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Ghetto Shield using Steam In-Home Streaming
Custom Desk to go along with Razer's Chroma Theme
Razer BlackWidow Disassembly Question
Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 - Custom KeyCaps So I Can See Symbols
Half-assed mods (modifications)
SS Kinzu V2 Cable mod - problems
Outside the case cooling
Razer Imperator LED swap. Need help identifying.
The Build up & Upgrading of my Win 98 Box
USB to DMX cable mod?
Custom I/O Panels
Led's not working?
help creating Custom cooling for GTX 460
V-dac sunday playtime mod
Need help wiring LED
EMI shielding anyone have experience?
How to get a 14" hole
wire size and sleeving size
Lego sandbox theory for things like raspberry pi
Connect a PSP screen to a computer.
Exoframe Mini
Can I pay someone to laser engrave an external HDD?
Audio Box Mod -> DV4 laptop to audio/video streaming
Window Res - Failed
Replacing Capacitors to solid General Rule Question?
Custom DIY water/moisture/humidity/other proof PC Components: Possible?
Case lighting,What color?
ASRock M8 - reminds me of the Gigabyte Windforce 5OC...
Black and yellow themed Fractal Design ARC XL
Car Media Center
Project Yet-to-get-final-name
DELL - Benching Station
Software for designing a custom case
Computer fans and issues with copper how to get past it
Bitspower X-Station LED Power Hub questions
Yet another cable question
Fan convertion
Making a 3 wire into a two wire 80mm x 10mm fan
4 pin PWM fans + pre made controller?
Project Genesis
H50 on a xfx7870 core edition
RGD - Custom Built Surround Monitor Stand
Sleeving cables...What Cables
Custom Fan Painting
Custom setup for motherboard.
Would like to build a Portable Desktop (like a Vaio Tap20)... Need advice/help!
Custom Sheet Metal mATX Case
Aquarium Oil Submersion Break-Down
litecoin Mining Rig
Engineering Drawings of PCIe Slot Cutouts
front panel i/o for diy cases?
I need a custom acrylic window for my case
Portable Desktop
DIY LED Tt Meka G1
Water Cooling PSU?
Cabinet PC
soldering on leads - best material/wire?
The DankLANbox project
Media server cabinet cooling
external pc control hub + wooden PC case (silent)
Case Fan Mod
Custom Front panel i/o
The Divinity Project
I need some help with case window
Antec 120 4 pin question
PSU cable management.
VFD's, specifically the HP 2454 Digital Entertainment Display H9150VFD
Toshiba A200 1k8 Modding HELP!!
Corsair 300r Modding Ideas
PC, xbox, ps3, ultra gamer/live streaming build
Sleeving a PSU
cant find a certain molex housing
Silent HTPC
Revamping HP Desktop
Painting Heatsink?
My current hyper 212 mod
odd sata power connectors
Goodwill Case Modification!
[Need Advice] Quiet cooling for an NES PC
Got Bored= Custom Pc Stand
Vertical Benching Station
Aluminium vs. Steel
Simple, strong, and modular - My new desk
Seeking clarification for a pending mod project
Artic Silver Adhesive and Anodized Aluminum
Thermaltake EVO_Blue 550W Modding?
Mod/Smart High Density Kobra Sleeving?
Wireless Laptop Peripheral
Favorite Case Lighting Color? - 2012-2013 Poll
Quad CPU tyan Mobo (server) as Gaming Desktop - OS and GPU compatibility
laptop main exhaust 3 pin question
Top "Must Have" Tools for Modding
Drive Power Cable Mod
PSU modding
ABS Plastic Sheets?
Can heat sinks be painted?
Question about software for creating computer case design?
Custom Backplates-ATi HD3870
Brass Tacks: One Day Scratch Build
Rig o' The Month - August 2012 (Concluded)
another sleeving thread!
Wich will make a Green UV fan/acrylic pann glow more a green light or black ligh
Microswitches for mouse buttons
Dremel Straight Edge Guide attachment Advice?
Active Noise Control to Combat Noisy PCs
Just another computer built into desk build
ALMOST no bezel :)
ITX Mainboard project [UPDATED!]
Exoframe 2.0
Desktop Relocation
Building a Case?
Duel bay fan control + Disk drive mod
Charity Build- Narcolepsy UK
Can I sleeve non-modular power supplies?
Little plastic "Holders" on keyboard. How do I remove?
Which type of Flat/Satin Black Paint for a Computer Desk?
Can anyone help me w/ 2.5" to 3.5" adapters?
Modding a Coolermaster HAF X 942 front I/O panel to a Cooler master HAF 922
My DIY Benching station (Based off of Navig)
Source for large stickers?
Older System Upgrades & Tweaks
clear components ??
the not-a-laptop
Mini Fridge PC Mod!
Unorthodox Lian-Li Case Mod; preferably liquid cooled
Case Tips Anyone?
Testbench build questions
Need Help with Briefcase Mod!
putting several thermal pads on top of each other
DIY CNC machine!
Ground up Case Fabrication
Retro 1980's PC Tower Case
How to Change the Drive Icon in Windows Vista and Windows 7
Not-So-DIY Outside Corner Brackets
I had to share this - a case made from a beaver
HX 1050 cable sleaving.
looking for a liquid that crystalises transparently
HELP! Idea for external Control Panel
Motherboard painting?
Payphone handset to PC help
CM690 II
Computer Modding Part List
Need Ideas.
[WorkBlog] X ToWeR
Case opening methods
It's ready to be built. Need advice from the pros...
ATX mobo plexi size
Help cable sleeving
How could I add leds to work with my Z623? (Speakers)
Motherboard standoff size threading
Molex tools?
Best way to light the inside......??
Tutorial - DIY Inside Corner Bracket
Mini Arcade Cabinet
Sleeving brand
My custom desk
cheap making clear side panel
DIY Hardcore Tablet (?)
Has anyone ever built a case with carbon fiber?
3rd paint job to my G15!
Xigmatek fan LEDs
Project Vitis, Completed
Thread for any modular/benching cases
Window panel for CM690 II Adv. (from scratch)
sketchup models
Adding a temperature sensor to PSU?
Custom Benching Station
PSU Sleeving questions
Fanless PC on a test bench at daily: opinions?
Project: X21
Acrylic Cutting
Sentry Gun Case
Basic painting guide
600t all White Mod
computer in desk questions
Waterproofing LED power cable
new Kustom case
Sleeving Questions
my first mod
cable sleeving questions
24Pins Technique
MOSFET Cooling (thermal adhesive or tape question)
2pin cable end
pci card is to long
Half Carbon and White Logitech G15
My contemporary Ikea/Dell project
Project Zero
AM(X)(+) to 775 mount.
Picture Frame Mounted Laptop
[WIP]Tablet Dash Mount For Android Tab (Now With Pics)
PSU sleeving Questions
Zalman's MFC 1 Plus Fan controller
Wall mounted pc
cooling consoles in enterainment center.
mouse sensor led mod
test bench ;) moar pix!
Most epic modding I've ever seen...
$25 Raspberry Pi PC
SteelSeries 7H USB Mod: guidance request
Repost: Jewel Box Project Completed
Need some advice on acrylic case
Laptop heatsink mod?
Converting a two slot card into one slot.
Plans for a fiberglass case
LED brightness based on CPU temp
gts450 fan replacement?(upgrade)
thermaltake fan mod question
DIY Watercooling project - pointers needed
Hoot chute inspiration...
project ex-x-blade
Legendary Deck (a keyboard mod)
Overclocked Homes
First Benching Station (first Log)
Craigslist PC
$500-600 = 3 years?
Cathode switch wiring fried motherboard
Enhanced router & modem cooling [PICS]
Cleaner version of a custom milkcrate computer!!!!!!!
Project alMost ATX
New rig, comments please
Old Junk New Life as Benching Station
Nice XBMC home theater setup (not mine)
Completed! Project Resilience
New Build
Laptop to Desktop
Where do you buy for your special home needs?
Home integration showcase
About Overclocked Homes
My First Benching Station
Project Workspace
Extremely bright light - how do I dim?
HDMI wall pass-through
Project - Cube Collectiveject
Project Performa
[Q] Disassemble Razer Blackwidow?
M.O. Vault3.0 (i5/AMD) 2011 Gamer - Advise Needed
Help me mount a laptop screen on a desktop!
Hey OCF Modders
Myststix Paint Project #3
Xeon junk build.
[Project] Custom Cascade Cart/Case
PCIe extension ribbon cable
Can someone recommend a modding starter kit? :)
Need help with cable hack for PSU
LED Suppliers in the UK
Insane question about a CM Cosmos 1000
Corsair PSU braided cables?
Do I have to resort to moddin on this? 3-4 pin Molex to usb?
Starting my next build - Techvault2.0
My Wooden Case Thread.
gtx 580 summer project
Summer project
Acrylic + Dry Eraser
Building desktop need help
Qubit’s Mini Data Centre Project for 2011
2 cases, 2 psu's, one power on button. Is this asking for trouble?
MacBook screen for a second monitor?
Arm based Car PC
SSD modding.
Squadfers first wooden case
[Hardware mod only] PowerHacintosh i5 - Work in progress
Solar panel inverter directly to PSU & system?
Custom mini lcd from hp printer
Cubix rackmount case
LDO Regulators: Good Supplier
General Painting Questions
Power Supply Painting
LED modding, where to start?
Introducing me and my mod
the COLDBANGER project (my pretty custom case)!
PSU Cable Sleeving
Dampening foam
Analog Thermometor
Painting a keyboard-how hard is it???
multicolor leds?
What to do? Eee PC with busted screen.
A really odd build, not sure if I _can_ do it.
(Planned) Project Stack Attack
Is this feasible? Star Trek ship as a case
Epicpccases & EVGA P55 FTW Led replacement for a Navig tech station mod
xbox360 pc case mk2!!!!
xbox 360 pc case!!
My 1st diy test rack
out of curiousity what is the working voltage for solder?
[Project] PVC-Framed, MDF Station
[O/C]DVD Drive Window Mod Tutorial
Home made all-in-one?
LED Circuit from hub for HTPC
Custom Modular Cables for Corsair HX850
Fired Up The Old Welder...
DIY Workbench
Rheobus LED mod
New wooden case
Project R Unit
Building my own tech bench soon
Modding a macbook pro. Is this feasible?
Can you stain MDF?
Fan holes. Not quite as big as the fan blowing throughit. Help!
How does one cut through the metal chassis of a PC case?
Video and Pictures (3d model) to better answer my questions :) (56k warning!)
My future wooden case project
Custom Cases and questions. (Mostly for safety)
LED Light strip
OCForums needs content editors!
Beginner to Fiberglass how-to?
screen modding help please
New hole in bay resevoir
Anyone ever sandblasted acrylic?
Subwoofer Pc
Anything I can use this for ?
Noob Question About Polycarbonate Finishes, help
No case mod,
Has anyone tried a Dual saw/twin cutter?
Case modding suggestions
Parts required for a DIY benching station
help rubber clamp issue
The Navig Exoframe--Completed!
Any way this can be done?
My new hand dryer !
Ways to cut out design in aluminum side panel and place acrylic?
water shed
Some good plastic related videos
Project Air Cube - Going back to air
Painted PS3
My DYI benching station
nes mod
Drive mounting hole data sheets?
raw materials?
making 1 case out of 3
Show off your Stacker 830 case Mods here!
Adding an old clock to my drive bay
Project - PSU Relocation & Case Mod
virgin modder here
mini folding farm
Opaque Black Acrylic
Heat Bending Acrylic Question
Project-Facelift and Clean Air Mod
Water Cooled Framer Project
Fully Custom HTPC/Home Server
Stealth MacinTrash LAN Box
OCed linux rig
Stealthed Drive
anybody make your own heat sink?
adding a PCI slot on mobo
My new monitor!
What too do with, Heaksinks, Fan, leds and molex connetors
Mesothelioma case mod - Hello asbestos!
Case mod for passworded entry
No Case Computer: My attempt and work in progress
Homemade fan shroud (rad)
Need soldering recommendations
Sunbeam fan controller LED Mod
New Dremel owner, let the cutting begin!
8-port switch in a case
Drawer HTPC :D
A thought on a very useful mod...
Project Napoleon
3.5 inch bay devices
sound activated cold cathodes...
Ultra ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler Mods
Hidden, no-case computer: some basic questions
Professional airbrushing questions
Simple case moding questions
Creating a not so extreme peltier cooler.
building a case
Is it possible to increase RPM of a 80mm fan?
modding for sis 661fx graph card
My Alternative Mod;)
Case Modding
Ghetto mod showoff
CM690 + PA120.3 X 2!!
Small case mod worth it?
Homebrew Lunchboxing
CM-690 Window Mod
Wire Harnesses
"Modded" my desk. About 90% complete. Looong post. Pics inside!
Carputer project
Building a folding farm!
Need some help with a desk mod - LCD Mounting question
Rocketfish Lian Li PSU mod
Building a CPU Heatsink. [Help]
Lazer LEDs?
One fugly monitor...
PLL Control?
Thermaltake Armor Painting Progress(WoW content)
Non-case solutions!
How easy would it be to mod a case
Project Sleeper
AT-PSU Coversion Mod-Lab Bench PSU
Project Pi
New to computer modding, tried my hand and had fun!
How to mount a 250mm fan in a Stacker case
Adding antenna to my USB wifi
Top 120mm Blowhole Mod
Lego Computer!
max length for X-530 cables?
Case mod - LVDS laptop screen
What do you guys this of this mod idea?
New to casemoding, have a few basic questions.
HTPC - Woody
just got a free laptop and want to mod it.
I need a better name for this thread.
External CMOS Reset Key Switch
DIY Smart home thread
Lighting Help
DARPA modded SUV using iPhone and xBOX 360
Jewel Box Project
Cable sleeving whats best?
Does a mouse pad count as Alternative?
My UV reaction post
Antec 900 Fans and (fan controller) Zalmen ZM-MFC1 Plus HELP!!!
The OCF Podcast Modding Tools Companion Thread
Modding a antec 900?
An Audio Guide to Modding Tools and Materials with Captain Slug
My own case mod
Im thinking of a new case...
Custom Fan Dust Grill Mod for CM-690
Cable Covers...
Can i build a metal case from scratch?
My old Antec Tank rebuild
Any downfall to a wooden case?
What to have airbrushed on my Amor?
Steampunk LCD Monitor
fan modding my linksys?
Project SS OC - Prelude
Combining Power Supplies?
Splicing a VGA cable?
upholstered case
Power Supply Duct (lots of pics)
Positioning the U/V CCFL
Advice needed in Antec 900 mod
Monitor Mod... help?
Stainless steel mouse...
Raptor window mod...
laser acrylic cutting? Anyone here?
Home Brew BTX
Case made of fans..
I got some mods installed..Need some advice...
Cut & Painted my new 900
4 pin to SATA power wireing diagram needed
LED help
Looking for complete CCFL controller.
Dual PSU Mod
Ozzy Tribute Mod
any one ever took apart a G15
Removing Q6600 IHS
Some Paint and Lights
Tools needed for Case Modding
placing razor death adders insides into mx518
Whats the most random thing you've powered from your pc?
Polycarbonate or Acrylic desk surface??
Invisible UV Paint
Ben's 27" tower
Side Panel window & 120mm fan with filter
Smooth fade in/ fade out led setup
Help smoothing side pannel
OCF Podcast: Lighting experts wanted
Get published on the Front page!
Ever wonder what Captain Slug sounds like?
case paint
Heatsinks on the Abit IP35-E
Accessories (where can I find)
Turning an LCD Panel into a Monitor
Stacker front Panel +Audigy 2ZS
Doom 3 Mod
side panel 12mm hole???
possibility check please
Crysis Paintjob -
how awesome are these mods?
How's this for a mod?
Questions about using a dremmel.
Not really Computer hardware but....
JB weld to fill?
Cruiser turned Roadster :P
Is it possible to have an ON/OFF switch for 4pin Molex connectors (fans)?
drill press deal in cyber deals section.
Case Mod. Plexi??
Cable Wrap?
Anter 900^2
cooler master case mod contest
Painting the interior of the case.
Anyone cut up a CM690 yet?
Looking for a flat button/switch
Oldschool Iron Box
7800gtx HS >6800gt
Macbook power adapter on a PC?
Anyone from CT want to collaborate on a project?
Xbox Mods
Attaching Extra Parts