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Make a donation to F@H project
New Stanford site
NEW RUN!! Hoodies and shirts!! come get'um
A 5pt WU???
Ubuntu shutdown issue
PPDs aren't adding up right?
Ugh... gotta slow down... the circuit breaker hates me :(
Help: Segmentation fault???
F@H Spotlight #75
Has anyone else ...
Help with client update
Just a thought...
Mark620 = 3 Million Points!!!
Need a little help
Millions Milestones
Settting Nice priorities in Ubuntu for Fahcore automatically
dfonda - T32's newest millionaire!
how to get the ps3 to fold
quad is down for a while :(
The most folding for the $?
Examination of work files indicates 8 consecutive improper terminations of core.
The Great Folding Shout Out
Look whos back.
Hey Team 32! Old member here, problem with FAH
v6.0 SMP LINUX need help
Folding Farm Gallery is Up!!
GPU client exiration?
F@H Spotlight #74
What am I doing wrong?
It's time to return the favor to our SETI brothers!!
http://boinc.berkeley.edu/ been Slow or unreachable??
Does the version 6 client support smp on windows or not?
Pirate Nahmus scanned the Horizon... a story with pictures
Odd problem, install vanished
Need CPU reccomendation
any issues with V6 client and -smp flag
Team Site gone LIVE~!!
Team Avatar Voting!
~~ Team Site Now Hiring ~~
2610 = Bad WU, early warning
First time, first page!
Been out of the loop a while...
Just noticed...
Folding Interview for the Podcast a Success!
v6 Linux client out
The reason we fold...........
SMP Client Expiration Reminder
Need help fodling Q6600 Vista 64
Folding Results !
Any ideas on Yorkfield performance
new face in the top 1000
down and up
error: bad work. digital signature doesn't match. ???
mpiexec and csrss
aparently overclocking works??
Orion456 hits 2 mil. Congratulations
Install Help - ubuntu Linux
New Team Leader
Congrats benbaked on the Mill
Three cores, Will it fold?
Extra folding shirts and hoodies
Need help with the SMP client under Vista x64
SMP failed to send
Windows Diskless Folding : Update
Hopefully a Simple Question on fahlog.txt
maybe time for a new team
How Old Skool are you?
Folding@Home plug on Inquirer
WU Credits
Welcome to our 82nd Millionaire - Goshawk
Petaflop me !
Using Speedfan to restart FAHSMP
smp core failed to initialize?
Another noob question
Overclock causes SMP to throw errors
VIA C7 - any good for folding?
Unable to start wu's
Goodbye Windows XP 64 bit
Late to the part >>> Q6600
A Big Thanks
Cheap s775 chip question
Could this be the next F@H secret weapon??
I regret to inform you...
T32 Avatar Contest Submission
finally hit 20k!
setting up the ps3 for folding
New T32 shirt idea.
Hoodies Anyone?
Two PC's went to Standby mode overnight?!
ok team 32 here's the deal of the day :D
Dr. Pande's folding blog.
Simulation instability has been encountered.
F@H Site issues
is it just me
32 ppd with WinSMP on C2D
Searching for Project Page
PlayStation 3 vs Q6600
we have another 10mills member!!
H357 hits 2 mill Milestone
Expanation of SETI=RESPECT for Godfather
Disabling Large WU's
We have two threats?!?
SMP "Sleeping" in Ubuntu
I am running vmware again
Is there a guide lurking around for GPU and SMP folding!?
I'm back :D
Who should I interview for F@H?
Team site down?
Harlam....I'm comin for you
Bad SMP Work Units???
Welcome the 81st Millionaire... MVC
I'm Back In The Fold!!!
Linux SMP client WU return error
Is there a New One-click?
Today the Camel gets it :-)
T32 Avatars
cshive5 (drshivas) hits the 2 mil mark!
Q6600 G0 goodness on SMP
Trouble installing F@H as service, Win XP Home
new comp folding
FAH gives me an error, anyone recognize this?
Ubuntu Console
Random reboots
Can't wait till they interview a folder icon in the Podcast
Quick Question
folding part time
Calvin College builds a farm, ???
Folding on Yorkfield?
Tigger, Tigger, in the night
GPU server
To all you farmers
Rig question
Steps or WU's?
folding acomplishments
Q6600 and 2 instances of SMP
To Fold or not to Fold
FahSMP shuts down at 18:35 every day??
Good thing I'm folding!
Project "brothers x2 redo" ((56k beware!!!))
There comes a time in every man's life ...
Large WU for non smp clients?
smp client with virtual cores
Temporary truce
Differences between Windows and Linux SMP performance
Trouble submitting WinSMP WUs - 8.24.07
Penguin Vs Penguin
On my tail!
66k ppd or so to threaten OCAU again
Congratulations, Dave!
F@H only running 50%
PS3 folding q's
Folding Member title under User Name
Back on the boards!!!!!!!
The Big 1 Mil
New advistisment for Folding Team?
getting seti not mixed with my other folding proggies
A project idea to help the team
help and ideas plz...
Team 32 side panels - feedback requested
256 ddr for 20
Silly Log In Query.
Proposal for DC Teams
bought a mustang :)
Quad core inc!
Q6600 G0 Online
Remote monitoring via the web
WU 1422: Taking 6 hours per step! (And other news)
Ubuntu Help Needed
Gpu Vs. Cpu folding
Summer doldrums are over ?!!!
Help with SMP error.
I'm Back I'm Back I'm Back and Folding Folding Folding Yes I Am Yes I Am Yes I Am
Stanford Issues
What's with 103.100
I <3 SMP
Are Santa's elves out and about in summer?
Everyone, please help yourself in here!!! It's all on me!!!
Proper way to swap SMP WUs between machines
Hello GPU!
CPU usage ?
Odd pointage?
Does folding errors just happen sometimes?
Slow and Steady. Kidsimba Hits 2 Million
SMP, Umm
Which stats site do you use and why?
So what's the difference
G0 here I come
How can I tell FAH is running in Ubuntu
Closing in on the top 400...yay!
Help get my 24/7 folding computer online again.
FC Forum login problems.
SMP error
Help needed!
DNS server
Team Leader
Job interview - wish me luck
Ubuntu FAH Installer
Hey Ben we are absolutly neck in neck for 1Mil
Flexy, back on track
Ping goes to hell after I start WinSMP
EOC problem?
brand new to smp, have a noob q :)
Coming back up
Linux x64 SMP Folding on USB Drive?
Folding box down, repeat we have a box down. Roger that.
new WU?
What do make of this error?
FAH just pauses for no reason
WU 00 not wanting to send
SMP on C2D? Flags to use?
Hyper threading
2610 on Linux
Anyone want to post core temps?
Unable to send?
Users Active
Currently unable to get new wu's with the SMP client
The baked makes the top 100.
Revaluing old WUs (Liven up the Forum)
just a though...
Pete to break 1,000,000 points/Month
Orion in the rearview!
2 instances of SMPD.exe
I'm Back!!!
SMP vs 4x single client
somethings wierd with my production...
WinSMP Folding keeps sleeping
Mid-Year Report (Jan 1, 2007 - June 30, 2007)
Strange TPF on a P4...
need help with f@h and ubuntu
storage space needed for F@H
4 smp on 2x quad xeon
Unable to transmit unit to work server?
Hey, I'm back :)
cannot transmit work units?
Change ram usage??
Chasr fly's by 12Mil
F@H Spotlight #73
Hey CaptnBF... better check your rearview
LeeLegend still laying rubber!!!
I forget how to SMP on a Quad.
T32 Goals
A folding progress tracker?
Replacing e6600 with q6600
RAM timings
<whistles> Hey DFA
Mustanley lays another set of tracks past 8,000.000 !!!!
Nik is our first 15,000,000 pt folder!!!!!
Best folding (p35?) mobo for all these new C2Q's?
I'll be sure to thank Stanford
Could this be causing the SMP woes under Vista?!
Win-SMP issue
TommyHolly is a millionaire
Head first into this
Two separate 2652 WUs, both EUEd at 60%?
New Hardware
I need someone
who got all the points
Who here lives near Montreal (Canada)
Conroe-L / Allendale F@H Performance
just installed Ubuntu...how do i run F@H??
Interested in getting involved
I wish I could get more RIBOs in my diet.
Grand Opening
stats problem at standford yesterday
Help again!
helsyeah hits 4,000,000 !!!!!
vonkaar hits 3,000,000 !!!!
Hugovsky hit 1,000,000
Can we beat this?
I have a n00b question about my rig and folding results
939 mobo needed!
Congratulations to me!!!!
Are P2 and P3s still useful to FAH?
A cool Million
monitor you WUs; alternative to EMIII and FahMon
Problems with F@h
F@H Spotlight #72
I'm back! (At least once Gary sells me his quad)
How F***ing sad is this?
What's wrong with the OC stats?
Pete takes the #5 spot on team 32
I broke 1,000,000 points... (TommyHolly)
Odd Error 2nd time
Something wrong???
At which price point (powerbill!) will you consider shut down your farm?!
Help! I have no clue?
Can get my SMP client to run again...
Borg gone wayward!
too tired/busy to build and run rigs for folding .... pay someone to do it for you !
Thanks stanford......NOT!!!
Problem with fresh d/l os linuxsmp
Why Adak, why????
Is Stanford down (again)??
SMP Client says check for stray files?!
Problems with Vista and FAH?
SMP "stuck" Working...
How do I avoid this crap?
What about the older parts
Hey Thideras!!! Wana Race??
Anyone in the Los Angeles area?
Andy_R breaks 500k!
Congrats to the million points DeathAdder
thideras, Sleepy_Steve, & joeteck go 100k
How does Stanford keep up?
A friendly reminder to update your SMP clients.
Hrmmmmm... P4 HT Prescott 3Ghz D(h)ell ... work borg
WinSMP installation: can't run Install.bat file??
HD 2900 XT?
CJ5 - Hits the Millionare Club
F@H EOC Stats Yahoo Widget!!
jerseytomato a multi-millionaire !!!!
one click and FAHMON?
Linux SMP on Pentium D?
What is faster ?
Need a part? Have a spare part? Post up!
This may apply to some
AlabamaCajun joins the "Millionaire's Club"
Slowing down for now, lost 2 rigs
Landshark takes over #3
WUs not sending?
Another one for ChasR !!!!!!
Connectivity Test
Request: Global Announcement Re: Folding
E6600 folding
P2608 BSOD
Ugh, WUs getting stuck
mpiexec.exe problems
SMP on C2D laptop; worth it or not?!
Work unit getting stuck
F@H Spotlight # 71
correct set up?
ooh my X2 loves the 2651s!!
Congrats to rafjr00 and Ahtramus(Goshawk)
WinSMP Service... it works for me
Much longer TPF on Linux?
WinSMP problem, CoreStatus = 63 (99)
Linux SMP down again?
Seti or Folding?
Im back
Core running in safe mode?!
EOC F@H stats gadget for Vista Sidebar!!
Rate hikes...again
Market FAH!
INet and OCForums server
Worth swapping out a xp1700+ for a 2500+ barton core?
I'm a millionaire !!
July is the month of the CPU price war!
Someone is messing up my stats!!!
proper way to uninstall WinSMP?
Conroe Hurt !!!
Who's using Vista here??
sorry...n00b question time
Will a northwood P4-M be an asset?!
Secondary rig back up and folding
noob folding question
Folding begun! Beginner questions~
E2160 vs. Pentium D
Need Double(SSE2) Gromacs WU
PIII 1ghz worth it?
Error with SMP on Vista "CoreStatus = 7B (123)"
Orion456 on my Six
Congratz to Sno and jivetrky
BAR Constitution VOTE
ive been wondering...
pscout breaks 7,000,000
58ppd @ 110w max, is it economically worth it to run 24/7?
Q6600 Testing results
How to automatically email Unitinfo.txt to myself?
Expected Core 2 Production
My new chip on Winsmp
Top 10!!!
LeeLegend moving up the multimillionaire list
H2 - our newest millionaire
F@H Spotlight #70
HAHAHAH H im back on your trail
Successful sneakernetting
Congratulations to the folding_monkeys...3 million points!!!
hrsetrdr aka ihrsetrdr aka Tim hits 3Mp
T32 supercluster
Are we losing Flexy?
2 new faces in the top 20 ppd !!!
4 point protein?
Congrats RPKole 1Mil
Congratz to Andy R and Warrior
You won't believe this! :)
Pentium 4 HT Win SMP Results
Stanford set me a pink slip
July 22 Upgrades...looking for some advice
C2D 2MB vs 4MB Cache
Pentium D SMP performance?
Performance difference in GPU-folding between gfx cards
Finally! Ned makes Page 2!!
Windows Live One Care Alert
Just joined up on team32
F@H stats site
Near Future AMD micro farms.
Slowing down for the summer
*** T32 Lost & Found ***
Intel 2 for 1 E6600 arrived today.
200k & GPU Folding
Well ya finally did it, Lee
First month of folding for T32 under my belt.
Petaflop power reached
How much more efficent is F@H on linux?
apparenly i passed 500k somewhere along the line
I'm sorry, WarriorII.
I'm sorry Nedclocker....
Lost a Rig the other night.......
Goodbye everyone
Why I haven't been around much lately.
Joco's folding
Haire and Tortoise Redux
Joining the team.. quick question!
power consumption
Ubuntu and FaHMon question
Running hot, help?
Stopping console?
folding while not idle?
New foldin' layer
Team 32 have a safe holiday weekend, and keep on foldin' while you're gone.
Farm going down for 1 week or more
Page 7...
Givin' them the black pill
I missed it now I'm disappointed
Cursed Monkey Paw
SMP Question
How do I automate console SMP on mac osx
FAH Rigs to ebay
Are you guys ready?? (for ChasR)
Hack30 is leaving the safety of page 2
Just started folding
cluster setup
Attention Chimps 1 & ALL
Folding Layers AM2,AM2+
Nik keeps raising the bar .. past 14 Mil !!!!
Can a folding monk be a millionaire? belorsch!!!!!!
Holding steady in the Top 20... :beer:
What Happened to Macaholic?
Landshark slips by the 8 Mil mark !!!!
Regarding Shirts and Hoodies
Not receiving full credit?!
Flexy zooms past 1,000,000
Miralcos joins the millionaires !!!!!!!!
Joe Camel to 4,000,000 !!!!!!!!!!!
What type of specs for a folding PC?
Harlam, Audio and Console...
the baked goes 500k
dfonda mak'n da move
A Question from me !
Problems installing on a quad core mac pro on windows, help!
"Server does not have record of this work unit"
Ubuntu and wifi
Dual CPU beast!
Fatal error in MPI_Sendrecv
F@H Stability error
I came home to this today
Ghetto folding rigs
Intel July 22 price cuts ... for those planning builds
keep getting error in deleting prob
New Cancer treatment possibly 10 years away by blocking certain proteins!
Whats a segmentation fault?
PS3 folding article
davekusa has entered ....
OC error I think
Finally Back:)
WinSMP service won't start automatically
Basic mem/cache questions about sys design for a SMP folding rig
45 hits the 5,000,000 milestone !!!!!
Well now....
For those who fold slow but steady!
What's new and exciting on the Folding front?
WinSMP Service Install
Silver goes 2mil!
Goodbye to JWS Thread.
Had to pull the plug on my machines...
OMG I just passed my 2'nd year in teh Fold!
I'm down for the count
Problem with smp client