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My G/fs modded box is DONE!
Professional looking panel design needed
colorbook LCD
Dremel Drilling
3 1/2 holes saws hurt!!!!
A question about case dimensions.
Now this is a nice case to mod
Locking gasket
Small LCD
keyboard please help
ideas for blank canvas
flexable ribon APG/PIC Rasers ?
Toning down the noise a little
Stupid Question
Led Vu Meter!
Small 4-5 character LCD for temp display?
LED wiring
Card Painting?
frozenCPU 6port Baybus $16!
Easiest tool for cutting
Switch size
Thermaltake grills
Mobo Decals
My First Mod!
Voltages out of the 4 Pin Molex Connector?
Laptop CD??
I want to build a comp 4 da Car!!!
My new home built case for my mp3 puter :) under construction!!
has anyone seen this?
PSX modding...
tools needed for case cutting and where to get them?
Painting your mobo ?
Mouse Pad Mod!! (pics!)
heat shrink tubing!!!!!????!!!
Mr B, power tools, lights, camera, action!
I just thought of the coolest idea...
Inverter Heat
check these out....
The COOLEST mod you have ever seen....
any advice for me?
Very Very cheap way to clean up your wires.
Ya know... N64 controllers have a nice joy stick...
Sunbeam Cold Cathode
Need suggestions!
Best case cutting tools?
Empty box illusion... How do they do it, LOL
cheap @$$ Fanbus?
cutting a symbol out
new leds
New paint and a stealth CD drawer, or: how to waste a weekend
Help I need ideas!!!
Where to get 12v Blue LED's
Dedicated GAllery for any mods
Dumb Question!
CRAZY mods at Intel Developer Forum...
Painting A monitor
Stealth mod done .. case finished
no case... now what?
Project TruBlue Progress
Help with serial project
Help me with this 1 channel color-organ circuit
cooling cd-rw
AMD Stock on a G3 Ti500
unscrewing a Quantum Hard drive ?
Check Out These Extreme Mods
I believe I have built the world's first handheld fanbus.
---SFox Grill is Born!---
I finally got good quality pics of case!
---UV Fans Rev 2.1---
Psu Cover Mods
heatsink fac sent us wrong lights :( i think
Military Spst Switch at CaseETC.com
white CCFL.
Resistor question. Not strictly PC related...
Glowing RatPadz
Illuma Storm Hazard?
Putting a laptop CD-ROM on dektop
sound activator for neon lights, or whatever it's called
I Anger!
what resistor do i need for this led?
My noisy PS2
Dual HD LED's
Blowhole advice
my 2nd mod w/o Spyder helpin.
You know where the filter goes on Eheim's
rheostat vs. potentiometer
Case Mod almost done (PICS!!!!)
Anyone else ever think this....
Anybody have experience with these acrylic cases?
my modding is DONE!!! PICS!!!
5 minute Blowhole!
Dangers of Window?
homemade window Applique??
Window Kit?
money well spent? lol
How a CCFL works.
2-531 kicks @$$
My new case modding tools! (pics)
Disk Drive Windows... Important Info for you!
Prog to pulse mouse led?
black bezel for cdrom
Cheap laptop LCD Screen Mod
Steady hand saves a small brain, Emergency Solder questions ASAP!
what size hole cutter??
Best LCD control program
Where can I get this in the US?
Volcano 9 Mod Idea..
Wireless Monitor?
Painting Case
Keyboard Mod
Hub in PC...
Need a voltage meter like the ones in the audiobahn amps
More mods. Where to shop!?
Network leds.
AZN's ghetto VC cool mod
Antec+Cold Cathode=_______
Bear Computer
Any one Know how to make an LCD...
=-Mod Z key-=
Wiring dimming LED's for a rheobus?
LCD wiring schematic ?
My first baybus
640 X 480 LCD display. Will it work?
Window with EMI protection?
any way to test if a peltier is at the right wattage
Cuttin my plexiglass
what would you guys do with this?
acrylic glue
pelt problem ?
Hey Look at this!
Would This Work, UV Pain on case
does cold cathode emit uv light?
The RC Computer
HAHA The best case painting ever....
Has anyone used one of these cases?
Volt Mod from Case-mod.com??
Custom case painting
Painting my side panel :\
psu mod
A Few Painting Questions
Ugliest Case mods thread
Reserrect the Harddrive
painting a case
CM210 Antec LED fan window mod (pics)
How to use JBweld for ultimate cpu shim.
Water Cooling
H/C In ATC-201?
Regarding Dremels...
i need a beggingers guide to a 12v/off/7v baybus
Case mod re-done
Your experiences with digidoc 5
HDD Mod: Brave or Stupid
Camcorder Amazing and Cheep LCD MOD
**HOT** Clear Video Card Cooler **HOT**
Show your workstation
UV Paint
Big CASE fan??
my ultimate (not quite) duct!
wet sanding multiple colors
Window Etching Question
I dont want
using a rheostat as a volume comtrol??
whoa! spiffy lcd screen setup
Next Project...
Cant this be done??
Need some case cutting ideas
Bigger LCD
Alternative Case Window
3.5" mod idea
Some New Pics Of My Case!!!!!!
powering a computer from a cars 12v supply
remote control computer on/off
TDK VeloCD/lian li faceplate mod
LCD wire question
Crazy Mod Idea
Have you bend your CCFL?
food coloring
LED questions
WOOHOO! Finally re-sealed my reservoir!! [Pics]
idea i had
what size hole saw is need for a 120mm fan?
cheap leds
question on making a fan more efficient
Logitech Ice Wheel Mod
Custom Keyboard
My 1st window
can i make a Ps2 mouse in a serial one
check it out cold cathodes and uvs.!!!
LED wiring question
Whoa, HTPC Baby!
'ANODIZED' finish Matrix paint job pic.
got a jigsaw ... ideas for cutting?
where to get CC blacklight?
Finally finished modding my new case...
rounding regular ide cables ( i got a Q)
UV rounded cable colors
A idea I had....
on cold cathodes...
a modded bay bus
UV CC white?
help with wires
Best case for Modding?
Hellraiser custom SFF case
Can it be done?
wireless mouse antenna questions
case mod with big ass angle grinder!!!
A nice lookin case
wheres the cheapest place for quality EL wire?
how to keep powersupply always on?
what fans in lianli 60??
queastion about neons
poor man's LED mod
do neebling tools work good to cut fan holes?
Searching for link to a specific case mod
COOL mod
Black light & water cooling
cutting holes in window...
where do you buy your metal?
Waterproof/water resistant lighting?
Weekend Project
Black Light in a Case?
Project Ocean Life Started
polished metal
Lapping a Power supply?
My dreamcast project
Would this work?
NEED HELP, how can i run a duron1,2ghz with 133fsb, i heard and was that that goeas!
Lifespan of CC? And some other questions..
Which Knob looks better? New Rheo MOD
Make your own transfers, decals, graphics ....
Anyone else up for a woodie?
waterall window
What To Do With An Old Game Console
---Painted Mobo UV Blue!!!---
hole saw question
Marking holes help?
How to mod lian 71 ps plate?
Blinkenlights mod: suggestions needed
Cathodes - any good 1's to consider?
atx connector cable- need more
NWN Case
Any one using Zxmodes windows?
The VacuuMac - Giving old parts, new life
Modded Case Pic's
Need info for Chieftec case window. mod
I need 120 or 92mm Clear Fan w/blue LED
Xtreme Mods
Anyone Tryied to mod a Alpha P3125 to fit a Socket A??
Cutting LEDs on Clear Fans
modem and router mod suggestions
Another stupid question....
CDRW Window, Cathode MOD
hdd access light, only reversed
bulding a fanbus
Usb Lcd
A new mod idea
Poor mans laptop or best casemod ever!
New Case- ppl's opinions?
Modding on a Inwin 500?
Thermal probes & water flow meters
? about Antec PSU FAN
good price for LCDs/VFDs
dent removal
UV CC recomendations
How do you take apart an MS Intellimouse Optical?
Resistor color remembering thingy..look please!
Wood Case Design - comments please
Which would look better for PSU Mod?
TV/VCR Cart Case Mod
Mounting my rad to my side panel (Modding, not cooling ;))
Is there a cable....
Purple LED's
MS dual optical scroll mod!!!
Ok This is my best mod yet....
"Turbo timer" type circuit
first custom window mod
Warning! Wallmart neon's
My new window : P
How much heat do cold cathodes generate?
First Case MOD, Please Help
Changing LCD backlights
I'm a sick person
LED caselight (pic)
Down with the Dremel!!
Using the LCD from a Gameboy
First Mod done! baybus and blowhole
Preping for very first mod
Drawing A Design
Finish my case mod.. Well kinda
LED question
Stealthed Cd Storage Mod
MP3 computer
VCR Computer -- pics (still work in progress)
Neon Light Switch
Wood Case update
Prometeia meets Li
cables < 10"?
Hard Drive activity neon
BioHazard Symbol, or Nuclear Fallout Symbol
Biohazard Cheiftec Case!
Another idea..
Case idea I had..
Bio's Cheiftec!
Yet another case mod finished
Modding a G6-350 case
Sanity Check please
First system, first mod, first case
Painting the Plastic Front of my Antec Case
Window mod (completed, with pics)
recycling my dreamcast
Mesh/Screen siding?
Need a little advice when it comes to cutting plastic
UV Cold Cathode
Successful BIG window project!
two computers, one UPS, one USB... help!
Marvel comic fan grills
Water block idea
just finished my Fanbus Rheostat BayBus
How To Cool The Case Very Well!
Mouse pad HDD housing a performance killer?
Demel - Mr Demel
black light and uv dye
led color question
modding my case this weekend
Bay cooling fans / ducting integration
Turtle Wax as my case polish?
Auto CAD
I just finished my window...Tell me what you guys think
Antec LED
Cd-Rom Mod
470 Ohm resistor
uv leds?
Strange Idea...
My two tone PC-71 mod
New lighting and window
KB mod
WOOT! My first volt mod works!
12v power over 6'ft
Room as EQ
2 UV cold cathode questions
Modding a audio cable
LED Question
My first Case Window and Blow Hole
Cutting Acrylic
Case window? Pah! Check this one out!
UV reactive paint
how to clean up wire mess????
Caffeine machine
some mod ideas
Vrimm Mod For The Asus P4t533 32-bit
Assumulating the PC
Tinning a soldering iron
How to wire wrap and unlock trick for athlonXP and p4 cpu's
My $5 Wal-Mart neon light
i modded my mouse
need a solution for my LED
blacklight tubes
for someone with far greater knowledge than i..
Fantassy case.
ghetto box with clear panels and cd rom window
mounting a window..
Monitor Painting
How to paint you LCD?
my very first attempt at casemod
Strip lighting in a keyboard
Now its almost finished. [pics]
Puttin on a new Fan/heatsink combo help
Fishtank PC?
I need a logo for my system
what software u use to model waterblocks?
where can i fond the BIG window for the Antec SX1040?
My Side Panel with Self-Done Etches...Pics
My Side Panel with Self-Done Etches...Pics
AT server case...
Build your own Teddy Borg
where can i get conductive silver laquer!
Diy Lcd
My New case Idea
Just got my LCD screen(pics)
Finished my First Case Mod... You Guys inspired me :-)
LEDS (need help with reistors and so on)
mounting windows
How to mold lexan with out the bubbles
tips for cutting fan holes
Questions about lexan
Free Modding
My version of the Zantec 4
Glass Whazz?
Painting the OTHER side of a Card
Babyus/Fan setup
Window on the top of the case
I need some mouse modding info
Running lights through sound card???
my comp is on fire!!!!
Small LED's (maybe SMD) - where?
Stainless Steel Keyboard?
installing in the car
Help me get some lighting
ok it paint disc tray?
Clear Coat ? ASAP Please!!!
do i need to sand when switching paints?
Need pictures.........
---UV Fans + Cables---
IRDA help
Use Eye Protection!!!!!!!!
Yodums and Frodo's Window Adventures
ATA-133 - 18'' UV Sensitive Silver Braided
need help/advice...
Cheap blue LEDs
bazel mod
Installing fans in my Sony receiver
New custom window and lighting- phase one complete!
Interesting idea? Globe mod sorta thing.
Dremel Help (I've read the guides)
Help With Cathode
Places to buy case mods
Case: From ugly beige to shiny black
I guess Mac-o-philes can mod too...
My Idea. Aluminum Mousepad
drive faceled painting...to bezel
Give me your ideas for ghetto/wacky/unusual mods!
Atc 600
LCD screen using TI calc?
Help me make a window
Custom Window Modding Questions
Premade/modded side panel for Antec 830?
CD player rig
My first window mod, pics galore!
Newest Mod, Custom paint job and 12cm Fan insertion
Omg Sweeet!
Footlocker for a case?
Laptop Monitor
A normal 12v lamp for illumination
Constructing an alu box for rad & pump...
HDD window question
Quick neon light question
Cheapest/easiest way to cut a square(for a window) on my side case?
Dremel: Which is best for me?
Can u make wireless headphones corded?
PCI 90degree adapter...
How unsafe is it to mod a PSU?
DREMEL Tips and Hints
---Finally Finished Painting, Nothing Broke!---
Well.... its finally done!
I got my netvista case today!
PSU Mesh Mod gimme some advice
gonna buy some stuff for me xbox.. waht to get?
Cd holder mod done w00t
Extreme Monitor Mod: Need Advice
--Can Anyone Make An O/C Stencil?--
iwill dvd 266-r resistor moving
Newbie case mod questions
Viewsonic meets Lian-Li - plastic vs aluminum
Getting plexi in canada
Cleaning Keyboard
Will one UV cath be enough for this?
Silver & Gold
Panel Etch/Dremel Head
HERE's a challenge
IBM MOUSE MOD-Partial Success
UV Cathode question
Top mount window kit ?
LCD displays
CCFL spliceing
CPL Modding Contest Report
Side USB!
Mic/Monitor Mod...
Good sound insulator that can handle alot of heat?
Thought you had a ghetto mod? Think again...
IBM Blue Optical Mouse owners PLEASE HELP!
Need electrical help.
CDRW Window,UV,Etch Ver 2.0
Modified Monitor
The original DVD window mod.
Check this out!
the 13.1" LCD in the car
---Starfoxe's Modded CDRW---
modding CCFL
what is the best case there is?
Case Window, where?
Best Color? Everone come here and vote
Could I use a psu power switch for my neon?
IHS cooking show
My little corner of the planet.
eeh needs something
Modding sites
---Need Quick Help, CD Rom Mod---
Awsome LCD site
antec case mod?
Clear Case?