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Guys, we are crankin' out the powah!
Katrina sent me hobbling!
Celeron more points per WU than p4?!
I have joined the team but i'm getting an Error
Linux client is screwier than it was before!
Sick folding fachine
Stats graphs?
I Broke it.
How many mhz gain
fahcore taking 100mb of ram?
And they said only X2s could average 600+ppd
Assigning processes to particular CPUs
returning to the fold
Cheese & Guinness War Final Report
muahahaah! winter is coming!
Team Member Spotlights?
EMIII quit
who is Gary_aka_LandShark?!
Dedicated folding boxen? I can help!
I made GOOGLE!
64 bit question
help with sig gen
some QUICK help
Is the Stanford Site Down
Weird Error Need Help
reach out to the new ocforums members!!!
Help bring Borgix to life!
F@S! Gonna convince my SCHOOL!
X2 Folding
1 or the other?
Can't sneakernet WUs??!!
Team32 Artwork (56k Warning ahead!)
I see you, MLMIB...
Adv or BigPocket?
Possible Challenge for Team32?
Possibility to get some interest in F@H [Please read]
Funny 2nd thread
Disappearing EMIII
thinking of adding to the farm ..
What a heartbreaker...
Folding@Home Promotional Videos
Why do I need EM ?
New WU taking a lot of Memory
Man do i hate
Gromacs Core Ver 1.86
Help please
Anyone folding on a mac?
Moving the FARM for winter heat
F@H on GPU's is closer!
My Part
Big loss for me
Help configuring overclockix
Folding Monologue
After the point spike.. nothing still
Does Memory size affect folding speed?
Superkarumba stealing folding time!
switching clients win2k -> RH linux. PPD loss?
Dictionary Revisions: What Would You Like to See?
Helping the cause...in an unconventional way
alright, I've decided to jump ship over here!
2 instances on single CPU...
folding_monkeys making a comeback!!
Hey muddock
I'm Red for an update or two
Hiya, i am thinking of folding but have a question or 2.
Is Clearspeed Finally Coming?
I want my 600 pointers back!!!
EMIII won't come out of stealth mode?
Cheese and Guinness War Week 19 - 22
Network installer help!
Stanfords Stats
simple "flag" question?
New Overclockix for folders
Which flags to use on Dual P-Pro 200mhz?
EMIII not responding HEEEELP!
WTH!! tinkers
Stanford Points & QMD FAQ's
No Internet Folding?
Corrupt WU or core?
Folding Problem
Top 100
Top 500, closing in!
Giant wu alert!
I got a birthday present today
Official YATTA (Slow CPU) Team Re-recruiting thread! (Revival of the YATTA TEAM)
Whats with the weird point spike?
Anyone interested in making a slow CPU team??
ADSL Cap Limiting my WU output
Is there anything other than EMMIII
Tinker Cores?
New Core Out: FahCore_7a
what cores do what proteins?
Great to be back!
Where's all my folders at?
done with boot camp
Puzzled...EMIII issues and a bit of a noobish question
Anyone else?
New and need help...
Lost the internet until this Saturday
Stanford Changes?
Does anyone know what's happened to Silver?
Re-Setup Q
Hello again all
A few questions.
[error feedback] Arkiane's F@H service
Reset clock in console?
Moving up the stats
Ok Im lost
Ahhh...feels good to be back :)
One-Click Install Does Nothing
Stats page @ Stanford
what should I do if I want to fold
[HOW TO] Minimize FAH to sys tray - Tray IT
what is folding?
Lost points?
Saved Steps?
Sry fellas
Windows x64 Folding?
Muddocktor... its just not going to happen.
Deja vu....
Just GOT Linux SuSE.. how to add F@H?
PS3 folding farms on Linux?!
How well do Dothans fold?
Dual Instance folding Issue
Sorry to dissapoint.....
F@H through network?
Drawing for outgoing pc's
I've got a protein that doesn't exist
A death amongst the community
And now... I take my leave...
A lot of Computers in New Mexico
Which folds faster
OCForums F@H Website Question
P889 = huge points
New EOC stats layout
What if there was a F@H tv commercial?
My production going through the floor
Fold in Kanotix
Cheese and Guinness War Week 18
no points being turned in.
EMIII & QMD, Still Flaky!
A Birthday Present...folding style!
'nother cpu up
Quick Question.
aznwhiteboi (stan03) is MIA?
Lifeline in log?
OK I did it :/
Assignment server down
New borg behing shipped
Some advice maybe
Strange question about QMD's
Server .128 is back up
Dell Board with RAM
P4/Via and SDRAM....
Cheese and Guinness War Week 17
Strange or not
i figured what the heck
Made it into the top 500 for Team 32!!!
Grannies gonna fold
Really Started Cranking Now
finish currant WU but not DL another
New to folding, Just started
A few new Dells coming to work :)
I see why QMDs were held up for a while and so many big guys quit.
HOLY CR@P! Whats with all the new users today?
Just passed the 200K milestone
Lost Dear Family Friend To Cancer Yesterday
Inconsistant times
latest build (dual xeon) is rolling! need help with one-click!
3 or 30?
I haven't been doing my job properly.
New Assignment Server (AS) fallback scheme
Got a QMD on a 512mb box
Will be down for a week
Folding from a RAM Drive
Started it up
Strange Time between checkpoint.
One rig off folding till next week.
QMDs and 512 ram - Don't dispair
ARGH! /banghead
FAH High Performance FAQ From Stanford
Beta for ram designation
Just installed
What if?
Fold for cancer, not for points!
How do I keep from getting 50 point gromac
put my mind at ease
Post War Bickering
WTH Happened?!
Farm building: What's it going to take me to hit 2kPPD?
Cheese and Guinness War Week 13 - 16
need a little help -> Restarting where I left off
Change of Heart
Problems folding :(
I have just officially joined the OCF folding team
Farm going down for a short while.
Overclockix help!
Console version 5.0x on win98
Version 5 going to be modified and QMD's back monday
Any MINI ITX guys? VIA EPIA's only..
Benchmarking Dual Core for Folding
How about a rundown on events?
QMD Suspension fine by Me! 5400 PPW 1 Machine!
Just when you get up and running...
contest prize provider?
QMDs suspended
The Great UFO Debate
OC-AMD hanging it up!
can you guys give me some info on this?
Has anybody noticed...
Is this accurate?
folding_monkeys hits 200K!1!
my folding rig
New Unit in Gromacs Core P749
Wow! Look at [H]!
I've got the best recruit EVER
Work units
Joining team 32
Will be gone for a bit
Talk about Timing!
WOOT! I've just gone red!
Folding with dual xeons
Nice team points for the last 2 Thursday/Fridays
Now 2 machines!!
Celeron D times on QMD
Horrible night...and the result....massive loss of folding.
10k Milestone
Amber core?
Network deployer complications - url2file.exe
I'm brand new!!
Team 32 home page v.20 is Live!
Woo....OC folder # 246 with a bullet!
power outages....
Kinda sorta nearly here again....
Installing F@H borgs
helsyeah...somethings wrong?
TC in SETI has a DualCore upand running and turning in NICE numbers
Where do I...
Multithreaded Distributed Computing
blasted screensaver
Holy crap. My biggest day yet!
The importance of a stable oc.
Small token of appreciation for T32
Folding 64
Garr, I'll be joining.
MSI stole the One-Click!
FAHcore_82.exe !?!?
Overtake the folding_mokeys in 2 months
Timeless WUs
just wondering...
Comp folding slow.
A 600 Pointer!
Woohoo, 200k points!
I finally hit it...
F@H problems
Fold from flash drive?
Drat, WU cached and won't send.
New folder
double gromacs in da' house
One click strikes again
Answering Yours (and My) Questions on Celeron QMD Folding
Predictor@Home? protein calcs
Setting Up for Team 32
Fold on the side?
Questions for the folders
suggestions for building a budget foldiing rig
OMG, it's the power bill from hell!
Are you folding with a Celeron?
a new farm
im folding but.........
transfer work to new computer?
What are frames in F@H
Awwww Yall took the points update post down
I Broke FAH *again*....
Well I had an awesome time folding for these five or six months...
New CPU nets good results
Folding@Home BOINC Beta Test
Connection Tab
Cheese & Guinness War Weeks 10-12
What should use Timeless WU's?
W00T W00T, back to the front page, I am!
Cobalt is back
loss of a folding rig
Folding for friends
Strange changes on my intel rig
folding noobie question
Problem with EM
Folding accelerator card?
Server down?
Next gen consoles to support distributed computing.
10K Points :D
How does [H] beat us?
RPM_Computing broke the 100K Milestone!
10000 Points
the assignment servers down
Odd stats...check these out
100k milestone
F@H on Laptop
Has F@H lost its message?
woot for me!! :D
Not ww5, remix?
OC's are teh woot!
helsyeah about to join 1M Pts Club
-4 points for WU
Wanted: F@H Logs
WOOT! I just passed the 140,000 point milestone today!
BPs in short supply once again?
WTF, aren't DOTHAN's supposed to be great at folding!
Plugging folding.
How long
I posted some of those folding flyers today.
Errant Borg
This is just painful...
oh nos!!! extreme folding stats down
Folding Service Problem
Official Not WW5 non-administrative thread
Official Not WW5 administrative thread
How often do you think about F@H and your family?
setting up a folding rig
Is this normal?
only% cpu
what are these? (EM3)
Helsyeah puts out 16,000+ ppd
well damn, that was short-lived
Just wanted to say Thank's and So long.
Ok now that I finally own something intel, what are these flags and everything,
More Productive Old Computers
Long Term Folding Team Plans
Some thing is preventing my lappy from downloading a wu?
question about Folding@Home from a newbie?
Yet more graphical client issues...
Wedo passes 3,000,000
DDR Bandwidth and QMD. need help choosing new memory
Congrads, veryhumid
Don't kill me...
OK I Give, what up with this...
a quick way to help recruitment
Folding Propaganda, post pics off your main rig(s)
Wooooo! 20K points.
Is this a 600 pointer?
Recently Joined
Could this barebone handle folding?
Cookie Commander's Roster
Go Consumer9000!
P3 or Celeron?
work server down?
A Word on Priorities.
If you want a new computer and don't build.
looking for socket 775 mobo with bootable USB support, read for info
Checking Folding Service Productivity
How does this fold?
2000+ 24/7 Dedicated Folder....NEEDS HD!
linux folding
What does this Mean
Suggestion to help SETI and F@H
Is this a dothan core?
Google FAH changes config file back
woot! top 200!
Blade farm
Technically we are the best folding team on Stanford.
AGEIA PhysX - Can it fold? :)
what happens when no team can overtake another team?
Constructing a Folding Farm / Donating Parts
Not Showing up on Statsman?
king of folders?
2 cpu's back up
Just a little thanks to Steveo...
So what kind of production increases will this war bring about?
So when will everyone be drafted and ww5 begin?
Posted #1 on the FAH ORB...
Cheese & Guinness War Week 8 & 9
Proggie that lets me fold on systems with heat issues
Lets Race
Buying a laptop fo sure this week/weekend. CPU?
Good QMD folding CPUs ?
AMD Junk
can you spot the 250+ PPD rig?
Beta test of new team 32 stats page
Eyes on the Top 10 again.
WOOT!: I just reached 120,000 points
More CPU's?????
Bad Luck?
Thank God (aka) Wedo for the one click
Lmfao Wedo!
page 1 for me!!!
Can the ram fold w/3.4v and hold up?
3 days to psyshack
!!!!!!!!!!new Subteam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
working on transparent "spray" design for counter-strike:source
A reflection back on Team32
1,000,000 points to the project!
"Not WW5" Team: The Regiment of Folding Cheese
WOOT! I'm in the teams top 200 / page 2 as of tomorrow!
WU suddenly started over
Top 1000 on 32
NOT WW5 Team: Cookie Crusader's
Not WW5 Contest: how many points?
OFFICAL: "Not WW5" Race Thread. Stats, Info, and More.
Points vs WU's
Client-core communications error
Switching my machines back to team 32 :D
cobalt is offline for a while
Love the new sticky compilation!
Safe Folding like this?
GQ sempron 2200 for folding?
can macs fold?
General odd question
I moved to 15th in OCforums...
Folding again...
Just started folding! I think...
Any way to force core 82/65?
Xbox 360/PS3 Folding?
normal folding time for a QMD?
What is folding?
Best output so far!
Why can't I finish a 600 pt WU??
Has any team ever hit the 400,000 points per day?
Core Performace Guide
One-Click Problem
What if all of our Seti team switched to F@H?
WW5 Team Names
Monster Inside!
Finally Got To Red on 4 PCs
ok some strange issues getting this to work
is it supposed to take this long?
45 joins 2,000,000+ point club
JoT and SSS...........comin right up on ya ;)
Can you fold under FreeBSD?
30min Checkpoints
Pending race thread. We can chat here!!!
These current wu's are taking forever!
Need a New AAR Guy
Cheese and Guinness War Week 6 & 7
OH YeaH!!
Live Stats Page
Assignment server down?
Color scheme
hey hey hey
phase change folding. anyone?
Have we a 64bit G5 mac client yet??
New Xbox is water cooled - it must fold
MLMIB takes down 1,000,000 points!!
Over 1800 ppd
Sticky One click not working
Problem installing on AMD box..
Is amd coming out with SSE3????
xp-1700 will be back for round 3
Sempron OC Folding
Folding Now With Even MORE Bacon!
Interesting read on Slashdot
OCAU has number one spot once again.
Service Problem
2 points a unit?
I'll be in top 1000 soon :)
1 more WU and I'm finally at 100,000pts!
Trouble sending WU's back in
Just a reminder clean your rigs!
QMDs and checkpoints
Speed Dirt
Some food for thought on dothans
Ranks missing in Individual Listings?
Just received a 600 pointer! yey!
My only p4 24/7 folder is down!! help.
Changed to Dark Red Today 1.2k PPD !!!
I am in the top 100!!!
OH YEA! Top 100000!
trouble getting work packet
bench units
P2000-2004 series WU
decent little Intel farm board cheap
Can I fold on this?
Intel sucks, bring it! WW6 AMD vs INTEL!
Sub teams promoting laziness?
So, what do we need to do to catch up with H and OCAU?
If your MaxPC
Bootable folding distro.
Odd EM3 occurence...
We are getting beaten by 100k points 24hr!
OCAU catching H fast!
Page 4
Early Warning on Timless WUs
Can't send work unit in, why?
Dang, can this thing FOLD