?
E7200 stable @ 2.89Ghz but can't go further.
Need Help Overclocking UD9 / 980x to 4.2Ghz on Air.
E5400 2.7@800FSB with which chipset is optimal for overclocking?
Buying a second hand CPU, Q6600 or Q9450?
I need help to OC i7 860 whit sabertooth 55i
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Is odd multi more stable?
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i7 920 @ 4.2 GHz - temps to high ?
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I7-950 with Noctua NH-D14
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Which voltages to stablize RAM when OCed?
Did my i7-2600k Not Fit Correctly?
Newbie to overclocking... HELP PLZ :)
i5-2500k OC Issue
let know what u think about my i5 760 @ 4ghz
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E8400 @ 4ghz. Laggs in Black ops!
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Budget gaming PC
New build for Video encoding... Sandybridge or X58?
Thermal paste for SB?
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Downclock before overheat
My SB Build Turned Into an Almost Full Re-do
installing 2500k question
2500K Multiplier changing?
overclock Q9400
Whats the difference?
i7-2600k or i7 950
Q6600 OC Voltage with MSI P45 Neo-F
my frist build
upgrade to 2600K question.
Quick Q--proper e8500 temp
I7 950 OC complete question on gaming temps
i5 2500k, super high temps
I7 920 OC help
i7 960 @ 4ghz
is it possible to change the vcore via software?
Read the guide, still unclear...
So I have a Pentium 4 Engineering Sample
I7 930 OC 2.8 to 4.2
i7-930 stock CPU Vcore
160 bclock vs. 200 bclock
Core i7 950 Stock Temperatures
My first overclock isn't going so well
Q6600 & Biostar TPower i45 overclock
Q8200 & P5K/EPU - NB Voltage Problem
The Intel Core i7 990x is here! (kinda)
Went from stable OC to not able to at all
Coming from a phenom 9950
So with sandybridge
E6300 Conroe Overclocking
i5 2500k or Phenom II x4 955
My i5 760 Overclocking adventure!?
issues with i-5 750 oc
PPGA478 & PPGA479
i7 2600k?
Overclocking an i5 2500K
socket 478 heatspeader stuck to heatsink
Most powerful socket 775 CPU?
2600K and Asus P8P67 Deluxe
Maximum load temperatures on I7 920 and 950
E7500 Overclocking
UEFI P67 MB Boot times?
Sandybridge only 16 lanes of PCIE ? What gives?
2500k + Gigabye P67-UD3P
New rig trying to OC!!
i7 920 CO overclocking question
PSU for 2500K?
Is sandy bridge for the average computer gamer?
C-State / C-Tech - on or off?
i5-2500k/ P8p67 Dlx Memory Question
i7 960 Overclock, anyone ?
i7 2600k Stuck at 4.9Ghz
Help! Acer Predator Crusader 2 overclocking i7 920
hey overclock
E4500 M0 Linpack temps
Need help overclocking an i7 860
New Rig Build Help Appreciated.
2500k & ASUS P8P67 PRO Stuck @ 3.3 GHz
struggling to get i5 760 stable at 4ghz
i7 930 help
$100 worth 2MB Chace and HT?
How the heck do I change the multiplier?!?! (complete overclocking noob here)
i5 750 stable @ 4.02 ghz so far....
First attempt OC i7 870 / MSi P55A - GD65
They're Hereeeeeeeeeeee
i5 760 is not stable anymore
Sandybridge safe voltages
please help with my purchase!
Need help!! New to overclocking
i7 960 Overclock
Who's upgrading to Sandy Bridge?
i7 - 930 @ 4.0GHz
General Intel Processor Question
Has anyone OCed an ASUS EeePC 1001PX?
e8400 to sandy bridge 2500k/2600k club.
Should I return my Intel i7-950?
To upgrade or not to upgrade!!
Sandy Bridge contains hardware-level DRM and Killswitch?
IntelBurnTest crashing instantly, Prime95 and OCCT claim stability
Q8200 O/C help..strange prob
Help with i7-950 & DDR3 2000 settings in BIOS
My first OC and post! Question though!
Sandy Bridge Voltage Recommendations from OCUK
i5 760 4.3Ghz
Why is CPU-Z saying my 2600k is at 1.6 GHz?
asus p7h55 i5 760 4.0ghz oc help thread
Sandy Bridge 2600K/2500k batch# and overclock thread
I7 950 Voltage too low?
2 cores hotter then rest...
Core i7-920 D0 with Corsair H70 vs. TRUE 120
PII X4 --> 2500K?, what mobo?
e2200 on P5G4IC-M LX
New system stable and overclocked!!!!!
constant reboot 875k
Sandy Bridge Now On Sale In The US
Prime95 errors
2500k max multi?
i5 650 @ 4.0ghz (CPU-Z says fluctuating core speed?)
Safe 980x 24/7 OC 100% load temp?
CPU-Z screen shots!
Intel 875K multiplier question
q6600 + p5kc voltages
Help with intell core i7 950/sabertooth LOOK!!(lots of pictures :) plus build )
HT ON vs Higher Clocks/HT Off
overclocking intel i3 530
2500K/2600K's on Ebay.. Yikes
q6600 oc q965 bsel possible?
2500K vs 2600K
Why cant I get E8400 beyond 3,3ghz on P5B deluxe?
n00b needs some help OCing
i7 950 Build vs 2600k Build
Intel New Generation Performance-i7 2600K with BIOSTAR TP67XE (5.1GHz) Test
Help with Q8300!!!
Overclock I5 750. Complete noob.
CPU for HTPC BD playback?
i7 2600K cooling.
This look ok for i7950??
Dman's i7 920.... Continuation of the OC
970 vs 2700k: Continue Build vs Scrap
alt+ctrl+del= crash???
Has anyone seen this problem and solved it ?
Max Vcore on a 45nm Core 2?
How do I know in Vista if all 4 cores are working?
old school upgrade?
2600k ?? Worth it??
What is a good definition of stable?
New rig, new to OC'ing.
I5 750/2500K Clock For Clock Review
Clockable sandy bridge
i cant overclock my E5200!
Any Plans for six and eight core CPU's from Intel for 2011?
Overclocking i5 760
Intel Core i7 940 Overclock
overclocking E2160 resets bios ?
Intel Extreme Tuning Utility
[O/C]Intel i7 2600K (Sandy Bridge) Review
i5 760 OC Question w/ 8gigs RAM
Need Help for my Q8200
To HT or not to HT
How To Keep DRAM Frequency The Same While Increasing The BCLK Frequency?
920 overclock issues and questions
Anyone still running a 65nm Core 2 duo?
noob to intel oc'ing need some help i7 960
i7 930 x21 multiplier question
Friend's CPU running way too hot
Beginner help with voltages
I7-970 Question :D
Need help interpreting RealTemp results
So I was just playing around with Prime95..
2010 Mainstream DIY PC Reference Intel Platform OC Performance Guide
i7 930 OC
Newbie to Overclocking strange results
Overclocking i7 950, Not even stable at 3.36 ghz, Help on ocing to 4 ghz
Overclocking C2Q Q8400 past 3.0 Ghz
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 overclock
A question about load line calibration
Building New System - Help!
Help with IBT
i7 875k Multi over 22 not sticking
Q9300 OC Bios Problem
Overclock stable before heatsinc
Learning to OC, help needed (miahallen's guide)
I7 930 or 950??
I7 930 OC/U-V
Q6600 Overclock Asus P5N-D 3.0ghz
Next Best CPU?
overclocking copper mine P3 E to 1000 mhz good score but bad !!
another 4ghz overclock woohoo
Please HELP! CPU/MOBO ISSUE - New Build
Overclocking to 3.6 Intel i7 950
i7 950 OC
i7 920 OC, no joy past 3.6 GHz on water?
Best CPU monitoring program
PLEASE Provide Me With Specific BIOS Settings For i7 930 *4.4Ghz* OC!!
q6600 (2.4ghz quad core) restarts computer
Overclocking ona a Alienware. Results.
need advice on 1st time overclocking
i3 540 first run
i5 760 - I can only get to 3750Mhz, help?
Is Sandybridge and Upgrade or downgrade from 1366?
1156 cpu contacts OPPS
Will a core 2 quad q9300 be enough of an upgrade?
Ok NOW I think my 950 is stable at 4Ghz (with lots of info)
Is this Compatible QX9750
Why do i7-950s scale in two curves with Prime?
CPU swap on a store bought HP
i'm weird, i know, but pls help! :)
speedstep/turbo mode won't stay off.
I7 950 3,8 OC Temp Advice
OC freeze
computer keeps crashing!
Intel Q6600 G0 overclocking problem
oc: e7300 with stock ddr3 1600 mhz
planning on ocing
E8400 4.0 Ghz => 4.25 : No perceived performance increase
9650 what is the other 35Watts?
Help me please OC Failed i7950
Can i OC?
Looking to OC a i5-650, where do I begin?
i7 930 testing: Intelburntest Linpack Output Times Different
Fatal question: is it stable?
Batch reference
Core 2 quad or Core 2 duo?
My battle with the bad batch i7 930 o/c... Some opinions please...
I overclocked my 950 to 4 GHZ... Comments needed.
i7 970 p6x58d - road block before I even start!
Overclock stops working
Computer won't boot
Is this stock temp too high on my 950?
i7 950
e7600 oc advise
Almost there... Is Turbo an evil thing ?
Overclocking 980x & P6X58D Premium
i3 keeps freezing under load
Celeron 440
Overclocking Intel I7 950 help
Would I be better off with an e7500 than Q6600 for SC2
oc help
HELP! Overclocking a E8400 on P5W-DH-Deluxe.
Everyone is bitching on Core 2 Quad
My I need a decent Comp right now Build
Intel Core I7 970 Batch question?
False CPU-Z validation (Upload differs)
Upgrading suggestions...
High Temps!!
Not sure what this is called will explain in body
Running out of ideas (Q9450 OC)
Christmas Build
Need help with overheating Q9550
intel core 2 duo e6600 overclock
Need urgent feedback re my new i950 rig!
Upgrading q6600 to q9650
Leaked review of Sandy Bridge....
CPU-Z question
Intel most high end platform Core i7-950 with GIGABYTE X58A-UD3R OC Guide
weird reboots....
CPU reading at different speed the clocked
QX6700 max safe overclocking voltage
Is i5 760 a smart upgrade from a Q6600 right now?
What do you think if this deal?
weird overclocking problem after ssd install/bios update
Help me oveclocking my cpu
Q6600@ 2.66Ghz / 9800gt sli 3dmark quesitons
Will this CPU with such a case overclock?
My computer won't start :(
i wan to overclock my cpu e2200 need help
Need help oc'ing E2200. ( im new at oc )