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Stats in sig?
I need help!
F@H Spotlight #24
just for you Farmer wannabee......
Lofty's Overclocking Project
team ppd drop
29 work units for a total of 281 points?
Old rig up
Installing the one click for noobs
IMPORTANT small problem with pirate shirt Please read
These huge ones are killing me
WU# 1475
Problems with EMIII update?
Possible to fold 2 at the same time?
Need Original Files for T-Shirt.
OC Monkeys vs. MPC Monkeys Prize Ideas
muddocktor's got the blues...
Dumpster diving at it's finest...
Page 2 & 200k!!!!
DING shirts are done.. DING shirts are done!!!
Pre-Order Shirts
is the EOC "first record" accurate?
Attention all hands! Now hear this.
reborged a dual G5 tower, i have a question
Is this right?
Burning orange
I just went over 500 WU's
Just commissioned my 2nd
Quick questions!
$5 mem for the folding boxes
Attention please !
F@H Spotlight #23
working on T32 website... what is your opinion on frames?
Would like to start F@H again, have some questions
Help! ...running headless
:o he stoeled it!
Got colour?
FYI - My radar
Pentium D's and P4 3.2 HT's
wu's of the week
Summer Approaches...
Need OCF - sub Team names
Folding@home is secure, right?
EMIII Being evil
Best member spotlight quotes!
Just reached a nice even # of WU's
Estimated PPD increase?
Congrats Muddocktor on top and passing me!
F@H Spotlight #22
**Official** Team Monkey Challenge Thread
What's the best way to get folding rigs? I is broke.
DC Teams Combined are now #23 overall
p2401 - looks like a new RIBO!
Oh wow! Crappy points day!
Front Page Plug and/or contest
[H]orde Schedualed to fall
Bad Day
watch out for maximum pc!
permission to use T32 graphics in my website?
AAR -Adopt A Rig?
Recalling a service install
Gentoo Install
F@H crashing
I Turned Blue!
F@H Spotlight #21
Lappy Folding
Team 32 passes 200 Million points!
Harlam's New 144 & Ultra-D
Borgix Website undergoing big update
OCForums is #37 and Climbing
FAHcore 7a killing my production
Optimization Check
Shellnett2 an I......
Team32 Memorial Wall
rofl Dumpster divers anon!
Anvil82 passes 3,000,000 point mark
Back, with a vengence
New System Up
Final orders for shirts. Please check to see if I'm right
Yay finally page 1!
My first Corvette !
Doing Taxes - Folding a Charity?
is there any performance indication from Pi to FAH?
Shelnutt vs Warrior II Smackdown !
OK folks I need your help...
F@H Spotlight #20
What is forecasm?
Main box just died.
interest in building yata, cheap hardware
How much would a machine than can do 30k stock cost?
question about the F@h
Intel Vs AMD
F@H has been installed on my system...
Question about Projects
My first 1000 WUs!
time per frame
Made it back, finally!
Team 32 hits 200million!!!
How do I find out if a server is down?
Netman86 and AC, neck and neck.
!!!!! Another MAJOR milestone for Mustanley !!!!!!!
Can't upload......
Finished Project
Not even Batman can stop this team 32 Opteron bomb
Order your folding TEAM32 Pirate shirts here.
06 Design Submissions
do macs plain suck for folding?
Tualatin vs. Coppermine question
Exactly what type of math.operations does folding need?
folding with dual core CPUs question
Borgix is now 99.99% complete.....
Protein linked to cancer spread identified
Overclockix vs Windoz Folding
Proper way to Uninstall
Shirt prices
congrats to teh gary! teh landshark!
3 years to do 1 WU?
Fold On.....PLEASE!!
New Core FAHCore_a0?
How much folding goes on in your area?
EMIII screws up my folding
Folding with a cluster
Real Red ! Woohoo !
New to Folding
FAH client SMP support?
Monitoring stats via Samba on more then one Knoppix system
Xbox 360 folding yet?
2006 Team32 Shirt Designs
I have an the Enemy's PC borged...Take that Kim Jong Il!! haha
Farm down for spring break,
Finally page 10
This is strange!..
F@H Spotlight #19
Monitoring question
I am having a nice day folding today.
Expected A64 production
protein 2080?
Update on many things folding.
Pulling the mini farm down
GBGromacs - Pseudo-QMDs
Whats going on with my production?
Big thanks to WarriorIII !
What ever happened to...?
emm.. help?
Importance of SSE
Haven't seen this one before.
How much memory
QMDs - Part deux?
Member Stats reporting
Page 8! W00t!!
First (hopefully annual) Pirate Nahmus's treasure hunt!
just an idea for the folders....
Lions and Tigers and 2108's, OH MY !
shutting down a couple hundred acres of the farm
Point Value?
advice for a linux n00b
Its looking promising
Got my first quality borg
Need yer Prayers again...
Speak'em Router, You?
Hmm... F(OC)LD in a huge fall-off...
EMIII settings will not go away!
5 Facts about Team 32
Anyone want to swap WU's?
Stanford servers down?
Just curious
My Page 10 Alphabet Soup
p2108 - dk_villin
Re: Error mess.
WU Point qualifiers.
ThePCGuy on Page 2
Quick question...
WU not changing
Windows Mobile 5
Borgix ISO is 99% done
I'm back up and running !
Which version to run?
Warrior and Shelnut..it ain't over
WTF Ghetto!!!
Ack! You go away for a few days and...
All my wu's wiped out during storm.
Fold using VMWare?
small pointers?
WOOT .... muddocktor hits the big one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Borging On
Suggestions for an Opty SMP or dual core folding rig
odd thing
She's no longer so dead, Jim....
What is that on the horizon?
EMIII - display not showing properly
EMIII not showing status...I have no idea what's going on.
Yonah folding result.
Santa's back slinging completed WU's !
Sneaking on to Page two shortly.
two things of fold?
Finally made it to page one.
Art contest winners
Intel Fold build - help needed
Is There Anything Worse?
Is there something wrong with my rigs?
Today will be my first lime green day.
She's dead Jim....
um...is this a problem?
News about Parkinson's Disease
1 core not folding
Congrats Warrior !!!
Is a 333 mhz celeron up to the task?
DC-Vault - Combined Team Statistics
F@H Spotlight #18
Quick Question
Supermans Wife, dies @ 44
I finally got the 5 p4's up !
Wife called me today at work............
No connection. Hep me, please !
Is anyone running 5.04 beta on DC ?
Movin on up (its a bad thing)
What chip ??
I've got a dirty little secret...
Hey fellow team-mates
Finished my First WU
What's better than dumpster diving ?
Help me get back into things!
Other DC Section is now alive!
Thanks to all of you, I have 3 machines up
Start a new thread will ya?
Dually install question
PPD back to normal, all is well :).
My diskless farm/folding station!
5.04 Beta
I finally bade it through my first 2 WU's............
Core Outdated?
Just made page 7
The Team 32 art compatition
Hey man, 300k!
Welcome to folding and the blue screen...
looking for hardrives?
Are work units getting bigger?
Need EVERYONES help here !
Amazing ppd!
WHOA! Big spike!
Vote for Next Spotlight!
EMIII/FahMon question
how would this fold?
Nothing but 2306s...yuck!
Messed up config files!!! Look Here!!!
Team Overclocker AU has it in them!
Whats the Bold Mean?
Norton saying OneClick is an virus and not allow me to install....
F@H Spotlight #17
Upgraded my radiator 4 threads running now!
Top 50!!!
going from 502 to 504 core does it make a difference?
Computer Graveyard?
Need that one click install
Maximum PC Mag. Team Moving Up Today
Folding or Seti - Neat!
Leet folder here!
!!!! We have ourselves a new Mr Blue ... none other than ChasR !!!!!
Turned RED!
Member Needs a little help plz.
How to load FAH via an "image"
My first Milestone!
My budget build
EUE's more common recently ???
Max checkpoint time?
rosetta? combined with Boinc? = better than folding@home?
computer business - to benefit folding
F@H Spotlight 16
Some serious competition goin' on for top PPD spots- from #1 to way past #20 !!!!!!!!
Need a little help
8,000,000 Wow!
Flags/Option Setting For Different CPU's
GhettoComp. headless...
need help with FAH sig generator.
pete goes 7 digits!
**How To** Editing/Adding Flags
Welcome back 7!!!
PXE Boot With ADD on card.
Serious 1-Click Problems
Heading to page 4 or is it three? *shrugs*
teh borg!
I want one of these bad boys :)
Getting sick points today ^^
Another stats site - but doesn't seem to be maintained
when you reboot, do all services get stopped?
I get my PPD back, and FAH tells me to quit folding!
Folding & Bandwidth
Monkeys take second place in PPD
For those of you who like folding stats
day 4... hitting 1600 points
Question about Overclockix
Congrats to...
Indirect help on the folding front.
OCAU forums
Need help setting up Quad
20k Today!!!!!!
finally. up and folding.
Wedo goes >5 million !!
Monkeys take #3 in PPD
about to give up, only probs..
Dual Xeon Irwindale settings?!
To all Northeaster......
gaming rig or 7-8 farm
The Home of Borgix OS started!
can you run the graphical and the consul on the same computer?
A memory question
??(1192 points) (takes 4-5 days to complete)
AC on Page 2, I'm Back to Stomp ...
**Timeframe for end of competition**
Team32 Theme Song
EMIII WITH Headless :)
software quits on upload/download
Feeling Unmotivated tonight...
Wife and family need your support....
ghettocomp, a question(S) (caseless borgs)
Howdy All
Hello Everyone
flash drive gone poop?
Help Me Borg My School
Is there anyway I could queue up 1 more WU from a sneakernet rig??
Got an interesting PM from one of the Knights...
Suggestion for the forum...
Latest Headless Info
Oh Noooes... it's on now!
what I bought for 1.00
Folding dual DGromacs on P4 HT's ??
Cluster folding
freakin forever
Has anyone sucessfully moved a 1481 from a p4 ht to a p4 D?
Folding questions
Oh Snap! services question
Double Gromacs Core?
F@H Spotlight #15
TOP 20 Producers!!!!!!!!!
723 pointer!
Gonna try some folding
Back, finally
I've decided to make a new "one-click"
Hard Chargers from the Freshmen Folders
25,000 mark
200 WU's & Wife's Diabetes
How can I get F@H to auto run on limited accounts
800 gto but which one.
F@H console problem
Was this covered?
**Official folding_monkeys Thread!**
Running F@H as a service
Found some competition!
Sending ready workunits from another computer?
calling all folding forum members!
Duking it out in in the 700's
Debate over points Bonus on FAH Forum
Building another rig to my farm...
F@H & linux
Feeling the pinch
walaka7 .... our latest 1,000,000 club member!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey all! How's it going??
Here comes page 3.
How much is this worth
Is this QMD work folder complete?
# of processors
F@H Spotlight #14
Something is wrong with 2x instance install
Double Gromacs??
SSE2 on my A64!! w00t!
Raving Loony I Am.
Ow !!!!!!!!!
p2078 GB & P4
Anyone else got this bad boy yet?
Unstable rig? Again?
I am suffering QMD withdrawal symptoms
uploading avatar soon
folding @ gov't
top 200 in team 32! (go me!)
We're coming for you F(oc)ld!
Woot!!! Hit 2K PPD today
@#$%! lost a borg today...
how do i go from having a single client one-click to the duallie?
Finally went Orange!!
Weird early exit
I need some webspace
We shall conquer the folding world!
News FLASH! QMDs going off line for weeks
F@H Conflicts, how to uninstall?
a way to run f@home less than 100%?
Finaly made it to 100,000 points
How many will buy Intel for their next folding rig?
cheap folding farms
cant find old account
farming rigs
farming idea?
walaka7 joins the 1,000,000 point club!!!!!!!!
Page 1 in 101 days!!!!!
QMD server (.113) in Reject mode
AHAAAAAA! i found the extreme overclocking error message!
FAHcore 7a?
F(OC)LD will hit the Big 500k!
Wanna do some BETA testing this weekend?
Things have changed.
Borg probs
dual core QMD
RAM timings for folding
2.5 vs 3.0 - P4/Ghz
First uncompleted WU
1,000,000 mark
Down but not out
what an amazing update!
Tinker won't tinker
System crashes after installing F@H !!
Harlam's Folding/Gaming Room! (56k warning - pics)
Four down
Clash of the Titans
problem with getting folding working
how do i turn it off?
I feel stoopid for asking this...
sorry everyone
Consistant problem with this machine.
ugh this sucks
need advice.
F@H Spotlight #13
Off my rig you evil clock stealers.
What would it take?
x86 F@H client on XP Professional x64 Edition
Why do I fold???
I have Declared War....
Two cores at once, and uploading after every frame
Bringing my system down for a bit...
Need help updating all my folding rigs
finally hit 5000 PPD
Farmer question on PSU
Putting the PSU outside the case
WTH??? 1QMD w/ht faster than 1 w/oht??
How Much Time are you not folding?
Cheap Intel Layer Recommendations
Joe Camel's 920 / ASUS P5WD2-E
Quiet folding possible?
First Page!
Slow but steady progress
Wu 1809
This Sucks!
Most efficient farm blades
Some help with Linux F@H
Calif. folders: got your electric bill yet?
New Project! Team Tracker.
Folding Priority question.
1000+ PPD on 170!
Is folding just burning in really?
Norton says OC-502.exe is a WORM
Intel Mac folding
Another 2,000,000
Recruit whacko style.
First EUE EVER!!!
PPD Calculator
folding_monkeys is kicking into high gear
donations needed to get another folder online......
LandShark's Folding Aquarium!!
F@H Spotlight #12
QMD's in trouble
Team websites. - INPUT NEEDED
Install Linux in SUSE so it starts at boot
Just a couple of thoughts
Folder's Fire SALE!
Can anybody please explain what is folding??
zero point tinker!!
Must be a folding box!
Simple question about editing the one click config file
over 900 ppd on a 920!!! ?
graphical representation of my last borg...
Windows Diskless Folding!!!
Help recruiting/borging
where did 600 points come from?
Uber Sticky Thread Requests!