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the folding_monkeys are still going!
Trouble Setting Up GPU2 Client for ATI 6950
18,688P and 18,688 Kelpers at Oak Ridge DoE Lab
Linux GPU Folding
Should we be overly concerned about our dropping team PPD?
T32 is dialing it up!
V7 on-a-Mac questions
What's wrong with this picture?
power usage for GPU
Planned server room maintenance: Saturday, November 10th, from 5AM to 8AM
GPU Help
Folding won't
Folding Farm pics
Pair of 460s for 135 bucks!
GPU issue - failing WU's "NANs detected on GPU"
SMP 10 > 12 !?!
gpu3 linux NEED HELP
T32Monkeys still racking up 1/4 million points.
newb issues
Help With 4P Parts
Wanna move up?
Update on on-going software development in FAH
switching teams
BIG Milestones being Reached
The Time Zone Challenge Race
Our Hardest Chargers
Hyper Threading and folding TPF
Tough crowd in the Top 20
GPU issues
Sharing USB wifi adapter between VM and Windows
Want to join team
Machine ID in V7
'Tis the season to be folding. . .'
Version 7.2.9 of the Folding@home software is now available
The Folding@home article on Wikipedia is now a Featured Article
Who's Guzzling the Jolt?
Looks like I might have to stop folding for a couple of days
Looking for some more experienced Folders/OC's to give me some advice
Anyone using a RAMDISK?
Memory speeds
EK Releases AMD C32/G34 Waterblock
Bad WU?
Tis' the season...
Been Away - Ready To Fold Again
Looking to get into folding.
A good month
Top 20
PS3 Update 4.30 Wraps Up Folding@Home
Unified GPU/SMP benchmarking scheme: equal points for equal work
Just bought two GTX 660's (non Ti)
Folding Confusion
A3 A4 Uniprosser SMP, What WU's are you getting?
Who else hit 10 millions and how did you achieve what you have?
I'm moving up in to 4P land
Want to fold need some advice
What's Up With Our Folding Hardware?
New(ish) to folding.
GPU's for folding
This year - Hot Summer!
Just joined the millionaire's club
Coming for you Humanoid!!!
Top 100 and Top 20
Hey Foldin' crew!
Strongly considering a 2P system
Question about bigadv
2 bigadv missing
Million Point Club
24/7 Max CPU Running
Help setting up dual socket server
Multiple queries on folding..
Folding GPU
Best Linux OS for a 2P Folder
New Gromacs, new you
Finishing current wu and stopping in Linux fahv6
new commer in need of help
A couple milestones!
FAH 7.1.52 and 660 Ti
Thinking about it, some questions
Multi-processor FAH rig
New Folder here
Do ya'll need folder's?
getting back into folding
New addition
Set flag to -smp, still running uniprocessor
PPD for 2P L5420
Folding Points
Failed 7034 WU, what went wrong?
Soo... GPU Folding PPD, what PPD do you get?
Oh yeah!!
-bigadv -smp 40, not fully loaded
Team 213497 says hi with a creepy video tribute
New to folding...question about slow WUs
Th-th-th-that's all folks!
New to folding - so little time
2 PC's working on same WU :)
Happy Birthday ChasR!
Just installed FoH - It runs at 100% CPU continually
sfu7274456 be do where are you :)
Time to stop being lazy
50% on page one have no new points today!
GROMACS output at end of WU
Time to stop using -bigadv for 12 cores?
V7.1.43 and GA-990FXA-UD5
4p builders??
Harlam357 & RamonetB
New BA units p6905, p6906, and p8102.
Return to folding - AGAIN!
Well, lets see what this Xeon can do!
'Optimizing' F@H?
Cry me a tear.
Project 7623 (GPU) Terrible PPD
Ran across a Quad GTX690, thought I'd post :)
Talk about how to step things up a notch there *argv[] !
Need Help: SMP2 Mint Debian VM clears itself out !!!??
Think I found the problem..
Bonus for A4-core based projects
Adak, where hast thou gone???
Opteron Interlagos vs Magny-Cours 4P -bigadv FAH
A lot of Zeros
Widely Varying PPD
DP e5-2670 testing
Upgrade time - Xeon 5650 ^^
Just getting started
Who says your SMP_FAH VM can't be eye candy?
New to Folding@Home - Please help.
Red Hat
Folding Noob Question
Folding Activities
Blue sky mining
Best Linux distro & version for a VM & v7?
Computekinc.us & RamonetB
Linux vs Windows: Still Faster?
4p Server Pics
Working toward better cancer therapies with Folding@Home
Is this possible?
New 4P Server Up and Running - Questions
6 uniprocessor slots on PII 1090T
Is this you?
Folding is making my computer unusable.
The Trouble Coming Our Way
.....but still......
The "Rustyfender" Problem
New Look to our Top 20
Big Grats RamonetB!!
Folding project, need opinions :)
tiny WU??!
Wow! AND Wow! again.
mark me down for a hundred mil
1 more Folder :)
Time Zone Race Being Considered
User name change
Folding costs?
New folding rig: (sort of) completed!
thekraken problem
F@H + facebook + competition = ?
what is going on with virtualbox
I'm amazed!
FAH will not upload
Forcing a WU to change teams??
FAH Folders
High End Ivy Bridge and Haswell: Intel to trade TDP for performance
Team 32 Chimp Challenge Wallpaper!
HFM Ubuntu Packages
New F@H Monitor gadget for Windows Sidebar
Hey everyone!
Folding on HD 7850
Folding@home Consortium Conference 2012
A new Chimp Challenge
Congrats OCF!
Chimp Challenge Idea's
New Powerhouse
Operation Banana
Points droppoff - Is that normal?
for those wishing to fold on on GTX6xx cards
Problem with a CC box
I have a folding fever! new folder build.
Come play BF3 with us
Night Archer applications
Dual Skt Setup
Chimp Challenge Death toll.
Chimp Challenge help if you want it.
What is better for the team, a 24/7 nVidia 460GTX folding or upgrade to a 2600k.
Running F@H client on limited accounts in WinXP?
GPU suddenly giving FILE I/O errors.
anyone ever run into a update core issue?
Is anyone willing to fold on a few older cards?
Old Skool Q- Thumb Drives
Incredible PPD from a C2Q!!!
Can you explain how race points are calculated?
seems odd
Welcome to the 2012 Chimp Challenge (progress reports updated here)
CC Standngs page?
GPU but not cpu folding?
IRC Channel for the Chimp Challenge
ppd on dual xeon 5160
Fold Fast and Remain Seated Please
Sorry drunk Canadian here.
ATI cards?
Most economical blade style farm?
<< P4EE >>
What do I need to know setting up a linux folder
No bonus points for 8101's + -oneunit problem
failed WUs on a GPU
What PPD can i expect from 2600K ?
It's a Race! The Great Chimp Challenge 2012
SM H8qgl-If+ Help
Just posted
Maximizing PPD for Chimp Challenge
Decided to set up folding for kicks
Bonus points
Why We Need All Our Members
Sweet Milestone!
History of the Folding Team?
How do I stop F@H taking up all my resources?
Our Biggest Climbers!
Can you pause only the GPU client in v7
GTS 250 consistent failure
FYI - in the Gamer's section
<< Race Info >>
Post Up Your Racing Hardware!
ram for folding
FX-8150 folder
Hey Nathan
Slynutcase ?? <ROFL>
GPU issues
HP Cloud service (payment)
Count Down Begins
Race Invitation
Our Visiting Racers - Welcome!
How does it look ?
Chimp Challenge Passkeys
May Mojo!
how to join ?
back in business and a few questions
~interesting~ GPU behavior
Bad timing, Good times
GTX 560 issues, please help!
The #1 FAH Team
CC "To Do" for the Weekend
FAH logo mosaic
HFM.NET Remote Client Problems
V7 Client Help?
2 questions
project 8101 => bigadv
Rogue WU?
Hey, is it just me..? Ignore this post, it was temporary.
Intel Core i7 CPU set up
PPD Question! (GPU folding!)
Our 100 Biggest Climbers!
Setup for the CC?
EOC offline?
It's Not Unusual
On It's Way!!
Back at it and swinging!
Chimp Challenge Name Change Required?
Team statistics website for OCF T32 F@H on GitHub
FAH v7 GPU issue
Looking @ GPU's
Single slot 680gtx
My points aren't showing up?
Thinking about going 4p...
Looking for guidance
switching to v7 on linux?
500 million!! amazing
Possible to fold with two non-SLI GPUs?
GPUs seem to stop working without a reason when system is not idle?
Email updates
Support for new GPUs (such as Kepler) in the v7 FAH client
Switched to Linux... CPU question
I need proof.
low PPD?
Folding GPU: Self Debate
GPU folding fails
Receptor Binding by the Influenza Virus
Setting up a poweredge 2850
Can it handle it?
Pickin up
Another Error
error after error today.
Using USB drive as 4P folding drive?
Advice on folding temps?
Remote desktop from Win7 to Ubuntu
Cutting back on my Folding
Which machine for a dedicated folder?
Project "Mo Powah"
GL OC now up
More Milestones!
fix's for all F@H/Comp Issues
F@H, a new chapter
Lost my first work unit
Web page revamp and v7 rollout
unstable machine?
Chimp Challenge 2012
First Error
F@H v7.1.52 20Mar12
Q9650 and E5400 still worth folding with?
Scored a G5 Proliant for $150. After 8 years, I'm back in it!
Reg SMP on 4p
Stanford scientists and collaborators boost potency, reduce side effects of IL-2
TC, you will be missed... folding that is...
GPU issues, is the card broken?
Taking a Leave - 4P Parts Available
Load imbalance issues
Warning! Rampaging Folder!
Chip change
Settings for the 4P Folders
lowering gpu folding usage
Small, Smaller, and then there's this!
gpu advice
SWTX Server Cases
Suggestions for a 2P Build
GPU folding (advanced mode)
DST jacked my PPD!! LOL!
Recommend me an UPS!
Upload speeds/Time for 4P WUs
Added Bulldozer
Would anyone be interested in a low power headless folding board?
Femi fail to start lately??
Meet Our Biggest Climbers!
No Bonus v7 i3 530
Can you guess the next number in this series?
Adak/Norcal 24hr average
Monitoring work progress on linux?
Another 4P budget build
Intel Xeon news article
Just thought I'd let you guys take a look
v7 and multiple gpu troubles
gpu client taking 1day breaks...
Supermicro 4P H8QGi/6 Overclocking Guide!
The Kraken install in Ubuntu 11.10?
APU folding numbers?
Has everyone seen the OC Wallpapers?
Teammate is NOT Ill --
Am I set up ok?
New methods for computational drug design
Into our Top 20
I am stuck, V7 Ubuntu 10.10 help!
Budget 4P Rig Build
Protein folding and viral infection
Project Quadteron
Lawrence Berkley related folding article
Big ADV struggles
Folding Forums down?
My regular/folding rig
Update from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Anybody getting 8031's on their GPU's?
Blast from the past, when 25 GFLOPS had folders drooling
Did Macaholic go home?
4p folding dedicated server
8 Core Sandy Bridge Xeon Results
How do I limit CPU/GPU percentage?
Quick question for the crunchers on Sandy Bridge
Noise in folding room
2p Finally up
Mad core folding...
GPU client
V7.1.48 released
Can i use all 4 GPU's in a 590 sli setup to fold?
New Addition
Short Term/Long Term Goals?
Is this worth buying for folding?
LTMD: Long Timestep Molecular Dynamics
a tool to determine how fast my computer will fold?
New Rig Quick Question
Quick Question
Questions regarding my folding/gaming rig...
e5200 folding SUPER slow (22 ppd)
Installing Native Folding Image on VB VM
VirtualBox Ubuntu VM install
4P Trouble
Folding but still no points...
Update on new -bigadv rollout.
GPU1's PPD drops by 50%?
My new FX chip is giving me strange problems
Ubuntu Help
AMD mobo ?
For Team Kizb
Problem with QRB
Water cooled Dell?
10 Mil
RAM question
The Thing
Kfactor: Could someone confirm these calculations?
Why bother with GPUs?
Coming back into the Fold
10, 16, 20, 24, 32, 40 cores? Quick benchmarks
Trying to get fully set up. Have a few questions.
2P 4P and bigadv
Folding with an ATI card, settings help
There is a cure
FAH 7 and passkey PPD?
WooHoo!!!! Just broke 1 Mil!!!
SR-2 folding rig pics
Best Radeon 6770DC OC for folding
Someone's a little sleepy
tiny ass work units
no WUs in a week?
multi-processor benchers please?
"po folks" 2P 16-core interlagos thoughts
4P IL performance #s on p6901
MSI 790FX-GD70 + 4 GPUs
4p Supermicro H8QGL-iF Question
Time to come clean...
Getting Run Over
Back and questions
Another bigadv thread. (I did search honest!)
HP Cloud Service Beta (FREE FOLDING!)
point loss
Does the 2600k's on die graphics speed up folding?
Meet Tanker!
Is my PPD low for 560 Ti?
** Team 32: 4P Folding Mega Thread **
q6600 max ppd?
A milli, a milli, a milli --lil' wayne
4p systems - Cases and Case Mods
Help with SR2
Project 6099
A5 issues
4P Interlagos Performance Tips
Down for the count...
Dynatron A6 fan problem.
Top 100 is now 7.318m point minimum :)
3days and off
back to folding.
Linux native or VM
Multiple usernames in v7 client
Down, but not out.
Delete work unit?
Must be seeing double!
9 mil Grats!!
the new core 16 projects for amd gpus
v7.1.43 released
Do You Want to Race in May?
PPD for FX8120
SMP safe with i7 2600 on stock cooler?
Just about to pull the trigger
GPU no more
i7 - ppd seems low
It's time for me to go on...
Couple problems
What has a 10 and 6 0's after it?
Virtualbox 4.1.6 & up works for folding!
7970 Folding Help
Downloading FAH Core files manually
Birthday dilemma
300 mill!!!
Been a while, but I'm back - and I need folding help
Folding Stats link below your avatar
SB-E Xeon (SB-EP) Folding Discussion
Need OCF Folding Icon
New folding rig...what to do?
4P 6128 question
Another Random Question =D
NEW YEAR... NEW SHIRTS! post up your ideas in here
New bigadv quesiton
Low power CPU performance question
Getting back into folding, works on all my rigs but one
Folding goals 2012
Need YOUR input - Chimp Challenge 2012
Comp droppin'
New EOC color scheme levels?
Linux VM SMP2 monitoring from Windows 7 x64 HFM
I'm back on SMP2 folding Q6600 Linux VM
EOC Stats still not working
Update on -bigadv happenings.
ESXi 5 Folding
Virtual Box low priority settings
worried about what my gpu is showing me
VMWare Player 4.0 supports 8 virtual cores
Why are AMD cpu's so slow at folding?
SSD Question
Merry Christmas
Team 32 Shirts
F@H on AMD Cards