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dremel drill press stand...
i call it art, some call it mutilation
Where to buy Lexan...
Mouse Modding.
Calling all LCD gurus
Router Blue Light mod ?
stealth drives
what is this weird purple thing for?
My first real case mod
Rivit popper?
TI-86 calc mod (i need help)
how do u like my new case???
quick LED question
cutting window plexiglass?
blew out my pioneer slot load drive
Air Tools
jw, how do you hold a window in?
Neon lights? Ac plugs?
I modded my car! (lots of pics, be forewarned)
Eye Candy :)
general mod questions
chenming elite copy
LEDs, Resistors, and all that fun stuff.
How hard is it to wire a graphical lcd?
shuttle XPC cases
Anybody know of any cheap text or graphical LCDs for modding into case?
3.5" Lcd
A drilling question
Need to find the perfect LCD
temp prope?
Purple Irish Monster!!!
Led Resistance and wattage help
cd drives on there sides?
what u all like Pics! Finaly
Work in Progress: Briefcase (pic)
my case, finally
great case mod site!!!!!!!!!!
New pics!!!!!
Making progress with new case mods PICS!!
CoolerMaster alum bezel!
thermal sensor placement
best saw for the job
Fooling the power supply
Automatic Opening Side Panel
cooltech radiator
Window Material
my DigiDoc, what do you think?
Case Windows
need help with modding
Case lighting noob ?s
do ccfl's need to warm up?
How would i go about making a Game Station???
Flame Polishing....
desk project is getting started this weekend...need input
Working with plexi
dremel power?
i think its time for cool mods eh?
ps wire sleeve/ shrink tubing?
logo pictures website
Acrylic/Lexan/Plexi Tubes....
BUILDING you own PSU....
Clear/Blue UV dye from Dtek
How do you cut a straight line with a cutoff wheel?
The chemistry of Cds...lol
Modding Fan
My Modding Project
and yet, another LCD question
first mod
PSU Mod Idea
another polycarbonate question
uv lights
Custom window Idea
HP Jornada 548 Screen Mod?
Decent lookin face plate for teh cheep
Much Needed Sticky!
Another LCD Topic, Ihave a broken TI-83 calculator...
PSU mod update
Why GB screens? Why not a Palm?
Black Side Panel
Camera Briefcase -> Computer Case
Sound reactive LEDs?
Geforce 4 Ti 4200 mod?
Custom Window Help
polycarbonate and spray paint questions
any good ghetto moding ideas for compaq
Case pics. Any suggestions?
near impossible idea
UV Spray & Dye
Matching paint?
Switch help needed.....
Soda Machine
Anyone up for some UnrealTournament
"Clearing" Plastic
Coldcathodes.com quality
Need help on mouse mod....
Hot or Not for PC Mods?
Photo how to?
what is this that they use to keep hd's shut
Flat cold cathodes?
dremel question, 'n lian li case one too
Seperate Motherboard psu and cd/hdd/fdd
Craziest Mod?
Peltier question.
12" Cathode
Red CCFLs?
LCD questions
GameBoy LedScreen
Need a little bit of help w/ transisors.
Check out my First Case Mod
Clear CMOS button
TV out + laptop monitor??
Two sided mirror for a window
linksys 4port/wireless..
check out this wire management
AT to aTX
My Modded Antec LanBoy case (big IMG warning)
My PSU mod..
Gameboy advancedsp mod
Got pics of my wiring job finally!!
TSR-80 keyboard mod
Size ohm for 3.5v LED running off 5v line?
Finally my Mousepad Mod
Mini Cold Cathode w/ boxed Inverter?
compu-nurse question....
Neon Gfx card mod
Basic Electronics
specs on this led?
Someone has to love this- If only I had the guts&means to try it myself.
What to use ???
Game Gear!
Just geting started Case PICs
Question for Davesauce
hooking leds tp power supply
ONE of a kind
remote start button
Heater keyboard and mouse
my new mods...
Adding fan to my PS2, help soldering.
Enermax 3-1/2 fan controller and temp monitor
anodised in copper - HELP
Need info on mini- lcd screen.
question regarding the AMS GMONO case
Xbox case MOD
How accurate are LED temp monitors?
First window mod... ideas?
simple mod
fan speed control question
Quick Q
New Fan Controller from Zalman Looks Pretty Cool
So I ripped apart my GameBoy (lcd help)
(newb question) - best way to mount Cold Cathodes?
UV items
Just a funny ?
Front blowhole question
fitting a 5.6 lcdtv in 2 drive bays for mbm5
what kind of window molding do you use?
2nd update on the Subaru MiniPC
LED's with 3 leads...which is the ground?
Fairly good price for LEDs
Help, My New Fan Controller I think is trying to catch fire.
stupid leds
Illuminated vandal-resistant switches
Window mounting
Lighting Placement?
HTPC to the MAX!
Part 2 of: WHATS THAT MOD?
fan speed controller?
New Mini(10") Cube + Pics.
Need to build a fan speed controler
rounded cables...
need help on circuit for baybus...
water cooling a psu
Putting PC into old Sony Receiver
CD deck
linksys mod
most heavily modded case
vidcard hs
Taking out PSU inards....
KiSA 444 Surface-to-Surface PC
question about JB Weld and Plexi
How do I build this?
heat shrink tubing ?
Nintendo anyone?
interesting mods
9000mcd LED's???
need advice to 3d experts
HDD Mod?????
Best. Case Mod. Evar!!!1111
MSFT Explorer Mouse MOD
Wireless Keyboard Transmiter LEDs
a nice quiet 550 watt psu
would it be dangerous to 7 volt mod a psu fan...?
Liteon dvd window mod
My Current project
3-pin adapter
Can't Make up my mind (detail choices)
keypad to turn on computer
how about static on plexi/acryllic?
brazing/soldering aluminum
stealth drive floppy
Question about paint...
sunbeam rheobus anyone?
Small Case
convert laptop keyboard?
Plasma Ball Mod?
L.E.D. mod
need help
New Case, New Mods, New Pics
My Case mods
Scratched plexiglass
rounded cabels
very cool windows, but where to buy in Europe???
cd car mod
Clear Wireless keyboard and mouse?
led question
fan switch
LCD Mod Slides out of Drive Bay, COOL
noise, does it all add up?
New Switches add, took the old ones out...
Replacing my CD-rom leds
Good pot?
Cheap and Sturdy Case Material?
Using LEDs instead of Cold Cathodes....
"Sleeving" wires inside case
mandrel broke while cutting thru steel
Let There Be Light...
Door w/window
Which dremel?
Painting M$ Intellimouse Optical
this is sweet
Dragon side panel question
My first mod - stealth cd-rom
EASY...way to make your own pcb.
Doing cd-rom window
My LCD screen + stand! what do you think?
where can i buy a cold cathode?
making a desk..what do you think?
How 'bout a temp probe mod??
how hard ( and what would you do)
Using Model Paint?
Why not glass for case Windows?
Windows In Cases
Cooling Advice?
Getting stuff straight
baybus somewhere other than drive bays.
anyone drilled their own fan ports?
My koolance
rheobus LED's switch
What are some cool floppy Mods (if u have one)?
how har dwould it be too....
Apple pro KB mod~
RF shield
Just did my first 2 mods to my antec case, opinions needed =)
Orange Cold Cathode?
floppy drive to smartmedia conversion
its glowing...
A Hacked Koolance Case
ennote about LCD mods
fan speed tach
Custom Ramsinks
I think I'm going to...
Computer "Cockpit" chair/desk - RIP OFF!
UV paint
Plans for my case - custom airbrush job!
EEK! Check this "modded" case
My first version of my case :)
laptop LCD in an ITX system
Intresting reading
Your Name in Lights (if you live in England)
What would you build...
holes in drives?
Backlighting keyboard?
Cold Cathode's or Neon
What to do next...
Galaxy Cold Cathodes/Neon Lights?
Help me find....
saftey first!
In the making!
Best case for modding?
new mod koolance expos custom box
Painted Drive Faceplates Today
modding injurys
soldering guide
pics of my case...
UV drawing
Will spray paint stick to...
Mirror painting a case--With a design
Better deal?
Need filler/adhesive stuff
Nostromo n50
how to replace these LEDs?
Where can i find bolts from lian li windows
New to modding
Led quetion
Modding Monitors
cathodes on the monitor?
making a custom vu meter
? about cold cathodes
Cs Green Dragon Case... Uberl33t3!
Waterproof Telephone mod
Walmart light..
how to clean up your case?
Back panel blanks, where to find?
help designing a case
help ripping apart a joystick
All of the Mods I've done so far...
Where can I find switches?
Awww, yeah! Finally!
How's 'bout some glass?
Where can I pick up some aluminum?
help with leds
Modded Netgear hubs
ya finally sumthing new and cool
My Water Cooling Story.
interesting products
Keyboard led mod completed!
cathod related
Help - Case wiring management illiterate
case mod contest with a prize
Simple thing for mouse. Ahhh...much better!
what design
sorry for asking this regarding laptop lcds
LCD Monitor as side of case?
Where to buy 80mm square edge nice looking fan grill?
Lucky Brits!
where can i get this baybus for a 3.5" drive slot
Just Stealthed
Lower price on O/C grills!!
Heatshrink tubing?
umm..any ideas on what this mod is?
my case: update!
case led soldering????
Briefcase PC - I WANT!!
where can i get red perspex?
LCD Size
Hole Size for CCL Switch
Cellphone LCD mod - help?
Homemade Hard Drive Tach
as promised, pics of my rig
Fan Wiring
matrix orbital vs. crystal fontz lcd's
Saran Wrap anyone?
rheostat/rheobus question
PC Tachometer
winamp led level indicator
Acrylic Monitor Stand?
Update on the subaru mini-pc
First Semi good intake hole
Led Vu
What would make my cathode tube crack?
What's YOUR favorite paint???
I'm wondering
lcd question help plzzzz
My parallel LCD project HOWTO
carbon fiber contact paper
cathodes grow on you..i guess.
possible to mount drives at an angle?
Permanent Marker to color in drive plates?
Upcoming "Stuff-it" mod
Can you say...foamy?!
Clear case builders.. Where can I get these?
Doing A Custom Window
my first window mod
Help me match my case colors
small/cheap voltage increaser
Question about cold cathodes.
Liquid metal fans?
Painted Cases
Hole saws
[Case Lights] Just installed 2 blue cc's and 4 LED fans
Just finished my USB and Gamepad front panel mod
Walmart neon question
ccl question
got my cathode...WHAT WRONG??
Red/blue bicolor LEDs
Ideas for window on case ?
Want to put in lights but don't know where to start.
Antec LEDs
Installing a neon tube.
the things I do for my computer...
lexan case..
Mirror Sheet?
solder pot
First Prototype of internally cooled Hard Drive!
How do I Cut Plexi Glass
Wanted: clear case plans
Cigarette Lighter Adapter
koolpc mouse pad
What's a good material/method for moulding custom case parts?
Interesting fan grill...
case w/ built in LCD
slot 1
Custom I/O Shield
An interesting VFD mod
EL light question
help with walmart liquid neon
LED for hd window mod?
LED/resistor question
keyboard mod
Painting a dreamcast
Making plastic help
Laser cut Case window ?? help
New Mouse pad ;D
First forray into the mod scene
how to make access inside of plexi case
building the impossible
Modding Guides Sticky
Looking for a part.
16v DC @900mA Too Much for Fans??
Case MOD in progress
what glue to use on plexi
mouse help
iz it me or alt moding oz loozin it?
Where to buy those little connectors?
Does anybody live in Mississippi?
kwel mod/watercooling
New to modding, little help plz
good price on plexi?
Need help designing case
Need help with an LCD!!
How about a round LCD?
Conductive paint
Temporary install on my skull case panel cutout
Alphabet Case!
Acrylic Sheet thickness???
need an awesome pre-modded case
LCD Help
resistor color coding link ?
car light mod
soldering iron probs
rubbing compound help....
Inverted Motherboard
new case
Winter dryer duct cooling
3.5 rheobus from www.pcmods.com
Finally got ahold of digi cam
light-up keyboard?
Whats wrong with the new floppy LED???
Can i use the LCD of a cell phone???
Custom Case Badges
El wire to be powered by laptop on laptop.
My Water Cooling System!
Case Window
glowing mouse pad?
$1.65 Rheostats! Excellent deal
Awsome Mod!!
flex/micro ATX NForce 2 board?
led help
How close is too close?
mx700 ideas?
Chieftec Case Questions
Give Me Your Ideas!
My 8.5lb BomberMan LAN rig is done!
How do I put a nice hole in my window?
My very own case
long shag (like long fur)
My P4
lol just thought of this
What rheobus/ baybus's will fit into a Chieftec Tower?
Could i make a digidisplay thing??
Dremels r 4 w1mpz :D
Painted my drives
Led Meter
how to stealth all drives?
How to stealth a cd-rom?
Nexus rheobus burning?
Pics of my plexi box i made!!
Best way to stensil letters
The Sound Of Silence
2 windows or 1?????
soldering how-to's
Rocker Switch
is a mocrosoft mouse mod possible?
what resistors for LED lights?
Insane Madness To The Extreme
anyone know of some good designs?
want to paint case/add moe windows
case painting
Double wide Cooler Master water-cooled duallie rig
Finished my new open air case
link to the optical illution empty case mod
PCMods.com Window help
Digidoc Mod with Pics
home theatre pc and media server
extreme water cooling for the hard drive
Lianli is where itz it boyzzzz
Video Monitor Mod?!