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programming LCD's
Dual Cold Cathodes?
Painting Bezels
What glue to use on acrylic?
Don't forget about your local hardware stores
Putting some EL cable inside my Keyboard, HOW TO?
How could I MOD a half-busted Intellimouse EXPLORER?
Finally pics :)
? Re: LED Fan MoDS ?
Case moddin' with hand tools
5in lcd as mp3 computer display
Nomad Jukebox
Gamecube Controller for PC?
Non-conductive paint OK??
Cold Cathode Lights...
Just about done
Installing A Fanbus?
LOOK at this
Project 4C (Copper Case Chest Chilled) complete!
Wired KB to Wireless KB
Case Paint Mod
BG Micro 20x2 VFD HELP!
Awesome Korean Case mod gallery
USB Power
My cases progress...(pics)
Quick help needed with dremel bits.
Walmart neon works great!
Stealth mod didn't work on Antec >:|
Opening MS Intellimouse 1.2A
My Baby Finished...
my red CC is PINK. any ideas?
Going about modding the CoolerMaster ATC-110
HDD cooler.
Countdown to 500 - #5- making the $#@%^& Alpha PAL fit the !*&^% board
LCD Display mod guide
R2 Case
New CASE IDEA! Who's up for the CHALLENGE #2
How to use a DREMEL, HINTS and TIPS...
Intake Mod
How can I hook up a 1.5V black light in my case?
Candy! Candy!! Candy!!!
lcd help
mouse modding
I just modded my keyboard!
HUGE fan!
Modding a lightsaber?
Hard failure !!!!!!
Where do i mount this thing!??
What do you think of this idea?
Strange question
Kool Neon Idea
super cleaning?!?!
UK retailers
LED wiring to PSU
How bright are EL cables?
"88" digital display
Old front switch and such..how to reverse-engineer?
Finding stuff
LIl bit better sound
is the Radeon 8500LE 128mb good to overclock?
window molding?
Memory Voltage mod on Abit BD7
Please help
MP3 unit for home theatre system
Volt Mod Kits
Walmart Neon Light Mod
My baby thus far
My project so far
the penguin
Just got my Dremel!!!
Need to pass wires through metal .. with trick..
newb + h2o
Curved lines with a dremel? Which DREMEL IS BEST?
My mods DONE!
Starting the ultimate mod
Evil Inside
Spray Enamel
Where to find Airbrush Kit
Yet one mopre painting question
Short note on how to lower your case temps....
Painting front bezel
How to apply a window etch?
MASSIVE case - lighting feedback
My Celeron
are red cold cathodes really red?
hiding fans
etched glass look
FYI / Want cheap neon lights?
Awesome new case - Mailbox Mod
Do you remember that one mod...
Nibbler warning
DVD Player mod
Lego Case
Hlep usin a Rocker Switch...to cc light
my first ever case mod finally!
Need a Opinion..
Mailbox Case!
Doing volt mods
Gideon's First Case Mods
how about DUAL water pumps?
a new digital doc?
cc bulb question
My New Project
Newb Alert!!!
Always wear safety gear!
Mouse LED help!
mod gone bad
i got zapped!
Anyone used a roto-zip ?
my pals case
cold cathode kit
a quick cheap trick
Window Mod complete
check out this cool custom made case!!!
My first case mod.
Interior case painting/scheme
leds and ccfls
$$$ neon lights $$$?
Check out my wheels!!
ultimate Gaming Rig
How do i change the case leds
Any Body Use Dual Power Supplies In Case
Wild case idea.. any opinions on method?
Micrel VR based FanBus/Baybus
Where's a good place to get an optoisolator?
Advanced case painting.
Help with drill bit
USB motherboard connectors
dilemma: looks vs practicality
Where is a good place to get colored leds for hd and power light
How do you connect a laptop screen to your PC (cheaply enough)?
make a reho bus?
anyone build a laptop?
Is there demand for case painting?
finally vmoded my motherboard :)
Pics are done (finally)
anyone know of a volt mod for the 8IRXP?
Anyone mod a 92mm fan in the front of their Lian-Li?? Assistance please
CD case in the comp
does anyone know if you can mod a laptop monitor so it will work on a desktop compute
Stained Glass Window
i cant find that remote thingy
Again with the jukebox
Volt Mod Question.
Single panel into 3?
My Window
Briefcase mod...a real working one
PSU ?? -- Modification??
LED question
flame window
SuperSilent Server
Project Modhem < Check it out
I'm So Proud!!!!
Looking for the right case for a mod idea
Monitor Mod Idea???
long time comeing (finally pics inside)
my new case mod pics inside.
Monitor painting
Awsome idea for a mod
Look what I did to my mouse!
my mouse has a window
Can someone give me some pointers on a case mod?
Toying with an idea
Quake Logo On Side
Hardcano 2 Backlit??
Help! How can I mod THIS CASE? -HELP!
ALL clear fans
Window + Glue = Problem
HD activity???
Modding a 17" monitor, I want to add 2 80mm fans
what spare time can yield
Recomedations on case window
How long safe to run a cold cathode?
Crazy but cool mod idea -- practical?
caller ID box
Rivots on a window mod?
dd5 lcd mod prob...
Remote controlled PC
chrome case
Few more questions
First Rheobus!
Finally done modding for now
My first Mod
would this be a phat mod?
Begginer Case Modder Can anyone lend some hints tips of trades ETC?
Best adhesive for plexiglass?
Help Guys I need to know what i need. QUICK!!
2 ideas for case mods(that I have never seen before on a PC)
The tool for Lucite
This is good
Painting the handle of a chieftec case
Question about HDD's
Newly modded Lian-li PC70U
cold cathode color selection opinions"
Cool New Products
Hardcano 2 backlight led mod?
New case mod
Mac Mods?
Gaming Consoles + Computer = Awesome!
my first mod :D
The Dually
My new mod
Weird idea for water
All done....
My case... Unveiled!!
read from XP diode...in german, Help
What do Ya Think.....
4 neon lights
Rounded power cables
Mini USB LCD touch screen?
adding a switch to a switch Mod
Ok... 10 mins to answer...
Case Lighting LEDs
Practice your mods
Crazy Mods!?
Spawned from the Laser mod idea...
Help me with this neon!!!
painting prob
Car Alarm idea for mod/peace of mind
Just a small question for you window people
Finally got my new Digi Cam!!!
Neon lights NOT to be used around computers??
cell phone modding...
Anyone have a modded In-Win Q500 case?
What design should I use to cover these speed holes on the top of my case.
Blow holes...
Oh, the pretty colors.... (window/light mod)
Fan on Window in Antec Case Question
aluminum bezels...
Look at my sweet LED-controller!
Can you use a hole saw on a dremel?
Air Only Idea
Painting DVD/CDRW drive casings?
cutting holes
Anyone use Liquid Neon lights?
The GREATEST mod of all time....
Revealing, The Green Dream
best computer monitoring software??
Need cheap PC lighting
Borrowed my friend digi camra anyone wanna see my first modded case?
LOOK OUT! Yodums has a dremel!
What’s the best material to use for a quiet case??
Lian-li mobo fan
Sound deadening
Best cutting tool?
check out this mouse mod
Window Kit
Anyone know where to get this case?
Light Types in case?
Which lighting is better? ..brighter...
mouse pinout info needed!!
Space2000 Lights - other water kit lights
A 2X20 VFD Display for 20$
? aobut adding window..proper fitting
Another hood scoop idea...
Case Hub
lmfao... now this is an unusual Case mod!~!
CDROM CupHolder!!
Project <UnKnOwN> FINISHED!!!!!
Painting: Sand down to the metal?
How am I going to do this
Cutting a hole in my case....
CPU Tachometer!
Lian-li Aluminum Bezel Plate
clearly, a nightmare
Cleaning Plexi-Glass
Drive Light
24 Character, 2 Line Lcd
I have the plexy glass
2-120mm fan window kit
'H2O' mod is finally FINISHED!
Hood Scoop
Plexi window and 120mm fan
Got some stuff today
lian-li pc71 case mod
the 1600+ chip from the contest
gonna 'OVERCLOCK' my Cable Descrambler Box.. i gotta question
Why bother with a mini fishtank-
Post your Antec/Chieftec mods
The ultimate mod: building a PC case from scratch.
painted Cd and Burner..
my freshly painted drives
lian li pc 70-71 modding
Where can I buy covers for PS wires?
My LCD mod
Glowire.com laser LEDs
radical idea for case window
moding tools?
Metal Mesh Wire Mod
plextor pictures of inside
UV (purple) LED
Clear Case
Using a $10 lazer and mirrors...
I need your thoughts on this idea....
Remote to power computer?
mouse mod ?
Window Kits
Tool Box PC...pretty cool
A tiny thing for optical audio
At last, pics of my case mod & H20 setup!!!!
any1 mod there floppy drive?
Case designed like game cube
Need some mod motivation / ideas?
Mad Modders is this dremel any good?
Chassis integrity after modding?
SPST on Cmos pins
AT to ATX conversion
WoooHooooo Got My Digi Cam Check Out mY Pc Now!!!!!!!!!
Rheo Bus??
Where can I get a slimline fan?
Dremel Diamond Cutter
What happens if orange peel is ignored
those radio shack LEDS ?
Neon Keyboard mod? Who's done it and HOW?
NEW!!!! Cmos Mod ;)
Any expierience with Enermax File server case??
Keyboard Re-assembly
Media server mod
TV Tuner replacement
i lapped my heat sink =)
PcGamer Modded case Competition!!!
cow mod
hopeful mod for next box
mono sound to stereo circuit
Case Mods Added Today!!!!!
My ChromIllusion Mouse
Wireing a switch with a LED!!!!!!!!
Analog meters
How Do I Polish Aluminum?????
current case mods
Looking for low voltage Blue LEDs.
Light switch help easy one for mose ppl ;)
1/4" thick good for window mod?
Wet Paint's worst nightmare ... DUST!
My New Mod ;)
Work in progress
My newest mod
painting plastic laptop case
WillysNut, here's a couple for you.
could this be done with this case?
CAr rig and watercooling.
So frustrated...
clear fan mod
Project: Bling Bling
Don't try this at home
plastic to medal
Modding Monitors?
new to dremel need tips
This is wild!!
Whats up
Has anyone ever......
Wall mounted
finally got me one
PS controller works
Making a rheobus or whatever its called...
First Case mod DONE!
Check out my paint job!!!/Fans
Inspired By OC.com
Rheobus and the Antec SX1040
Case Mod
questions on this LED thingy
what is the difference btween the antec and the enermax
ware did the smilies go?
to cheap to buy CCs
Clear Case Questions
the perfect window
Personal Case not Modified!
voltage mod? upping the voltage?
Just out 400nm UV LED for 2.99 at MJPA
Help with Cold Cathode
How big is too big? How far is too far?
MousePads to damper noise?
how to paint drive covers
Chrome case fans
case mod help
just had idea: fiber optik cable in the water lines?
Starting my modding! yea! 56k unfriendly!
The Blob
clear screws?
Cutting Lexan
my mods in proccess (pix)
Clear Case Owners
Ok, I love the Dremel now.
How do I remove the top panel of an Antec case?
Edge of Case Cuts (Fans)
My last remaining original idea (HELP!!!)
Modded case for a car.
*gasp* I think I'm in love.........
TSS yoshie(sp?) mouse mod
My amd apple
rheostat/fanbus for rotrons??
Anybody know where i can find a drive bezel painting guide?
First time Dremel Results. So easy to use i laughed!
voltage mod of CD-ROM
temperature readout
Need help to draw my custom made case on the computer
My new mod see it here ;) Live
antec 1030 and a baybus
Fav Cold Cathode Color
One Bright LED
attention cheap el cable near u
Addtronics Case modding!
Cold Cathode V.S. Fluorescent?
Basic Modding Help!! Newbie
Mini Dremel bits
Need Some Dremel Help. Newbie with dremel.
mobile phone lcd
Changing LEDs on a Antec SX1030b
Totally screwed up
Pics to come, first comp
Nice fresh coat of paint!!!
Modding the HD
Need help with wiring on/off switches for fans...
window etching
Black light idea?
New Window
My Harddrive LED doesn't do anything...
old 386 server Tower!
A tip on cutting holes with Dremels
rear window defrogger repair kit xp
Questions abut harddrive Activity LEDs.
Neon Light Wiring Question
How powerful does a drill have to be to drill through a case?
Did I purchase all of the correct things to mod my pc?
I did another LED project....
Rubbing Compound Scratches???
Paint Case or Cut Case First??
Cold Cathode Question
where to get Bright Blue LEDs in canada?
what led does the case use?
Volt Mod Mobos How To
How hard is a dremel to use?
I need some Volt Mod Help!!
Newbie Mod need help
Cube Case
Cut for 120mm fan...
The Beast Within!
None pelxi case
Amd Duallie Godbox
Just received my window kit from PC Mods>
My Mod
Why don't i live in USA .....
What color lights should I use...
Modding phase 1 Complete
Nice cuts in case?
Case door...
Temp mod
Was bored lastnight
Painting Help Please
cdrw window mod?
modding a clear mp3 player!
Need advice
Modding a Mobo Tray into a case w/ no Mobo tray
what can be done/gained by modding the BIOS??
(theory) How to build a Knight Rider type blinking light without any chips.
Duct on the front that looks like its built into the case
I'm new around here... Questions
Custon Lexan case - 16" x 10" x 6"
Want to start my first mod... need advice
Fiancee`s rig
Finaly pics of my modded case
Crazy Harddrive Mod
Search TurboPLL
shinney (sp?) plastic and vinyl dye
Playstation Help/Ideas?¿
Tri Colour LEDs
Clear Blue fans!! LOOK!
Window Rubber Molding?
I must be clinically insane, but...
Water cooler...
Painted my face plates and cut another fan hole
SB green LED's
Anyone ever tried replacing component casing?
another crazy idea of mine
Orange Cold Cathode?
My first case mod
Painting drive faces
Finished 2nd coat but oh ooooooo