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Folding as a Service
Hey oso_fast! Wanna race
MidnightFreak has started folding again!
The 150 Borg Coundown.
Should the next version of F@H let us pick our WU's?
Small scale initiative to promote borging
Cheese and Guinness War Week 4 & 5
Hit rock bottom???
What do I want to build?
Team 32 Falling Behind BIGTIME....and im sick of it.
XP Pro or Suse 9.3 on Dually
[H]ard OCP is [H]auling...
tinker problem?
Can you explain a couple things.
Are 500 frame wu's new?
Webpage Submissions Question
RPM_Computing Production Downtime
Color Change
2 instances of FAH on a single CPU
folding_monkeys NEEDS YOU!
Im pretty much done...
Unfinished WU being SENT?!?!
Getting <80 pointers lately? why?
Performance tip
Best Bang for the Buck Socket A CPU?
100 mega-points from overclockers.com. Congrats!
Distributed Computing and Joe User...
600 pointer
Came here from the front page? This thread is for you!
Team Leadership
One Click install of FAH / UNINSTALL???
Letters to the Editor (guantlet)
Are you an Uber-b0rg3r?
So you wants a competition?
Folding ~ Gentoo Style
P2 400 mhz system with 128 megs of ram
Tinker taking >1 month?
100,000,000 Points
The Dawining of realization
The Smack Talking Agenda (with extra pwnage)
yet abither ranodm theread
how to make the stats for subteam ?
2 New Stickies!!!!!
The Future Of Team 32
As Promised
All my CPU's not working?
Glad the farms are working gulp35
how to change Indicated memory?
Who has the fastest farm
one-click help.
We really need a contest and another front page article.
[H]orde officially takes #1..... now can they keep it?
Wow, cow.
Dropping active cpus
Good Mobo For Folding 24/7
Slow wake-up?
Those who have Corp. Borgs..
WTF is wrong...this is annoying..
Tracking Points for other users
Just letting you know im still alive
I am setting up a race car.
Look how fast OCAU can recruit
You know your addicted to folding when.
250k Milestone
Adding another machine to the farm.
Don't Lower ur OCs YET!! MOSFETs
Broke into the top 1000
I hit 300,000
Folding when Logged Off
Limiting Access to F@H Config?
QMD Cores
Whats Happened?
Need some FAH help
[H]ord takes number one spot
Cheese and Guinness War Week Three
FAH on WinME as Service
F@H sure as hell reveals all the instabilities in a system.
XP not running FAH as a service?
Install F@H without admin privileges
1,000,000 Points
Went RED and 100K
Friendly Hello to any that remember me :)
OFFICIAL Team32 Subteams Directory
How to get others to join F@H
"Work" folder experimentation
tinkers tinkers tinkers
Protein: p865_p53dimer865 frame times.
To what extend does L2 size matter for Folding?!
My first 10,000 points are in!
Possibly useful heads up for UK people
4th Machine back
OK, this is bizarre...
transfering folding packets
Dual Xeon Folding?
My high school sais i can make a cluster for folding =)
Folding Farm
To BP or Not BP? That is the question.
AMD 3000 added today!
How to go about Borging?
F(OC)LD web site
Who's ID is DeNitro?
Not a good day for me
Started 3 Pc's today for 32
Team 32 Team Leader Poll
Do you smell what team 32 is cookin'?
1 click with visible console?
-lifeline xxxx flag? whats it do?
I saw Vijay's talk last month
EMIII Contest! Win a dualie Athlon system
Finale for for Team32 Leadership!
Started folding
F(OC)LD is in full effect!
"PRE"OFFICIAL subteams list
folding_monkeys hits 100k!!!
Getting set up to fold, need a bit o' help.
Stomping Grounds!
Anyone else able to get QMD on dothan core lappy?
Whats -Verbosity do?
Tips fore a stable F@H rig.
Anyone else been keeping track of this chart?
FAH tweaks (More power required)
ocau new users way up
What if every new computer had F@H on it?
Are 600 Pointer's back ?
Point Drop?
Cheese and Guinness War Week Two
Vote here plzkthx on FaH Leadership Positions
Just a thought
"Faulty Work Unit" crashing
Point Values?
fold for mink! - check out the new avatar!
Anyone else plan on purchasing this MOBO/CPU combo....
NF7 Cased
Could not connect to Work Server
Is it bad if I delete my work so I can get a a BP hopefully?
Stuck WU again...
Big Packets are back :D
Does chipset influence folding?
AAAARGH!! These new Core 96s are making me lose Borged PCs!!!
avatar - 100k
CHAOS as a tool for folding?
points in the thousands??
Will AMD ever get QMD's?
Laptop folding
F@H Leader(s) Nominations
So, how have we been doing this week in points?
Summer: Watercool Your F@H Rigs On The Cheap!
How Many Wu In A Week Is Good?
super long completion
Quick way to remove FAH. Used the uberbuzzard installer
BP on AXP/SDRAM, worth it?
Maybe I missed something in the stickies... but why is cpu usage so high?
Are the AMD FX line of processors fast at folding?
You have it all wrong! Now's the time to fold w/ high oc's!
Summer Cometh:- Look to your cooling and win....
Portable F@H on thumb drive.
Just a little something..
Loss of Sig Gen Sigs
Great find look inside! Present this to potential borgs.
Phantom graphical instance, EM3 doesn't like it...
Folders unite! Post rigs that are missing 1-2 components missing.
The New Folding Beast
should i fold?
After finishing a WU, how come its taking so long to download new ones??
Intel + QMD = Max ppd
Cheese and Guinness War Week One
AMD vs Intel
Who's the official Team 32 leader?
I wonder how everyone will feel when we find a cure through F@H.
Can I fold with this?
easy diskless folding setup
Got the house folding again
My pc and folding stats info needed!
Folding on dial up Q
Tollhouse + Stratcat = ?
FAH BOINC Project Coming "Soon"
quick folding question
Have a 241pt tinker that won't send
The Time is Near At Hand...
w0000r, greeness!
Lack of 600 ptrs
Overclockix For Gaming?
Post New/revived rigs.
Memory questions for a folding rig
The Official O/C Forums Folding@Home Dictionary
Just Joined TEAM 32! w00t!
Started folding on 3-16 already at 50K!! WOOT!!
Bring em out, Bring em out.
Bad News...
Folding on a 6X0 Series Intel PSU
Offtopic: Spain
My Suspicions have been confirmed....
Question about config, concerning big packets=y
I can barely use my 3.06 HT P4 with 2 instances of Double Gromacs running....UGH!
Of those it may concern, save on energy costs.
Finally getting my rigs back up!
Grar...issues with folding and laptop
Some SETI@Home jerk keeps shutting off my Borgs and installing SETI
dual F@H on single processor?
QMD p1910 question
Cracked the top 750!
EMIII now detecting QMD work units?!
Went Orange today!!!
EMIII not reporting WU Progress
New QMD cores suck
WU restarted?
Need more powah.....
Malware FAH
Bye Bye BigPackets :cry:
Temps w/ F@H
I'm getting a little cheesed...
fah log error
Stuck WU in graphical client
Got Amd? Come inside.
I made the top 2000
TechnicalQ: CPU pipelining, scheduling, and F@H and G@H ???
google toolbar f@h hacks/status?
Folding as a service
Username is not on Team 32 stat page
Send WU command, what is it?
Not WW5 TEAM 32 fight till someone bleeds race to the end.
Thank you Viiper
Official Contest Roster - Post Your F@h Username Here
keep an eye out
Project: Overlord AKA PREVENT EE!!!
Almost lost one...
OCAU and A Big Milestone 4 Me
Duel Zeon - How to Fold on both cpus
newcastl 3500+ wont go over 220fsb?
General quarters. General quarters. All hands man battle stations! Full speed ahead!
Out of gas...
If Fedx would just drop the crap off!!!
Sorry guys...
How often do you finish a work unit?
Team rank 100 TO 114......GOIN DOWN MAN!
Back from the dead!!
2 pertinent team points
Why doesnt FAH OC team have some of these's.
600 pointers back in beta
F@H acting up...
So you want to lay the smackdown on Ars and Techreport.
F@H Client OPen Source?
500K, T32 top 25, WooHoo!
folding points
Quick stats question.
what is folding?
Fixed up my avatar a bit today lol
Dual Opteron 244 running one click Quad
problem with Wedo's one click sending data
Marred results
The 100 Borg Gauntlet
some help
folding with a laptop.............
Same WU?
Should I change my config?
Recruitment Plan Beta-Omega-Rho-Gamma XXXII - README
CPU question...
Good News everyone..
Every body check there rigs
Race to First 400k in a day?
Hit 10k today ( wow that rhimes)
FRIENDS... COUNTRYMAN... FOLDERS!!! we have been challanged.
Last XP-M
Planting the seeds for a farm
Whoa EOC messing up
Has anybody folded on Celeron D 2.8 E0? If so, how good is it?
some Folding@Home questions from outsider
Need a intel vs amd compare!!! for 600pt's
Folding problem
Wierd XP scaling.....
Um... Help please!
recent cross team communications
Just stoping by to introduce myself
Starting Team 32 subteam - OCAU
I have returned!
Happy Birthday Elric!
flash vid on folding?
Taking Brief Break.. HW Issues....
Yet Another Major Borg Potential Thread
One more try!!!
I'm finally in the top 1000, #999 =D
Went red and got a borg.
http://folding.octeams.com stats page?
MandrakeLinux and F@H
Console f@h faster than graphical f@h???
Anyway to prevent getting Amber Core?
WW4 Tie breaker, everyone VOTE
How do i remove FahCore_78.exe
Team 32 hits 300k PPD !!!! WOOT
overfoldix floppy boot?
FTWL members, please sign in!
WU's will not upload when finished
Folding in linux
Farm equipment
Push to 300k PPD!!!
Welcome to psyshack!
Something fishy going on around here
Folding machines...
600 pointer Server down
Daddy's Back!
Need a Touch of help here, please.
Attention EM3 Users
F@H Wiki
2 clients installed
QMD core making me nuts!!!
Ram requirements discussion - Bigpackets and QMD
How do I remove FOH?
Team 32 breaks 2,00,000 WUs !!!!
Congrats to my fellow dutchmen. Holland is the nr2 producing country in the world!
interested in folding
Did How??? Loose his Steam?
Two Million Work Units
Get the Folding Monkeys off my back
Rookie Blunder
folding without internet
Gotta Tip My Hat to Some of Our Members
AMD XP Scalability
QMD... where's the boost?
Love this KVM Switch
Sorry folding mentors
Question on enabling big packets.
Folding Stats Program/Database
OCAU losing users..... PPD dropped 10k today alone
[H] hits 300k PPD
Yes, all is alive.
Performance/Benchmark Results?
How to open the "Console"?
One click installer wont work
Setting Question
folding with overclockix
new core (96) heads-up
Thinking seriously about F@H, but have a question.....
Show us your digital acreage! Let us know what's in your folding farm!
graphical or console client?
I'm a noob, How do I run 2 instances of FAH??
linux folding service installer (did it work?)
Would like to restart folding but.....
Nice mix of WUs
problem accessing stats
new amd 64 is to slooow
question to wedo
Folding Again Soon!!!
Setup Questions
Windows Installer for Christoph's Folding Stats Sig Generator
core 96?
Delta Power Consumption in folding...
What is the fastest CPU in folding? A64?
front page?
What does the -verbosity 9 flag do?
Mass Uninstallation of F@H
Blown out PSU in dedicated folding rig!
nik's got some heat!
new to team 32
Personal expericences with asking college / work place to fold.
disconnected from internet folding??
...Just a thought on donation
Amber is the Color of your.....lethargy
EMIII version 3.1.3 now available
New Core : QMD
1,000,000 points
Major milestone broken!
Big Points Today!!!
Running F@H when not Logged In
Slowing down even more
Team Rank 879 and Rising
Attention dark_15
Folding on AMD XP...
Want to get back to folding, need info FAST!!
Whats with the user activity drop?
Keeping track of other machines over the internet
Ocau Emergency
Getting stomped?
New Rig
Team 32 Breaks 6000 Cpus!
Back in the groove!
Is this normal?
Is this a Bigpacket?!
can't get work packet?
Team rank of 1001 with 2 wu pending verification
Howto completely remove the one-click FAH setup?!
little problem while folding
Finished Wu and acquired no points.
feeling like a merc today
Switched from SETI to Folding, need tips...
First (sucessful) Work Unit
Running at 100%?
new to folding
Good News.
Reached Green!
PIII and bigpackets? Frame times?
Putting new computer into the fight.
Error message on 1st WU
Servers running low on bigpackets
What OS is best for folding?
question about 600 pointers
Do i need permission to use overclockers.com in a newspaper article?
HOW??? posting a challenge to OCAU (plext and DGroms) could be interesting.
crusing other teams boards...
F@H is giving me trouble...
Folders WARNING 100% load on overclockers.com front page....
SterVin hits 100K!!!
F@H Start / Stop program
Just wanted to say Good Job!
quad folder
My "assimilations" kicked in. :) :D
I have a idea.
EM3 help
how to make .bat files to stop services!
why are you folding?
Will team 32 ever Get more the 1K?
Hey guys.
Bad WU's?
NOW is the time for...
Couple of Questions
Would like to add about 4 gigs to Seven, dont know how...
number of frames in WU?
My sort of good bye letter
OCAU = 100 million pts
EM 3 help
F@H Process Priority
AAR back in gear
I would laugh if the Aussies lost all there power.
Why such different point values?
Another Record day for folding_monkeys!
Ok, Processor upgrade #1
funny article about rage3d huge jump in production
Just had a weird WU
SHA-1 Encryption broken by Distributed Computing
Post your borging/building plans!
New QCM Core Coming
How did we do this update?
Folding 600 point WU's with an OC'd 3.2Ghz Celeron
Convincing my school
I got a new HUGE Borg
Fold for the For_Those_We_Lost subteam!
folding_monkeys going red soon!
FCI- Linux tool to monitor folding clients over the internet
F@H Stanford Freezing?
Huge Borg in Clay, WV
Can folding make computer unstable?
Fold for rpm_computing Team 32
How are you guys estimating points per wu?
Post your incoming WU's
Folding_monkeys going maroon!
5,052 pts in 1 day WOOT!
Soon to be new to FAH
Frontpage FaH newsletter
[H]orde recruiting on other sites.
Problem with FAH4
my humble congrats to the new folders
Max ppd on 865/875 chipset HT machines.
ATTN FOLDERS!! DUAL XEON's for sale cheap.
Spreading Folding.. without Spamming the Forums?
Congrats on the huge borg Helsyeah
New IRC server for team32
We are now outproducing everyone!
Team 32 = TOP PRODUCERS 12PM update
Does EMU III work with the one click?
big packets unstable?
Tinker core
under 400
Getting nowhere fast
easy HT question
will new ONEclick overwrite the old v4 version?
Nik lost his title???
folding_monkeys is officially green!!!
Getting donations/people on board is easy.
Looks like we are making a run at [H]
reinstalling F@H
"Required Process"
Adopt-A-Rig revival
Problems with One-click/Network Installs
Is this wrong?
movin' on up
F@H doesnt use "only" extra CPU cycles