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Antec Front Pannel
Beginner Electronics.
what water in Lian Li Aquarium, Distilled?
What resistor?
Post your SFF boxes!
Lighting Mod Project
modding a cell phone?
Almost finished with mod
Led Superstore
Antec case LED size?
DEFINATELY not "modding to the...extreme"
LED intensity
front panel blowhole completely modded
Tool sets?
laptop painting all done!(pics)
My first mod
*****Window Etching*****
How much sleeving will I need?
Oh Baby! Oh Baby! Huge computer mod!
Lots of pics of a newly modded machine
2 easy polycarbonate questions
broken CCFL?
ok... ive chosen to take the UV lighting path... need advice
What was that store that sold laser etched windows (not appliqués)
Kaypro 4 WOO HOO!
led questions
lighting question
PSU's and finding out how much it can power?
I posted this in watercooling...
Laptop painting
blowhole through acrylic
Crate Computer
finding voltages
modin teh mouse
3.5 bay project
Etched Window
mouse painting
How Worried should i be?
Inside Case Painting
Another briefcase PC
where do you all get your UV dye?
Possible future mod...
Thinking about or currently constructing a Car PC?
!Clocken my RC-Car to its max eh! :)
Killer Hot Rod mod
I am an idiot
What's the safest way to open a hdd?
Cable Folding?
5v fan?!!
Help connecting LCD display
my next project.. =)
1st time harddisk window mod
NF7 and windowed case
Case painting questions about pictures
Mouse Fan Voltage
Punching a hole in steel
soldering question
for those with homebuilt rheo(stats/bus)
itx case ideas needed
single din car radio in the computer
matching the silver chieftec paint
DIY Fanbus schematics
UV/Reactive waterblocks, cases. HOW do I do it??
Something like New Alienware Cases??
Small file hosting??????
pc-75 for cheap?
2 case as one?
LCD for the floppy drive
Mwuhhaha I got a nibbler!!
Replacing feet on a chenming 601 case
Do not get the radio shack rheostat for the tornado!
Under Cathode?
Palm Pilot LCD screen
Speaker Replacement
Installing a cold cathode..
Cutting into the Lian Li
Mixing UV and Colored Cold Cathodes :)
Case modding?
Accessories for Modding
Millenium Falcon PC?
Case mod kit (please read)
USB Voltage and Resistors
SOT: Midi In/Out Port
wondering if this holesaw is right
Hey! Where did my computer go?
Buying a Dremel...
LED sizes
3m stick spray?
card mod
any1 got link to buy dremel in the uk?
psu wires, can any1 help me?
sleeving atx power cable
hippy case / case-mod?
testors spray paint resellers?
Is it possible to get a PC to run IN-Car???
Low profile 120mm fan / bezel mod?
Christmas came early!
Errr... Do cold cathodes give off UV??
stelth drive mod in chieftec case
Carpet inside case...
molding acrylic
where to buy lexan
led wiring question
where to buy expandable sleeving?
New tool.
Comair Wiring
Old LCD TV mod
A few questions
Cathode fans
Powering fans the fun way.
Done a lil painting... :E
I found something usefull that glows under UV :eek:
I stealthed my mouse...
Building a Lexan Watercooled Dualie from scratch
cold cathode
120mm fan hole saws
custom desk
FIX the Antec/Chieftech Drive Door (PiX)
attach a plexi window to your case
Monitor Painting?
LED Wiring Question
LCD Question
bolts instead of self-tap screws
Vinyl Covering ?
Keyboard LED's
What to use to paint chieftech cases?
Project Submarine (PICS)
Need a little help with my Ti-4200 HSF mod...
Newbie @ case modding
My Blue LED fan PSU mod...
A fix for those darn latchs on Antec cases
im doing intellimouse mod
How do I know if the monitor is "safe"
Looking for a program...
Using a Laptop keyboard for PC...?
Outrageous Monitor Mod
Radio in your PC
Window molding
(Updated) Maxtop Case Mods (W/ pics)
UV Lighting question
10.5 inch lcd with 2mb pci card 79 bucks
My First Case Mod Ever
idea for keyboard modding
i need $20 soo bad!!!
Paint to match Antec "metallic gray"?
Yellow UV Reactive 80mm fans
Painted my PSX
Desktop Modding
Elumix Lighted Keyboards..
What to use to cut lucite?
Two speed? Variable speed?
PC Ninjas!!!
Bay Fan Controllers.. which is the best?
Dremel help with cutting fan holes
Good set of cold cathodes
really really cheap cheap case plexi, like less than $3
Blue UV dye
looking for switches
one sweet case
hole saw?
Too big......
Refridgerator Case ?
question about led's
fan controller semi-question answer thing
CD player mod - looking for software
Digital Camera Pics
DD5 and a fan bus working together/
Painted PSU
will the little fishies live?
Brightest CCFL? LED?
Mad Lights
green plexi
Some questions.
case fan holes
stealthin cd drives
Electrified case problem....
cutting blowhole
purple UV reactive fan?
Where to put a fan on the side?
Case Wiring Guide.
plastic filler?
Hd heatsink Mod
LED Questions
Messed up my keyboard mod :-(
Ant's it the puter
First Case Modding Try
Ok. First fan mod, and I'm a bit freaked
Matrix Orbitals and others
Smoothing holes with a Dremel
How to cut this into my case?
A new kinda case...
Lazer Beams lights
Where can I get stuff anodized?
Home-made Phase-Change
Fusion paint
Where can I find colored keyboards?
I've heard of case light mods...
The Best Shiney paint
The flattest black
the LiL Blue Machine
Pics of my rig... FINALLY
Cathode Question
Buying dremel in Canada
PC Toys Neon Paint
where can I find a 120mm fan template?
Digital Doc 5 Mod
Some pics of my first mod, a keyboard mod....
Power Supply Wiring Question
holesaw on the premod chieftec
LED Question
sand paper
power on key switch
Anyone used these photograph directron.com windows?
Im hopeless
Anyone make a keyboard mod and have problems with.....
Need tips on painting the inside of a case
Mini winch system??
HD MOD, need fan help
Mod for Power Cables (Theory)
new project
How do you create the look of lightning
Gully's Aqua Tank
For those of you who have done the el wire keyboard mod...
An idea
Blue Glow
Can someone tell me where i can buy a case with a black outside and red plexiglass...
lcd stuff
New chieftec case. Pics!! 56Kers Beware!
what size LED in keyboards?
Advice and Questions
Do the insides of your computer need modding?
priceless cooling mod!(must see)
new case mod .. help!
lcd wiring
Coolest case mod ever
How's this for an insane computer case?
Converting AT case to ATX
anyone know where I can find a slot loaded 16x DVD drive?
Depressing :(
Need a tool reccomendation
tool of choice...
Painted my Model M with Krylon Fusion
Newbie Modding Questions
Case painting - Interior
Feet for my computer case...need suggestions
Fix your broken Playstation!!! Heres how...
Cold Cathode brightness?
Painting and Lighting??
Moded another HD, Pic
zalman heatpipe on psu?
3 1/4 Lcd?
comp in car question
Fixed my PS2!!!
a look at my mods...
hole filling?
pin header connector help
Notebook Painting???
My Lexan Cube!!!
Lego Case!!!!!!!
keyboard mod
New case mod and stuff
5v LEDs
cheap cases
MSI Geforce 4 MX 440 64MB DDR
Round Cable and Raid?
Lexan Window question
Case with window.
IM not going to do this but just an idea/question.
ps2 DVD replacement
Case-Modding Forums Report
Case mod gone too far.
Where to get cheap sound deadening material
All these extra wires coming out of the PSU..
My Rigs
Finally got the new case! (pics)
Red/blue bicolor LEDs
Shuttle mods
Just finished My Glowpad!!
My rig
LED's + mouse just an idea but................
HD MODs Extreme, please
PSU Modding, but how much power.
keyboard painting
UV reflective ink and paint
AMD Case
can I run a Cold Cathode off a battery?
Ok, this is a pretty out there request I guess lol
Esay way to bend/curve Lexan??
Cutting Plexi and thickness for a case
Is this a good idea?
I know this is a long shot... (LCD help)
Water cooling! Work in progress.
what happened to LCD Smartie????
rarr, stupid mobo.....
I modded my Dreamcast....
Badass indeed
Fan near cpu on mobo?
Alright, here is what I'm going to do....
color heat shrink.
whats next
Sweet mouse mo...errr....mutation?
I remember seeing..
new to electronics (circuitry)...need help!
Note to modders: Dremels can and will be painful...
hiding wires...
KeyPad Start?
fans in the monitor
keyboard project
Hey guys... I posted a thread in Gen Chat but want you to see this here
My Case and Room Mods
EL Cables
Another casemod from Lucfier
nibbler power?!
Blue LED question...
how to paint keyboard/mouse
Lighted Mouse pad..
Briefcase pcs...
cleaned my case *pics*
My first case mod, opinions? (pics)
How to paint a monitor.
Heat Shrink Tubing
Where are they??? Aluminum Bezel for Lite-on and Floppy
maxtop case mods
Bios reset switch (how to)
Moded my HD
Which Dremel
Yeong Yang VapoChill
adding a 80mm fan to the other side ?
Beginner Case Mods?
My MODs finished and not...
Welding With a Blowtorch??
Itty Bitty machine
Case wires
Splitting 2 fans into the same connecter for a rheobus?
Changing LED in optical mouse?
Approximatly how many feet of neon string would it take.....
Power spray painters...
waiting for my order.
I modded my subwoofer. Tehe!
Custom fan grill
Cleaning up cut out case grill.
Ipod Window mod???
Can I splice in a second Cold Cathode?
Out of case computer?
Another mod on PC 70
Another HDD mod
I painted my PC 70
Power mod
Flat hyperlights
About window !
noob custom window question
?Easy Mods?
Alright, im looking for Neon String in the US.
PSU plug
Painting case insides
Painting mouse/keyboard
I know It's been done, but.......
Any Mod suggestions for this Rack Mount?
Pulsating LED/CCFL/other light source?
modded my dog
how to paint my keyboard......
I wish MY daddy would make *ME* one of these!
switching fan in psu
Mini lcd info
Need a tool
Mini computer?
My Rig Is Finished (Right...) PIX
My Rig
my project is messed!
Trying to fit a small system inside a Toaster.
looking for purple cathode, not UV
painting electronic parts
Another modded case from Lucifer
I need a lightweight material...for
Turn your Apex DVD player into a Home Theatre PC!
PSU wire
side panel help :)
My newest MOD coming soon
Laptop Power
Painted my PS2
Crossfader fan control?
Custom compressor cooler .
Antec Black Paint Code?
POST YOUR MOD HERE, well kind of.
Well it's done!
Any Polishing Pro's Here?
Combining plexi?
Water cut - Laser Cut???
Black Bezels
My stealth mod
water cooling help
powering led's through a usb port
Cable Sleeving
Can I remove that front switch plate on a PC-60?
Another LCD idea
Traffic cone mod? bwahaha
Poor scanner never knew what hit it! PICS!!
best case for modding
my miniPC
temp lcd
Crazy Idea
Wire management tips?
cold Cathodes
cheap(er) Lazer LEDs, $8.99 + ship
wet sanding
extreme mod in mind..what material to....
Rheostats on a PSU?
Cold Cathode Help
CPU meter through serial
How do I cut....
My radeon cooling mod..
help with vu meter
Guess what i did?
Pics of my water cooled BAD A$$..LOL
need computer building advice
Kinda cool idea
hmm advanced relay question
First shot @ a plexi I/O Shield
taking top off case.....
heatink "paint" removal
My custom 10" Lexan cube system...
what color?
What do with gaping hole in case
lcd mod and vinyl painting
Lcd Display Help
Need help with AUTO PC
Camcorder LCDs?
Fan hole cutting
AMD-K6-2 mod
LCD buying advice
Alternative lighting.
Chieftec Premade windows?
etching help
what is the best thing to cut acrylic with?
Good Cold Cathodes?
crap! plexi cracked, need idea's
Keyboard painting- Texture and feel
heatshrink tubing = teh gay
Cold Cathode fans!
HP Pavilion 6460 case modded
Lcd Tv
My First Case Mod.....Media Center Box
custom mesh stuff
New Folding Rig... Need help with Fan Hole
Airflow in a Dome?
Led guide?
I finally cleaned up my case (4 pics x 155 kB)
Help with the basics on laptop
LCD mod?
Wiring leds in series?
Keyboard Lettering after painting?
Bubble Cathodes
Solder Box
suggestions for painting aluminum
etching large open space???
HD with a view
Mod to add a case door...
cleaned up wiring helps cool [pic]
Plastic case painting
would this look decent?
silver, aluminum, no window
Molex Connectors
how to remove hard drive cover?
Can you solder aluminum to aluminum?
Fan RPM signal
Xbox controller mod
Paint matching.....
Funny fanmod, may be interesting...
How much glue/tape would I need to hold in the window?
LEDS: how bright is bright enough?
Zalman XM-MFC1 fan controller!
Soldering Iron.
Burned my first CPU
Easy way to light up your Keyboard