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All Steel Case? Know of any?
My Lego Case!
Ideas 4 a window mod
Mobo To Lego!! Is it ok?
Think this MOD can be done?
HEH, look at this Mod
first mod ever(just for the heck of it..im bored
Cold Cathode Switch
New to modding, got some Questions
Did I use the wrong Solder?
My first circuitry soldering job:
Need input on new case design
Odd'n'Rad Case Ideas!!
Post Your Mod Area!
My first post. what do you think of my case?
My Airflow design almost complete
Military Spst switch for power on
13 days to go...
UV Dye!
perfect mobo for SMALL(read tiny) a lan box
Yoshi's Boxx - check this out!
ACK! Primer plus other general questions!
Cathode Inside!!!
FINALLY got pictures
Modding ideas please
Question about Capacitors:
Can I fit toggle switches behind or an LCD on those Antec case doors?
new case mod?
Custom Anodized Cases
electromagnetic radiation
MAKING a Submerged Computer
stealthed opticals not closing rite
Its Finally comin along
It takes the cake (Wrong place i think)
Friday 13th Psycho On Poor Case!
El Ultimo Cooling Mod!!
logo for case side, opinions and suggestions...
Mod How-To/Links
No Printers or Scanners?
blue everythin!
Premade Chieftec sides at Newegg.
tools? tools!
The caffeine machine!
Is this a good way to make a BayBus?
2 way window
fangrill cut into the side of the case
cold cathode barely lights up
Advice needed on cases where the bezel, top, and sides are all one piece
mobile PSOne LCD in front bezel...
Quick and Easy way to hide CD/DVD roms
Window without molding
Case Painting: SOLID COLORS!
here it is
case painting
Submerged system...
stelth mod
mouse modding
lian-li aluminum PC covers
power button
Mod Dictionary?
my case
Round cables don't work as they should
Who's using a Neon License Plate for their case lighting needs :)???
workbench with clamps?
Need help with some case lighting that will look good
Playboy loggo ;D
Bio's First HDD Mod!
blowhole or blackhole
Temp measure LCD?? Where to buy that ship int.
Custom LCD in front bezel...
Case Panel Etch
cheak out this case (can we say lan rig)
pannel etching
replace a blowen logitech z560 sub with another sub, can it be done???
Out of Body Experience
Got a brass port hole lying around?
Entire Side panel window!
how to stealth floppy drive???
UV Paint
A pic of my recent mods:)
CD-RW Mod Question
Paint Job for Side Panel
Has anyone made a clear pc and completed it?
CD Mod (Pics)
Dremel Case Mod Contest
LEDs for HDD windows?
unix system
Mini LAN rig mk.II (12" x 15" x 3.5")
Drowning in a sea of Delta's...
Painting Optical Drives
Where can I find a small LCD..more inside
Painting help
NIC LED mod, please help FAST!
soldering tips?
Crystal Fan with 'Flashing' Blue LEDs
HDD Window (Pics)
PWM Help
It's here!
Any paint like this?
My First Mod is Done
Interesting Case
The PS2 Mod!!
Which color for bottom?
Does Ps2 Need The Fan??
Computer Problem
what to do with last 5.25 bay?
Any One Ever Modded a PS2??
LEDs and resistors
Black Light and Paint
New to modding, but starting soon
stuck drive door (from painting)
7v / off / 12v mod troubles
need to now how to put in a door
cutting question
Volt mod for an Iwill KK266Plus
Rewiring an old Laptop Screen for PC use
places to buy parts?
My Milk Crate Server Finished!
Rigging a thermistor to a thermal header?
really fast cathode question...
One of the best mods
Is there anyway to paint a case (non aluminum) that will not take weeks?
Seen this one yet? -- Toaster Computer Case Mod
Finished my window
My case mod is done!!
How do I figure out an LED's rating?
new system fan
Liquid Nails
Tiny window for digital doc display...
window gasket
The Ultimate Heat Mod!!!
Plasma Cutting, Fabricating Equipment, CNC Machine Tools, Welding Auction (MI)
Sandblasting case
How-To Tail a Fan
Great Site For Modding Parts!!!!
where have you seen cheap glow wire kits
LED question
where to buy dremel?
Has any1 ever opened up a compaq presario 1200z? (laptop)
uh oh i cut to close to the edge :(
Where can I get 25ohm 5W ish rheostats?
Clear molds
cut from inside or out
door mod - ideas?
I need a 3/4 inch hole
Looking to getting a LCD screenie for comp
accuireing lexan (cheap or even free) ...
Melting Plexi??
USB key idea ==> no more unsightly pwr/rst buttons.
Wot is this??
I modded a model car!
So I'm on about step three of making my own case...
My Car Pc
Dremel Cutting! And Fan whole Cutting!
Who makes Silver/Gray keyboards?
Tools problem
I cut out my playboy bunny winder
Should I paint before or after the cut?
What type saw blade do i use to cut lexan?
Looking for a non-antec, full tower case to mod
Putting a PC in a Mac G3/4 Case
Post Your Workstations!!
Liquid Nails
the voltages of standard hdd/pwr led's
Desoldering resistors
flex shaft for dremel
IMPERIAL DEATH CASE COMPLETED!! lots of pics, 56k'ers beware
what ya think?
Cable Painting
proposed bay door window mod thingy...
First case mod!
cd rom tray does it come off
colored lexan
You Gotta See This!!!
bending acrylic
First case mod
Window Designs?? ANY WILL DO!
Cry Out To Cown!
Should i get this case with mod?
i need an lcd!
Crytal fans spinning leds
IR controller
mod controller
case side window design
I Want to Mod My Logitech Mouse
how do I mod a wireless keyboard?
keyboard LED change
Old Nokia 5110
Wallmart Neon wiring Question
Cardboard AC?
Wrinkled Paint
"CoffeePot Computer"
New Case
UV paint
Starting a Fan Mod!
Where to buy loose LEDs...?
How to paint MS Optical Mouse
Help Me Find A Case...Kingwin Idea Lost! :(
Which is TECHNICALLY better, Lexan or Plexiglass?
How to paint mod ayour fans
another case painting question...
Inside paint job question
---Custom Plexi Case Questions---
80mm O/C grills ready...
any ideas for a new case?
Need help on mod!!!
A7N266 : Volt Mod?
need help on simple mod
Cable Sleeving
surplus blue LED sources
Put This Box In Your Mem!
AOHell Case Badge
The light is in :D
Project Cryo - Expanded
A question about sound-activated cathodes...
---Anyone Got Any Grill Ideas?---
It's not a visible mod, but it's certainly helpful.
Question about case..
Did i make worlds worst CD-Rom Window?
Koolance PC2-601B
DIY paralell lcd mod??
Making an LED readout for temp. sensor
Second PSU Placement
case painting problem...
looking for flag to put on my window
I got my neon to come back from the dead!
My CD-Rom Mod! (Light Burn out) :(
Winning business name....
CD-Rom Painting
My first case mod(many pictures)....
anyone know where i can get this logo?
Custom Made Grills
paint jobs
red cathodes: coolerguys.com vs pcmpds.com
Hub Cse Combian Mod?
My CD-Rom Light Mod (First Try!)
My light up mouse pad!!
replace lcd backlights?
Antec SX 830 Mod Question
Can i use USB-Parallel cable to connect LCD to USB port?
LED Keyboard and Mouse Mod
Do-It Yourself Window Etching
Chenming handle...How to paint it?
think of the possibilities of with one of these
I gotta make me one of these
Anyone ever done an IR port for a mouse touchpad?
The Ice Cube!
LED on old DVD player, what voltage?
Frustrated with Keyboard mod...looking for alternatives
Window molding at a point
What Should I Use to make my Cables look Purty
The Caffeine Machine! (crazy mod)
Put a windows i your mouse ! ! !
Window Question
my freinds awsome case
Need Mod Idea!
Cool fan! OR wot!
I need help on an unusual case mod
How to paint a fan
Cube Case!
Da Real MFing Quake Pc!
Building fanbus, 4 Switch, Dual Voltage w/ Dual LED's per switch. One question
Now this is a nice case!!!!
Will My Idea Work?? EXTRA COOLING
sticky in the classifieds for the grills
Need ideas for cutout
xbox power supply
One inverter---> many neons???
Cube case out of wood... need help
Need Good Cheap..
how to's
DigiDoc5 Lights
How do you just bolt on a window besides using molding?
how to remove dried JB Weld??
Help with installing LCD into Antec clone case
Guide to Logitech cordless mouse/keyboard switch?
You just gotta look at this!
custom multi system case
Final on the F@H grill
Is it difficult installing side window in case?
Shiny Case is finished!
My new case
any 1 seen/own this case?
keeping static out
Glow in the dark fan grilles
Lian Li Mod question
Whats the best Cold Cathode Lights Color?
The best Chipset Waterblock Design
Surface mount blue LEDs
Which color....
Need Links for LEd Fan mod
ghetto clear rack server with pull out cases ( home made )
My (unfinished) cube case mod
Project Hal 9k
cutoff wheels
Distractions- help with loud fan!
name my new business .......
Cd-Drive Mod Leds
Question about neons and rheastats???
PS2 modding
increasing airflow neatly
guide to bending plexiglass
Quick question about painting drives.
Paint cd drives or not?
fear the jigsaw
how does a sound activated neon stick work?
2nd 80mm fan on Lian-li mobo tray
Hole Saw?
Thanks Guys!!!
ITS HERE... FINAL... O/C grill...
Bios Logo's
Premade case mod??
Cheap, quick mod
how to apply cable sleeving
Hey check out my first mod!
Painting bezels????
Painting bezels????
well i wouldnt call it alternative but...
Got a new Case to mod!!! :D
Covering Edges?
Red Walmart Neons...burning out...???
Case painted!
...And I don't even smoke!
not plasma cutter
Heres the OC prototype grill...... :)
UV Paint
Antec side panel window
blooish vibrish mouse mods tutorials
new fan grill.....test pattern
My watercooling project!
Ghetto Mod neon help
Old digital camera?
Joining Plexiglas
blooish vibrish mouse
Insane mod??
p4 Heatsink and Ti4200
yoshi box!
What to do for Chieftec Dragon?
The escape for ghetto Fab!
Painting Mobo and Video/PCI cards?
window mod
my new dremel ROCKS!!!!!!
ideas for a mod (the hulk aint gonna happen)
Case Lighting :: White or Clear?
7v setup help needed!
Locking Hinges, Locking Caster-connectors, please read...
my case with custom made fan guards
Case Lighting
robo computer
Very First Case Mod!
Is there such thing as a 5volt white LED
it looks cool
Lighted windows
My first Artcle: Modding your hard drive to silence your PC
Need help from the masters of shoe horning
dvdrom +vinyl paint
You have got to do this
My CD-Rom Mod Question
Finger Print ID...?
My Vapo-Li
My story heh.
Soldering Made EASY
Case Mods
Logitech Mouse Mod
AMD Case Window
good soldering iron for mods
Antec Mod
idea....to prevent condensatoin.. i thnk it should work
Lapping a Lian-Li?
about a duct...
cheap white LEDs
Power supply and Clear Case
Black light neons
better finish?
i just cant stop...!
anyone ever try the intel case mod?
Hole for Case Screws is Too Big
I cant live for the next 2days!!!
Sweet! Painted drives! Suggestions?
A program to measure Temps inside pc?
Pentium III coppermine overclocking problems
strobe mod!
Where to buy C-strip Edge Molding?
my pc!
Attaching PlexiGlass
Blow hole question
Its Done AT Last!
HDD Window with LED's How-To
another cd/dvd mod
Project L.E.G.O.
Pulsing Lights Help
Soldering Iron
Wall Modding, lol!
your opinion on a cool case!!
Rounded cables
Awesome case mod idea!!
Best Way To Stick in a Window!
my baby
Are neons safe?
Custom Rounded Cables
My Case Mod! The Whole Pic History!
Joing Acrylic Pieces
Odd fan mod!!!
Given up on mouse MOD, whats the bluest mouse around?
How do u do this??!!
my mod
Sweet Hd Mod Idea?
My friends case that i moded =X
hdd mod try 2
HELP!! Dead Mouse!
whats a good pic to show to class about a modded/watercooled computer..
Fan light? HELP i dont feel like braking my fan!
Need hdd activity generator!
Can u mod light?
i just did my window mod
etching question...
finally getting a new case
KILL ME:mad:
Such thing as metal dye?
Wot u think of my first try at fan modding?
How's my mods?
good and cheap place for pulse music beatin lights?
broke my digitaldoc
watercooling parts..
Cutting through Plexiglass
Good rheostat knob?
simple ways to clean up wiring.
V core modd on soltek sl 75-kav
Dermal or Holesaw?
mobo mods (w/out solder and pliers)
solder and plyers. Extereme mobo etc MOD
new lights
plexi case with metal supports??
lian li pc61 repairing anodized finish?
Ultimate Fan Grilles?
Lian-li owners eat your heart out...
There MUST be a way to make a AT PSU an ATX PSU!?
my hdd mod
Check this out!!!!!!1
Vapo-Chill Transplant
Mouse, adding LEDs
lets see if u like this ....
A Blazing Sun...pretty cool window mod
Metalising article for drive covers/bezels
powering a hub...
please review my case suggestions (disregard other one!)
Car Audio Faceplate Mod?
Coolness coming..
6 cd changer
Automotive Paint-
what kind of power does this need?
Please review my window suggestion!
Pictures of my modded case(lame)!
CD-ROM Window Mod
I AM 1337 (12 x 10 x 6 Plexi Case)
Floppy LED swap
The Incredible Hulk!
Pics of a noob mod.
evaporation mod
Macintosh Classic mod
What kind of mod possibilities could you think of for this?
my new box
Plexi Project finaly finished
new benchmarks
LCD display in 2 3.5" slots
PLEASE KILL ME- Natural Keyboard NEON insertion
Can Anyone Here Make Me A Case Badge Out Of My Avatar
case bong
Need To Mod Rising
I need an infrared recerver
I need a Dome.
Computer mods: What are the best?
Nibbler and the mod
PCMods Serial LCD Display
Anyone know where to get custom clear side panels?
Help with CIRCUITS!!! Fan and Neon wired correctly???
Has anyone done the Hard Drive Window Mod?
where is the cheapest place for Cold Cathodes?
pvc pipe.
I just made a HUGE window on my lianli... PICS!
Best modding site
5" WALMART NEON MOD- COMPLETE guide to connecting