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Transparant Tubing. ( for waother then ter cooling ).
Just ordered my lcd...
check my math (LED/resistor)
Which cable sleeves should i buy ?
? about can-tenna
Rate my mod
mounting PSU ideas
Need some help with schematic for LCD's...
LCD questions
Crazy Cleaning Idea...
help sleeving!!!
Keyboard Led
Sleeving question
Round cable for 2z Plat?
case cutting after painting
look what came in the mail today!!!
Polishing creative nomad zen?
A plethora of CCFLs, one inverter?
EAC Filter .... PC Mod
looking for 10" cold cathode lights
where can i find CCL's
lookin for LED temperature displays....
Can you use Dremel bits in a normal drill?
lcds + xbox controller
Wiring LEDs
What Color to paint case inside and out?
Car Computer???
PSU wire mod
UK case modding websites
blowhole behind motherboard
pc in my car
Wire Management on Xaser 3?
$1 mod for the Dell 2001FP LCD Display.
how-to control a CCFL with software
Help with 120mm blowhole
couple wiring questions
Laser Etched Plexi?
buying dremel kit any good?
Sleeve question
Custom Clear Labels
Looking for opinions and suggestions
UV inking my mobo/vidcard
SHould i get this?
good low price CCFL's
Acrylic Duct
Where to buy window tint?
LCD Help quick!!!! got questions, cant choose
overclocked pda?
hmmmm i wonder...
FREE and easy Fan silencer mod!
Engine enamel and plastic ???
Shuttle SB61G2 PSU mod.
Switches over LPT for winamp
Machinery Used to Make Your Own Water Blocks?
PS1 screen, how to get power?
modding the zen (help!)
Project: Evangelion
Needa cut plexiglass WITHOUT cracking it
Antec Cs 400
GC/PS2/XBox Case???
Windows media center
Care to give me some ideas for my V2000b?
building a Polycarbonate case
Will this work?
Silver: My New PC!
internal lighting
Question about nibblers ......
Where can I find this or something like it?
Custom Laptop Painting (Pictoral and Work Log)
Just got my money, what should i buy?
time to spice things up a little
Painting Plastic...
My first SERIOUS mod, My first Wooden case!
SHould i take off my case door?
Which cold cathode?
Does the negative pole of a battery correspond to a +X voltage input to a device?
antena question?
lian li pc-75b
Should i take out my fan filter?
SNES PC Gamepad
need help wiring a Sanyo lc7985na based LCD display
El Wire wattage
Gameboy color LCD??
24 Port Hub "mod"
monitor painting
LCD Again
So i just got a 19" lcd:o
Colour scheme for case
Anyone have or know were to get an athlon xp case badge?
Modding Xaver 1000
Anyoone with a blue case, blue lights and green sleeving?
Wire Sleeving Amount???
LOL Photoshop mods!
home made molex pin extractors
Gluwing Acyrlic peices together?
cool cd-rom mod
Cutting through acrylic
Small LCD question "is this possible" and if so what would i need to do it
What color sleeving should i get?
Kryptonite Bullet Project (pics)
any stealth drive bay guides / tut please?
Popsicle mod???
project.bluelament w/ pics!
TI-84 'Mods'
uv painting
Any website that sells moddable cases?
Painting a floppy drive?
Stealthed drive problem
Matrix Orbital
where would i get something like
where would i get something like
Tip for painting drivebays. BAKE THEM!!!!
Silicone Implants & rubber! (HDD isolation, 56k bad)
How hard is it to Dremel a
Cpu Hsf On 4200ti Advice Plz!!
TI-83 Mods?
desktop lcd into a briefcase-ish box?
Want to go all out.... Need Ideas!!!
upgrading xbox dvd drive
Blowhole Guide?
LED Holders
Paint stensils?
These server cases worth saving?
CD-ROM dead after rewiring.
Help me pick a window design
Quick Dremel Question...
Front Bezel mod ideas
painting fan grills?
Drive stealthing
Overclockers.ru - mod
Sleeving Trouble
acrylic advice?
adding a backlight to a gameboy
First real MOD
Best CCFL brand?
Painted the front of my case and sleeved my PSU.
Wire for my "Box" mod
Fush Zero Question Please HELP Me!!!
Any ideas for V1000B, here's what I'm thinking so far
Picking The Right Dremal.
LED help
Chemist I need your help, Case materials
harddrive in 5.25 slots?
The DiamondBox - Diamondplate case
Reverse case modding anyone?
Battery Upgrade
Get the expensive snips
my first case mod ever. :D CAI cooling
reading the cpuspeed to a display without software?
an website that custom cuts fan grills?
Project O.C. (56K Warning..pics inside)
Doom mod
Need help with mobo mounting
Project BOX.
is modding addictive?
window in finally! pics
PC KeyPad Activation
Silencing HDDs by suspension
Matrix: Regenerator Awesome Custom Case!!!
Not a huge mod. Suggestions? (maybe 56k warning)
Changing LEDs
First Mod.blow hole.
paint clouding
Mod Idea?
UV lights harmful?
My machine, Need suggestions (pics in thread)
case prob
My 9800 Pro & Mobo UV Drawings
What's the best sleeving in your opinion?
tips thread
Modded some more
need some fan help!!!
Has anyone Modded this keyboard?
Must get rid of the LED's on fans...
Turbo button
Adding Fan Ports: Raidmax Samurai 908.
remoute controled equipment
The Telocity Computer?
cutting through the metal
Bit-Tech Simple Fan Speed Control
My wooden hard drive case with power supply [pics]
jet mod
Thermaltake UV IDE cables.
Is there a mobo that'll fit these dimensions?
Mod for watercooling......
100 Leds for 15$ did some one say?
Wood Computer Case Mod.
HL2 case!
LED or CCFL Lighting??
The best UV paint?
Touchpad mod type deal..
FIsh tank case?
Costume Case (Project USPS)
Where to USB
Is it possible to "mirrorize" plastic?
quick questions about sleeving kits?
My 9800 Pro Mod
Does any1 have...
Help me find!
Dual LEDS..
Coolermaster Alloy Bezels
Removing a rear case fan
Please comment on my idea for modding a model escalade
Smoothing caulk
Say NO to knobs - motorized fan controller!
The BeanTech Case
Wiring an LED
How to make a shroud?
Cut a window in my new case *Pics*
U-Channel Molding
The Peltier Powered Self Cooling Coolie
Blue is overused.
Water Cooled Hummer
Fan Ducting Question!
How I made myself a microphone for my headset(56K beware)
Ghetto File Server
How to bend acrylic professionally
Quieting down ye'ol harddrive
New to modding
Retired MODS thread
DIY LCD MkIII - IMOG edition
Cheap Lexan supplier?
HT Amp Mod (56K Warning, Lots of Pics)
In need of new concepts for mod
basic question
BeanTech Case
hey, ? here... (acrylic hardener?)
Switches & stuff
TI-34 Calculator LCD
How to put in a second PSU
Fan Speed Controller Q?
I need some links to Shuttle Mods
LED voltages
who's is this?
The Upside Down Case
Got my case published in a magazine! w00t!
Liquid ♠ Silver
HL2 mods beware.CrimsonSky's Doom 3 Mod
General modding questions
Dlink Fan mod...
Duct Tape Mod
accidents when you least expect it...
removable top
UV reactive acrylic
linksys wireless router.
Getting the Lian Li Aluminum look
oh em gee.....
Sideways PSU?
Dropped CPU temps 10c with simple ducting
UV EL cables?
Need help building my own computer case
Old hard drive window mod
Case LCD mod, need assistance
I cleaned my cables!!!!!!!
K.... Need the Wiring Pros Again...
Okay, finished 120mm hole, drill question..
I'm going to cry...
want to start modding..
cold cathode mounting
Quietly Hidden....
Sanding Metallic paint/clear coat. Need advice fast
Project: Fan Switch
Drilling Rivets, question
Dream64 Gaming System
Image on side panel
powering led's
Removing UV Paint
Cathodes heating up my temp guage
Could i use neon car lights as cold cathodes?
Cheap/Home made Water cooling
needing to remove UV Paint
Stove Paint?
Should i paint my drives?
Lets get creative
Crazy Cool Idea for Folders/Crunchers..
Cutting through 1mm thick steel
Can You Paint Aluminum?
The basics of riser cards
Cleaned up my old PIII cables and added fans
LCD smartie
I modded my Xaser 3 V2000A!
Fan speed Controller
Furby hacking?
Project: Cheyenne[Concept]
Stealthing my drives?
sunbeam rheobus bi-led into single...
First Time
EL Wire...
any way to have a 'cd changer' for a comp?
CCFL lifespan?
Serial LCD
Bass Activated?
take 2. wanting to make custom top for my PC need input please
Changing Sunbeam Rheobus LEDs from blue to red.
Laptop Mount For Car
Panaflo Fans
Need help deciding
Nintendo Controller...
HELP: Case painting problem...
A Few Pics of my XBOX Mods
Need a pro at wiring....
Will an ATX (NF7) fit in a Dell server?
Space Under Computer
real uv paint or a neon spray paint for case window
Need some advice for first mod
Househouse items to heat heatshrinks
[First Mod] I'm so proud! (Harddrive)
wt buy case strap
New case to mod!
Fan Size
Hey guys! Just showing some of my stuff
Custom Etching???
light in my case what is it?
Opinion on Switches
Improving! Made a window
Painting Fan Colors
Shhhh...They're invisible....again
Painting Acrylic??
Making a Door
Painting my case
uv sleeving
First Mod. ( questions only )?
Modding this case's intake?
Applying acrylic without screws
Orange beast complete mod (56k be warned)
UV LED Fan Duct Mod
My air conditioner mod
Taking out scratches.
Is this possible? Has it been done?
Quick Keyboard Mod
please rate my case mod
Hard drive turned out well
Looking for slide rail kits ?
non conductive metal?
Sprocket's New Home
Does anybody know how to use this?
Painting Round cables?
How is my wiring job?
I Need some Suggestions on my case.
My Red Cobra
DIY acrylic cube
Lian-Li PC-70 opportunity
Just Added 120mm Blowhole
not too alternative...
FX gets a face lift
BIG psu mod..need help
Sound Mod ( The Chair ) ( QUESTIONS )
case gallery
Fan mods
Using silicon to cover exposed tracings
An arcade mod for PII 266.
Looking for paint suggestions
How do I paint plastic?
Cutting Without a Dremmel
Problems finding Rheostat - Help
El Wire Wireless Keyboard
lazer cut fan grills
IDE cables
Keyboard mod
Ultra Thin monitor cables?
Silver paint
Big Block PC
Can ANYONE help me find this spray paint?
Cold Cathodes in the Car
Ghettotastic Sub box (pix++; filesize=231kb)
Very clever Ratpad MX700 Mod over at [H] forums
My Case Wiring Is Bad - HELP!
Matt's old mods
Cheap hand cutting tools for aluminum.
Chrome paint problem
Uber modded mouse
Secret to getting window to fit molding?
First Mod!! Lots of Pics! 'Circuit Board Effect'
Laptop Painting
How do I fold my PSU Cables?
Painted My Monitor - W00t! (2)
Dremel (Rotary) Tool Recommendation?
How can i get 9v from a molex?
Where Can I Get a Cheap LCD Screen
What ya think of the wiring?
Hmmm...a duct? Help?
Dremel Etching Guide
Wooden Computer Case
EL strip
****My Latest Dremel Etch****
how to make a croming bath set up ???
Broken inverter, or broken cathodes?
Completely fudged my first paint job
Where can I get some solid Copper Bar?
What home appliances can you use to remove a molex?
Can someone give some insight to some questions?
multiple HDD LEDs....
Want to start modding.
My First Mod Complete
My Atari 2600 mod (working project)
Captain Slug LCD mod
My Modded Microsoft Keyboard
I need a soddering lesson
Cube Style Server Mod. Bigger is Better.
acrylic and dremmel
Remove stock fan grills?
A couple questions on case modding and ideas.
Possible Heatsink Painting Problems?
Dual PSU Mod??????
The birth of a gaming rig...check it out!! -56k-
Solution for a problem
Options for new project
2 part question.
PSU Cables/Lines Tubes?
cheap temp. monitors any suggestions?
Screw question
Toronto Modding and Computer Stores
This website could be usefull!
Chenming Entry Level Mod - Advice Needed
Window Installed
Where to get modders mesh for a decent price?
Paint Plastic Aluminum
Motheboard "Full mods"
Help me mod a Lian Li
Cheiftec Blow Hole
Lexan/Plexiglass/acrylic... Best place to buy and approx. price
volt measurement
Transfer Plate / Front Panel
A How to on making "Molex Wires Removable"
"Cold" Cathode Pfft yea right
Lcd Matrix Idea
ccfl tubes in water?
What fan can i use with a 4 inch hole saw?
The Stickies have a new home! (look up ^^^ )
What color?
Jesus Christ how many stickies....
Blue and UV..
Poll: Your side case.
more pictures of my setup...added multifunction panel
Finally took some pics :)
Cpu Fanwich?
dual 12" CCFL question
HDD Mounting
6" CCFL's
Looking for spray foam
Able to make cheap LCD out of TI calc screen?
Hole making time!
Well my Silent computer project is a success.
Building my own res....
How to Add Extra HDD Led's and ?? about FAN Led's
Case painting mod gone wrong NEED HELP
My Gaming Rig.
Need some help with my mod design
Build Log of GF's comp (Roxy style)
antec tower parts
dremel techniques
Modded my 80mm tornado
modding t00lz
Modding suggestion on "worlds fastes PC"
OK to dremel on this??
heh. New video card heatsink.
Home made 28 LED Light bar comments?
how to hook up this switch
sheet metal cutting
Mixing Blue and UV Cathodes
Fan Painting
where do people buy their mod supplies?
Drill bits and tap sizes?
Need a variac
Paiting inside of a case
Molex to AC? and info on mod project
dremel discs
panel replacement
Cd drive stealthing (non aluminium) 56k ok
Im wondering....
Wire Management......Sleeves
mod design help
Fish tank / PC am i crazy?
Super computer or real computer? RATE IT!
Web of wires help!
wooden tower/desktop?
My nEw LCD..
Creative Ideas That Saves Time!
Custom case for my water cooled rig: where to start?
nearest color to chicftec green?
Lexan/Polycarbonate Joining question
Bending polycarbonate
Bonding Lexan/Arcylic/Plexiglass