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Case Lighting
Modding the case also...
case fans
My first LED fan (total cost = $8)
Painting a gradient
Shoulf 1st Prime Coat cover everything
Transparent keys
Use of chasing LEDs
I have two ideas...
Dremal Question
Writing on the case
Zoopaman,Hoot, Anyone-Ever build an Electrobus?
this is not really extreme,actually it's pretty silly,but it was fun and it looks coo
Our new modded case, nothing fancy, take a look
Painting case metallic that's almost a mirror
Helping a friend with a case mod.
fanbus, again
My second mod, The Lego RCX microcomputer and PC collide!
playstation curuit board.. dead?
Modding the Creative Inspire 5300 Speakers
Thinking about building a case
case side mod
Bay Bus help
Replacing LED in Mouse
Now here's an interesting accessory for modding
were is the radiator?
Are ultra-bright LEDs bright enough for a mouse mod?
How to paint the top of the waterblock?
My mod idea:
Tempered Glass Window Mod
Some monitoring questions
Sound Activated Cold Cathode??
Whats Easier To Cut
Blue LED on Antec 830
My latest mod...
Mod site
painting w/o shiny finish
Cobra Eyes
Car headunit mod?
DD waterblok on a ASUS P4S-333
Microwave oven Screen for Window Mod
paint online
Case Handles
vinyl dye/paint question
CD-rom drive mod
Instead of SprayPaint
Getting closer to a finished mod
LED mod on HP9100 CDwriter
Once again need help changing LED's
NEW case needs some advice
Radeon 8500 mod (pic)
Who has the single most best mod here?
Case LED's Voltage
Muffling sound -- with cork?
Lucite windows
Danger Den Arrrrggggghhhh!!!!
Case widows and lights shopping advice.
fan resistance
Baybus? Fanbus? Wat's going on?
Black and Decker Wizard Rotary Tool??
The beginnings of my first mod
--I Think It's a Mod--
Building a new puter. Must be cool & silent ;)
Suggestions for light reflection (LEDs)
Dremel Wheels
power supply on the outside mod?
How to Cut text into your case???
case painted professionally?
stained glass window mod
mouse painting
Cool Case
what kind of power/reset button do I need
Vinyl Die
Painting (no profanity again sorry)
ME = Painting Idiot
stereo receiver in my comp???
Putting a window in my case with a light inside. How?
Dremel vs nibbler: personal experience
Questions about Rheobus4 Fan Station
Bad Paint
Fun with Rheostats...Part One
My painted case (partially completed)
Window Mod and EMI
CD drive mod
Tac Mod?!~!?
Would this be better than a fan adapter?
Dumb Question...
Watercooled Micro ATX Case!
I need a 120mm outline to mod it in this 80mm place.
Now all I need is a top window looking down ;)
Glow Wire
First case mod. (pics)
Does this seem to extreme?
First pics of my new case
Modding a light for the puter
Mounting fans?
Case Badges?
Panaflo Fans in stores?
Where can i get COOL custom fan grills?
How Do I Cut Plastic?
XP thermal Diode
My Window Mod...Finally
Fan holes?
Help me mod my case for the first time
Idea for a wood DivX player.
Now this is a cool looking computer!
Cable Sleeves from Home Depot or local hardware store?
magnets near your monitors
Is ZXMods good?
brightest cold cathode + window ideas
hmm heres an idea playstation computer
how to make 80mm hole???
Is this valid painting advice???
Modding, an addiction
Question On A Window Mod
Where to get protective tubes for cold cathodes lights/tubes?
Playstation case mod
Advice Needed.
Digital Prioris XL Server...sort of
Neon Lighting
Cold cathode tubes?
Adding LEDs etc
Cool PC LCDs
Most stylish casemod I've ever seen!
OCZ Titanium 900
Help me find a post
Dremel Question
Window Questions
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro Mod
Platic paint/stain
Not enough room to put your hard drives ?
case badge lights
4inch color LCD questions
Briefcase Lovin'!
arrow proof computing
X-box mod
Looking for ideas.
Metallic Flake Paint?
Question for paint experts
window mod questions
Front Window on The ChiefTec
a little duct work!
My Custom Plexi Wall Mounted Case
Hole saw?
DoubleBlack cooling project under way
Its never finished(my case)
Peltier Rating
I finally did it! My first mod!!
Exhaust Fan
Total sweet Idea for a computer!!
About time, all done =D
Side panel door...
Well, so much for that . . .
Case Mod: Where To Start?
good use for a closet???
Dremel bits?
Need Ideas for a cool window mod
X-Box Mod..
Mounting on wall
My system
Nice & cheap way to change your keyboard...
Whatdaya think of me new mod?
Megalith: not quite finished, but it'll do. =)
Help me mod my Enermax, FS-710B
my computer thus far (Image warning)
AMD logo case mod
MR B - this is for you
Can I paint the MAZE2?
is this a DANGEROUS quite hdd holder??
My first post-- another GTRPC
power/HD/standby LEDs?
graphical LCD screens how to?
Upcoming case mod...
LED voltages?
LED light mod
My GameCube Mod--Why not? (Periodic updates)
Hey, check out my first custom made fan grill
How to strip paint off cdrom plate?
tin snips
volt mod
Custom Made Grills
Should I do this??
Laptop screen on a desktop computer?
Mouse painting
Cutting holes
Cool Looking CPU exhaust duct!!!
cdrom led painting
Making lcd screen display MBM5
Keyboard Mod
--Would'n This Be A Hell Of A Case--
Building a Multimedia Pc
what is EL lighting?
a backlit keyboard
1st time modder needs help!!
It is an addiction!!!
need help modding faceplates
Im about to paint my case, but.....
new case mod
LED Mod Question
Paint is chipping off!
NEW!Mr B, power tools, paint, lights and pics! Lots of 'em. (Warning...large thread)
key start for pc
Starting to MOD again
idea i was thinking about ( hal)
Anyone replace a HDD or Power On LED in their rig?
Old laptop mod...need help...
Window mod help
Lexan Cement
cheep video cards are great
Woodden server case
power switch
Blue LED's
hows THIS for a case mod?
Easy rond cables
my new flexible keyboard...
Window mod
window design...
Newbie with Question About Mod & Heat
only 12inches???
can u paint it?............
I modded my monitor!
fan mod?
Is there any mod for it??
766 @ 1150 temp??
Suitcase computer
Small LCD screens
Inverters and CCFL
Odd-shaped Case Mods
Case mods?
Dremel or etcher?
Ps Mod
Swipe Card To Power UP....
Where to buy LEDs?
PreModded Cases
Quick Strobe ?
Black light
how much to make a rheostat?
Blow hole idea....please read
Cromaflair paint
Custom Grilles
HDD Leds
Painting Case for 1st time, what works??!!
cutting circles in plexi
Rare finds
Digital Doc 5 Delay
Drilling/Cutting Lexan and Plexi
lazer leds
My First Rounded Cable Mod
***Alternative Modding Ways***
New mod! w00t!!!
The Quiet Case
Got it listed
Lian Li PC-60 Modified
waterproofing LEDs?
How to make startup hole for nibbler
Check Out this wicked case design, WOW!
Please Read Quickly Nibber Related Urgent
Cell phone mod
HD Modding!
Custom Case Badges
Dual Motherboard Wooden "Cube"
If you have a blow hole look here
MAKE YOUR OWN 80,92,120-60mm adapter!
Dremel And Nibbler
Nooooooooooo!!!! my plexy
Your favorite colors
3.5 LCDs..
Mineral Oil Filled Case
case front mod
Cutting IDE cables
Project Case Mod
Fan switch mod, need some help
80mm on my sk-6...SWEET!! *pics*
OUCH!!! Bite by the mod bug!!!
Good modding e-stores......
UV Paint/Die?
Overclocking... Help me
Nibbler to cut side panel
5v led
CD template...
Hole Saw Kits
Which type of paint to use?
SB Audigy master volume control external buttons
Advice on Tools Please
CRAAAAAAZY cooling idea...
Is it possible to mount a 120mm fan on a swiftech mcx462 heatsink?
Computer case in my nose!
ware do i get a 120mm blow hole
first time
very nice CC tubes with inverters
why not.. for a car?!
This could be a cool Idea to use..
LCD displays
Is it easy to install a window?
Omg, Help!!!
Painting question
Need a precision cutting instrument
key start
Need Professional Opinion
Plexi-Glass cutting
How's this for my side panel?
tutorials on case painting?
wanting to start moding...
Alienware Hydro mod.....
Anybody change the LED on a TDK burner
Suitcase pc.
Needed More Airflow!
Dual cable to single...
clear side panels?
Just got a dremel w/flexi shaft
clear case question
Quieting my PC...
Interesting keyboard mod
Has anyone modded their Antec 1030 case yet?
Look what boredom can lead you too!!!!!
What A Mod!!!
I am going insane!
Strange Case Mod
Darrenct: Mod Poster of the Year
Nomad Jukebox
took the window outta my case
cool fan and mouse mod/led
best way to cut plexi??
Using a dremel for the first time
Jigsaw For Window Mods
Whats a nibbler???
Adding Fans to a 36" Monitor?
how do you fasten a window
Remote control power switch!!
How do I power on a MoBo without a case?
Linux Car
New Avatar
External DC Power
Newbie Help
i did it
Lcd Mod
looking into some modding....need some advice
makin sure no leakage from block??
My First Case mod
cheapest case ever
New help!
Hall Sensor guide???
Newbie Time!
mod control
Mr B's playing w/ the power tools again....=)
The new trend in case mods
painting Plextor Drive Silver... need help
Are there any "fresh" ideas left? (kinda long)
cold cathode inverter question...
special window mod
The Few. The Proud. The Geeks.
Infra red power on/off button?
Lil mod of my own...
Case from Legos
For those making clear cases...
need help with pump and psu
Briefcase Mod
Nvidia card image quality mod
Macro Black: A Black Acrylic Translucent Case
Anyone here know materials that can reduce sound?
custom PC case badges
Major task ahead.
Nitro Cooling ?
Metal Fittings...
water cooling stores???
Finally Got My Kr7a-raid!!!
Opinions wanted...paint color for interior of case...
Case Badges
Blue LED mod
The X-treme Hard Drive Mod
what tool????
keyboard neon glow
Anyone know where I can find these in the US
DigiDoc 5 Backlight Mod...I Finally did it!!!
Cheapo Neon lights
ooops...i cut the hole first...
led swappin...
Making a Case window
multicolor led mod
Yes I got the camera, now see the mods!
my case mod....
Neon Light Question??
Keyboard modding
Good for modding?
I need help doing a window mod.
How to make it look pretty
how to change 2 pin fan to 3 pin
Modifying Airsoftguns!
paint help!
Is this case good
some more case pics..
Tired of Hot wiring, need suggestion
Case painting mistake, need opinion.
making the HDD LED wire about 4ft longer?
"Blue Light Special" My case Mod in progress...
First Mod Attempts...
Cheapskate needs help
Case Mod
noise dampening material
cool case idea
How about a rotozip?
Glow in the dark clear gloss?
keyboard mod
led volts
cheapest sound absorption material.
AAAAH! too much BLUE!!!
Wireless pc power, any ideas?
Dye for Plastic?
Case Mod Store
Case mod begginners - How to start cheap
Top Window CD-Rom Mod
Close Call
How can I coil copper tubing?
Fan Switches?
Cable rounding
painting a monitor
Window Mod pics..
Painting Desings any Ideas?
Cold Cathode = SWEET
does anyone know where i can get a monitor schematic?
Talk about a case mod!!!
Joining 2 Copper Together
Hamster Cage Sticky
PC Mod's window kits?????
Monitor Modding
Aopen custom case mod contest.
Hamster Cage = Computer Case HOT!!!
Lazer led case lighting
Cold Cathode
!!***ANTEC SX1040/1030***!!
Damn Panaflo's
preparing for some moddage
P3125 to sloket, help
Paint first or cut first?
What size blue led to use?
Design A Case for 2002 New Year!
My First Mod
Goto cyber deals if you want a dremel for 28.88! do it fools!
what you think
Lightstrip availability...
Plug in ducting
Mouse Hand Cooler
Building Clear Resavor
LCD Screen
PSU mod
Finally! a use for an ORB!!!
Cold Cathode vs. Neon
at last pictures
Plans for my new rig...
Thermal Fan-Control Circuit
1337 Juno P6 - Nearly Done
Anyone tried to combine a Bong and a Tornado?
New stuff!
colored or clear window with neon
Putin' in a winows
Help designing a circuit
What to do with my old case
Newbie question...
Best Case Mod Website?
Old enlight AT case mod in the beginning
Will this blow anything up?
Check this stuff out!
Dead neon
First Mod
Putting a LCD Monitor screen in Bay of Tower
clear bong?
LED fans > Ultimate evolution!
a little mod
part 1 of side panel mod :)
Moving up in the forums
Cheap optic mouse not work on black surface?
Hamster Cage = Computer Case
Painting My Case.....
help with design of clear watercooling case
Dynomat or pad?
Window Mod
window gaskets...