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HDD Strobe??
Blue Orb To Slorb
Where can I buy inverters cheap??
Any Ideas For A Real Use Foe 3.5 Floppy Bay....
Blinking lights
case LED
Best CPU to overclock???
auto stores that sell cold cathodes???
BayBus HELP!
Need Help Modify Computer Case
Template for mounting a second PSU
Grade this......
Have you ever...
Compunurse. Where?
check cyber deals you llamas! sx830 for 50bucks shipped!
New mod idea for a keyboard!~!?~?
Optical Mouse LED swap!
HD activity Neon
not much....what do you think?
My Heavily Modded Full Tower Case, 95% done
Getting a clean-cut blowhole?
Which Dremmel drill bit for Antec SX830 case?
lol...my xmass list
help on clear case
Custom Badges Kit and Etching plastic?
Walking Computer Cases
Best way to remove case bolts
Fan Painting
Mod'n an Antec SX1030
HELP!! spray paint a case without removing original coat?
how'd you make those bay fan switches?
I need a case fitting these requirements.
FYI, Case Mod Gallery INFO - Read Please
Painting Case / 80mm front grill
I need help with analog ammeter and voltmeter
Auto Neon
Very Important Question!
Making your case aluminium?
custom clear cases?
liquor cabinet?
LED Fans - Anyone want to buy some?
Suped up fan headers.
How to dye plastic?
Where can i get some EL cable for cheap?
Painting a Case
Neon Lights
Wood vs Metal
what does rubber lining use for??
Just grade my mod!... CLiCK n Grade... 30 sec... only!
Fitting a water cool!
any danger?
If this isnt an Extreme Case then what is?
purple LEDs look here
Adda fans and Lian-Li PC-12
Electroluminescent cable question
Just started modding my case.....
The ultimate mod?
Who sells nibblers?
Sound Activated Neon Mod
Custom Mouse!
clear cases
Help! Spray paint hates me!
Support one of our own!
Where can you get Blue LED's at a good price?
I Need Help
Finally! Almost done . . .
Are there only Orange, Green and Red LEDs?
Hammered Finish Paint
My megasystem is almost done!
Drive bay mod
Ahhhh My Ears!!!
looking for blue leds for mobo
Full drive bays. Now what?
ugh.. e.l. backlit!
CD Drawer Mod
Board thermistor on KT7A Raid
Temp probe on joystick port
IntelliMouse Modding
Sanding Blocks? Rate them
AVGS Server MiniCube Case
Best case for watercooling?
Where to get acrylic?
Submersable pump resavoir
Why didnt i think of this??
Door mod
Drive paint?
Those who have created their own cases
4Q Full Tower ATX Case
Bay Buss Wiring
Potentiometers, trimmers, chokes... agh! I'm confused!
potentiometers? which one do i need?
Add More 3 1/2 Bays With Plumber's Wrap
a lil Hydro action
Case Window
When is enough mods completed to call the box done?
Plasma cutter?
Interior Case Paint
UH-OH help me
Aaaaa!!!! Help Me
case mod page.......
Answer A.S.A.P Please
digital camera rulez ... case picks --> POST
Keyboard Volts
Peltier/CPU Clip?
somewhat off topic: Anti-shock Memory
dremal or nibbler?
Want a simple case mod...
Make your own rounded ATA-66/100 cables!
Variation on a theme
Case Mod???
Here is my case mod
this has got to be the sexiest thing i've ever seen
Honey Comb Theory
How to do a keyboard mod?
Fan recommendations?
Activating double power supply
help please
Look what I found.....
New idea? Prolly not. But still...
for people whith overkill poewr supplys
Super-bright Radio Shack 3.7V blue LEDs: a quick guide
Best H2) rig/case mod ever
pre-modded cases
A new mod to those who likes lights.....
modding a digi doc 5 leds
Can I pull 24V from a PSU?
AS 400 case
Alternating color neon?
Double cold cathode tubes?
Now THIS, is a case fan!!! =)
make a Dual Voltage Baybus fit into a 3.5" bay??
other blue led mod for my pc-67
Sound Activated led's?
Cooling Expert Needed Here
Lian LI PC-30 LAN Case
Check out my new water block mount
Can glue from a glue gun be at solid state on a running GF2 Pro?
Would this be worth it?
Blue LED mouse mod...
is this supposed to happen?
external display temp probe ideas??? links?
MY case mod..
Homemade thumbscrew pics
My video card's HSF/RAMsink/retainer clip pics!
Chome Chips
My Case Idea
Where to buy Video RAM?
LightTape and Trace Tape
Cant Wait
Case Paint
Dual PSU again! Bet you can't solve it!
Grade my modd... Have Jpeg!
Free Fans
Sound Deadening Stuff?
A coooool mod for every environment!
The Best Way To Sand A Case Side Down???
anti noise theory
My Antec Server case isthe same as the Alienware cases!!!
how to etch my window? hydroflouric acid paste adn contact paper?win a window etched
Blue led trick!
Noise levels
Window hole and moulding . . . Now I need the window!
Air Flow......
Idea for a very moddable case
Going to make my own cases
Wal-Mart $50 woofer box w/neon!
Where did I see that UV stuff?
cooler master case
Method for cutting blowholes.
New Computer Case.
Getting tekst on devices after painting them
first mods!
Removing front rack YY Black Server Cube
Neon Licence plate window???
woohoo i got another Q ppl =)
another idea of mine...
hdd mod..
one of my many idea's....
Rubber Gasket
Hot glue gun works ausome for plexiglass!!
Newbie needs help
Make your own thumbscrews!
Where do you get metal cut with a laser?
Cooling paths in an Enlight EN-7233 Endura...
Sandpaper for lapping. Which one?
Heres Where to Get the Super Case
CD/CDR/Zip fronts..where to get them?
How do I reduce the voltage on the power cables?
Question on laptop PSUs..
Modding Black Server Cube
Comair Fan Question..
Need help
Interesting Laptop Mod
My case mod
New Dremel- A quick easy question
Monolith: A work in progress
Question about fan power
How loud my 2 Comair's really are
Best $10 peltier setup.
Some final case mod pics (LOTSA PICS)
Sandpaper for lapping
How many people are using the Supercase?
Check out the paint job on this case!
How should I modify it... Have picture Attached!
Will this "Black-light" mod work?
What can u make a Dreamcast do
Howto - LCD modules showing temps
for the experts in electronics
Extra fans on laptop?
Installing A Side Case Fan
radiator stuff
? about top fans.
my new case
AMD case sticker on sale in e-bay.....
Dreamcast modding?
My 253 cfm Fan Case Mod
Plastic-safe paint stripper?
10" Liquid Neon Light
Thanks Overclockers extremists?
Go to PlanetQuake and look at the pic of the day!!
looking for good pre made case mode links please
insertin new cooling fan.
best 3dollar mod-new LED for the case
Homemade plexiglass case.
Bored with a soldering iron...
Anything better than the rubber for windows?
Need Special Case For Power Supply
This is BAAAD!
My latest cooling mod
Tin Snips Or Dremel
Yah! New Mod!!!!
Any ideas on how to light a compunurse display
Double sided molding for plexiglass?
Cd- Rom Window mod
Carbon Fibre wrapped case, need a base
first time visitting alternative modding
ok here it is...
1st Case Mod Complete W/ Pics.
Silicon Appliques - Neeeeeeeeeeeeeed
Car door molding is great stuff.
How do I mod my case for a huge fan??
AT PS w/out MOBO
Hi peeps im new here! Check my M0ds out!!!(Vapo-Li)
Some comments on my case mod?
Blue LED'ed logitech mice!!
1st case mod, any pointers?
Dremel sucks! Then I thought about it!
Lapping with Dremel sanders?
scroll saws for case modding?
water pump
Lexan Windows?
Pics of what i did to my case....
read this please, thank you.
Greenlee Punch? Easy to mod with?
Case Updated, window mod pic here.
Good sites for neons?
cutting plexiglass??
My case pics are up in the gallery! Go look!!
If you take the front of the case off frequently...
shorter ata66??
neon light question
Where can I get blowhole trim?
Fan Rpm Mod?
LCD and Fans (2 questions)
Cooling will never be a problem pt 2
bios hacks.
Running 2 power supplies (can it be harmful)
All finished!
Refridgerated PC
Round IDE Cables
Fab modding
scsi on/off switch
"Air Cooled"
VU Meter
How'd they do that?
Res and further cooling of the water?
Network card mod
cooling will never be a problem!!!
case cutting
Plexiglass Case
Does anyone have a complete parts list for a 6 fan baybus and scimatic. READ
Mobile rack modding
getting 2 psu to turn on at same time via power switch
plexiglass windows
Link for case painting.
finishing a paint job...
Protecting my case
Best stuff to SHUT MY PC UP ? :-)
6 fan fanbus
Has anyone thought of doing this?
New case, ripe for modding
Harddrive Switcher..
Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermo. Question
Finished the window mod..(LOTSA PICS)
mod LEDs onto a pair of earphones!
Window Installation..quick!
What type of spray use?
Stylish Mod Expert: Help me w/ PaintJob
Lights and heat...
how can i make a...
Velocity of a fan
how i'm thinking of modding a power supply
easy costs almost nothing, yet nice KB mod
My roommate thought this one up.
Shweet LED on fan mod!
Want to make a 5V / 7V / 12V fanbus switch, instructions?
modding...my laptop?
Has anyone ever tried to spraypaint there cdrom drives etc...?
Size of screw holes
Keyboard Mods
Need anything special for cutting acrylic?
Upated Case
Upated Case
Starting my Clearcase&watercooling Project any suggestions?
First mod, pics soon...
Added sound deadening material and it works!
On my way to my first mod!
pop goes the ps....
Dual ATX power supply help
Looking for a cheap aluminum case!
AT power
Is this going to work?
A thought on window modding...
Case Mods - I have some questions
new case mod jitters...
Building a case from scratch.....
Searching for this site.....modding
Case PSUs
Using both colors of dual LED's?
What does Redundant power supply look like?
Power supply mod for Xeon system
Network card LED mod
Need info for a voltage mod
Case question..
more modding to the extreme for me
Case, Case Mods
Home super-cooling system
LED Light question.....
window mod help..
Covering, uh, messy edges
what screws to use for case fans and modding?
Whackies case mod U've seen?
Looking for a case...
keyboard modding
nice mouse mod
Painted Case:)
where can I get Lexan for PC window
Perhaps the BEST Case Mod ever..
Still a work in progress :)
my alter moding
How do I switch LEDs?
What do you think of my case mods?
Few more pics
Couple of pics of my modded case
Mouse mods
watercooling mods
Fans, new mod
My case mod
Old Cases
spray paiting cdrom drives?
My case
What to use to cut circles?
Hi Is it possible to use CAR NEONs in PC..
Finally, My case mods for all to see
Composite Materials
A Case Mod for those all nighters.
question about the lian-li pc60...please read! nobody ever reads my posts :(
Case/PC Modding Sites.......?????