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Longshot here
How do you make a 0/7/12v switch with....
ultra 2 sli
Window etching advice
80, 92, 120mm Fan Layouts?
Resistor Question?
Making a glass reservoir....
Are these okay?
which dremel?
Xaser 3: Fully Modded
Air Flow Optimizations?
Painting aluminum
Aluminum cutting
Wish me luck...
dremel cutting wheel
20pin - 24pin atx mod?
hehehe I modded mu cold cathode tubes
What to do with an old Ti-92.
Is there a blowhole guide?
LCD Screen - No Backlight
Crystal Fontz.
Audio VU meter
cut fan hole with components installed?
New possibility for CHEAP LCD/VFDs? Look here!
Simple Overkill
Power Mac G5 MOD !!!!! (It's a PC)
CDROM motor wiring
The cheapo case mod saga continues...
Any online places carry one-way film ?
*.-.-.*Post your Desk Mods*.-.-.*
*** Guide mod, Add 2nd PSU to ATX case ***
Electronic Component Question.
LCD Screen - Frustrated
Special Car Audio...
First paint job... non-ghetto stealthing =P
I WON!! Max Pc Rig of the Month!
smoothing plywood
UV LED's (do they work?)
Antec Aria Side Panel Mod
Light/cathode/strobe questions.
Post your Work Area Pics
My new case mod
Lian-Li V1000B Mods
Quick Help Please! 20x4 LCD
DVD+-RW and Top window mod in progress
Remote Start?
Molex Lights Fire Flies - A How to Question?
Antec Aria PS Mod
Our Roof Comp
What to look for when getting an airbrush
putting LCD's in laptop
Night light
Air duct/wind tunnel mod! Need help!
Rubber HDD suspension
cable sleeving, molex removal, round cables, and ducting
window cutting
How do you use bondo! plz help
PlexiGlass Cutting
5 min mod in progress.
uv lights
My servers....
How to mood my old joystick??
My Pimped out emachines
Arrrrg, my treasure!
What are people using to line their blowholes/windows?
Cold Cathodes in speaker?
Painting PSU Cables.
Starting to get to work
Home Made Hard Drive Rack. Holds 7 or more drives for 5 bucks.
looking for old arcade machine
Changing the fan in a ocz 520w powerstream
How do i cut this!!!!!!!!
Case painting
3 pin case fan to molex
Headset mod?
need help developing a lighting mod
Case Modding...
looking for someone to mod my SFF side panels for me
baking engine paint
Making a mobile mini-itx ... suggestions for power
connecting PDA to car . . . some questions
Modding a Mac Mouse...
I modified my... chair?
What color should i paint? how much does this all cost? couple o other questions too
Combining 2 Fans
Mold making?
Where to get Green Tubing?
Removing male/female molex connectors
chrome/nickel plating costs and a color choice question
how does this idea look?
Front case mesh
laptop motherboard fix
Guide: How to make a LOW/OFF/HIGH switch for your fans
Is this the right tool for.
1U Power Supply Mod
CM Praetorian
Window Tint?
Printer modding! Pics!
Modding a pump?
Bending sheet metal by hand?
Water Cooling query.
Critique my window plan
I painted my case CHROME. It is very shiny.
Sandblasting help
Bulgin LED Switch won't light up now ( I think I might have killed it)
AT to ATX help
Cool workstation/desk idea?
Black stone fleck paint?
Would this work?
My First Ever Mod Project(Tis very very extravagant.. for me)
painting the motherboard
painting my radiator... need help
Derek's Project log Rock Crawler ..
My coat of clear coat is cloudy
PowerSupply Connector Idea?
Somebody who can laser cut?
MuahahAHHA its begun=)
need custom WCed case help!
Polishing Metal Experiance
Making a tool- 20pin power supply tester! HELP
I want to paint my case chrome
How do you make a thread on a 1mm steel?
Ramsink Adhesive
The mod's from CHEAPO-LAND!(56k'ers beware)
Turbind blowhole fans
XBOX Controller Modding (USB Power source?)
New Case To Mod
? about Cold Cathode tubes...
UV Painting
Which hole saws to use?
Tools required for this mod?
What size drill bits for screws?
Painting a Case
A place to get heatshrink/colored cable sleeving for a good price?
Help with LEDs
check out this massive hand made heatsink!!!
Gimme some LED ideas
Spray paints
What tap to use for case screws?
Need a source for aluminum sheet
Is brush on paint ok?
How do I open up an Intellimouse?
How to go about Painting Plastic? Chieftec "Dragon" Case Front Panels
Case Framing
PSU Peter Frampton Talkbox mod.
Zeb's 100lb monster w/pics
Help with handles QUICK!
A really big box for my toys...
mobo in carboard case
Like they said, sleeving ain't easy :)
Price of wood?
how to make homemade uv water dye
colour schemes
Found an old Laptop in the trash.
the ultimate low budget mod!
finallly i moded my case
MP3 Hard Drive Mod
Best Ways To Bend Metal?
Will this kill my cathode?
Mac Mini PC mod
WANTED: Stealthing Drive Guide
Make-shift dust trap for fans?
Home depot trip! help!
airsoft guns?
Fan Color Scheme!?!
Makeshift brackets
Cutting a precise shape into pre-powdercoated steel
DIY front usb and audio
Acrylic moddin (56k death)
My lcd yaya!!
Making a hole in metal
Making a Gift
rivet gun
i wanna buy this case looks good enough?
What drill
Dual psu template
Window etching
Whats youre take on ......
MOSFET sinks or GPU HS?
Question about front panel audio/usb on a raidmax scorpio 868
Aqua grill
Lowering the draw of a battery.
Aqua Teen Hunger Foce Mod
Calling all bodywork/fiberglass people
Painting Inside Case UV = Poor Temps?
Two newly acquired cases, what to do?
detachable psu cables
i'm loving this mod to bits
Grounding switches
Need a window design
Ultra Violet Cold Cathodes
what fans?
great PSU for custom modding
SPST Switch Bus?
Problem with modded PSU
i said i would post some better pictures... (56k?... gutted!)
Questions about making my own clear case.
Which is male, which is female? (As in molex)
Interesting Mod Idea
how do you stick self made heat sinks
cd drive veticaly mod
Everyones Case Mods ~ Ghetto or Not?
Sound system
what kind of wire is computer wire?
Need help on my first attempt of modding my case....
Chieftec Case mods
Hinges on case slide panel?
Case Modding Dilema
Desk Modding *PICS*
my very getto newb mod lol :)
painting inside of case
cutting ramsink from a P3 heatsink, what do i use to cut?
What Color Goes Good With Copper?
My first mod!
TI - 83 plus LCD display?
thermal probes + old thermal monitor
Fiber Optic Ribbon (glowing ribbon)
Gonna sleeve my PSU.
hole saws?
duel computers
Where can I buy Dremel cutting wheels online?
what color to paint
Messy wiring!!! VERY MESSY!!!!
Will a dremel imitation do?
Adding Led's to mouse, Need help!
How to power a NEON tube
Modders Mesh
new case x-dreamer 2
Blacklight LEDs?!?!?!?
Sen's 6800 FET mod.
LED Mounts?
The Intimidator Mod *Soon*
req advice on my main rig..(pics)
Electronics and Basic circuitry Help needed
Lexan external WC housing?
Material Help
If I were to pop the drive cages out of my V1100...
Mini poll: What do you do with extra PSU wires
can you tape fans and make it stick?
First Mod - Adding an lcd to the case
Interior color
Keyboard modding potential?
Has any one tried this case mod yet????
metal polishing
100% Clear + UV + mirror shine -- Completed Project -- 56k modems will cry
modder's mesh in the UK?
southbridge HS?
My very first mod; drive stealthing.
7 volt fan mod
Foreman Grill mod...
AGP Riser question
Working with Acrylic, a few questions...
Electrical help needed....
Help, Specs, and scematics for a keyboard mod...
Non computer related project, need help
should i get this?
Has anyone ever made a case out of mirrors?
what material is best to use with ducting?
Modded mouse
converting a ps2 controller to usb
CCFL HDD activity light?
three way on-off switch?
hey i got a drill, can i drill my case?
wiring an lcd display - temp monitoring
what to do with a 33/66mhz LCD from a old POS..
I need help wiring my pc.
mini psu? please give me the correct name
my mATX case design
My ghetto speaker stands
Wiring Idea... and completly confused.
Front panel Plug-Bus idea
Homegrown lots o pics
i need a 50A relay...Where to get one?
Water Cooler Cooling
price of acrylic
Anything I could do with a digital camera LCD screen?
Most Extreme Mod EVER?
Small case for an old PC (custom built??)
LCD Questoion...
Help With Lcd!!
CD Drive window mod
in-car computer?
Compaq makeover
Add a little flash to your NV/ATI Artic Coolers with LEDs.
boblbee backpack
Dropping 15v Source to 12v
Lighting and what not..
weight reduction mod
finally painted my floppy drive
My first mod project
"Softcore" mod idea
5.1 speakers don't go well with LCD monitors
Tutorial on how to make an awsome mouse.
is it worth it making shelves instead of buying them?
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Successfully modded logitech elite keyboard w/ blue LEDS!!
My first case mod
Planning to Softmod an x800 Pro vivo
School Project, ideas?
What do u like better
Dell Dimension to Half Life Case Mod [Pics]
Half-Life 2 Window??
Window help... not urgent - future plans.
Polished aluminum case?
Speak and Math Mod?
Its a me Mario!
The Hard Drive speaker schematic revealed!
TI-85 calculator OCIng
need help on which pots to get for lcd plz help, gonna order today
Modding Thermaltake Tsunami Window : Q
Leafs Nation Mod(56k)
monitor painting
noob wiring question
Installing a window
UV Paint and Motherboard
Painting Inside Question
Can this be done?
where to find a 12V heating element?
Rotary Tool Deal
what to get for free?
New way to color your case
UV Spray Paint
painting problem
the 'i'm poor' mod! (fan controller / guitar lovers fan controller))
Some questions about (+5vsb) and leds..
Newy *Help*
help me pull off a prank at school :D
Project .Arctic. logo... open call!
where can i find pink leds?
check dis out-cable braiding!!!
is this good?
Temps for my CPU
NEED HELP WIRING MY LCD quick!! this is urgent!
Pulse generating circuit
foil ribbon cable extensions...
inside of case is done.
Backlighting my XP-90
Tips for changing LED's from Logitech Elite Keyboard?
What size hole saw for a 92mm fan.
Gonna mod and stuff on saturday, got questions yo
Right pot for an LCD?
Wanted to know if I could add fans to a case
First Case Modding
Holiday Modding.....
Silencing the click
Questions on powering car computers, and their displays
window not perfect, advice needed
a sticky way to stop dust!!
How do you make custom heatsinks?
wwindow trim & Molding.
What To Do With An Old Hdd..
Two computers --> one?
How do i light up my case
ANyone cut a hole in a raidmax scorpio 868?
check out my new case
Custom Building a Case
Silver faced CDRW drives?
Griddle mod! (pics!)
Counter-Strike Keyboard
Case window without trim, Need advice
Apple Logo....
Network card led to front panel?
CONTEST! Best side panel design! Win a free case & PSU!
Ipod firmware hackable
Got any soldering pointers/tips?
Parallel LCD w/ pics 56k != cool
MEDIC!!!!! A mod inspired by ET
Help me wire my LCD
Something to take scratches off of plastic? Like an Ipod?
I have a stupid question about my UV Acrylic case, can someone help?
?: Ide Hdd Led
New Soldering Iron
Mod Your Award BIOS EPA Logo
Chieftec Beige/white color matching plastic paint?
USB interface idea
optimizing fan directions
where to get wires to extend fan range
Think this would work?
who needs molex kits?
Fun with cable managment.
TI-84 backlighting
Digidoc 5 problem, please help!
Need help choosing case color...
Which CCFL kit to get from SVC
Case Mod/Paint finish
SATA activity lights.
CCFL question.
Cutting plexy glass with dremel.
Just Finished Xaser 3: V2000A!
"Overclocking" the scroll wheel on your mouse
PLease check out my site!
making acrylic case by hand, need best suggestions (help!)
Fun with magnets! (no not by that HD)
HDD Led's
What to get for modding practice?
BigBlue: The Revival
Blow hole......on a raidmax
Anyone know of a good place that makes custom-order vinyls?
How could I run a PSU from a car?
Casefancase (fancasefancase...)
those of u with parallel lcd's i have a question
Front Panel Face Lift
Sony DigitalMavica MVC-FD73 Screen Rework
Whoa, submersion done clean...
WAtercooled Psu, sleeved and Cased.
Taking modding to the next level!!!
Need some CCFL help
Where to get sheet aluminium for modding?
Blow Holes in my V1000B
The Rig - Project in the works
...ghetto mod in the works, heh heh heh... :D
How should i set up my cold cathodes?
My fan tunnel!! finally got it up!!
Mod Idea
picky adapter needed...
First real mod? Powersupplie?
My best purchases in 2004 (video card mod)
cd player mod?
Is this a decent hole saw?
Black Lian-Li (V1000) Question
spray painting a mouse
Moving part of the case front.
my rig, finally got pics up :)
Build your own projector for $300.00 or less
Help with fan tunnel!!
Questions about 2x16 lcd wiring PLZ HELP!
Building a projector
Lights on = Lock up. Any ideas?
blow holes
i want one!
Using a PDA LCD ?
Liquid latex?
Push Button Switches
An old Compaq desktop
Glass paint or pro silkscreen?
Help a newbie Dremel some holes please! TIA
Custom case panels
cold cathodes... JUNK
Is it possible to put an Xbox in a PC?
Good, freeware and easy design/layout software?
Painting plastics
Opinions if I should do this...
question about paint.
Logitech Z-680 amp cooler **56K WARNING**
Simple, yet sweet xbox dongle leds
Active noise canceling/controlling mod?
LCD from laptop w/ controller chip, what now?
rofl @ this mod
Ok, need some oppinions on paint plans
Tin solder vs. Silver Solder
Cutting holes...tools question
Wiring up my 2x16 lcd
Ultra Xconnect
What would you like to see a pc in?
look ma, no case!
Building a case from scratch
Which window should i make
Painting w/ stencel?? or have a pro do it?
Led mouse mod
The Switch in Pc mod
Half Life 2 Mod.
Need 30AWG wire insulation - household product ideas?
Mousepad to mod!
how do i hook all this stuff up(fan contr.)
It brings a whole new meaning to optical drive stealthing...
Machinist Block
USB to parallel cable? and lcd's
Passively cooled XP @ 2.4Ghz
Where to get tools!!
Sony Viao
PS2 cooling mod
Storage Box
Acrylic case mods
Case airflow question.
Two machines....One case...Lots pics...
Case painting
Any suggestions for window frosting on a plastic window?
how would i do this?
Case screws(size for tap)
Sheet metal bending
Need help mounting my PSU
Female molex tool, and sleeving question
Case cutting.
Drilling out rivets, need some clarification...
Transparant Tubing. ( for waother then ter cooling ).
Just ordered my lcd...
check my math (LED/resistor)
Which cable sleeves should i buy ?