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E6600 at the Shack
our newest millionaire !!!
Revenge of the budget chip
Hopefully my last question.. :(
I don't think my Folding is working :(
Noob Questions! :D
Is this normal?
ChasR ... yet another milestone!!!!
Folding marathoners, benching sprinters need your help :)
I love my conroe @ 3.6!!!
Congratulations to Arlo_ on 2M!
What is the slowest CPU for GPU
folding....it does your head in!!!
linux paging question
is it true??? Linux SMP speed
Can I get a laptop that can do 1000ppd?
server 134 sending out defective work.
Problems running SMP live ubuntu 6.10
Im Back :)
For those Linux SMP wannabe
Nice peaceful day at home
good mobo
This is just Killing me !
Blocking the Patty Melt Server?
Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers
JoeCamel busts 3 million!!!
Quit 101 - Fatal error: Box exploding.
ordered a kentsfield!!!!....
Congratulations jerseytomato on 1M!
Noob questions on SMP machine
F@H Spotlight #60
ppd the easy way
Is this slow?
knock knock Trader
FAH in Madriva = slow
New Rig question - SMP/GPU
Folding@home flops per client
SMP Beta just expired!
X1650 GPU power!
Best cheap folding layer?
Is anyone else using the 5.04 Client??
O/C question for the x1950
My Xeon duallie is down... again!
Sorry guys but I had to
Ati drivers in linux
F@H Spotlight #59
Thank you thread
EMIII in Linux
Better FAH icons
In 357 days, Harlam357 will overtake me.
GPU Client Catalyst 7.1 Warning
Save me from PowerPC macs!!!
Diskless Troubles....
Ok, I want in!
What flag to stop FAH when WU is finished?
Beginners guide to VMWare and SMP install
Yay, and Finally!!
Folding speed question, dual core laptop
I guess the P_melts are worth it.
The sig update how do I turn off
New ATI X1950 pro 512MB checking on driver installation
F@H is eating my bandwidth
Chimp Challenge '07
Folding on a X1650 pro Turbo
MAC OSX and SMP client 4 x a1.exe ?
DS3 "F9" Bios
Attention #63
Recruit me and my computers!!!!
Guide to using Samurize to monitor FAH WU progress
Clearspeed boards are out
Just a little more push Nik!!
GPU Folding in this months CPU mag
Congratz ihrsetrdr - 10K !!!!!
Before updating catalyst driveres Read
just ordered one of these for home!!
Team 32 Folding@Home Site Down for a few days
keep yer eyes peeled
congrats to Pete!!!!
-advmethods slowing down frame times???
Hit a couple of potholes
Can you fold on a DOS only machine?
F@H Spotlight #58
Vipersfate new minifarm addition
Hey guys, check this out
GPU working right??
has anyone seen Kentsfield SMP results?
I thought F@H was not supposed to slow your PC down at all!!??
Could not connect to work server error
X1950 AGP Folding
Anybody interested in a PPD/instance contest?
Project p1499_tet_1499
Folding on a X1900 CF??
Back - well back to the forums
No longer need -configonly first on smp?
2 Quick Questions?
help with smp error needed please
New To Folding
Stats are up?!
Stats are down
Batch file 4 lazyness (need help)
what a little cleaning can do
SMP w/ VMWare
News flash
My first overclock...please help me
Someone help me out here (SMP)
Back in teh FOLD! :D
Do these times look right?
Folding question
GPU and CPU folding on single core HT
F@H Spotlight #57
Attn: Sorin
manual WU point value in EMIII
Thank you folding santa + all
The Race!
new grapics card just came
Last Night
The evil 5 way melts...
Running in the background
Just wanted to wish every one a Marry Xmas
giving overclockers OZ a run for their money
Com'on Stanford.....
X1950 PRO 512MB AGP in stock
aGoing away 12/22
Folding questions
Gonna Give SMP another Go Over Xmas
Thanks Santa and elves!!!
The Greatest F@H Propaganda Page Ever
Santa's administrative thread
tell me some more about fo|ding....
I've got a rouge!
6.12 drivers
dropadrop hits 11k a day
Guess who's back in town ? ... Santa and his merry elves!
F@H Spotlight #56
Folding upgrade?
Finally in the blue!
linux on mac questions
Celeron D to Pentium 4 worth it for folding?
Need quick advice
GPU Folding here :)
Need advice on old-parts folding box...
Oh no! There goes Tokyo! Go, go Quadzilla™!
Final shirt order going out! Check your in here.
Team effort update!!
Where is Santa?
A big hip-hip horay for Bayna/Cuda340
Post your Folding Goals for 2007!
SMACK!!.....PCguy(794613) and jerseytomato
the egg deals on GPU's
Regarding AS issues.
Borging the new Dual Core2... What's the best way?
Do we have that many new users flying up to the top 50?
Landshark is now half way to 10,000,000 !!!
wish me luck.....going for 9000ppd
what now!!! - more errors
farewell ribos - you will be missed
Smack ! Page 3 !!!!
In the new year Im ordering a server what should i get?
SMP errored all night....
EOC SigStats!
another SMP box.....oh yeah
52 users comtributing 60% of daily points
p3023_SMP-water-box - lovely unit
a call for help-- a Macbook
extremeoverclockering.com is gone!
F@H Spotlight #55
Slugout for #20
GPU Folding Question
Server 171.65.103:8080 not connecting?
28.6 Years
Ugh, whats the deal with this log??
WTF! danvvc
SMP & HT ??
to PS3 or not to PS3
OSX SMP Client out!
Mustanley hits yet another milesone ... 6 mil this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am back
Getting another one!
Doesnt ya love it when the Delivery guy drops off 3 new conroes =)
Can't send finished units! Main machine with 5 to be sent!
some new Ribo's
F@H Spotlight #54
Cancer sucks...
We've leveled out w/MaxPC! :beer:
I just realized how much of a loser my girlfriend is
I am dreaming
just landed a biggie!!!
Gulp35 and Junebug ... another milestone already !!!!
Help on building a Farm
Working on getting a few labs up and running, need some help
1 year, 338 days
Linux Clients Frozen before entering WU
Config for 1800+
X1600 Pro GPU Results
SMP vs multi GPU folding
GPU Client HELP!!! Client expired?
OOOOh pretty!
Client Check Required!
"new core" error?
64bit livecd with hugemem for folding
Wanted! Alpha Testers for FAH Manager
New GPU GUI beta client available.
How Fast do you fold these: p2125_lambda_5way_melt_4_10011?
woot woot Top 20
F@H Spotlight #53
Congrats on a job well done jonspd!
Killing FAH!
P1495...more ppd than a QMD!
heads up, x1900xt cards at classified section!!
GPU joy for free!!!
Welcome to Page 1 Mr. Legend
CP struggles
Won't send WU
p1498 bonus gone for large memory usage?
Finally broke 100k
Plan to add new circuit for folding farm, advise needed.
Returned first Linux SMP work unit - watch out
opnion on xeon 5050 for smp folding
todays aquisitions
F@H Spotlight #52
help installing on ubunto 6.10
X2-3800 making 920PPD!
Stalled FAH
Got a problem on a gpu client.... i think
Takin down another one
check out this farm at the [H]
Today is going to be a good points day i can feal it in my bones =)
could this be an ad for Folding and PS3?
Need help setting up SMP client
Folding Contest
Top 20
New SMP Client!
More patty's
Man, this sucks
x1800gto ppd?
NVIDIA 8800 GTX Graphics Card
potential new rig
6 figures baby!
Where is the sticky?
sno & jonspd's big adventure...
davekusa hits 1,000,000!!!!!! (belated celebratation)
woot I got accepted!
Nik WTH you letting a noob take over
Good News Everyone!!!
Just started GPU folding!
WTF ihrsetrdr !!
Some Thoughts In General
WarriorIII Your time has come
Woot! Woot! I hit 50K...yeah!!
Cant send units off...
Point dryspell, but T32 doing okay?
And the gloves come off
error sending results to server
I have joined the F@H Army!
SMP folding in Linux
New EM3 version, available.
dual boot config.
i am back and churning
How to get the most out of my hardware?
Notfred's Diskless Folding
F@H Spotlight #51
101 WU milestone
DX10 and GPU Folding...?
Mini milestone
Stanford reports wrong # of active procs.
P4C and folding...
I dont know if my linux client is working?
Page 1 at last... Page 1 at last! :beer:
A Little Help Please!
Now That...
how low could a CPU goes w/out slowing down the GPU??
I want to fold agian but...
I'm producing again!
install help.
6 Guinness for ChasR !!!
A little overclock to step up production.
A milestone for "me"
Opteron 165, 170 or e6300 as heavy folding layer
So my Dual PII 450 rig wont be any help to F@H?
Why aren't my protiens finishing?
Do you CUDA?
The greater good?
Looks like 2k ppd is going to have to wait ;/.
help on monitor
Order you T32 folding pirate shirts here!!
Please Don't Laugh But What Is This Folding@Home
I don't like being 6th
Found this interesting.
SMP Folding......this is the way forward!
Way to go Pete!
Back for a while
F@H Help
is this bad?
Want to switch from GUI to CLI version
PS3 Folding [Video]
Is it worth it?
Interview with ATi´s Andrew Dodds on Folding at Home
Looking to go GPU on the cheap
drowning in Ambers....whats the answer?
New to FAH with 1900XT
F@H Spotlight #50
I see a truck with a bunch of dell box's
I should be seeing an increase in PPD in the next couple of days.
Shortcut to start/stop folding services
FYI: there's a x1900xtx for sale over at the classicified section!
Interview to ATI about future of Folding at home GPGPU
Combine Teams?
The cost of folding?
What's that delicious aroma?
i had a dream
F@H 100% CPU usage, but computer still runs fine?
The Great Monkey Roll Call!
Power Draw
reformatting and F@H
big gromatics an observation
Are there OC/FAH Shirts available.
Distributed Computing Plug
A fine year it has been
I <3 Conroe
C2D upgrade what'ya think
Multi-GPU Fah Client
Anything I can do about this?
Question about flags and WUs
I made it on the top 20 list =)
Quick question on the one click install.
Got another borg!
wOOt to Gulp35 and Junebug !!!
What if? Conroe and QMD
Quick info on what's faster at folding...
Finally orange for first time ever
Unit times
Im gonna try and catch Sno.lcd
Correct installation
Newbie to folding - need help
Albaholic & P4EE Im comming for ya
Server 128?
Adding a layer
F@H Spotlight #49
Need some help with this log file
Actual average ppd per core
Potential GPU folder barebone, $99!!
need to borrow 2000 points per day :)
opinions please.....Ambers on Fast or slow
Multi-gpu support coming soon
Finally got some folders..that I will pass by
A Call to Arms: The OCFolding Dictionary
Folding Questions
I placed a order 2day =)
Conroe can fold!
Just found out something.
For Those We Lost
all good things.....
NYCE Production yesterday for team 32
Has anyone seen this? hardware/folding question
amber core?
No GPU units left
F@H Spotlight #48
I'm such an idiot
Whats up with these monster WU's?
Ongoing folding problem...
Remember me?
Now this is Folding
1 Year - 5 Months - 10 Days
Folding in Vista!!1?
Those of you on page 4...
Project 2711
Snagged a deal!
Do these times seem right ???
sub team for team 32!!
no nonsence client
I'm still here :).
The BRAND NEW FaH Site is NOW live (link inside!)
I'm folding
Wine Folding isn't nice!
"Curbside pickup"
Evilsizer & Shellnet2 = the next to fall
EMIII stuck
Windows / OS X - WU's
Who needs a heater when you've got DC!
F@H Spotlight #47
I've recruited a friend
Very strange, these GPU wu's
I can't find myself on the list
GPU Folding....its no fun!!
GPU folding
Folding in Virtual Machines?
Welcome to the FOLD Fferrett!!
83ppd about right?
Where's the OC-Rev powa?
Very weird EUE pattern
What happen to the various WU's?
Re: FahCore_a0.exe
F@H Forum Access Issues, and Alternative Fixes
Dual Core Folding
GPU folding
F@H Team 32 Userbar
GPU vs CPU!!
Can I send someone this WU?
An offer of help.
MaxPC took #4 now they are gunning for us !
easy Console upgrade?
flag question for the big hitters
cant get past "benchmarking" when starting fah
Core 2 Duo
Chokin' on patty melts!
A challenge for LandShark.
F@H Spotlight #46
Will He or Will He Not?
Hey! I'm blue again!
congrats to Wedo!
Impact of L2 on folding?
Folding Speed Noob.. help
6 folding cores discussion of the hypothetical Kentsfield and 1900xt.
Landmark For Me!
Athlons dont like the 44pointers
getting some 44 point wus?
Singing the Blues...
Clue me in please - Various types of clients per CPU
Folding for a Nobel
O' where art thou T32 Website?
Bring It On Mr. Console!!! And Spion!!!
F@H Spotlight #45
25 days and 95 days
On your mark, Get set, GO!
F@H GPU Question/Result/Screeni/etc.
GPU Folding is up at 440 PPD
For Those Who Wait!
Wow... :drool:
Way to go Mac
5.03 on Win2K not connecting
Page 3!
AnandTech's GPU FAH Report
CongratZ to LS on hitting 4,000,000 !!!!
timeless tinkers gone?
Folding in Linux and Windows
Not getting any points!
Page 2 stampeed
All my folding pc's stopped folding.... help
Hitbyapartked car Im comming for ya
So what is the hot CPU these days for folding.
Anyone have the link to that folding flash?
-oneunit flag on 5.04 Stanford Service Install
400+ P4's At Our Disposal!!!
F@h only using part of cpu
GPU folding hardware
Are you ready?!
Face to Face !!!!
Old workhorse sitting idle
F@H Spotlight #44
/smack Page 9 Here I come
HI-HO SILVER Awayyyy.........
p1487_DPPC_DOPC_CHOL 1161points?! 265 hours?!
Folding CD generator
questions about folding
Stolen Megahurtz - Interview Questions
Folding Priority
Where do you stand on the permission ethical dillemma?
Our ass is getting handed to us, and I plan to do something!
Why We Fold
Anyone else have garbled text in EM111?
Monthly Powah
Has anyone seen this error? Should I worry about it?
strange error on 2nd core
81 wu's on 20 days
proof is in the folding.....
Com'on Nik, you can do it!!!
F@H Proposition to the IT Dept
GPU folding PWNage
FAH is only at 50%CPU usage in task manager
ssgohan434 it's on!
4 more borgs today