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modding antec lanboy....some questions.
Shoe Mod (Lights)
Windows XP Box
cutting 1/4" acrylic and steel
HELP: which controller /temp sensor
getting started CHEEP!
Sound Activated Lights, sensitivity question...
case gallery thread
Thermaltake temp bay?
Full sleeving
New pooter I made for christmas
Painting interior of case...what color?
Painting my case interior black - a few questions
cheap fan "gaskets"
Where to get Metal sheets?
My computer a tad modded.
The best rotary tool?
how would you do this
Suggestion: Subforum for guides/tutorials?
case theme input please
What should I use?
Do uv lights have to be black lights?
About a keyboard
my new antec box
5.25" LCD Screen
Fan Gril Noise!
My simple case mod, works for me!
what bit piece for dremel to use
Anodizing Paint
Knobs for a Sunbeam fan controller
military switches
Are ther erocker switches that can work as multiple switches?
Gutting a old moniter...
PSX Mod (not just repainting the case)
Case Pics
More Blue LED fun, this time in my car
floppy drive modding?
Lesson learned!
My corner!
cheap lcd mod?
Can you paint monitors?
Stealthing x2
Ultimate Htpc 56k Unfriendly
Project Tall Tower
ABSOLUTE best dremel?
RC Car mod
"Cooling After" voltage modding
Fixing Stratches
General Modding Help
where can yu get that mesh vents
help with cutting plexi/lucite
Project FlameCube
Logitech Elite Keyboard Modding
The Case i am thinking about
HELP-I don't know jackcrap!!
Latest Build
Hal 9000
I'm home and the modding begins
Slot-type Drives
need ideas for making a lock
The Silicon Graphics Refrigerator Project
cold cathodes
Switching black grounds on psu molex?
Super flashy optical mouse mod!!!
Towers and Desktops
Ok.. Led/Resistor Question
old time Pc modded
PSOne LCD Screen Mod Help
Camo Case Mod _Finnished_
Computer modding saves computers!
Unsuccessful mod
to chrome or not to chrome
i need a good modding case
need link, smartcard emulation
Check it out guys. Sleeved my PSU.
how to mod my case
Would "spinner" fans be possible?
Cathodes on a Rheostat?
Lighting help
my Yeong Yang Cube mods (pics)
Modding Sites
dvdrw/cdrw question???
Hooking up a 2.5" LCD from mini tv
Anti-Sound generators
Can you hook up Cold Cathodes to 12v
Question about copyrighted images on Cases
Getting out scratches in paint?
A couple more etchings....
Clear Coat Paint
Scroll saw for case modding
NXP-301 (fan controller) problem
Carbon Fiber Case
How to discharge a CRT?
Finished my Case
Looking for switches
Looking for a 92mm fan template
Will A PSU Work Without A Fan?
cheap cold cathodes... are they crappy?
drilling acrylic advice
What tools?
help finding a switch
i need some ideas
Project: "Shouldnt have gotten me a dremel now the house stinks of paint & cut metal"
To paint my aopen case or not?
Stealthing drives in a chieftec
Wood Media Player
Modding an amp: cicuitry question
Air cooling- stage 1
Overclocking your espresso maker
Good polishing stuff
386 full tower mods (huge pics)
Getting a Dremel.
Cool Case!!!
Oversized case
Picking your Color theam..
Modded case finished??
PC in a plastic Filing Cabinet SAFE or NOT?
Where should i put my window??
Any way i can make my own neon light??
LCD Voltage display - How to?
Which Drill Bits to Buy?
Illuminated Multimedia Keyboard
hdd mod to make it removeable
Mystery Box V1.0
Etching steel?
Armada: a pictoral journal (pics! & serious laptop abuse)
My First Mod!!!
Partially done...need some help!
Leaving wires out for a sertain look?
lesson learned....?
Using 12V car neon light in computer. Need quick help
front blowhole...
Look! My rig is done...for now!
Adding Speakers to computer stereo system
License Plate Light Mod.
how easy is to use this tool for case cutting?
My 1st Case Mod
Case mod help
Possible passive mod: Computer air purifier!
PS2 Hard Drive
Tell me what you think of my NEW drill
ok i decided to put a clear window :)
Overclock using a dial - retail case
my first project, lots of pics
Modding a Discman...?
Making drive face-plates touchable?
psu modding help
Done Painting....Protection?
Painting inside the case
Heavy Modders!
Wire Conjestion!!!
Frame Painting
Modded Case Lighting!
Case Padding to add silence!?!
mod a removeable tray
Modding justify cost?
Wiring up LEDís through a Molex connecter
psone lcd
Sanding Bits for Dremel?
7 seg display
Can It Be Done?
where to get 3mm 5volt LEDS for cheap
Cutting Plastic
cd-rom idea... stupid?
first window etch
1/4 inch plexi window
R.I.P. p1, how to make a keychain?
Putting a twist on things..."A Virtual Pictorial Journal"
Why do i think this is someone on thees boards?
Someone want to Recommend Some PSU Wire Mod?
Maybe helpful????????????
Need Some Inspiration?
PS2 modchip?
Sega Game Gear LCD mods???
Alternative to Broken Dremel Discs?
LED question
Help connecting PS controller port to PC
How NOT To Mod A Case....
If you had enough money...
Which CCFL kit to kit?
winner of this years extreme mod
A/V (composite) to VGA converter
i found sumtihng cool =)
wearable computing site...
painting inside of case
first real mod - pictures as it progresses
i was thinking Lan PC
keyboard mod -lightup keys-
Etching Frustration...
Ideas for my torch.
Does JB Weld conduct electricity?
Dremel or RTX
Question about 120MM Fan hole
Where can I get 120mm, 80mm Drill Saws (Disc Cutters) for *CHEAP* in Canada?
Christmas Ecthing...
Need to remove some built in grills
Windowing hard drive mod-
Modding my X-Box... with a vengance!!!
How thick should the window be?
Lian Li PC-70 Window Size????
MOD Supply Source?
latching circuit
Cutting Fan Grills
Stands for Stuff
New Side panel art
Doable window mod?
face plates!
I present to you - TRON!!!! what do you thinkn?
Bonding Plexi / Acrylic.
Chrome Paint
Uhhh U have to own one of these
Vantec Spectrum UV LED vs Coolermaster Neon fan
EL wire modding contest (WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!)
Which would look better?
A noob at window etching... any good???
Chrome case
Pictorial Journals...
Ghetto fabulous
What about contact paper?
Linux on a PS2?
Pep-Boys UV (Cool PICs !!!)
wood modding
Link to an article on a fake wooden PC?
120 mm blowhole design ideas
Need some input
Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices
Modding Front Panel to accomodate 120 mm fan
how to really use UV
removing molex connectors
annodized paint
First ever modding book!!
9800 pro volt mod?
Dynamat in Pc case?
How do I add desired effects?
correct tools?
Small dremel bits?
Help with this cut out..
Tool chest duel PC
Gameboy Harddrive Mod
Which dremel bits?
Wooden case
Modding a Micro-ATX to hold an ATX mobo..
Complete 15" LCD mod
how bright are these?
logitech quickcam mod?
Window Designing?
What to do with aluminum angel trim??
UV freeks look here - awsome resource.
486 mod ideas
Modidng on a larger scale. (PIC)
Recommend this dremel?
Question on PSU sufficiency
LED Question
What modding tools to get?
Trace tape for masking?
remote start pc
modding an old 386 case
haha just got dremel $50 shipped w/lotsa stuff!
Power Supply and Cold Cathode Question
My laptop's broken. Help!!!! Please!!!!
Post all your wicked custom window designs here
How about this case for modding?
Stupid Wiring Question....
Case mod idea
Building an Xbox in a PC case
Rotary V.S. Jigsaw
Tiny Mods, on a Tiny Machine. (brainstorming)
TI-83+ OC gone wrong. Help!!!
If This Were A Pc....
Smooth cutting edges, what to use?
Wire Management
60mm LED Fans?
Yet another, clear case, but something new
Bubble cathodes?
Painting question
remote control
Help Design the rig of JCrips....
pepboys inspires questions...
60mm Fan Grills?
Palm and Gameboy LCD screens...
Is it good to spraypaint in the cold weather?
Hummer and Airplane Picture
Gf's pc(no.2) mod...
checkitout checkitout checkitout
Night-Stand PC
Ripley's says it's a fake. Um...ya sure
would this work?
My first WC Project!
Tornado Rheostat
How to secure Lexen?
Cold Cathode Inverter
LED thingy to light up the front grille thingy of my case.
top of my case
Disgusting but creative mod.
Yet another journal... Project ROCK
Alienware Case
A Very Hard To Find Item For A Case
Can polycarb/lexan bend?
pic of my case
Is this possible?
A Guide to Modding
Anyone Modded a Shuttle PC? pics please
Cheiftec Case - Will a Fan Controller fit?
good work
how does this look?
Gf's pc mod...
A though on waterblock design
My uber non-modded case.
im n00b.help please.alot of questions, you dont haveto answer allbuthelp is apreciate
psu - fanbus mod
modding a notebook???
Found this sick case mod online...
LAN Parties; CRINGE at my new creation!
jst in time for halloween
Old pc mod...
Can-Gun availability?
sanding down to a mirror finish, help?
Lexan Box
Out of the blue......
smallest psu?
Cathodes: Blue vs UV
Where can I buy metal sheeting
UV dye fades???
Smart Fan 1, cutting off sensor...how??
Cleaning cases and acrylic?
shuttle and my entry into overclocking...
Pulsating LEDs
need window/fan hole molding!!
PSU fan mod help?
Project Zelda
How do I remove scraches from plexiglass? and what about glass for a side window?
Red cathodes
Silver bezel paint
Other modding sites/forums
Cathode as h.d.d activity light
Buying a drill soon...need buying advice!
Awesome way to Duct fan to hsf! read on!
lcd help wanted (this is a mod)
Heat shrink tube
small power supplies
SubaruPC temporarily halted
How to use a hole saw?!
Stealthed drives
Best way to dremel a hole?
This Lianli PC-71 full tower is HUGE!!
Car Pc
LED question - won't stay on when powered off
UV Window Etchings
Sunbeam Cold Cathodes?
radeon 9700pro waterblock/heatsink measurements?
Chrome paint??????????????
dremel on window?
Power Coating
what paint to use?
Lost thread, cant find plz help...
lava lamp for heatsink?
case renders
cool clear case mod
Is it possible to paint my case like this at home?
Making a case yourself?
Safe to dremel a case w/everything in it?
Case Stand? Where to find...
Painting cases as a business?
Look At This!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Project: Zero Cool
Hole saws?
My case(pic) what ya think?
ultimate comp mod(laptop)
Show off your setup here
turning my case into a fridge
Where do u buy LED's?
Any ideas for my project?
Adding second probe
HEADS UP: Mac/PC One Box Project.
Etching Questions??
Uk Only
Buy this keyboard
operation orange globe
modding a tnt2
Sometimes you just need to stop and......shop 'n mod
???Mako Reactor theme???
cold cathode or black light
Modding suppliers in the UK
Polycarbonate thickness
Thinking about building a custom case
any tips on blow pipe?
power cable.
"T2" is almost done!! (pics inside!)
hmmm..ideas anybody??
Cheap hole saws?
Do Not Follow Case Painting Guide!!!!!!!!!
$10 says weirdest modding experience ever.
blowhole placement/mod ideas needed
mini refrigerator
Green Lexan or plexiglass????
stealthed drives/pc glovebox
Just started modding
check my latest mod out!!
Fan Connectors
where can i get a nibbler for case cutting?
How did we get all that in a mid-tower?
ultra small watercool rig
Amazing Spider case mod
looks cool and keeps cool (my plexiglass case idea)
Building a lexan case, help needed!
waterproof acrylic glue/sealant
What modding potential does the ANTEC SONATA have?
So what does this RedDeathDrinker bloke run anyway?
Observe in all of its glory: The least modded case to ever bless these forums
um.. in antec case how do u remove the bottom drive cage holder?
Need help with USB cold cathode conversion
Metal Welder
cutting window
Colored wire sleeves?
Removing rivets????????
Putting Light on Switch??
Painting Precolored Plastic
Well its about time I modded something! :)
Case Mod Ideas?
Need to paint drive bezels, which paint?
Can this be done
CD-ROM laser
Aquarium Project ... DONE
I Set A Challenge Upon Thee
laptop keyboard in main rig
Extra 3.5" bay for rent!
Liquid Electrical Tape
Missile Mod
better UV lights.
why r the coldcathodes.com cc's so much cheaper then anywhere else?
"Soundtastic" case
What red CCFL actually looks red?
game boy screens in a case mod?
Home made canned air! No more buying it!
My Case Modding
My red PS2
One of the Biggest Cases I have ever seen! (Ideas)
Vonkaar's-bender- chiller teaser pics
Best Case Ever
What tool is best for cutting a window?
this forum makes me spend too much money (off-topic)
Old stereo
Good Case????
Case painting troubles
Post your ideas for mods here!
HEatshrink question
Memory with LEDs????
Can cooling peltier
BIG cases still rule!!!! Need modding ideas for this monster.
Dragon tower and 120mm fan intakes do they play nice?
Project GlowPad (WIP)
Water cooled setup question.
Engraver guide?
Pics of case
Mouse Fan Question!
Work in progress
ps/2 to usb?
Moding a Plexi Window
Cheap subtle lighting trick.
Sleeving a PS
Wavemaster Case Mod concept
Clear case complete
Need to know which of these is best for Case Mod.
Aluminum Questions
My Fx 5200 Mod
Give me some inspiration!
These are some awsome hose clamps!
Check these out!
New Old Compaq server...
Copper or Sheet Metal
blue tooth is anyone using it???
Lighted USB cables..
wavemaster modding case
small lcd screen?
Case painting in areas.
Water Chiller Pix: A Tribute to SpaceRangerJoe
Guide: Installing a custom window w/ double sided molding
Inside case painting?
uber pc
Looking for a component...
UV sensitive zip-ties
i need some ideas