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Question about LED's
Monster case cooling mod ""rAh""
Blue LED fans with mirror of bottom of case?
making a LED strip... need help from u experts
Wire management - under case chassis
Another Matrix mod...
case painting suggestions
Power Switch
7V fans
Mounting HDD in 5.25" bay?
Parallel Port LCD Problems
2.mod: Double ATX case for my firewall and server (pics)
Nibbler, do they really work?
Modding Gateway case?
Shuttle Mods finished!
Misc. electronics
How do you guys come up with ideas and themes???
I'm new to modding... please help me!
Mouse Modification
Soldering your PSU wires to the mobo?
Please please find me a metal momentary switch for my PC.
25cent Silent Hard Drive Mod
CPU -> Keychain
Possibly best mod ever?
Getting Started in MOdding
case repair...
custum case for MB
My mod job (lots-o-pics)
Project-Moop (finished-ish)
MY son's MOD
How to stealth drives?
Pimped Out Emachine... Flames Included
Computer Silencing
Summer Goals
V2000A Paint Mod
Wewt my chiller came :) piccy pic
UV Safe?
Shortening an IDE Cable?
designers block? need some help over here!
EL sheeting, where to buy, what colors are available?
Using Glass/Crystal As A Heatsink??
Paint Ideas
Urgent Attention Everyone Alive 1000$USD
Project: Widowmaker
Bonding Agents and where to get them?
Cutting out fan grills with all parts and components still in the case?
Led Help
foam rubber and MB's
Clear UV reactive Paint?
Really Sweet idea
el wire any good?
Scratches on case
Red UV Sensitive Fan
Need help. I screwed up. Electrical problem.
Modding a cheap LCD
Windows XP Home/Pro Tweaks *Increase Performance DRAMACTICALLY*
dual blue ccfl 4.99 today only
Dremel Fiberglass reinforced wheels for cheap
where to buy uv reactive acrylic
my first mod Project: WTF is with the wires!
Acrylic Tips
Going to paint my case!
DIY LCD monitor mk.II
Critique my car audio install!
Project: Aqua Computer Extreme System - Lots of pics
Which do you prefer:Cold Cathode or UV
Color Changing Case Lights
Mini-ITX G5 case
My first modded PC - What do ya think?
Multiple HDD activity LED's?
What tool is this ?
Project Antec 1080!
Blue, green or red help me decide.
fan mod
good stuff for modders that think out side the box
Case modding to block magnetic waves
1"X1" Sticker on Chieftec case... where to get?
computer case is now a frig.....
Frosting window with dremel
Replacement Spray Paint tips???
Lexan or Acrylic....
IT is done
EM and RF interference?
Glowing UV tube!
My new project...Finally!
Electrostatic generator: buildable?
New X-DREAMER 2!!! Tell me what Yall think!!!
my new fan..
How to replace burned out LEDs in Antec TrueBlue 480 PSU?
Dremel On Sale at Target
Skin Cancer
Could I drill into this?
my dremel is HHHOOOOOOTTT
My lcd mod
Noooo! My Dremel died
ARG, I am missing out on the casemod competitions.....
Scratch on Lexan
HDD window?
Looking for a BIG case...
Where to Place a Radiator?!
Plastic repair..
What do ya think of ma case??
Use hand drill or drill press for making fan holes
Where can i get a car-like cigarette lighter for a 5.25 bay?
Need 12v servos for case mod idea
Professional Paint Job???
Case construction With Aluminium Sheets
Drilling a blowhole, but got a Question
Anyone mod a Antec 1080AMG tower?
lian li with pneumatic stuff
What else do i do????
waterblock schematic
Picture of a chameleon painted case ?
Want to run my case lightening idea by you guys
Power 'Bus?'
Polycarbonate size
Wooden Case - Help and Ideas?
Turning a filing cabinet into a case
80mm Fan hole mounted reservoir
Modding old compaq presario case [links]
How to dissemble a Chieftec/Antec Case
Car computer << nice>>
Operation: Eliminate Clutter
Lan Parties
Holesaw arbor/mandrels
Hole saw kit
Pre-Modded Optical Mice
Wow....I modded my Antec = )
Wanted: Pro Modder!
How do I cut circles/curves in Lexan?
Sweet Success
LCD for bay from scratch
Please help with a failed mod
Painted My Monitor - W00t!
Binder Laptop
Arcade Cabinet
IBM Deathstar Mod (56k warning)
Desk Pictures
Where do you hide your wires?
Possible Mod?
Need Help with mod ideas
Lighting 101
Video Card MODDING!!
How to cut a window in a case window?
electronics 101
Please, Recycle.
cheap tools vs good tools?
2 more HDD's
extending fan wire
A couple dremel Qs.
Parallel Port Diagram
Mounting LCD into plexi
USARMY MOD!!!!!! :eek:
Am i mad? A striped case looks cooler then a modded one
Drill Press > Milling machine conversion--Worklog
clarification on acrylic properties
disabling thermal sensor or fan
case badge backlight as hd activity indicator
case painting...yum:D
i got pics of my modding
Painting aluminum...
case amd cut-out
CCFL question: What's better, SVC brand or Sunbeam (or others)?
Brushed metal look
Animatrix style keyboard/typewriter mod
What thickness polycarbonate to use?
Unfinished, but you get the idea...
Scream quieting
Vga silencer in sn85g4?(shuttle xpc)
how to cut acrylic/lexan?
Sleeving Mod Pics 2 In the Dark
Need help turning pc speaker into LED
Power/Reset Button Question
Monk! I need a monk! errr.. i mean
Show me your desks
Project: STHU
Custom fan grills
attaching motherboard to box... (very basic question)
removing the Gameboy Advance LCD for a PC mod??
MSI's case mod contest
Changing a 3 pin connecter to a 4 pin.
I need a good Micro-ATX motherboard tray
Cold Cathode Questions
fan thumbscrews?
Zelda Gamecube mod
Rope Lights...
first mod of its kind!
Removing Paint
diffrent colored Lights?
custom fan grills (several pics)
Cajun PC
Dremel Flex Shaft worth it
Want to make stealth face paltes
Is it difficult to make those round cables out of the big ide cables
Can you make an lcd from a ti-82 calculator?
Keyboard Mod
My window etch
PROJECT: Phone Volume Amplifier Thingy
My very rough drawing for my case.
cutting out "cheese grater" fan grills
finding laptop LCD pinout myself
white LED 10kmcd+mouse=?
Electronic Guru's Help -- burning CCFL inverters in car (3 pics)
summer project
Painting drives?
How would you make a fish tank case? and what are some good cheap cases for modding?
Making your own metal case.
Cutting heatsinks
PSU relocation, alternative placement.
Quick Led Question, please reply fast.
My Sleeving Mod?
Cutting Steel Cases
Painted my keyboard, what you think?
bullet proof clear case
dual PSUs....
modding a playstation controller
silver plastics: dyed or painted
Project PCDC
Best Fan Controller IYO
Getting bored of my case..
Project: Hung Dell
My 3 day complete water cooled Case Mod
AT to ATX mod
Can I make a window this way?
Cut b4 or after paint?
Case built %100 from scratch
Cold cathode safe?
Possible car blower fan mod
Side Fans
stone case?
Router mod
Chick case mod!
UNlocking the XP 1600
PSU Question
"waterbox" idea
Did I get the wrong size?
Max Orbital Mod
Newly modded, comments?
alternate or just wierd???
Replacement for a LIS lcd system.
First Major Mod: The Behemoth
Case Paint Q
this has to qualify for extreme modification...
Project - Operation Goldmine
LED off if 120 AC.....
Antec Plusview1000AMG Led size?
LCD Display woes, need help desperately/fast :(
Almost small enough to be a cereal box toy...
Led help
what tool to clean the edge of acylic?
Hot Glue
Vinyl Dye Cables????
safety first, guys!!
Optimal Blade for cutting plexi?
plexi etching = led question
ooh yeah stealthed drive
Homemade Alu Water case (pix)
First Case Mod - SuperMod
I hate HP
Ulitmate alternative mod help request - electric car monitoring computer
Vapor Cooling
PCMODS Contact info!?!
Color changing lights
Case Cutting?
Need a question answered
yipee free trash pickup day
Vibration on acrylic window
AC mod question
Here's a couple of various pics...
Antec File Server Case Help
how much does plesxiglass costs?
Project: Hydra
20 pin connector?
Cheap air filters
Ma Computer Hehehehehehehe
how to add leds to a normal fan
Case Painting
Interior case painting?
Another case mod
"duckTing" outside my window
Tools of the mod
Project Desk-Puter...? Worklog
A newbie's first mod.
Did a bit of modding on my new case
parts from vacum
interior case painting need help!
alternative lapping?
got bored with UV paint
How to drop a 12 volts from a 12 volt 1.5 amp DC power source to 5 v?
Gamecube LCD into mobile TV
Best way to remove rivets?
pvc case
Questions about a PSX/Shuttle Mod
Problems with 4x20 display
Drilling into Lexan
Computer in the car
Antec Case Mod
Device Advice
PowerSwitch Mod Help
KVM-potential modding
Do i hafta remove everything in my case to dremel a fan gill ?
Stealth Drives.......Advanced
Pc case top modding ideas?
LCD bay displays
Paint Masking Tips?
Wanna powdercoat? Check this out.
Weight on a top clear window
My New Fan grill
tools question.
Mirrored Stuff?
Project GhettoFab!!! Pics
dragon theme
Best way to apply 'sound mats' to your case?
MSI Case-Mod Competition 2004!!!
sheet metal
Transformers Predaking Mod
true white comp, uv reactive fun (pics 1mb+)
Vac > input of computer
ATX pin removal tool not working
Picked up some supplies for new case...
Making my own Bayres
Getting the Mirrored Paint look......
Let's Go Case-Less: the AGP mod?
Super Lanboy Window: What material, and how to cut it?
Fan RPM sensor
UV modding my Chieftec
LEDs on 3.3v line
Coolermaster case feet?
Looking to build my first case
Can you paint flat over semi flat?
Mini ITX P4
Thermaltake Green Cold Cathode Kit on sale
Hungarian case modding
Funny case mod
Steel Battalion Controller, Modable?
Spray paint ok?
This article appeared in my local newspaper.
Dangers of Plasma Balls?
PC to PS2 mod
Painting the Case in a special way...
Case paint finishing help!
Power supply mod
Adapter from 20pin ATX to 24pin eATX??
Project Pioneer, need advice
pink accessories
Building a PC case from scratch
Centrifugal hair dryer fan?
My Little mod :)
here is my rig
Extending IDE cables?
throat microphone?
Modding Aerogate II
Macintosh Duo Mod - Eye Candy
The birth of obese cases
PC Remote Mod
Help with a 16x2 LCD screen
looking for UV lighting...
Archilochus, I finally gave in
The Matrix: Watercooled
Mobile video cards and (m)ATX motherboards
Joining two cases, what method?
help with cable sleeving
Cold Cathodes
Newest plan- soliciting suggestions!
what to cut the window in my case with
Does 2 UV lights cause wear and tear on an ALL Polycarbonate AKA Lexon Case?
case window replacment
Help with painting a MDF Box
case lighting
Dremel Attachments on B&D RTX
Hard Drive Window modding
AIW heatsink mod
WHere to buy door w/windoew for Mach II w/ Enlight top?
Check This Out!!!!
Dremel Alternative
how do i build a fan reobus
Planning my first mod
Are they supposed to do that?
Potentiometer %
Need major help connecting 4x20 character lcd
how to control a linear actuator
Modding ab&w mini tv, not sure about connections.
AC to DC Adapter to Plug Into Vantec Nexus Nxp-201 Fan Controller?
Making your own cables
PSU mod [56k warning ~650k worth of pics]
The Ultimate Ghetto Modded SLK3000AMB
Monitor Mods, what types are their?
Done before
UV reactive/reflective paint/pens
Hand riveter?
help with LED visual equalizer
what paint to use
what to use to cut...
Designing my own case (Mr. Metalian)
How do I get an avatar?
So I installed a new Rocker Switch on my computer...
shuttle psu & nv40 question
Ignition switch mod (56k Beware)
Project zAntec - Antec Tribute
Using a keyswitch...
Hey Oregon People...
Make your case taller?
My First shot at Case Modding
Touchpad used for PS/2?
new case mod, ph34r my dremel skillz
Hyundai LCD hookup
custom built server rack??
Old School ?AT? Case
Project Euro sports car.
CDROM question
Custom fan control, power/reset button, temp mon.?
Front panel audio, Usb, and firewire.
Hal9000, need help
wrist pad cleaning?
painting the INSIDE of the case
-12 V rail...
Copper Sheets Cheap
What's your Favorite Mod/Most Funnest to do?
Rivets on the P160...
Where the hell can I get a 80mm hole saw?
sleeving prob.
practical mod
Ultraviolet Suspended Spherical Resevoir
desine for my new case any Ideas
3d comp. rendering
Leds already burnt out on my case fans???
Copper socket a heatsink into water block? ideas?
Rounded IDE Cable's Cut off Extra Part?
heatshrink tubes
Andy's selling his G5 case!!!
Post pics of your modding workshops!
Mods gone bad!!!
Tips needed for my buchered case
My Hott New Acrylic Briefcase(pics)
Modding my Antec P160... lotsa pix ;)
Just toying around for the last couple days
Mord first casemod (naff quality images ahead!)
Modding a 1.5v Laser Pen
Fishtank MOD
El Tbone a project in works and done
Naming of switches...
Plastic primer or automotive primer?
home made sound proofs..
Paint rubbing off- quick fix needed!
Video Card Mods Post Ur Pix Here
custom fan controller
Making your own LCD Backlights?
Mod mobile 2400+
How do i cut 120mm fan hole in cheap steel case with no dremel or jig saw?
Disco, Rave, Party Computer Case Modding!
They finaly came!! And I modded!! (Revised)
Edge's LED fan mod... light on or off?
Looking for Conductive Adhesives
R404/R507 on MachI, Tech around me?
Sun Pizza Box
Painted Laptop
Retro modding...
How To: 120mm Top Blow Hole
modding a phone handset for pc use
IBM Stealth Navigator Mouse
vga pinout fix
how do you etch acrylic or lexan?
A few Case drilling questions.. (pics included)
possible cooling mod
New to Modding, is this Case/MFG worth buying from?
fanbus wattage question
Blow Hole?
PCI bus
Spray painting cables?
Connector Question
What kind of paint
Is this possible??optical mouse pad made from a mirrer
Battery Operated Fountain
DVD case plastic used as small 7 x 5 window
Would a drill press do?
Is it me or is polycarbonate too much $$$?
Search for balls...
Molex Pins Mixed Up... HELP!
Temp Sensor with Long leads
ir remote control
Finally made a site for my computer
Acrylic and me
Notebook "mod" opinions please...
3 LEDs 2 toggle switches and no ideas