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Cool way to store paint cans...
What to mod?
What is good at cutting Lexan?
My Favor Forum, I will post my new mod pic here
nexus rheobus rocks
Playstation Mod
my first mod/oc project
How to Remove Drive Bezels
volcano 9 coolmod
led with 3 legs
15" Lexan Cube Server
Help Me Find That Psone Screen!
Project: Subaru Impreza mini-pc
let there be light
Color matching?????
Anyone use a nibbler?
Two new case panel designs....LTC
iMac Case
microsoft optical
where's my bottleneck?
custom thermal monitor
to all that WON grills from the last contest!!!
When a modder needs a coaster~
check out my case i just modded
HomeMade Custom Window
I need ideas for this case? PIC
My LCD - Finished + pix
The BIGGEST computer in the WORLD-pic's
whats a good site to link Pictures?
Modified my water-block [Pics]
What do yall think of my case?
OMG, I windowed a HD!
Led mod for the intake 9CM Enermax Fan
Finally got my nexus
swiftech water cooling
neeed designs to cut into side panel
Ok, I've officially gone off the deep end.
make your wireless net go further
mouse mod worked
the tower of Babel (err computer...)
ok here is my first case mod
what size bits do i use for fan screws holes?
Hey Guys.. need links to LCD hook up and programs
new case pics!
Help with Auto NEON light
mouse mods
LED for Lite on CDRW and DVD
Chieftec/Antec modding ideas
Monitor-Mod (Window,light)
got my 8500le found something out too!
Finally got a digi cam...now to show you...
mouse help plz
TV out mod
DeskTop Mobo Monitor
Painting and flexibility of metal
New Mod
Question about mod on PSU
true red neon?
Interesting Dremel/rotary tool alternative...
Check this for $1.99
new mod ?
Painting the insade in White?
(LOL) 12 MOBO's a case, some more stuff and...
The MOD of all MODs, OMG look here
neons die? :(
Anodizing at Home
Switch Mod-Opinions?
Quickie Gamepad mod
How to paint over drive lettering
This it too cool!!!
cutting plexi/acrylic
case mod idea
Help on faceplate
plasma cutter for window mod
Best Mod you have ever seen
Running out of ideas?
What to use for cutting?
Jigsaw question
remove bay...help
Car Cold Cathodes
Painting Heat Sink
window stencil
How important is case material?
walmart "liquid neon"...HUGE PICS!
Tidy Up Your PC Interior
Case Mod Finished
made a cool mousepad
Cold Cathode Lights?
Rackmounting my PC
sound modulator
case bezel.sticker mod #1
Link to PCI/AGP Risers
Finaly Got my Window Finished
the latest in tub computer design from adam!
mobo modding
Cheap UV alternative
computer project
Hard Drive Window Mod...question
where have the Laptop LCD help threads gone ?
Tha Toastaaa ! ! !
Noise problems
My first window!
Need info on IDE cables
Fan Location? 4.25" Bay?
Monitor Mod
keyboard painting
how many bits
Finished Case Painting
Nexus for my case
Finally did a window!
Mini ATX ?
New Case
MY New Matrix Orbital LCD
IDE cable question
How do I install molding?
"A Mod goes Modding", Part III It's finally done! (I think....)
GRR! My UV light??!?!
Need a link to that CCFL server mod site
Do processors have any air pockets in them?
who to wire in leds
modding a wal-mart neon
SHODAN 1.0: glow-tube specifics
5mm LEds, whats else do i need?
how do I upload a pic?
Cold Cathode Lighting
Antec fron window mod
got something ot have fun with
keyboard LED swap
what is this thing?
LCD Controller
black light
Custom Computer Case
3" CCFL for $17.99
i'm going to paint my drives...
ATX psu.
new mod idea.
What kind of paint can i use
How would you do this?
Buying LEDs
wtf? check out this stuff:
wireless video
Black Lights -- UV -- Cathodes ???
PSU mod idea.
Tiny Pc!
LCD Software
my case
New Avatar Rules - PLEASE READ !!!
Heres a quik pic of my case panel...in progress
xbox info needed
Help finding an LCD monitor
antec case or lian li
Going to paint my monitor
Alienware case
some fan grills i just designed. tell me what you think.
Circuit Question
UV sensitive heatsinks?
SHODAN 1.0 update; critiques wanted
Dremel's and Windows
My Laptop Mods
Small completely clear cube 10"x10"x10"
Looking for a blue power LED.
plexy glass
Lights Inside
Making own mods
Starting to look for ideas for paint
One-way glass for better lighting?
building thermometer
Cloudy Lexan
lcd goodness
not a computer but still.. modding to the extreme :)
Ninja Star Fan Grills, where?
Liquid Neons
Ongoing Case Mod - And You Were There
Where do I get U.V. Paint?
locking molding vs trim?
Fresh Cold Air & Filters
Cigareete Lighter
Why hasn't anyone done this yet?
does anyone know of this?
Need help painting PS2
Lots of LED action (pics)
antec stealthed cd room
window mod
Flat color matte board = Precise mousing surface
Window in cd rom
Has anyone done this.
The computer that makes coffee
Stealthed cd rom
My fan mod!
Playing with fire.....
Low voltage blue LEDs, VERY STRANGE
Case mod COMPLETELY finished!
Need this
Nice Case
Blue CCFL from so-trickcomputers.com
Reformed 286 Packard Bell
Datasheet for LCD 2x20 LM3324C - plz...
My window etching
Round IDE cables with EL Wire!
simple video card cooler plz give comment on what to add etc.
LCD question??? Thanks!
Can this case be modded?
want to install a 2nd display in my case
Window Lighting
My LCD + pix
stealth pics
Anybody read "Computer Power User"?
Coming Soon: "The Voodoo Mac"
Help modding an EL wire into a molex connector...
hows this lcd??
parallel or serial for a funbus?
15" CCFL blacklight (UV-A) needed
cool or not..i dunno
Completed Window Etching
how does crystalfontz backlight their lcds
Where can I get this stuff?
7v revving?
Problem with TT case light
Modding an IBM Model 60
Ideal placement for Cathodes
Blue Lian T-3 (pic)
Rheobus questions
LCD display software? What options are there?
Neon Tube Amperage?
How to make a LED pulse??
baybus questions
Lcd Question
A glass windwos !
LED wiring questions
Calling Electricians!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone ever paint their monitor?
beetle mod - super small computer
Where can I buy some chameleon paint?
EVIL!!!! (not really, it's just a unique mod)
Lazer LED's
What'll I need?
Ahhhhh completed!
UV Fan
Enlarged pics you asked for
New stealth cube(pics)...
Let There Be Light!
ideas/pics of homemade cube cases?
Need help with deciding
Shodan 1.0
help? abnormal reading...
got my xoxide x-hour CCFL's installed...
keyboard EL (i know its an old idea)
Case light, you leave it on?
here is the mod, still need my neon lights
My first mod! Nothing special here really.... (big pics)
White UV Cold Cathode?
Case design
How Would You Mod This Case?
Colored PCB
Home made vacuum chamber
HELP with LCD Display, All I'm getting is JIBBERISH :(
Anyone know where I can get...
Quick question on window etching
sum one help me translate this msg or site for me plzzz
dimming leds?
nokia case mod
Intellimouse Explorer
adding new led's to my keyboard :)
Led Mod
How to 7v and 17V mod ?
Can the mghtz of the CPU be displayed by an external meter?
Locations for therm. probes
Cardboard case
painting my monitor? can it be done?
bits laying around !!!
Hmmm.... Where should I put this fan?
Promedia Tower mod?
Wood Case Pictures
first preview pics - PWM Fanbus with 128x64 graphic LCD
Dremel question...
'Petite' cases
Blueprints for a Clear case?
optical mice with blue LED's
Modding the Dell!
Best Place for a Cathode???
Stumbling Across a Possible Mouse Mod
Is fishing line condictive?
Modding fan clip things to put in a Tornado...
weird modding questions
I'VE DONE IT! please critisize
Run 5v LEDs on your comp!
My modded Raidmax 268[big img warning]
Finsihed Hard Drive Mod
The fridge computer
Where to Put CCL on Dragon case
here is a place that just started doing mod gallery and case mod contests
Firewall modded into a...firewall. ;-:
My sound mod... but will it mess up my comp??
WOW...This is really really really RETARDED!!!!
Model Train Mod
---Invisible Case REV 2.14---
Help wanted on 12V query
Quick circuit question
Acrylic Power Supply Mod
Window in GTXP
PRO Mod - Help !
Hercules 3D Prophet 9700 PRO AGP 128MB ?
Cool Modding Idea # 1
Clear Case mod for Laptop
flat/recessed baybus???
nice mouse mod! take a look...
sandpaper for acrylic
How Do I Install A Peltier
My radio shack LEDs arent working!
LCD screen
special paint?
Polishing anodized aluminum?
yoshis mod
The greatest case i have ever seen
can I backlight my hardcano?
*LOL* Happy Halloween!
offer for dedicated gallery space...
Making a case
Progress of HTPC/LAN rig
hole behind socket
Extension Wiring?
What I want to do...
Windows with a drawn like cut-out
Blue LED back light for Digital doc 5
fun with old Audigy bekel?
Acrylic vs. Plexiglass thoughts?
iMac Speakers as System Speakers
I'm a failure!!
Applique Goof-Ups
Mijn eerste poging tot....[Firestorm]
successful hard drive mod
Blue Quad-LED Fans
What do you think?
Top Secret Stealth PC...coming soon!
good ol haloween spirit
digital doc5 blue led mod ?
Bubbles inside a computer?
chieftech rear 120mm mod
painting plastic?
where to get those flexible keyboards?
one of the craziest MODS I ever heard of...
chrome plated
a treat for you UV junkies out there!!!
For us mechanics around here...
Some help for a noob please
---Ghetto...UV CC to Cool Blue CC---
Bought a new case, gimme some inspiration! (pics inside!)
mouse mod question
Duals (Dual) Case Mod
I want to change my power led light but....
800 CFM fans
Top Windows - Mod Help?
Frozen CPU $16 rheobus
Flat Panel Case mods anyone?
True Blue CCFL?
Need Window Ideas
LCD Question
Guide to moding your case
Paralelle port interface finally done
mousepad mod!
This'd make a nice portable case.
the death of my beloved 4400
my case...finally done!!
Car Bass
Mean well
super glue solvent
Flexible light?
A New Dremel Feature That You Will Love
EL cable prob
Check out all this awesome new stuff!!!(link from front page)
volt toggle
Gold plated powersupply
LONG cold cathode or neon lamps?
Awesome sound without external speakers?
Installed my water-cooling today :)
hole saw
monitor painting guide
Sweet little beastie!!
H2o flow switch
Light dimmer switch and AC fans
power down with header pins
abit Geforce 4 ti4200 otes
which dremel to get?
psu pots stuck with plastic glue... help
forming acrylic
---Finally Finished Invisible Case!!---
PC Gamer Case Mods
dying a pcb
etching acrylic
IR Recivier
Desk mod
whoops ... & any ideas?
Quieter pc?
Volcano 9+Cool Mod (by ThermalTake) Anyway to still have LEDs on case front too!?
CDrom light mod
how to wire?
I'm bored!
Remote Help!
serial servo controler
A must for the TIDY!
Guides to electronic parts?
My finished Antec case :)
What a waste of an evening
How would i make my CCFL sound activated
Panel cutting
CC Color to go with Yellow
Looking to get into my first mod..
mouse mod
here she is!
cool keyboard
hey i am thinking of making a.....
Dremel hole saws
Anyone know where I can get...
Couple new improvemnet on old mod.
Rubber moulding for windows and rubber compound???
(simple) CaseMod......my server
Video to TV Question
Lian Li
led voltage specs
Monitor fan mod
how does it look now
Width of acrylic used for windows
How to Build a Computerized Android Robot Head
Interior case painting
The great unmodded?
tinted plexi??
Source for Clear fans bigger than 80mm?
100 silent computer
[CM] My Vapochilled modded to a VapoCube. lots of pics.
OMFG. GASP. The one reason to buy a PREmade PC
Car Radio?!
Modding a laptop screen to be used as flat screen on a PC?
uhoh.. im near ready!
Proxxon tool with Dremel Bits
Batman Sign
Anyone Remember?
Need help keeping Logitech mouse's LED 'active'
Cheapest dremel
Will this mess up my comp?
Mod Your Cell
Has any one tried to mod Speakers?????
Upside down.
Holesaw stuck on Arbor
case painting
How to run the Vid output into the case?
Painting Your motherbpard
howto: silence hardrives
EL Backlighting
New Rack
make use of those ISA cards.
rounded cable warning!!!
new to modding, help pls
I need help with painting prob!
Help!: 80mm>120mm
Well I finally did it!
Slim CD Drive Window- Possible to remove cover?
case mods
Painting a mouse
Fan case!
Wiring LCD Question
Sick of IDE cables being in the way?
Joystick to arcade pad mods
Hot Network box (no pics...sigh)
Fan hole size
Case Ornament
Wiring LED's into main power
PHOTO: Lan box concept...
anyone ever...
Custom Keyboard LED Lamp
Painting my keyboard
cc kit
3dfx V5 5500 vmod
UV Cold Cathodes Harmfull?
3 prong, automotive illuminated paddle switches???
Keyboard mods?
And I thought my mod was cool....
Cheap color changing paint!
spray paint question