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PS3 and Folding
F@H Spotlight #43
WEll, I'm back
Folding and Ubuntu?
Folding properly?
Bunch of potential new folders!
WOW production went down
Short stint
p-d820 and ppd
Windows Diskless Folding
vista and folding
Folding On cell phones
Stolen Megahurtz - Issue #1
Fragged !
How do you move the FH console?
CW823 - Making it interesting
Cheap, but OC capable P4 motherboard
Post your folding goals
Hey Console
ppd so low
Just made 5 digits
EM3 issues maybe I'm just stupid
DS3 & E6300
Guess whos comming to town
Look behind you...
Will this work?
WU sent in early
Does the One Click Work with Users On a domain ?
F@H Spotlight #42
Thinking about getting into folding...
Is this possible?
EM3 error?
Monstrous 3 month WU?
can't install OneClick in Vista RC1....?!
Dont :cry: as I pass you by
Post up your PIC/PHOTOSHOP T32 shirt ideas here
Post up your SCREENPRINT T32 shirt Ideas here!
Do not try this at home
Sorry I been so slow
emiii questions
Mac-mini and F@H?
how to edit flag w/ oneclick besides regedit??
F@H and significance of ocing
Yo Landshark! wtf!
EMIII & Mapping FTP as Drive
Help with stats in sig
Stuck WU
3 More WU's!
error please help
Making the most out of my farm
F@H on GPU's by the end of September?!
Trouble sending Wus
It's September and you know what that means....
Is standford down?
Help!!!! Not uploading que
Folding On Xbox
Science Daily reports on folding
*Newsflash* We are getting ownd...
Happy Birthday!
New linux install-how to make it fold?
My New 35ghz FAH Farm
FAH On Xeon Need Some help
TOP 20 AT LAST!!! - probably not for long :)
Good greif
Congrats LeeLegend !!!
Work Units In Queue!!!
Folding @ Home on the PS3!!!
Shuttin' down the home farm.
Assignment server down?
Few simple questions
How do you set FAH as a service in Vista PreRC1 ?
F@H Spotlight #41
folding as a stability test.
F@H screen saver?!
Back into folding with 4800X2, A64 4000+, 3000+ Sempy, 2.93 Celey D, 3.06 Xeon
Strange folding issue
Why the small WU??
What's up with active membership?
transmit error
New Egg Deal
Way so that Icon doesnt show up?
gene therapy
Did I just lose 4 days of folding?
Netburst isnt dead yet
Can you fold on Linux ?
Fighting Cancer with Gene Therapy
need help borging computer labs
mass buy of conroe?
New rig in the fight
400k- two months to Page 1
Out with lenovo in with...
F@H Spotlight #40
I feel a Thunderdome coming on!
my new bahemoth
Sick Cow, neeed help!
Folding@Home for Playstation 3
Retail Merom and motherboards.
Whoa!! I hit 20K points!!!
Can I run 3 Instances of F@H?
finally made it to page 6
EMI being strange
Dangit! My One-Click rigs are dropping like flies!
Is this normal?
$200 at Fry's is only 470ppd?
OS for dedicated folding
Should I use timeless WU's?
Anyone know AVG times on PIII
yay 2 ChasR and yay 2 folding_monkeys!
[fixed] Other processes priority interfering with FAH
F@H on your PS3!
4-in-the-box folding
Get ready for PS3 folding!
Noobie you going down
I hit 100 WU's WOOT!!! WOOT!!! w/ 16079 points!
What gives with this log?
Random babbling questions,
Hello Nexces!
RHM back to the fold
conductive pens??
F@H Spotlight #39
Today could have been a good day; point wise
Folding on OSX
Mustanley hits 5,000,000
Borgix 2.0 - Assimilators Edition
Some smack talk!
Good folding rigs?
Is this a memory stability issue?
Oh NO!! server dead..
Folding at Home Team Summary 18/08/2006
Newbee question
bring it then!
zim2411 Bring It
Pic of the day
Who is Hatebreed_ATX?
AAR1 is back in business!
F@H Spotlight #38
ICS help
Congrats ThePCGuy
mini mac assimilation
memory size
Just an Update.
Folding questions.
WTF DeathAdder!
Haha! I have cleared my threats list! Bring it on, top 29!
Diskless folding...advanced settings, dual cpu, etc.
client.cfg gets changed
Conroes and Folding
Core problems
Back from the dead!
Whoa! Pscout!
F@H Spotlight #37
A special treat!
Strange folding issue
come on warrior, where are you
Man I like Dgromacs
Congratz to Gulp inc. on 2,000,000 !!!!!
My second core is Lonely....
Adopt-A-Rig Garage Sale: Donate here!
New AM2 Folding.
3 days for a WU??
A moment to embarrass someone
AAR Idea
Distributed Computing Wiki
Servers must be down.
F@H Spotlight #36
1mill finally!
Error: Could not download core...HELP!!!
Problems With FAH+Laptop
Cant' changing affinity when running as a service.
Robert Jordan
Question: laptop battery life and F@H service configuration
Congratz to TIS .... the 1,000,000 pt milestone!!!
FAH on Smoothwall hangs
1 PetaFLOP, anyone?!
Time for another T32 Artwork Competition?
805 going up today
How do I send a finished work unit?
diskless farm new layer trouble
Dumpster Headquarters
Solution for electrical cost issue
Folding on Extreme X6800
How do you get 50+ CPUS for F @ H
Cheesey Poofs
How to see progress from different PC.
F@H Spotlight #35
bad WU ??
Problems folding on linux
HOLY Double Gromacs Core?
p2126 point value?
GT24 brought up a good point....
Folding is DOWN
Just broke into the Top 200
aaaaarrrgghhh low scores
Top 20 for the first time!
Help with folding farm v.networking
Autosend work units?
Whoot! I hit 459
Yet another core problem...
Getting kind of worried here.
Recruitment Ideas
Top Team arrive on Sheet 4
Are these to make up for the shortage of tinkers?
Another Stupid question
the me is back!
Stupid question
Stanford changed their stats website for autosig gen folks
Who's got my Pernts
Rig Tempreture
F@H Spotlight #34
Congrates Joe Camel!
What does one have to do to join a team?
Still taking applications
Is it worth it?
Turning off the legacy rigs
Folding at Home signatures
F@H cannot connect out
Congratz Leelegend !!!!
We need to increase our membership, an idea...
An early congrats to pscout.
Tinker WU's
AC-CJ Thunderdome 3.1
New to folding, anyone looking for someone to join a team???
3800-X2 vs. Centrino 2.0...wow
console question
Poll: When you think QMD will be back...?!
Server question
Graphics needed for front of new folding shirt. Post up your ideas.
Pande Group publishes 40th paper!
Woohoo to the fold.
Swap WU's/work folders between clients?
Borgix update?
Thunderdome IV Harlem vs Rpkole
i smell silent_bob
how do you guys monitor your remote boxes.
Linux client problem (on FreeBSD)
Congrats to ChasR, a new Number Uno!!
Need some feedback guys
F@H Spotlight #33
Call to arms!!!
Oric hits the 1,000,000 milestone!!!!!!!
WTF? Another rogue instance that should not be there...
Need a picture (image)
Newest Member
what gives?
Can I make it to Page 1 by August 5th, 2006?
stats.free-dc and FAH
Just woundering if anyone on our F@H team is aware?
first conroe folding for team 32?
net problems
The old northy went down.
quick question about F@H clients
Connectivity issues
F@H Spotlight #32
Firefox F@H Extension
Hitting 500,000!
Possible diskless issues
ooh just got a presler 930 up and folding last weekend, dual core folding rocks!
WTF LandShark & dark_15!
gah... EUE
can't install OneClick??
Official Stanford stats server maintenance.
Can I fold without IE
finished a frame?
Wierd error in log
Top 6 Warning list - Smack
p1164 and p1165 - big WUs return.
HAHA figured out how to get folding to work on non-admin priv comps :D
Advance Commands for F@H
New York Times Article
MoonWolf, better grab another gear.
Calling 463
Movin on up
Want to move higher
1st Borg
Folding at 240volts instead of 120volts?
attn: folders on linux; you might not be folding with all your MHz!
Water water everywhere!!!
F@H Spotlight #31
OCForums passes the [H]orde
I symply don't understand?:eh?:
Most distant Borg?
Problem headless client
Project 962 WU's
not uploading
Sorry guys, no Spotlight update this week....
Folding borked by mini dump issue
Time to let 'em chill
Joe Camel lives (NO 56k)
Story of my last blocked borg (with pictures cause i'm bored)
some new toys!
Memory and F@H
Kentsfield previewed!
New member
Ultimate extreme cooling folder !
Illegal Borging and the Impact on Distributed Computing
anyone getting 9xx WU. i'm only getting 17xx
Last 4 updates and NO POINTS for anyone??
Problems with the -advmethods Server!
Take more RAM please!
some troubles
trouble transmitting
EM3 Download
ross has a conroe e6600! help him run folding on it!
vonkaar joins the 1,000,000 point club!!!!
Oddity in one of my current WU
Problems with transmitting WU's back today
F@H Problems
remote reboot?
Folding on Vista
I got the summertime blues...
The Penguin returns
Callout: just bring it, Macaholic!
F@H Spotlight #30
No credit for my WU's
What protein is this?
Who is our best salesperson?
David is going on holiday!
It's the apocalypse!
Few beginners questions
Diskless folding Question
new folding rig
Regarding the site I was working on...
This is it. fertilized the farm.
I'm RED for the first time! Not maroon, not brown, RED!
Macaholic's other ID hits 10,000,000 !!!
Time in logs
Folding Production by CPU/Core
Meromac mini T7400! Now folding near you!
A great day for Team 32 !
I finally went green!
TEAM32 shirts. ROUND 2
CNN reports: New folding program Rosetta@Home; no mention of Folding@Home
Duke's newest folder
2 pointer WU's?
A written warning to Ghetto and OC Rev
F@H Spotlight #29
WOot 400k
I'm feelin' lucky.
Folding Closet Pic
F(OC)LD is STILL 1337!!!!
Folding Question
my latest borg
Benchmarks for FAH performance
How bout my 4000PPU?
IS there a way to install Folding...when you arent a admin?
Linux Message: System is exploding
Biography of a (Folding) Madman
If Only...
Better CPU Choice?
Not sure
small woot
Gromac not continue ???
ChasR joins the elite 4,000,000 club !!!!!!!
taking a small break for a while
Gone for a few days
Folders Anonymous (F@HA)
Tracking a borged box.
F@H Spotlight #28
What would you do....?!
Interested in folding, which PC to use?
Jumping over people
I better get some steam on!!
Macaholic, move to the side. :).
Team 32's newest folder...
Banias Folding
$500 to spend.....how?
service problems
Anyone folding with a Yonah?
Updated Pics of teh Ghettos computer closet :D
Can't get Folding to run on work computers.. dam!
Feeling very goofty this morning...
Guinea Pig's Up
Does the folding version really matter?
The Official F@H Dictionary V. 1.3 has been posted!
All is Well.
dual core & 5.03
core types
Question on new folding rig
Folding on PS2
Folding on laptop
Whatever happened with Borgix?
folding status?
just in time for summer
oh nooo...EOC stats
I went dumpster diving because of you guys
F@H Spotlight #27
The Aussie's have challenged us!!!
oh great.....
Fastest "old" cpu for folding? Pentium III 800 Mhz, or Celeron 900-1000 Mhz?
Adopt-A-Rig is back!
"experienced problem, needs to shut down"
Potential good farming tool.....!!
ThunderDome III - harlam vs. robertm
The Ultimate Drive(for breast cancer)
Help me get started...
The Great Chimp Challange Has Come To A Close...
What I do for you people & I'm a 1337 folder, are you?
F@H Spotlight #26
Getting our Banana's handed to us
EXTRA SHIRTS, Interest in another run? and a BIG THANKS!!!
New to folding, a few Q's
Building new rig. Need cool, Power efficient folder.
Folding Farm With 1 Power Supply.
PPD? Am I on target?
I am going through Folding withdrawals!!
Got 2 WU's here
WU Milestone
changing configuration
My challange to the Folding_monkeys
Congratulations Gary
10001 WU down, many more to go...
Starting up
Where we at? How many?
Monkey lesson of the day.
Meep! I broke 10K
Seven Needs Your Help! Post F@H Dictionary Changes/Suggestions Here
So I was thinking...
What TEam Supports oc.com
How good does a Pentium D 805 fold?
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Installing & Using F@H
A million points...a personal milestone
win98 clients waiting on server
I'm red! I'm red! Help! Help!
Anyone have One-Click with client 5.04?
Monkey Influance
I have breached 1 million points. Run while you can. I am a demigod!!!
Folding_monkeys borg countdown
Dual HT Xeons, and extra idle CPU time. Is the extra time useful at all?
World War.
F@H Spotlight #25
Sig gen problems...
Forum tweaks
Good Pump for farms? (info)
My two new dedicated folders.
Bayna, I don't particularly like being followed. :-D.
nVidia PureVideo + WMP10 = Pure Crap!
1.5 days from 100K - A little reflection
WarriorII, I see you...
Yatta, Yatta Monster/farm?
welcome back Macaholic
Folding sig problems, specific error with Sig generator
I'm back!
800 points a day, I'm finally brown! Woot!
Need an opinion...IF your apartment had electricity included in the rent...more boxs?
Been getting a lot of dgro's lately.
Upcoming with Conroe, possibilities for cheap layers and i865 chipset.
Venit, vidit, vicit
Good News !!!
Need a little help plz.
Reactor Online
Request: resource on client.cfg options
How does Folding at Home really work?
The "Average" Folder
If you ordered a shirt from nahmus...
Anyone else having trouble getting a core?
Fun on the morning train.
New machine to add to the fold, in time.
I see a new name in teh top 20 list ... who is Bayna?
Rescued ! well, almost.
Misfit's leaving
Congratz Shellnut2 50K !!!
want more rigs? in search of a giant free farm? well, no promise, but an idea inside
which WU is worth 600 pts?
nikhsub1 are win!!! 9 million
Stats in sig?