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Has NE 1 ever
SMP Project 2652 10 mins a frame any good?
Thank You and Congratulations!
Harlam your time has come
Will XP Home run SMP_FAH or VMWare Server?
Console VS. GUI
Attempting to Borg, How would you set them up?
Confused am I
Best excuse for being a slacker and not being on the forums for the past week or so
Need help with OSX SMP console client
Folding statistics question
Lets do something like this to our Page.
Disabling SSE?
Something that needs sayin'
Bad news!
kidsimba joins the millionaires !!!!!
Team 32's Starter's, Buying, Building, and Farming Thread
folding question
Windows SMP client problems...
MLMIB & dark_15 4 Million
Stanford Network Appears to be Down
Ubuntu Folding Sticky: Q&A
More ubuntu challenges
Round 3 Order your pirate T32 shirts here!
Where's Waldo ?
e4400 vs e6300
Could somebody give me a quick explanation of work units?
There is still 1 quad folding for team 0 in the chimp challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does ubuntu dislike . . .
QuadCore only has 2 F@H processes running
This monkey thing.
Attention: For Those We Lost
SMP frame times
F@H Team 32 now has a new CELL processor added to the mix
lm-sensors installation help!!
Thank you to ???
I found Extra PPD for us Linux Freaks!!
SETI crunching for the T32monkeys!
Double Check your T32Monkey TEAM ID's !!!!!!!!
Small Farm, switch/cat5 question
SMP Server in reject mode
Mac Pro Rules - 2 x dual, faster than quad.
Pete_Scout 6,000,000
Just switched
Publicized Contests? (benchmark team...)
ubuntu help
Need a favor..
what has ubuntu dun to me?
WTF is this?????
SMP Folding Help
Jon 1,000,000
Mephis 64
Question about GPUs..
RAM requirement for SMP
Intel Contest Final List
Anyone know how to burn an iso file?
Interesting PS3 Folding Commercial
What is "Oops" msg ?
Attention PS3 Folder's!!
Unknown WU
Will DDR2 800 work...?
PS3 working Fine
How many rigs will you have added in the next 30 days?
Is the GPU server down?
Two SMP rigs, two 2610, one does 70 MPF and one does 16MPF
get work failed
WinSMP Problem
Need help with SMP client..
T32 Folding Website down!!!
fahmon p2604 2 frames?
Good News for PS3 Folders!
SMP Client not sending units
twas the night before last...
just a question
OCAU Was 1.7 Years, Now 2.9 Years
It's Fry'sday!
The SMP Client runs 4 threads?
Grrrr I got jiped 1 WU
Question about moving SMP work units
PS3 F@H Update - v1.1
Just downloaded SMP need help
Error Msg on Results Upload
2.1 dual core with vista... SMP not working :(
Congrats to Zim on the 3MIL!
Post pics of your home folding farm.
How to properly shut down SMP client?
SMP Client hangs for no reason... o.O
p2611 - yum...
Error, what's this about?
Sticky volunteers
macaholic, i have a meromac mini question that perhaps you could answer?
Help. I've searched the forum long enough.
New? Gromacs 3.3 Core
Help OCing my new E6420 for WinSMP
T32 Folding Pirate shirts Round3!
Team 32 logo?
Bottles of Beer on the Wall...
maddog39, I'm comin for ya...
Redo my folding rig?
SMP client question
Just started folding again
Top 1000
More Intel Price News
Damn storms
Shot myself in the foot.......................
Average Size of normal WU's?
Farm upgrade considerations
Another OCAU Overtake Milestone
Adding 3 new machines to Team 32.. but
Blargh! Stop closing yourself you bloody GPU client!
Intel 2 for 1 Contest
Price Cut
An Unexpected Benefit of WinSMP
SMP help after rebooting machine
Entered my PS3 onto team 32!!
Shelnutt2 (ver2)
f@h virus?
Price Alert
work units seem to be ending prematurely alot
Need some help
It's Fry'sday!
Hey, guys.
Wombat3 and Publix, i'm coming for you!!
Now for a change.
Zero hour has arrived
Still not connecting with Vmware/Ubuntu
Getting an error message
blast you harlam357 and fhanderson!
Most cost-effective cheap processor out there
woot one more rig added!
What has folding done.
I'm tired and annoyed at FAH
Only for you WarriorII
Is it worth it to use HT for folding?
Need help spending $$!
Where's folding.octeams.com?
Who are these guys?
New kinda unit??
Pease, what's this?
Ubuntu Linux & SMP Client Install Guide
4300 vs 805 Linux SMP
Sorry satandole666.............
Whats the scoop on a 2609
There goes the farm!
Another Round of Shirts?!?!?
Dual core folding Q
Ubunto help please
Farmer's Friend - OpManager
Attempting to Borg my school
Birthday wishes to...
AMD Anyone?
Dropping off radar for abit
PS3 user names
The Beta Linux Smp expired April 1
Passing zim in 2.6 months
7 hours to i get zimmed
Can You Say 98 Million?
veryhumid another Millionaire
Router blocking results?
SMP Problems
Another PS3 for T32
What do I need to fold?
_Console_ The Big 1 Million
Server probs at stanford
Linux Server down?
BAR Panel
Getting back into Folding...
prefered mobo for pentium d and core duo folding?
Where can I find my stats?
Zerileous checking in...
WinSMP Log Error
WinSMP server issues?
Team Milestone?
need help installing smp on vista
BAR Info - Linky
Another Small Boost
F@H Spotlight #69
Ribo's are back !!!!
Rig Building
Leaderboards for ps3?
Wish me luck
Hey there team.
Thanks everyone It's been a nice run.
FahMon on Linux SMP
missing unit
99995462 - :)
does this look right?
Time for Foldamania!
Look who's busted the top 20 ppd list..Flexy
Vista Folding issue.
Does TPF really change this much or did I hit a 'sweet spot'?
EMIII site down
State of the Union (might want to read this)
Looking for 3 AAR Hosts.
Just got a FX 5200
what is the PPD on this rig?
View t3h l33t m0nk3y h4wtn3ss!!!
Come see Chuck (WarriorII) nude
a lucky 7 for LandSharK !!
So, ben, lee, and drop. When shall we go shop?
PPD extremely low
Servers not assigning?
Fastest TPF for SMP
Houston - We have a problem.
So a couple of computers arrived at work today
Who does H20 on the rigs?
Congrats Dfonda on pg3!!!
2610 - timing comparisons
D805 & WinSMP oddity
My adventures in multi-GPU folding
mislaid microprocessor megahertz
knock knock pete
New to folding, would appreciate some advice.
More Multi-Millionaires
2 GPU'S Same rig
Off Topic Car Question
A Warm Welcome to Our New Members
T-32 top ten folders = five digit PPD
F@H as Screensaver -> Problem
H Hits 1,000,000
AAR Test Bench
Where are you located?
Need Help
Problems Submitting WU's?
OOPS! I dont see benbaked anywhere?
Zim's mAd SkiLlZ
Win SMP problem
Check yer SMP Dougies
mysterious points
fah help
Name ideas for the OC monkeys!
Win SMP issue
how can I get these work units sent?
Drum Roll for fhanderson
Cheap rack setup, help
Dual Core Vs Quad Core Vs $$$?
Chimp Challenge '07!!!
INQ Smack on folding
SMP client on HT Machine
Core2Duo V.S. AMD X2
PS3's blow away PCs in TFLOPS
OMGZ!! Another millionaire!
EOC fixed
Prioirty=idle doesn't work properly
Its not you its me..
PS3 ?
Congratulations to moz_21, our newest T-32 millionare folder
Anyone else lose a bunch of WU's the last 2 days?
Way to go Pete!
Assignment Server is having some problems
PS3 Now
Some one check out my Stats
Congratulations Mark620 on 2M!
Can I fold on this OS?
zim01 what did you do!!??
Beginners Guide to WinSMP on Vista or XP
zim takes No.1 spot....you are all rubbish!
PS3 now able to fold!!!!
How slow can my processor be?
p1582_A7ext_298K_03 is folding like crazy!
SMP Client = Cluster in disguise
Problems restarting in 6.06
Old Gene Folder
SMP_FAH & VMtools install?
F@H wont connect on mac?
Windows SMP client is now open beta.
Ubuntu Temp Monitor
Drum Roll For Mark620
Extra Large WU
Got the carpet
OCAU- Really Overtake or just Talk?????
Congratz to Gulp35/Junebug on the 4.0 milestone!!!!
folding once again
Somehow... i still fold.
F@H Spotlight #68
Anyone notice how long the servers been down?
Little folding question
Newsflash! ChasR kicked Wedo to the curb!
Team Motto Ideas thread
Cant tell if the service is working
Congrats to Macaholic on the 1MIL
Segmentation fault.
SMP folding protien trouble
Adding an xbox
Help getting a diskless *nix rig running with wifi...
and another milestone for ChasR
Congratz ihrsetrdr - 2,000.000 !!!!!
Is is possible to find the IP# that a WU came from?
Cheapest folding rig.. (Conroe)
Congrats nik on lucky number 13!
SMP Alternative
2MB vs. 4MB cache for folding, Does it matter?
Servers down, couple hours only
Input Needed - AAR Program -Other posts
F@H Spotlight #67
Capt Slug -- In my sights LOL.
Please vote, input needed - AAR program
Page 2 Stampeed part Deux
Two ||Console||'s
Error Error Error
OCAU is feeling the heat!
I don't feel evil....
Chewing away...
A little self appreciation thread.
F@H can't send results
Lost my borgs for the weekend......
A Headless/Diskless folding farm in the works
Jon! Page 3!
Started Folding finally for team 32 :)
Will a AGP ATI X800 fold?
VMware + SMP + Wireless problem
Starting folding again
I need smp help
GPU or VMWare smp
VMware help
Good News (to counteract Warrior's bad news)
How much bandwidth does FAH take? Concerned about borging Dialup based PCs
Bad News
Points Updated?
Stats / History / Activity
Go... Audio... Go!!!!
Preinstalled VM images for SMP_FAH
On a lighter note, Sorin are you lonely?
Almost there!!!!!!
Taken a Fall. Life is changing already!!!
F@H Spotlight #66
Sorry about violating decorum...
patty melts....where have they gone?
anyone autobooting their vmware/SMP
GPU folding
SMP server is down
What's this?
opinions please
I cant find my stats
GPU + Crossfire confusion
WTF ChasR???
Farewell to AC
looking to contribute with clusters
Mac osx F@H error
muddocktor passes the 2 million mark!
I'm ready to start folding, can someone take a couple of mins to help me get started?
2 days of downtime :\
FizzledFiend coming out of retirement (well sort of)
Folding on nVidia Cards
3 client install assistance please
quad core and ATI
I'm missing it
tets + new core2 = t3h h0tn355!!!!!
Back in the Top 20!
Idea for our VMWare friends..
F@H Spotlight #65
Setting different CPU workloads
EOC being Goofy
psyshack now a millionaire !!!!!!!
long way from the top 100, but...
Congrats to CJ-5 on reaching the Top 100!
Congrats to HorseTrader!!!!!
awww no one noticed...
How do I monitor SMP from windows?
Congrats pete!
GPU folding error?
Points Changes Coming
Ninth place and steaks on the grill - life is good
Playstation 3 folding, or PowerPC Linux folding.
hmmmm ... there seems to be sombody new in the top 20 today - jws2346
vonkaar now at 2,000,000 !!!
A weakness in the HIV virus, interesting news
2605 word of warning
ThePCGuy goes > 1,000,000
Kinda Cool
What program other then ATItool will turn on 3dclocks?
Gary AKA Landshark ... yet another milestone run over !!!!
your home electrical map
Finally back.... sorta....
Welcome to the Top 100 Rpkole!
3D Mark Stable, but EUs?
2604 smp added
What about Itaniums?
New WU?
Tearing up the asphalt
GPU Folding problem
Wedo > 8,000,000
VMWare and Ubuntu variants
Is SMP folding really better?
Linux n00b needs help
Hey guys got a bit of a problem here
AAR program
The Computer to Put Yours to Shame!
Nomore heating up your CPU/Case doing GPU folding!!
F@H Spotlight #64
SMP/VMWare blank screen
New feature on EOC stats!
Just started using Overclockix
What causes the timered checkpoints in the 2605?
GPU Help Please!
Folding only rig?
Finally naked SMP folding
Sneakernetting SMP from live session
2 clients?
SMP errored out.
Thank you stanford!!!
Page 3 Stampeed?
Folding Problem
24/7 ?
More thoughts on the uniprocessor client
Sorry Guys
heads up - 2605 smp on vmware on non- c2d rigs
2605's SMP
Virtualization support in New Linux Kernel!
SMP Server Down Again?
I got bored today
Deadline passed?
Guys Ex threw FAH farm out 14 story window!
F@H Spotlight #63
EUE with full credit?
top 20 producers, who me?
TOP 5!!!
Rejoice in the 'patty melt' abatement!
EMIII won't update progress of certain instance
Does it matter?
It's back!
Help! UltraVNC weirdness with GPU client
folding under VISTA affecting performance
Page 1 here I come
another install issue
What is this?
It's been quite a while.....
dropadrop hits 1,000,000
Overclock advise please
Celeron D 5GHz folding!
stanford server IP addresses
Don't forget to...
trader, trader where are you trader :-)
Some thoughts on the CPU client
New buid and ubuntu folding advice?
Work Borg's
Playstation 3?
F@H Spotlight #62
Us vs OCAU.... :o
Finally lapped the opty 165
Loving SMP/Linux
Oric is now a double millionaire !!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's been a great year (and some change)
Kentsfield is here :-)
SMP server?
smp for win32 no time soon ... but other teasers?
Vista help
Conroe's popping up everywhere. :)
New to folding@home
Thanks Eli (hbarkley) for getting me to pull the trigger.
Nearly as good as SMP :-)
They have lost the plot
SMP server down
What have I got myself into. VMware and GPU?
Points not being added?
Coming Back to Folding
Help with Dual Boot on SATA drive
Let's sit down and discuss...
Certain WU stress proc more?
What's GROST stand for?
3034 - its killing my ppd :)
Hey kidsimba
Monitoring F@H on a G15?
anyone getting anything besides PATTY MELTS?
Box Exploded ?
Quick Question/Problem
You know your an addict..
Completed my first WU!!
Any idea when we'll have a windows smp client?
f@h help?
F@H Spotlight #61
add another 1
How do you remove EM111?
OK, everyone cross your fingers
jerseytomato >1,000,000
FAH SMP cannot retreive work unit
For your folding pleasure!!
F@H GUI + SETI GUI on dual core?