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lexan or plexi rod?
case window trim
Making A Case myself.
Project SFF
questions on using a dremel and case modding
Adding glow under pc
Painting- Problems with my Clear Coat
Window Design
Completed! The Matrix: Rebirth 8.0 Case Mod on TechTV
Just modded my flashlight
My complete case
Window molding trouble
Fire Mod Case
Dremel Temperatures.
Wall Mounted Speaker Mod
what lexan thickness to use for window?
YES!!!, The HTPC mobo I've been waiting for
Where in Richmond to get Window mod
Mod Sketch -- need comments, suggestions -- please take a look!!
My old/new case part 2
Turn on your computer with a REMOTE (under $20)
making a fan bus
external CD-Rom button
how to hook up car LCD as second monitor?
Build-Up of the BLACK BOX (step by step pics)
Old MoBo
AARGH! I just ruined my paintjob! heeelp meee!!!
"Microsoft MVP" Project...A Pictoral Journal
PC in a caravan
A new way to power your peltier??? read on
Just did the led molex mod
CCFL's under my car?
Cutting plexi
Ultra pencil mod
Case recommendation please
UV molex plugs from Sunbeam!
Question about UV lights
Check out my cooling/lighting mod!
lcd help
Please help a newbie paint a heatercore
heat pipes
didnt know where else to post this so...
Painting CD/DVD/Floppy Drives
Sound absorbing pad
My first case mod- advice needed
So I added a blow hole among other things.
Will this fit?
Stencils and ideas on a mirror?
anyone has one of those dual cathodes from pctoys.com?
120mm hole saw?????
sound goes wierd when i turn my cathodes on.....
My 4-pound mobile Emu
What paint to use on a keyboard?
Still have a slight hazyness to paint?
Rigs in Sigs
Sleaving an ATX mobo power Connector.
Fans tail extentions 3pin ?
colored glass or light?
Simple LCD Question
Need help choosing color scheme
Guide on how to use a car neon in PC?
need a few tips on window modding
OMG Funny!!!!!!!!
making one of those ground straps?
modding an e-machine
painting a PSU
The love machine!
Project "Hedi"- Ongoing project.........
Installing a custom window
Is it ok to clean a copper w/b with Alcohol?
Any ideas how to mod this?
AC-90 cable (steel armored cable)
SVC.com - Badly made dual inverters for CC lights?
cutting torch
Mini atx performance ?
Matrix Window Appliques
how do u keep ur windows in?!
Convert Green Mobo LED to Blue
Gigantic Update-check It
Help Me Take Apart My Mouse Plz!
Doing some painting on my Lian-Li...
Little guide to PCB making
UV Blacklight CC vs UV Blue CC
Servos, pistons, steppers, HELP! =)
Another etching....
Almost finished my pc !
Molex connections...
Any good guides/links to "stealthing" drives?
CCFL and UV on one inverter ?
molex volts question
Your mission ... should you choose to accept it ...
Bored...so i did this etching....
Finger guard designs
Best Motion for Lapping Heat Sink
does anyone have a template for an 80mm fan
TechTV Modding Contest
Window Etching contest????????
Help Me Paint My Monitor Plz!!
This might work for some one for a HDD mod..
Oops! I did it again!
recreating the look of frost
Monitor mod question...
Where can I find metallic green spray paint?
Are all cold cathodes the same?
making your own noise dampening mats?
Monitor Painting
Fan Screw-Hole Size
cant quite remember
I see neon BLUE!
Voltage modding
Case Modding Contest
Dremel Speed Control
Fresh keyboard
Imac PC conversion?
hehe overkill
CCFL & UV lights
Can I drill a hole in a mirror
Project Submarine 2.0 (56kers beware)
Fan Templates?
This question is VERY beginner :)
Project Mod-Hobby Revival: The Return of Water
Crazy idea!!!!
How many dremel discs does it flippin Take!?
Project Out of the Edges-
What Spray Paint Will Make my Heater Core Mod Look Chrome?
CCFL + Vantec Nexus = ??
I need a lighted momentary switch
Plain looking but usefull HTPC MOD
want to get into modding....help
lots of external stuff....
The Silver Heatsink: Ultimate in air cooling
ARGH! Wires!
Is there anything i can spray on my case so it doesnt build up dust so quickly?
Flickering CCFL?
My graphical LCD
temps + matrix oribatal mx212
CCFL brightness adjustment - how to?
Cold Cathodes Sucking with longer wires?
Best nibbler in town
modding tool arsenal
turn your computer into a picture
My first window, 'Tallica style!
System LCD
UV Drawing?
Matrix Orbital Mx222
Anyone interested in a case modding contest i found one
Mouse wheel mod
What program are people using to "render"
ARMY MODDING SIR! (obscure stripes reference heh)
PS mod ?
Another fan controller question :)
Standby CC Switching...
Zalman NB mod need help!!
Laptop Mod Ideas
Chieftec rivets
Short rounded cables
Blue UV Reactive Sleeving
modding my keyboard
First PC all Together!!!! 56K BEWARE Pic Heavy!!!
Where Can I get notebook logo stickers???
My first window mod almost done!
Hard Drive window mod.
my first quasi mod, comments please
Just got done Sleeving my Power Supply
Case Mod Comments
help me organize inside case plz
Serious Fan Modding Poog
aluminum foil = enough to shield?
Neato Gadget
UV tracing on the cards (pic)
Old Compaq server
My old/new case
Internal to External
safety precautions when cutting case
the nicer side of life
mirror finish help
holding brass to plastic
Nibbler questions
i want to add....
power supply led fan mod
Attn: Electrical Guru's!
Attn: Electrical Guru's!
Multiple CCL's on one Inverter?
where to buy a *cheap* dremel that works?
crimping question
Where can I find VERY thin acylic?
Dremel question
New Product question
UV Airbrush paint??
flash of briliance
where to plug LED's to?
laptop keayboard removal
Easy to make Custom Appliques
DIY LCD tutorial?
Cathode light reseting PC
help! i just shocked the sh*t out of my...
Dragons By Lucy
Broken Pins
My first experience with a dremel + my first custom mod :)
cha think about my case flow(PICS!)
School Spirit :)
the beast journal !WARNING PICTURE INTENSE
Tiny lil mod!
SEARS Craftsman spiral saw and Dremel
window suggestion
Mods that just go too far...
Volcano9 with Ducting Mod by TT
does white show up under uv cold cathode?
Sleeving tutorial?
MOre Adventures in Shoehorning (PICS!)
Case painting, newb question
ACK thi sis such a weird panel how do i window it?
Cold Cathode as HDD Activity LED
Non-light water glow
Home Entertainment PC
chieftec bay covers?
IS THIS "dremel" AS good as a DREMEL?
Caseless PC w00t!
How do i convince my dad to let me make a WINDOW in my case?
woot! successfully changed the mx700 led
Where to get UV Cold Cathodes?
What do you think about this case mod idea?
1st PC coming together! Pics...
Opinions Please (Generic Mods)
What Do You Think About This As Lighting??
Window Applique
Which Wire!? AHH!
Finally finshed my case!
CD-ROM Mod Problem....
Add some style to that plain chrome grill!
How to make an intake on my case window?
Chieftec Matrix Lighting
Wooden case construction Q's
My case mod is complete.
Can I mod my Microsoft Explorer Mouse LED?
SPST switch help (case leds driving me crazy)
TIPS for painting ur pc case
Fabric/material search
Colour change express!
How to build a fan controller
these tools good for cutting blowhole/windows/shapes?
... Umm is this dangerous?
my new customres (also posted in water cooling section for discussion)
Is lexan scratchproof...or do I need glass? (SparcTable)
Sun case pretty much done... (6 or 7 pics)
Window Etching.....
MrChambers Modding Adventures (PART I)
PC Tachometer
started the painting.
If any one cares.
Handy dandy case features - suggestions?
Little bit of a snag on the case window modding project :(
My last tower case mod (Shui v2.5 final)
My Precious...
Lookie what I got =)
Color PDA display? Please help
Where is your cold cathode positioned?
Case Window modding question?
Modded Bed and Case by Onny
Sintra: ever heard of it? what should i do with it?
What can I cut my case with that won't take a year?
Making a fan controller
TT Xview, anyone know where I can get a second acrylic cover or something similar?
UV Drawing mod
Can i paint this case?
Painted\windowed monitor
Light Modding my desk
Turning my rig into a security system
Bizzare new idea. Diamond Based CPU Cooling.
PROFOUND idea for increasing airflow (Warning to people with small minds)
Which Lian Li?
Mini Case Mod Ideas Anyone?
Advice on modding chieftec matrix full tower case prt 2.
Jigsaw blowhole cutting question
case painting tips for the total nub or pro
taking apart the mx700?
Good Ole Filter
case modding contest for $3000
Etching paper
The lian li
clear power supply *PICS*
SMALL keyboard?
AGP riser faceup over slots? HELP!
New Casemod Blue Lightning
Idea for Chieftec Stealth Drive Mod
Advice on modding Chieftec Matrix Full Tower Case?
question about modding antec cases
Modding to the extreme!
nexus questions
LCD in case question.
Fush Zero - Comments / Questions go here (Modem Beware)
Sound card - headphone question
Boredom reigns ... creativity takes over!
just need a link plz ppl
Built in carrrying strap?
Chemical Etching? Etching in general.
NB peltier cooling.
mod a mac
hsk modding
quick question
finally got around to doing some sorta mod
Lexan Server Cube Revisited (Heavy on PICS)
Newest pics of Stuff (mine :))
PC glovebox
desk fan idea
"12V Cigarette Lighter placed conveniently into a 5.25" drive bay"
Would this mack a good mod?
Can't chose between 2 Rheobuses
now ?????
Case Updates (Pics)
I need a quick response please on UV CC.
Metallic/Metal Flake Paint
Led Voltage Help
Monitor mods
OH YEAH! Case mod complete, check out my bad arse machine!!!!
Coolermaster drive & cooling upgrades...
entre mouse mod (fingerprint sensor)
Need help wiring a switch and a relay
mod your NES!
Pics of inside of case
Case painting tips for the unexperienced
HSF on video cards; how do you keep it there?
Bigtime Mod, need some creative ideas.
LCD lighting
Urgent - CCFL Issue
Handling sharp corners in window design
Not computer, but need help from Electrical Engineers...
Operation Bannana Peel (Compelete Case Mod)
Absurdly alternative modding question
My case mods...with 56k pics!
Translucent plastic painting results! (and ms optical mouse painting)
how to cut holes.. without any powertools
Cutting my windows, mobo uv paint from CompUSA
How do I attach a WB to a tiny NB?
Handheld TV LCD
Monsters in the case?
would rust-oleum be good for case painting?
psu sleeving
chenbro genie
do my own window etching QUESTIONS
Light switch, contoller ?
How to connect multiple SFII "Coolmods"
keylock switch...
anyone painted their slot-load DVD drive before?
Any Ideas
Lian Li Aluminum Drive Bezels
Case Handles
cathode control
a tricky stealth mod. need help.
cheap uv reactive paint?
various pc buttons..
is having the sides off my case good?
IS rust-oleum good for painting my case??
how to install LED lights?
a few clear case questions
microsoft multimedia wireless keyboard and mouse
I need ideas (i can't think "outside the box")
laptop w/ broken lcd... ideas?
Question about UV reactive
Superb Matrix Style Case Mod
Utimate Gaming Machine
clear modding a cdrom?
lcd showing random equations?
Noob needs advice
Modding the Thermaltake X-view
Submerging a cold cathode?
Glass case window?
Window in ps2 and dvd drive?
Did this a while ago, tell me what you think
Best Cold Cathode Brand?
making hole in steel case
Crystal Fontz 633 experiences
Modding premodded side panel
need rack mods
ok.. how would you um.. spraypaint your monitor?
stencils really good ones
how to get rid of chieftec fan grill?
LCD Screen Question
CCFL + AC-DC converter?
cathodes + monitor = ?
insanely bright lights?
coloring my drives... techniques
UV lights make you sick?
AGP/PCI Extention cables?
Basic case modding...
LCD displays for my case.
Anyone use Rustoleum Textured Spraypaint?
Question about lights.....
carbon fiber cloth
some of you guys might like this part...
Light mods set up
lcd connector?
Kind of solder for electronics.
tutorial on building the corner desk
Can you change LCD colours?
Anyone had any experiences molding shapes with plexiglass or the like?
How do I test my LCD? (to see if I blew it or not)
lcd displays
usb voltage
want a usb light
My New Desk....big change
Where can I buy EL sheets??
purple lights
LCD help request...game port?
The Finished Article , With Pics (56K friendly)
plastic painting
window should i use for a full tower?
Would these work with a dremel???
Cutting with tools other than Dremel
CD-ROM Drive mods????????
Lian Li stock aluminum!
Operation: Integration Alumicoat Phase I ( 56k beware)
case mod ideas (pics inside)
where to buy these two items:
Painting translucent plastic?
Playboy Bunny
cathodes UV + BLUE
Warped acrylic case?
What yall think about changing my case? (read)
The hot topic ... my sister's tattoo designs for your case
RTX or corded Dremel Multipro?
whats a good buffing compound?
Couple questions, and a hello!
GF2 MOD changed! Hot chips cooled!
Lexan board?
What do i use to make holes in my Aluminum ATX case?
Case painted (PIC)
sound blaster live drive.
question about mounting motherboard horizontal
I still don't get how the window is mounted!
Wire sleaving sizes question
cmon everyone help me out choosing an image for my coming etched window
Hey everyone, I need some comp mod news articles.....
painting monitor....
temp sensor and display
Prometeia with Pinash! Acrylic Case Replacement.
Does it really matter where the side blowhole goes?
monitor modding
Breadfan is back!
Another window etching...
Boring computer.. need modding ideas.
Mod design
ampage for fans
Stencil Design
Masking and stenciling guide
Need some ideas on paining my case
Added chip coller to my Geforce 2
vantec nexus supposed to make that noise?
Lian Li scraps? Where to get some?
Can't remember the website...
question about clear plaasticy stuff
New window
Superbright LEDs
Modding suggestions on this case?
Incredible cathode discovery!!
alright guys i need help hooking up my leds
'Shui' Part II
top window
see through power supply mods
Touch sensor/switches
Sunbeam behind chieftec door??
how big are the smv cathode switches?
CCFL inverters blowing up.
That acryllic case ... quick! I'm about to buy it.
A Desktop Seventh Wonder
HD MOD 17 secret is out...
Where to find REALLY bright leds?
Does a vantec nexus faceplate fit on a PCtoys controller?
Please use safety glasses
Hard Drive suspending bad?
UV Lexan?
need ideas on pc home theater
10 segment led rehobus
very interesting find...
My Juno P3 Case
power supply modding
matching chieftec blue
simple n00b wiring question :rolleyes:
window appliques
Wattage of a cold cathode?
Interestering Mouse LED observation?
Secret HD MODs are alomsot done
Glowpad part DUEX!
cathode switch?
The Dremel kit for mod newbies.
what colour inside and window Q