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which diode?
Project: Put wheels in my pc
Fan Hole Cutting.
Crazy humanoid PCs
Is comp dying?
so I got annoyed today...
Looking for a new Fan Controller
Project: Notebook Dock Mod -56k warning.
PSU wire question
My latest "BIG MASSIVE CUSTOM Computer Case Creation!" 56k modem FORGETABOUTIT BUD!
Another use for fan switch?
What to do with this:
Control 6 fans on one channel
been lurking a while (and gone too) but I have a new idea...
Two power supplies turn on/off at the same time
Modulated side panel power connection.
Case Shell--Your Opinion
My personal HDD Speaker
Mounting a DDEN WhiteWater WB on a DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D
What should I do with my X1800 stock cooler? Ideas wanted!
PSU Modular help
Terminating PSU wires
Best way to clean out case after mod?
HELP! Trying to locate the mod that used marble paints!
getting power from 2 USB ports??
Coolest. Delorean. Ever.
Building a case...need input.
My first mod on my tsunami case
Need Input for New project...Shoulda Been A Vette..
Overclock a hd?
Put a what on a P3 slot One
Cutting a window?
Need blowhole pics
Codename: thingtoholdmeuntilconroe
Mag Drive 3 plug mod (no pics yet, a question)
My latest...
Get bord?Magic USB! Funny stuff.
The Girlfriend PC (Yellow & Black)
mobo/backpanel case mod (good for 3-4C)
Rackmount on the Cheap (Possible 56k death)
FM Transmitter for Keyboard and Mouse
Ran into a logistics issue during my current mod.
How could i put a athlon64 heatsink on my 7900gt
$5.50 Desk Mod (56k Warning)
question: Laptop drive stealthing
Lan Party Case
Black mesh sheets
Doing the impressive deed, Gona stick a clear cover onto my 80gb.
What to do with LCD?
infomation display LCD
Project: Input
CMOS toggle
painting and polishing plexiglass (a question)
Help hiding old mods.
Molding plexiglass?
Hand or electric polish? - Lian-Li Interiors
tell me what you think
Shuttle mod...
Did I cause permanent harm?
Can anyone reccomend me a Dremel?
ok so need some assistance..
My first attempt to look good(did it work?)
Bluegears b-cool temperature fan
Congrats to Navig
case to work with
made my own pci fan coolers for gfx card
A twist on computer naming!
fluorescent blacklights and neon question.
Case Mod - Suggestions
Integrated wireless dongle inside laptop project ! (large pics)
maybe you guys can help with some case mods
Adding on off switch to case fan
is UV CCFL lighting kit harmful?
Suspended Hard Drive
My BEAUTIFUL New Desk for under 150$!
Painted my lappy!
So I got bored today...56k Beware!
Knex tec stand
In time for todays NFL Draft
PSU with more then 1 mobo 20pin connnector
Fan connections for my fan controller
Ghetto tec drink cooler
Cooling in a Book
Dremel Replicas
Need aproval.
3-pin fan connectors - where to buy?
**UPDATED** Red Compaq v2000 paintjob (finished, new/better photos)
Good electronics kit..
Quick Release Motherboard Tray
ccfl alternatives?
H.I.M.E. An ongoing Contruction
Adam's Ultimate Gamer Mouse - PICS
Project Phoenix
need help modding a very small LCD
Better than a dremel sanding drum?? IT IS!
UV LED's in the Logitech G5
Replace Zalman CNPS9500 LEDS?
Sorry to have to do this too you...
New System - Honda CBR2800-RR Firewall
side designs
Laptop from 5.3lbs to just above 3lbs !
Logitech G15 Questions?
Question about Acrylics
CCFL = UV...cathode...tube...????
Project idea, if I find some money
perspex side panel modding
Devil Etching [Photo Request]
80mm fanhole in thick steel and bondo.
anyone know where to get just the inverters?
xbox power supply
a bunch of weird, cool and wacky case mods
Z-680 LCD light "mod"
once in a lifetime opportunity, plz help
Anti Mac Laptop concept
Slot-loading CD drive and 5 1/4" floppy faceplates...
Beats a 40 dollar wand!
cutting into a Lian-Li <CRING>
so got my "new" case yesterday..
yay !!! 1 hour later
Maxtor one touch modding
post your Mcmaster-Carr part numbers
Chopper PC...drool
The Logitech G5 Deluxe
Laptop red paint job completed! COME SEE ! (pictures inside)
Bios on MS-6702 (K8T Neo-FIS2R)
These guys have some awesome fridge modding.
Persplex sheets \ panels
Wood Case Mod, oh yeah
Don't port your box!
Bungie Halo 2 Case Mod + Contest
Stupid @$$ Compaq keyboard mod.....
Cold Cathode Sound Module
Re: all the new desk threads....
touchscreen + computer + car
Help: Keyboard mod to add buttons?
Antec Super Lanboy and Drive Covers
A couple of questions
new desk will build this summer
Automotive Gloss Painting Guide
Broken laptop LCD revisited!
my new desk
asking for some opinions.....
Where to get custom shaped plastics?
Can you hook up a HDD thru a compact flash slot....
Switching out side/wheel LEds on Razer Diamondback?
Dual PSU with a twist..
CAD Help
Broken laptop LCD (inspiron 600m)...
Switching out LEDs in Rheostat and Case Fans
Cutting/Drilling Plexiglass
replacing Li-Ion cells with Li-Ion Poly cells
Has anyone ever...
I guess this would go here...question about case lighting
Pink Floyd Mod!
DS Video Output?
Heavy Metal Mod
Custom fan grills help
Just painted my laptop
looking for a way to rig a variable speed A.C. fan
One heck of a mod/project.
carbon fiber questions
Wanting to incorporate a laptop screen into computer
Mixing UV with Colors
Front panel wiring - discarding the ferrite ring?
Is it possible?
my two lian li's' custom mods!
New setup
S-ATA Power Cable Mod
Case Panel Modification
Need Help with some DFI Ultra Infinity Volt Mods
heat problem fix gone wrong?
Modding a tray loading drive to a slot loading drive?
Where to buy UV paint other than the internet
I stuffed two 120mms in the back of a Dragon based case.
19" rackmount stealthed mini-fridge
Removing LCD from housing (dell 700m)
what about a real glass side panel?
KVM idea
My new window (custom made)
Carputer MP3 Player/Radio replacement
Need suggestions for new idea...
Cutting a window in my Lian Li Pc-61, need some advice.
Molding Sunbeam and Lian-Li Into One, An Adventure in the Shop (3 Pics)
Turn your 2GB iPod Nano into a 200GB Monster :O
Ghetto Cable Sleeves
Suggestions on soldering on electronic boards.
paint job for laptop
Need help with molex wiring.
Project: Quake Box
UV Reactive
modding a drive ?
In case some of you haven't seen it already...
My New Upgrade Project...
SmoothWall Part2
Project Leaf Blower - complete for now
question about a farm/cluster?
The HTPC Project
My first post, to show my first mod.
Suggestions on compact setup.
Kill Button
any idea's for improvements to this case?
Real Red and Cutting Plexiglass windows
Project Casemod "warning dial-up"
Granite Computer Desk
Making that lame stock keyboard kick arse! (Perfect for LANs)
Toaster Oven Computer
where to buy lexan/plexiglass in canada
cheap low wattage ac to dc converter
Salvaging an LCD display
Xbox DVD remote mod idea...
cd/dvd drive work vert?
Fan Recommendation..
Adjustable PSU Fan Mod
Cool Gingerbread Mod
Wood case update (picture)
Need some custom front panel ideas
Cable Sleeve Mod
The Ultimate USB Wireless Dongle Mod!
Motherboard trays
UV Reactive Zip Ties?
host your images easily and freely
Frosted flakes mod
Samsung LCD wiring question
HD44780 -> USB
Antec P-160 Build
Team Glasslicker Interactive Build
Team Glasslicker Interactive Build
Whiskey Bottle PC
CAD CaseEtchings Finished! *pics*
DVD player hacking - can I build an HTPC on the cheap?
has it ever been done before???
anyone powder coat a case before?
can someone help me????
An old case needs love....so I want to cut it up!
Mouse Grips
HELP! Tool to crimp molex pins!
Looking for an analog temperature sensor
Where can i get Bee-Hive screen?
LEGO iPod Dock
Harddrive motor for fan?
My little mod
HTPC Size Questions...
building a projector
Cutting: Lexan/Plexiglass?
My carputer = finished
I know this has been done but I dont know how to do it, need help
Voltage meter....
Making Keyboard Cord Longer...
Cubasis VST 4 Help needed.
Project Mini Rig (56k Beware!)
Questions about lexan/polycarbonate/etc
Antec Sonata
Working with acrylic, punching a hole feasable?
iPod Mod?
CMOS Switch
Digital LED VU meters behind speaker covers
My Bleach Mod!
Has this been done before?
adhesive for vinyl
Quick question: Packing tape safe on PCB?
Lighting question
Working with Acrylic/Lexan/Plexi for a case..
Build an LCD Stand?
Putting wheels on case
painting on anodized aluminum
rackmount case modded onto desk
Sound Damping: My Quest for a (near) Silent PC
"Mission" Impossible: Mission-Style HTPC
Well, that could of been bad
Custom Test Bench
My friend broke my case door
make RC car guts yeild a spark?
Tech mods for my car?
is this for real. if so ROFL
painting bezel quick question
Case Etching Conumdrum...
I think I've seen this done before ... but never this small.
Custom UV stickers for windows? source?
cheep leds?
Help me with this keyboard hack!
atari 3600 (xbox 360 mod)
Made My own Desk !!! - for ~$125!!
The Draconian
How to Frost your windows (simple!)
Budget Gaming PC - MATX Case Modded
Logitech G15 software ?
powered coax splitter
New paint job (pics)
UV Wallpaper?
What I added to my case panel
My computer case
Gingerbread computer...
Case Etching
Acrylic Case Building
Completed Lubic Tower PC!
Xbox 360 Mods
Light controller
New case and Dremel!
2 Player Nintendo Arcade Cabinet
yea you can't touch this - internal UPS
BLUE ICE workstation Special Modding by Joe Latino (work in progress)
making your own desk
Eh.. Contact broken on UV CCFL
How to attach power adapter to power cord
MDF case
Molex Modding?
Krylon and other questions
Noise Dampening Tricks?
All Hail Ticky Tac
Anyone have access to an engraving machine?
Replacing the Logitech MX1000 battery?
need wood case power button idea
Warning about soldering tiny components.
Look for good mod ideas
Cheap Full Tower ATX Case
Side window
Mini River in your house/room?
Help with home-brewed electronics
Project ATi Biohazard
Computer Furniture Finished...Finally!
Help? -- Will this Rheostats do?
Materials suggestion, please.
Project pre-stage
Looking for a way to plan a custom case.....
cool shirt dude
Bad OCing
Wiring Questions
Looking for blue paint to match anodized aluminum
Reminisce on your First Mod
this might make you chuckle
Fan that displays LED temp readout on the fins
Planning a first time Mod.
Questions about Cold Cathodes
RC Car w/ Rocket. Need help
Introducing the "iwipe" from macintosh
your rig/setup pics
Question about mounting LED's
MK1, my first mod, need some help
Camra water proofing completely?
Completely Custom Case
Upside down mobo?
Laptop cooling platform...
Custom case materials
Does anyone know where i can buy this?
New PSU Mod
Painting faceplates :D
Turn on/off two rheobuses with one switch?
New to the oc forums
CAT5 for fan wire?
Fan mounting: Angle ok?
here are some charts for everyone
Etching Glass the easy way. 56K WARNING!!! Lots of Pics!
Just got my main system parts....
LED soldering?
Good temps to bondo?
hd44780 USB backpack?
Item Identification
Window Fan, plug?
LCD For PC Drive Bay
mouse re-mod
Metal...Metal...OH SO SHINY!
My old stuff needs a home
Got a spare case? Make a Hydroponics lab.
Need a good power button
Help: Custom volume control
Open Case and Static Electricity Mod
Bleach mod rises again!
4" lcd screen
Air Brushing
Xbox modding (lights and stuff...not modchip)
Heavy Duty Fuse 6241-02-703
lcd displays
Lappy LCD to PC fix?
Rust-Oleum Rocks!!
cheap dremel replica
Couple of modding questions
October is mine!
Functioning 3 button remote
LCD Controller
New Mod project
Spray Painting
PWNAGE HDD silencer *big pics*
Another Halloween Mod?
Installing a Window..
remote startup a MCE 2005 system?
Need to make a switch for case LED's...
Physically smaller PCI-e will work with a PCI-e16x?
TT Armor door mod. Looks Great!
unpatient modding
smallest PC?
120mm blowhole on top...Armor & Stacker
graphics on lcd
First real mod :)
halloween mod (-;
best paint for a laptop
Mp3 player fixage
Project Minifridge
Clear LED HDD cover
De-badging TT Armor
Space behind zif socket
Lexan Colors
IceStorm NV6800C3 and Ram HS not Fitting
Converting a tablet?
Custom fan controller (help)
where can i find graphic LCD
my old rig, HUGE PICS!
My Modded XBOX [No Piracy] (56k Killer)
HDD clear top mod
case pic request
Cutting Side Window
Poweredge mod Part 2 (need advice)
Mini-atx motherboard bolt pattern
Tempered Glass for a Case Window.
Ack !
tool recommendation?
So my friend decided to suspend his tower from the ceiling (with pics)
custom lcd display
slot fan reversal
do UV lights charge glow in the dark paint?
Help a bloke wire his remote
led question
Cutting wheel (on steroids?)
New toy!!!!!!
What size of hole saw?
Need help from someone with photoshop/drawing skillz!
Ideas: WANTED- Wild to Mild
Pre-planning for my LinuxCube mod
Modding my Antec P180 <Uber pics!>
Spray Paint Go Or No Go For Case Modding?
I was beaten by a hearth?
Who was the guy that was making the powerstation?
Remote controlled DVD burner
Venom Case Window
Custom Desk Case
Abit BH6 BIOS mod
What's the difference?
<3" Display (not love or heart)
lookin to mod my ASUS Vento3600 case
inside case painting?
what ever happened to vio1's lian li project log?
dremel smoked!
Car dvd player/car stereo/PC
need source for pin recepticles
attaching HD with usb extentions.
painted my motherboard *PICS*
using loose leds
My New setup.....
Saitek Eclipse Keyboard - Lighting
:( R.i.p
Building a Fanbus
My Hobby Mod-Box
Dremel help
Remote rf power switch
New Spin on Cube PC...Spinning Cube!
Wiss Tin Snips (have you used them?)
Lighting question.
Installing Fans
Temperature Monitor...
Best Red Fans/Cathodes
Remember those "build your own radio" kits?
Easy way to mount mobo/make a back plate
Power wheels mod under way.
External Temp Senders
Weldbond:Have you ever heard of? Do you use it?
BigRed's Chair v3.0
Fan hole guide
LED question
Out of options i think...
how do i make a DIY buzzer?
My mod wanting to do it.
Orange CCFL?
Project Idea
Laptop Screen Mod
Dremel sanding an aluminum side panel
Gator Case
wow, just wow
Not sure on LEDs for HDD/Power
Rotary tool help
Caps mod gone bad?
disappointing el wire results
wire management... tips? suggestions?
P4 Xbox Mod
Question ( 2 parter)
What to do???
looking for IC sockets...
DVDPC Project
Cutting insulation without cutting wires...?
How I mounted my hard drives(pix inside)
The Desktop Poodle Mod
Need a on button friend says...
Best way to make 1/2 holes in metal
Some quick mods to my Sonata.
Briefcase Cooling Help