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Some things are Klear, ...
gentoo foldingathome
workunits/ deadlines
Amazing what a few more borgs can add!
Strange production
its official.....mac pro's rock the folding world
Smp problems
Folding ate my hamster!!
What does this mean?
Folding Hardware
is it possible
Vista 64 bit install problems
PS3 Folders
Anderson Ambles On...
VMWare priority question
My OC'ing ambition has destroyed my SMP WU@85%!
Keep EOC Folding Running!
two folding rigs do not return under my name
Notfred's USB Stick Folding
What will it take to stop Maximum PC overtaking OCF?
Anybody try VMWare+Linux SMP virtualization on AMD CPUs?
2 Names?
Whats wrong with my Quad??(Low PPD)
Fold to keep warm - 125'C core temp reading
whats the best way in linux with a quad?
getting started
My Folding Computers
C2D and only 50% on each core...
Anyone had sucess with wireless?
Question from a first time folder.
"MPICH2 Installed but failed to start" error? Re-installing SMP
Load shedding (power outages)
FreeBSD 7.0 Bests Linux In SMP Performance
FAH SMP Getting stuck???
Anyone interested in a Team 32 official recruiting team?
Help EOC F@H Stats Stay Alive and Well
Here's hoping
USB Folding...
Question about PPD
What to do with this WU?
I have a sickness: I crave more CPUs to fold for me!
SMP on Server?
Just a Walk in the Park?
Noob... How do I join team32?
Building a farm, need opinions on different setups
Folding@Home Sticky & Frontpage Article
F@H Spotlight #79
editing OCForum name
ok how am i looking?
Is [T]om [I]n [S]chool?
Changing production
How do i join F@H fro OCers?
I'm back (sorta) and WickedPixie is breathing down my neck!
Can't type password for SMP client
SMP not working
for those running VM's w/smp
Problem Resolved
*** "March Madness" Sign-up Thread ***
Time to celebrate
Double Good, Double Good
Network issues
Windows Diskless Folding
What is the proper way....
*** OCF "March Madness" Folding Contest ***
4.5 years...
what is F@H
New Q6600 @ 3.0Ghz
Slowly but Surely
Q6600 Ubuntu VM frame times, too high?
Harlam, it's smack time!
Welcome Neonlazer!
Farm Theory Help
Stanford Down?
Building Farm - CPU/Core Questions
SMP Config Question
Been down for a while but...
Run ONLY when idle WITHOUT screensaver?
Gotta know your ABC's & your MVC's ...
What's the highest dual-core PPD around here?
Script for automatically starting/stopping FAH SMP at certain times?
I'm baaaaaack...
F@H *ONLY* Rigs - What did you pay / Pts per day?
One of my rigs may be down........
New folding rig
So I hear...
That was fast!
Vista and heartache running FAH/SETI in the Program Files folder, why is that?
$200 Q6600s
Another thread about needing help with SMP
I haven't gone!
Pentium D and SMP Deadlines
WUs not sending?
Like it XOR Not...
F@H Spotlight #78
Are you willing to do what it takes?
The Great Race to 1 Million Points!
Big Hump(s), Big Lighter, Big
Need Help
AMD X2/Opteron PPD comparison
Coming back to fold soon! PPD on E8400 vs. Q6600?
FAH SMP Affinity Changer
Delete this
Talk Fast, Fold Big
Quad+two VMs with notfred's
OS reinstall = broken SMP
WTF CShive5!
Two E's, Two Million, No Waiting.
Chasr almost hit 100,000 points in one day on the 12th!!
I bought a 2900XT in July just to fold...
anyone else having trouble ?
System going down
Core Temp vs Cpu Temp
Maximum slow down?
Restricting usage
New Mega Point Work Unit!
Going on hiatus for a while.
Team 32's NEWEST Folder
Going well so far!
No food for the quads?
I'm back!
Is this right?
Linux problems..old dog not so good at new tricks
beta 2 lower ppd
Ubuntu Fah6 Beta 2 Quirkiness...
Can't get new work unit? problem with wininet?
SMP 20+ Thread Madness
Working on my Wolfy...
New Guy
Member spotlights?
Ubuntu folding - default port blocked...how to change
210 pts vs 343 pts
The Stuff of Legends...
Am I doing this right?
Help with WinSMP Client
nitteo's relocation and vacation
Wrong URL on our Team page at Stanford
In theory could I...
Who is folding under sir_loin?
PS3 Folding@Home Hits 1M Users/74%
WinSMP on Core Duo T2050... will it make the deadlines?
Congratz go out to ......
I posted this on deals: e6700 $85!
Is anyone else not getting credit for their PS3?
It's Gaza, just because-a...
Help me get the best fold.
How many PPD can I expect?
Outta the top 20
Help with smp client
New team member
Stupid question but still...
Need some help here.
10k ppd isn't enough for top 20!
Help with vm/smp
Any one tested the new e8400's yet ?
Whoot I think my main rig is back
Good Enough to Fold?
hi, thinking about folding
SMP version on Win Server 2003
Revving Up and Blowing Out...
New SMP Client is Available for Download!
I'm back
Completed my first WU!!! shortly after that 2nd was done...WOOT!!!
cannot get SMP client running..tried forever
Quick Question
work computer
F@H service only on one core....help plz
Fedora8 + Samba = POSTAL!
Can I get someone to come up with a proposal for FAH
You're all killin' me :P
Pixie Power!
OSX Help Please
first WU done!
How do I make the SMP console version run as service?
How does reporting work?
Our First and Second Page Two Millionaires!
My experience with these premade installers...in my case the dual core one..QUESITONS
setup I think
Can you say 1.5.......
Looking for someone with a Q6600 B3
One in, and One Out!
Holly snap WTH... w/congrats
Folding under Linux
Trying to get settings right
E8400 Folding
Going to attempt a comeback
Heads Up... SMP beta expiration
New recruiting thread
Slow Cars & Small Fish, Beware!
SMP Problems
New G4 Folders and a couple of C2D's
Congrats to hrsetrdr...
E2200 and SMP, what PPD to expect?
More Ubuntu F@H Problems
Folding client questions
Introducing myself....again to Team 32
I announce my new rig, 8 cores of OS X!
inkfx this is for you....
Congrats goes to .......
Guess who is on my overtake list
Mark the Constellation...
help me optimize my folding!
starting folding again
My First Quad
What About A Sewing And Ironing Team? LOL
Folding Goals Update
Been a while so a couple Q's
gpu folding on a x600?
It be Four m'lads and ladies! :)
Can someone walk me through installing F@H on a Mac?
Thought I had seen it all..........
Cannot send unit
Q9450/Q9550 Folding Thread
Starting Off.... Help?
P3062: Client-core communications error: ERROR 0x1
Ubuntu F@H Problem
F@H seems to spend more time..
First time folder--needs guidance
noobie questions
A way to possibly get some Folders back to the forum...?
1 month of folding
Looking to start folding
Which AMD for folding?
Current shopping list
Charge of the Millionaires!
Starting a new push
Just Numbers, Thank You
VMWare overhead?
Another dumb SMP/VM question...
Help. Work done but no points
Farm shut down! sorry guys....
ATI X2900 or 38x0?
Getting the most PPD from a quad, some questions...
Intel Xeon 2.0 questions
hyperthread P4 question
Optimizing Folding
Sponsored Computing Anyone??
Best CPU stress tester for SMP_FAH VMs
Current Folding Rigs
SMP Service not working
ChasR - amazing folding
Ubuntu Dual-Quad system only using 1 core per client
The Latest, the Last, Our Number 100 -
Cell Folding on a laptop, maybe.
He's Not Kidding Around, Now!
2 Linux VM's on Q6600 - Set Affinity or No?
Virus in F@H files?!
Is it safe to delete old WU files?
F@H Energy Comsumption
New ATI GPU client?
Too Fast to Track!
Folding@Home went Down to the Heat
Mustanley & Lews: WTF!
Windows Updates
Looks like production is starting to ramp up!!!!
49709 days to complete a WU?!
Team 32 get's another quad......
Rig Details for Adak
W00T! W00T!
Has anyone read anything?
F@H personal stats updater for iGoogle
SMP console version shut my PC down!
Stuck here
Getting back on track
Congrats team 32 Page 1 = 1 mill+ (by weeks end)
Not getting new WU?
Well... ALMOST done with my first WU....
Was this the best setup for text-only console?
couple of beginner questions
PS3 advancing by 2 million points/day?
I am back - happy new year!!!
Quick question....
question regarding time info
Our Newest Millionaire is ...
FAH Linux64 client doesnt download WUs
VMWare is old school!
Happy New Folding Year Team 32
Cheap rackmount servers for folding
Program to monitor my rigs
Finished 1st WU
Updating Wedo's One Click
Help with starting up
Movin' on up!
Shutting down
New Q6600 ?
Who wants to have some fun?
Folding 2008 goal #1 met
To Change Teams?
Bayna and OCPik4chu POWAH!
Machine ID?
doesnt seem right
FAH@Home Servers
new folder here
just some questions
Help, installing FAH on Vista 64
Most "faithful" folding rig
Happy Boxing Day!
Est. PPD on (2) Xeon E5410 (2.33/1333/2x6Mb L2)
Its been brought to my attention......
Can we get one of these cause this isn't fair IMHO
For those who fold on laptops: undervolt your CPU(s)!
I need PPD answers.
christmas slow down
Season's Greetings
Need some hlep
Folding@home conflicting with another app
Cheapest/Lowest Power CPU?
Post your Folding Goals for 2008!
The_Penguin is on a roll
SMP Question
Do You Feel Dirty? :)
My PS3 is folding for team32
Woot!!! I went 10k!!! :beer:
Have an SMP WU issue
New 2539 pt Wu
Do you turn your hard drive off?
Finally, I'm back!
F@H install.bat issues
Could the Playstation 3 handle Linux SMP?
Lost My Farm
Christmas Lists!
Need over clocking help!
What's the deal with VM's?
New and have a few Questions
OUCH!!! Project 2608
Active Forum Member's List
Affinity manager - 10% more PPD?
Help! I can't find a link to install a SMP folding program as a service???
Linux gains?
Xeon Prestonia duallie & Win SMP client
New EOC stat page colors
New Millionaire!!
Congratulations to....... #2
Congratulations to.......
VM affinity and priority questions
Need help with SMP
windows SMP problems
Elf Roundup
Stanford Server maintenance
EOC stats back up
PPD question
But how's it fold?
This can't be right...
Has anyone seen the list of Distributed Computing Projects? Only 3 are worthless...
How are so many people in the Red right now?
Down for the count
Building a farm of CPUs
99.9% eue
Celeron-L 420@ 3.2ghz folding
what kinda ppd should I expect from a X2 4800+??
How to get the most of this box...
Folding Attack!
FAH6 problems
Folding on gpu?
Here I Go.......
the more I look at linux smp, the more confused i get......
Folding@Home Guru off to AMD
Pholding on a Phenom
F@H Spotlight #77
New forum
Quit 101 - Box exploding
I'll be cutting down on folding...
Tips for New Folders
Linux 64bit SMP not getting SMP WU
so now i know about vanderpool.......which ubuntu?
Does my PPD look right?
PPD figures?
Blowing ones own trumpet.......
I'm not getting credit for both C2D machines
WinSMP client stalls at 100% in Vista
Getting to be about that time again
Anyone seen pete?
From where are these coming?
Top 100 of Team 32 will 7+ figures in ~60 days
Look who's on the way to Page 3
Project 2605
Help me break the top 20
New folder coming online
FAHSpy has encountered a problem and needs to close
The Horn, Erupting!
Downloading Error?
Windows SMP Help
F@H not using 100%
Page 6 check your mirror....I'm comin for ya
Which one of these
New Folding@Home Member team 32
Replacing old stuff...
PS3 folding
how to FahCore to run with higher prority?
Is the AAR project still going?
Ok guys... I'm going to try out Chipzilla
Folding on 4 cores.
Linux virtual machine slower than windows SMP?
Time to be Thankful
Started up folding again
Held needed.......again
New message Warning:long 1-4 interactions?
Happy Thanksgiving
Very bad night
Outdated and incomplete?
I installed 32-bit Ubuntu...
Jump for Joy!
Folding on the QX9650...
help with 2nd client on c2d
GPU folding for Nvidia???
G15 F@H app?
HELP 7.10 ubuntu (grumpy gnome) slow down
SETI Gauntlet Results and Thanks
Help with ubuntu setup for folding please
some fun is coming
Gauging SMP Client Status
Losing internet connection at WU end
Heads up, guys.
many many workunits?
Wow! Another Powah Folder on the rise!!
He's Rich
Windows SMP optimization
What is going wrong?
Smp issues
Joining Team-32
Don't Read and Click this Link
Am I still "active"?
odd connection problem to assignment server
Front Page News
From Out of the Yin and the Yang
How hard has the year been on everyone?
Adak joins the 7 digit club
Removing Some and Adding Some
A.C. Turns Up the Heat!
Folding@Home SMP When will 8 Core Version be Out?
Folding@Home Steps Into the Record Books
Folding Under Linux?
SMP client errors, again......
Team Stanford-DARPA Urban Challenge
Memory help
How soon until 100 millionaires!?!
Sony is slapping PC/MAC/Linux folders in the face!
SMP client error
Folding farm- remote admin
CyboRob makes a MILLION!!!
Ubuntu 64bit 50% cpu fah
I want to fold in vmware, but how can I keep it from slowing my system?
Need install help (easy for most)
Tri Core folding.
Failed work assignments
Stopping gpu console = EUE
oh, dfonda!
Andy_R makes a MILLION!!!
DL.tv interviews Dr. Pande
Recover a WU?
Problem With SMP
Cd Folding help...
MPC Overtakes us in 2.4 years??
Welcome to our new Number Uno!!!
F@H Spotlight #76
Cyberdeals dell server
Slesh its getting cold again =(
Team 32
Hot off the press...
Rigs back up..stanfords down..
WU has expired....
#2 is headed for 16 Million, today!!
The OCF Podcast talks F@H
Start Ubuntu in console mode only?
Affinity benefit
Hello Again
Make a donation to F@H project
New Stanford site
NEW RUN!! Hoodies and shirts!! come get'um
A 5pt WU???
Ubuntu shutdown issue
PPDs aren't adding up right?
Ugh... gotta slow down... the circuit breaker hates me :(
Help: Segmentation fault???
F@H Spotlight #75
Has anyone else ...
Help with client update
Just a thought...
Mark620 = 3 Million Points!!!
Need a little help