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Hmm, what be going on Mates? Huge (to me) PPD increase?
F@H Spotlight #11
The F@H client.cfg broken down
anyone here on facebook.com?
we beat OCAU by 10k points yesterday!
Woo 300k
Wanted: 10 Beta Testers
Got the tower built
The Barn is on Fire!
Need some help here!
503 MB for QMD
41/44 pt Gromacs
QMDs on AMD : All Members please read and bump
PPD on different CPU's
500,000 points today!
200,000 points
Can't get in the QMD Club...
Need advide upgrading main folding/work rig
new folder old overclocker
Setting flags in Linux?
Latest rig up!
Have a thursday meeting...
About that time again....
After A week!
Taking a peek at the top 20
Changeing Overclockix 3.7 to fold tinkers
ppd gets cut in half...
FOLDing on a JumpDrive
Linux Folding
Mark620 joins the 1,000,000 club!!!!!!!!!
Folding on a X2 4400+ is it safe? Only goes 50%...
Congrats IMOG & GAZA on 1 million POINTS
hrsetrdr is comming up behind me
Yegods, I picked up some parts today.
QMD Probs ?????
GB no like tight timings
A64 and P-M and QMD work.
Expired Core?
Overclockix 3.79 & LTSP2.1
F@H Spotlight #10
Back-to-back EUE's
My 1st 10k
4000+ pts a day on 2 CPUs
Welcome back Don_huddleston_67401
Soldiers Folding in Iraq
Sneaker net question?
Think I can handle this?
know some C++? help me with a FAH project
Is this normal?
qmd question
Need a bit of help from my folding friends.
Just pumped the folding_monkeys up yesterday
Any of these worth keeping to fold with?
Harlem hit page 4 today
made page 3 today
Woot! I'm Dark Red! Woot! Check me out!
I just got a Gbgromacs?
Overclockix Problem
problem: could not get ID from server
F@H Spotlight #9
Need some help
EOC stats now provides a .csv download
RIBOs Woor!
Congrats Oric
Candidate for a cheap Intel dual core folder
[H] back on top, OCAU in striking distance!
What's wrong with EOC stats today??
Folding for the new year, and a cause!
stats glitch for '06?
Happy New Year Folders
Congrats to MLMIB, our newest top10 member!
What's Your 2006 Folding Resolution?
Need a s370 upgrade?
Celeron Northwood 2.66 CS:S Server - folding preformance
Found stuff lodged in chimney
300 Borg Countdown
Congratulations Gary_aka_LandShark on ONE Million
Grabbing Credit Card Instead....
My Folding Report
Starting to catch some QMDs
Does anybody get GBgromacs anymore?
Another Milestone - gulp35 hits 1,000,000 !!!!
I just broke 1,000,000 Points!!!
Folding Gurus: Is this correct?
F@H Spotlight #8
*Help me return to folding*
chewin' up the Gromacs
Automated dial-up midnight WU dump
The Checkbook is Open....
overclocking a 2800+
Heat problems running a new processor upgrade.
The Federation Waxed Me.....
What is this?
Team Users are up.
F@H Spotlight #7
EMI3 glitch?
What happened to walaka7?
45 just hit 3,000,000!!!!!!!
this is more like it!111
My year in revue
f@h crash, but not prime, i have a ?
Well I am Happy...
I knew
I am going to quit
Folding Q's !! I actually have one!! not really...
Diskless farm q's
how am i doing
QMD Question
Front Page Folding Plug
F@H Spotlight #6
Just a few questions :P
Is this possible???
Statistic Suggestions
Don't we wish......
How accurate is the PPD generator in EMIII?
breakthroughs w/ F@H
Respectable farm setup?
Weedos one click install, whats big packets?
Go Max0r
Splain this
Can't seem to connect to the server, Help.
Sometimes you get lucky (folding)
folding again
Desperation Move!
2 QMDs?
Programmers in the house? (auto turn off)
Getting Errors?
Adding my laptop to the fold?
Setting priority on X2?
Expected PPD??
Ocau Is Goin Down!
Look at our Top20 NOW!!!!!!
F@H Spotlight #5
FAH Usernames
am i cheating? ppd boost by folding (only) tinkers
Shortage of big WUs?
Why is [H]ardOCP nick-named [H]orde...
Yikes! it's... Misfit!
Master Folder Dark_15 hits 2,000,000!
That'll teach me to have lame hardware!
Surfin' the web old school style
hit the mark
The [H]orde will take the #1 spot
woo! got my p4 back up
Who is Arctic-K20?
Unstable Rig?
F@H Spotlight #4
What should my setup be doing for points?
** Bump - bump - bump **
ok - what did i do wrong here...
Need Help! Production has dropped, small WUs only.
Hardware failure corrupted clients?
Ice Storm Dents Production.
600 pointer =615 points?
EOC stats
w000 finally made it into top 400!
WHy does FAH #3 keep shutting off??
kinda dumb question
Best settings for non-QMD 2.8GHz P4 without HT?
My first folding setup
EM3 Stealth Mode
6 pointer
F@H Spotlight #3
How much Electricity does high end PC consume ?
Moniter FAH on another PC?
Fold every bit you can
One Click Torrents?
more folding probs
Congrat's Nik on a Big 7
client.cfg gets wiped clean on service start? help!
One-Click torrents - suggestions!
how about a dual yonah folding box?!! yes, 4 cores!!
(Another?) Download links for OneClick clients!!
Give some applause to....
Finally got 400PPD
OK it's Recruitment CONTEST TIME!
Windows-Friendly sig_gen.pl
Runnin' with the big dogs
quick config question
nan detected!
oh well.....
Average PPD/W
Need some help with some XMAS folding ideas
Wedo One Click Temp Hosting
Dual Core On x64
Wedo One-click links broken?
FAH rig on newegg's wish list
Assumption on Yonah....
F@H Spotlight #2
I am back
Very pleasant surprise from a spitfire
Install FAH on X drive
Having problems getting new work.
Track FAH bandwith?
Yet another client problem...
em3 probs
I got a DG2360!
pent M for folding?
3 cores?
Actual Good News
F@H Member Spotlights List
Shellshock welcome to page 4 !!!
multiple clients on one comp?
Finally got internet access, I'm back
F@H Spotlight #1
PPD Info????
Serverless and Diskless folding machine?
How to aquire some folding computers
rpkole: Welcome to page 4!!!
what happened to foldin.octeams.com?
Who is 7horn ?????
What makes QMDs fast?
Just got back into folding
FAH client setup for Win 98??
Good news ... and bad news
folding on Novell
CrazyIvan's you're next :D
What does it mean to borg a machine?
Quick questions.
questions about time per WU
Laptop KICKING major but
this is weird
L2 Cache: 512kb vs 1024kb
Folding priority low, but takes most CPU time.
How to tell if I get a BIG WU?
Mustanley ... holding #2 spot and 10K ppd !!!
p2351_IM7 DG for 788 points
Congratulations AC
My QMD folder lost its OC
Who is 794613 ?????
PPD sucked to day
Ram Latency and QMDs
Lets play.... embarrass David! [Contest!]
Folding on Smoothwall help.
Look what AC's cooking on the Farm
QMD Probs ?????
Got Shellshock in my cross hairs
Congrats Dicecca112, 100K
New WUs
Help With a folding project
A Few Questions.
Finally broke 100K
Interested in folding.
Questions about Overclockix
folding when Idle...
Getting Power to a Farm
Folding farm ???
Joe Camel toppels 1 million milestone
Droppin' a fat payload
Mustanley > 3,000,000
Page one
Getting there!!
quick question
Team Member Spotlights
Added a Dual P3/850
Can someone point me to a F@H flash made by AMDMB?
Fixin to add my Black Fiday toy to the Mix!!!
Say hello, QMDs...
Enbracing the Darkside...
World Community Grid?
Race to page 1!
Linux and BOINC
Hey CJ5 - Welcome to Page 4
Help fight AIDs too with your pc!
Hit 10k this weekend.
How are you guys getting such high PPD?
Soon to spank some more WU's!!!
ok, CPU or Memory speed for folding??
one double zero :)
Advice on optimizing my machines
Help with Overclockix config files
Need help choosing hardware for folding/personal use
Help! Problems Folding.
Hey guys, I'm back
Overclockix screen res too high
what is the proper spelling for wOOt?
Macaholic? What's wrong dude?
bigpackets-client.cfg trouble
Hmmm, I think Gary's been hitting up the network steroids
New WU's
Folding with a Dial up Modem
Watch out Audio, FTWL is approaching fast in your mirrors O_O
Folding and Dual core?
Is the P4 EE 3.73GHz CPU worth it for folding only?
EM problem
2 sets of Benchies
got the slow folding blues
Editing One-Click Startup Flags
Can't find older network-boot Farm link
Importance of RAM?
Is stanford down?
Anyone have our EMIII skin???
Page OnE!!!!
Start/Stop F@H
Hi and congrats
work unit not appearing in stats
overclocked folders - is that okay?
Active processors?
new one-click install cand download cores. Stanford problem?
Need some guidance!!!
Artwork Contest Results!
Hmm...am I smelling "food".....?!
What is folding? What does it do? Why should I?
Simulation error
Need help finding a basic FAH speech sheet
Problem with quick install package
Text-only console
MrGuvernment, say hi to AlabamaCajun for me...
How to check on progress w/no monitor?
AC is Red (For a little while)
Sad but true
no record of this unit
Folding_monkeys has hit 300k!!!
Congrats on #9 Dark_15
Mustanley, everything ok?
Extreme late post
TT work server down
EMIII, srvany and stuff...
Any One Wanta Help again???
When will AMD = QMD
Congrads F(OC)LD Subteam
All right guys, which celly d (478)?
F@H using both cores???
p147x, p1481
Dual Core services
200 Borg Countdown!
Super sticky additions / recommendations?
Yay. i jsut made the top 1000
Folding@Home License Agreement
779 ppd on 3GHz Xeon Duallie
F@H: Cores, Time to Complete
Page 1 in just a few days!
Program to stop FAH
At this Rate I see Page 1 in near furture.
Help Graphical client will download big wu but console won't
Not showing up?
New Folder Midnight_Dream
Broke the 200K Milestone!
WTF?? 10WU = 40 points ONLY?!!
Running fah without console
Woo!!! My first 1000 WU's!!
GB Gromacs? What's GB?
JoeCamel ... you beat me to the 100K per month club!
F@H Client on start up.
150+ GHz - Just need alittle help to get it going
Teh Folding_Monkeys days are teh numbered!
T32 just lost 20 P4's
Uninstalling FahCore_78
TollHouseFrank is feeling a little blue....
Wedo > 4,000,000 points
Building a farm?
Less than a week left in Artwork Contest!
Moving Up, neh~
Is there an O/C Folding Team Frappr! ?
Early Ending Work Units
I would like to give thanks
Is using a laptop for folding safe?
on PentiumM, what's the best setup??
Reminder for new members : we have an IRC channel too :>
Help installing F@H.
Stanford web page changes!
just out of curiousity
I'm topped out at #45
QMDs? PPDs? Console
New rig
Yet another QMDs question...?!
1 QMD + Gromac or just 1 QMD
cool feature at vbulletin site with folding team...
Dicecca, look down
Higher frame times when overclocked???
DGromacs on A64...
Best way to get max points from my dually?
Client file not saving data
Good Job Today EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!
I must not be seeing this right
Is the [H] gaining on Overclockers Australia?
p1161 point value?
Folding Smack Jaw! Bring Some or Come Get Some!
here we go again
Do QMD's benefit from 2 MB cache vs 1 MB?
Transfering WU
Page 1
Watch Out Mustanley
Building or buying another rig, advice needed!
Old computer & Extra room = Folding station
is there
Are QMD's crashing my rig?
Do you smell what The Mac is cookin'?!
More belated milestone congrats to anvil82 and Lews - 2,000,000 !!!
How to uninstall FAH service??
I seem to have switched from gas heating to electric
Need Judges for T32 Artwork Contest
question about bigpackets
P4 help
Multiple instances of F@H on X2?
QMD/Sonoma experiment.
Very low point WU??
proper way to calculate/estimate PPD?
IS this an anomaly or did our team ppd just jump 10% !!!???
Timeless Tinkers
start a collection in a cup
Nik and I were bored so we....
quick ht-p4 question
tired of little gromacs on my P4M - manual QMD's!
Macaholic - I see you are continuing your trend!
nikhsub1 - belated congrats on the 6,000,000 milestone
Fold in Win2k or Linux?
600 point gromac?
Silver - have you dropped out of folding?
700MHz Celeron borg-worthy?
active process
x2 question
PMD Core?
WU not recorded/recognized?
p147x a-plenty?
Time Per Frame are too high
Best "bang for buck" folding farm layer
For those we lost
Moving Up
Parts help?
How does OCAU produce -23,000 points?
Trying to send a QMD back to server - no go?
So my University campus doesn't fold on it's computers...
Come Back!!!
Macaholic - stomping by! Welcome!
Quick (probably stupid) question
Muddocktor - It's good to see your farm is back in production!
New! 5 Point WU's!
Just got a QMD!! - JoeCamel ... get your P4(s) ready!
Going to lose net access for a while...
No more QMD's
Strange WUs - avg. 4-6 min per WU
True SMP F@H
F@H on Clearspeed!
F@H Monitoring Programs
Something Screwy Going On.
What does he have in that rig?
The "fix" for QMD's on AMD's seems to give gromacs to P4's!
Point question
just got steamrolled over by Landshark
Force SSE2 on Willamette
Woohoo Orange for the first time
Top 10 Producers
qmd's not guaranteed?
$50 Opteron 240, how would it fold?
Another rig up and folding.
FAH install being detected as a Virus/trojan
Foldix it is...
I heard..
Adopt-A-Rig Wants You!
no update?
Graphical client dummy
DOS error?
Time+Points vary alot
moniter Progress ? ? ?
helsyeah > 2,000,000 points
Just got a QMD on my A64
Time to upgrade, need to know what folds the best
QMD Checkpoints
Whats going on?
Question regarding one-click and FAH
AAR is back!
folding on linux?
Mac running Linux is there a way to make it fold???
Been a while
Cracked the top 20!
Whoa momma!
help an AMD guy out with P4s
F@H64 bit when are we going to see it and what can it offer?
Acceptable CPU usuage on laptops?
I'm Back.
Hear Ye' Hear Ye' Folders needed for pilage and plunger (contest a' commin)
Problem with the 5.03 Graphic Client on two nForce machines.
Guys, we are crankin' out the powah!