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F@H doesnt use "only" extra CPU cycles
Should I buy some more rigs? Or does anyone want one?
Folding question (linux)
Huh? what happend!?
Going for page 1!
Multiple 600pt WU's
"Shortcut" and "Out-of-Sight-ness": Folding@Home on Linux
Joining the dark side - somewhat
Help were do I find the setup info for my folding info
New Folding subTeam Recruiting New Users!
Please Help with Wedos One Click
Congrats to Leviathan41!
Folding on a via CPU?
FAH4 console??
What type of linux for folding?
Finished my first 600pt wu...
I'm back in the FOLD
answer me this
help with perl and Team32
another noobish question
Small size linux folding?
Finally Red
Folding the Beowulf Cluster
Tips on saving money?
Folding thru proxy with authentication?
A little info please
32236 could use a little help.....
Nik takes 10th!!!
Time to help the Suse newb to Fold.
Trash can diving folding machine!
World War 4 - The folding show down.
We've made one heck of a run...
Finally broke 10k
F@H only runs at 50%, Help please
Folding Visualized!
rent a supercomputer?
Found a thread on why we're getting 30pts for 600 pointers
WU's not showing up on ExtremeOverclockers
1 Million Points
Some more borgs!
Remember: OCForums Sig Rules Apply to F@H Members Too
help with autodial
Short LOA from folding..boohoo
Another rig.. no internet.
New and Improved FAH Network Installer!!
Have you noticed our users are dropping off?
Quick question
Troj Fahcheat.a
how to get credit with name mismatch
3 digit rank!
Two cores at once..
Folding in the news!
Noooo.... blimmin hell!
Some issues...
pardon to be a noob
probs with emIII
help with f@H program
good and bad news
Unable to connect to work server
Another personal record breaking day!
Need help to Rejoin fold
full load won't hurt lifespan of chip?
can we say 42 more ghz for team 32? yeah i thought we could :D
[ATTN:] Everyone! Just got a huge farm!
Just hit 200K! I'm speeding my production up!
Overclockers.com takes spot #9 in SETI/BOINC
the mighty nik has fallen!
New sub-team for Newbies...
more voltage?
whats wrong??
The Mac Store
Folding mentors. Is the forum down?
what would a normal temperature be when folding?
Folding on a PDA?
new rigs to fold
New Subteam!!!!
Folding and Remote Desktop?
Team 32 will soon have the most F@H clients running in the project!
Resume work
Got an error on my first WU
Should i do bigpackets?
I'm back fellow folders........
Ice Storm Slows Production
Please don't use FAH as a stability test.
Interpreting Results and Scores
may be stupid question but...
Stopping FAH for benchmarks
Folding@Home Front Page Pimpage
[Planning] OCForums F@H Contest Thread
300 hours 1 Protien??
How many PPD on your dual processor
How many PPD?
FAH add-on's list *need your help*
New borg
Started folding with my dually
Norton internet security and FAH
Quarter of a million today. Who would've thunk?
Folding related? Question about removing spyware/adware etc.
A little game to pass the time
Subliminal Folding
F@H stats in your sig: not just for Linux anymore!
Google Gets into FAH?!?!
Food for thought
work gets erased...
crossed 6k barrier...
graphical clients 5-10 % slower than text
Multiple Clients smart for a 1.2Gig Celeron?
Who to contact for Donations?
remember me?
This recruiting really helps!
Attn: Dark_15 ... what did you do to get the huge production boost?!
The Powah Tracker
Folding motherboards
Big Packets?
Another One
Why extactly do you Fold?
This can't be right, can it? HELP!
Folding is addicting!
Configuration of FAH Question
This sig ok?
will fah work in my school?
bigpackets enabled in console?
Question for Overclockix LTSP 2.1 developer(s)
Celebrating my and veryhumid's 100,000th
FAH Monitors
YAY! FINALLY Got F@H working!
What ever happened to AAR program?
New linux folding service installer
Something(one) to look out for.
Normal to Get 5 600pts in a row?
Folding Presentation, from our [H]ard friends
102k PPD Hmmm...
Overtake Challenge
Building another rig... but no net access
Exciting Times for Team 32
You all are doing an EXCELLENT job!
New Folding Idea!
5071 active cpus!!!!!!!!!!!!
Going to add some more rigs
Only Half?
Overclockers.com top producer this update, day and week
I hit 2,000 ppd a week ago. Now I'm only 85 away from 3,000 ppd!
Interested in joining 32
What about a WU server?
New to this
Dualie Slowdown Mystery
I don't mean to alarm any one ....
Borg a computer today...
tapping other sources for new members?
FAH as a service
Your Future Plans For Folding
OCAU HAS THE MARK OF THE BEAST! We must destroy them!
Can you choose which Work Unit you get?
folding on my FW (not really)
Has anyone considered this idea that [H]'s been using?
My production boost is over :-(
Folding on my lappy
The Website Fix Work Thread
484 pointer?
HOW??? hits 100k PPD
BeerCan and dark_15
ocau attempt for more users (copy cats!)
New! FAH Domain Deployer (ATTN: Wedo)
Dually Xeons farming deal headsup....
What frame times for 600 point wu?
Folding Mentor project delayed! Yay! MTFing grrrr!!!!!!!!!!
I'm Back
how long to expect it to take a for a wu?
Linux client?
ATTN: Anyone w/ 1 Linux box or more, and wants auto generated stats in there sig -->
Production Estimation Help
get your stats in your sig (Linux only ATM)
My first complete WU Yippy!
Just a suggestion.....
5000 ppd :D
having a banner week
EMIII not showing times, why?
A little front page exposure
folding question
Great Work Guys!!!!
requesting to join Team 32, and question about flags
Bad days ahead for me :(
Master "cancer gene" found?
:( sad times for me
Spare Rig folding question?
W00T Highest Production Day!
FTWL is Red
How do i know what my stats are and or score
New to folding, have some questions.
New to folding, have some questions.
This is what Duallie Xeon Can Due
Top 200!!!
Linux/Windows Dual Boot w/ F@H
Howdy-Ho everybody
[Planning] Folding Contest : Lets get the show on the road.
Possibiliy of HUGE farm (ATTN: Wedo)
The Folding Mentor Project sucks and I am never going to be a mentor. Why?
Can team 32 be the first to hit 300k in a single day?
2 hours per frame?!?
Slow Amber problem on Duron 1.6....???
I need alittle help farming>>>
new to folding what team???
Does anyone know how long this will take to do this entire experiment?
Linux vs win performance
600 pointers scarce but 364 pointers just as good
600pt server probs
Graphic client freezes
Interview with Dr. Vijay Pande
p1475's on -advmethods now, I believe!
I would like to join the folding team
How to get one-click working with firewall
Heeee'ssss Back!!!! Check out How???
New A64 @ 2570 Mhz, much better than P4c @ 3.2?
100,000,000 points team.
ram ratios irrelevant
Thought you were going to pass me, eh shadowcat66?
I hate my high-speed internet provider!
F@H's First Oncology Results Published in JMB
Help needed folding 4 instances with Xeons
help - linux noob cannot tell if client is running
lol so let me get this straight
Interseting Idea if you are at school and have computer classes.
Retro Rigs, Legacy Lunkers, how slow do you go?
Drive managment and FAH....
w00t! Page 1!
Help with flags
new spare computer that will fold soon
TEAM 32 top producer for today??????
Anytime you see someone new to the forum, ask them to help Fold for Team 32...
So if I were to build a unit for folding........
folding problem
Stale FahCore_78.exe wouldn't use SSE boost
Check yer six...
hoping to reach my first hundred WU's soon
Powering it up, rapping it up .. be warned!
What's more important SETI@HOME or Folding@Home?
Batch files
Join team32?
Just hit Orange PPD today
Borging comp which has no internet connection
really need 512mb for BP's?
New folder! Got some quick questions
Folding & windows XP(64-bit)
Whoa! Big Point WUs
Want to Become A Folding Mentor?
Lost 12 hours work, can I recover it?
Can OC'ing cause fatal errors for WU's?
Machine ID when using 2 comps
I miss the good ol 32....
Very slow folding
I feel out of place...
Finally 100K!
Sorry for this but... I JUST MADE RED!!!
Could not connect to Work Server
A question I "have to" ask
Finally, no more clicking to see my stats!
Question on Quad Click
The FMP questions thread
Want to become a Team 32 Folding Mentor?
With Teamwork We Beat [H]!
CHEERS!!! BEER FOR ALL!!! I Finally broke the 1000 place mark!
Has anybody noticed...
How do I start folding?
Big congrats to FizzeldFiend
Anyone notice the top 20 for our team?
Broke 3000 pts per 24 hr avg WooHoo!
what should client.cfg look like?
I need help with my new case!!
Errors with folding..
New Dualie
What are big packets? How do I get them?
lol! duh, people! there is a daily user history graph!
Opterons Folding
Drop in Production... Stupid Ice Storm...
Anyway to suspend the console
WU not accounted for!
We are starting to overtake the big boys.
Did anyone notice we out-scored [H] today?
Can't connect???
Where's The WeatherMan?
If you do not overclock here is a cheap mobo/cpu combo
Ding Dong my Borg is Dead, my Borg is Dead, my Borg is Dead!
I've been "Maroon"ed! How did this happen?
recovering lost work
Farm builders! I have a deal for you:
linux help please
need quad core 1 click
For_Those_We_Lost SUBTEAM
Big Packets vs Regular ones
XP and the new 5.03 question
HEY!, whats this? (warning: Pics)
Weird log messages...slow SLOW work units.
Point of keeping track of points?
Early Unit End?
Attention Amarak[OC]FoldingNinjas
Contest Idea's For prize's
For_Those_We_Lost WU's
folding for.....
Duron 1.6 for FAH
Help me decide
Big, or little packets?
F@H Lost my progress
Xbox For folding ?
Technical problem! Please Help
Sorry guys...
How do I configure my client with the -advmethods flag.
Adding my laptop to my Username?
electron microscope not reading win98 fahcore65
okay, this is getting out of hand...
My 800mhz Athlon keeps crashing.
How do I enable big packets!
Folding Newbie saying hello...
where did the word "boxen" come from?
The Milestone Thread 3.0
Dumb idea but I hope they use the results for all species not just humans.
Question? Does RAM have any influence on how fast a work unit is completed
Lets take #2 soon!
The Contest Pledge Thread - Who's Interested?
Need help with setup
I'm going to have another go...
3pt wu?
Attn: aznwhiteboi
My Folding idea to get more Folding PCs for you.
Attn: Wedo
attempting a comeback
Congrats Nik & Wedo - Big Milestones
I need a little help.
[OC]FoldingNinjas UNITE!
So whos gonna buy this???
Attention 4 Ghz Folders!
What is the slowest computer that can fold?
Retailers Installing FAH w/o Buyers Knowledge
Personally I think all of the people on team 32 have the same user name.
What other causes can one fold for?
dually rig, = 1frame/10min 20sec (complete newb)
just got 2 600 pointers
I got a 400 batch of WU's coming in sometime today!
Will this work?
Need help setting up EMIII
Folding with different computers
I may have rehabilitated another folding team
Stat counter
NEED usb ethernet adaptor
David presents: FoldAid
Wohoo... my first 5k...
running 2 cores?
WARNING: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear
Noob questions
GREAT NEWS! I am getting a 4000+
I have a question...
Merry Christmas
I need to make a certificate for Folding for someone, Help please.
Regular Team 32 Front Page Announcements
Top 10 in all of FAH.
games + folding
web stream of a lecture by prof. pande about the folding project!!!
Finally! After all this time, I made it to Orange!
Overclockix Central Hacked
Points question from a folding newb
Doubled my WU's in just a few days!
FOLDING CONTEST! Half-Life 2 Giveaway (For new folders) 10 runner up prizes as well
I just did something risky to see if i can get more Team 32 members...
I hope this helps.
Fold With Me?
Woohoo, I'm back!
Tell all of your relatives about this and the team 32.
Hello Team.
how can i make sure a computer i set up is folding for team32?
looking for a way...
I say somehow team 32 gets a 4000+ overclocked.
How long does it take for a 400 unit thing.
Major mile stone reached. Yippy!!!
600 Point WU?
Losing WU progess on reboots!
new folder with questions
saw the front page? have a question about folding? come on in
i don't believe this, i lost my 99% progress..!!
SBUD and HH... What happened to you guys?
help needed with FAH
new member
Proof that PMSfishy might be evil. :D
3 year old admited to Breners Childrens Hospital
-advmethods still necessary?
Getting F&H text client to downld multiple WUs
Finally Outproducing Australia
64-Bit F2H
Expect a batch of 600 point Wu's soon
WWII-style Folding Propaganda
Hit 30K :D
Need some help
Environmental Ramifications of DC
Trouble starting new WU.
Hey... New to the folding again...
OPS? Where are you???
Does this look familiar to anyone?
Farmers - Need a Switch?
one-click hosting expired?
Folding & Seti BOINC
I did it! 100K in less than 3 months!
problem sending work unit
Anyone notice there is a 6 hour delay on points at extremeoverclocking FAH Stats?
Arkaine, I need a little advice(help)
Everyone's points are really down this week?
Top 1000 worldwide
So many processors...
Celly 2.8 or duron 1.8
Your Funnyest folding moments
Added a small Power Increase
Points compared to OAU
*scolding* STERRRRRRVINNNNNN!!!!!!
When should I not fold??
Now testing Overclockix 3.7
Instability or bad WU?
rezon8 reaches new milestone
Going, going, gone, I hope soon!!!!!!!
monitor F@H for more than 25 clients
Making FAH502 only take small projects?
Turned Red today
fah minimize games
Help! I can't download a WU?
Disable Core 82???
Repair Install lowers time per frame and 32pt work units
Help Overclockix...
Quick Advice - RAM for a dedicated P4 550
Bootable cd questions, plus others.
anyone else having problems with p1310?
is my 933MHz doomed for deadlines?
Anybody notice this?
Is there a new core out?
Ready or not, here I come!
Not sure if this really goes here
Farms down
Understanding user stats
NEED a one-click idle install!!!
Writing checkpoint files Is this OK?
Question about big packets.
Another "I'm Back!" Thread
100k club!
The never ending HT debate
The never ending HT debate
Problem with HT
Can't seem to get very good ppd?
Why does my pc fold so slow?
we need an ultimate nub guide!
Sempron or athlons new farm...
2,000 WU's
folding questions
Hi Deathknight, you around?
ERPAULS..... are you letting me catch you?
finally made top 100
new to F@H
EOC server down?
Congrat's Mustanley
AMD K6-2 533 Mhz?
I quit.
Is this a good bang for buck set up ?
Finally Turned Red :D
4 machines
2500 frames
so maybe the computers at my school can fold...
0 point work unit, WTF!
Is method().man on the forum
What would be the best cpu to fold with?
An article on msn.com talking about folding how people like us are folding for a caus
Turd Furguson
A big thanks.
Laptop folding, yay? or nay?
Please help!!
Woah Server downage!
Woot 20k!!!!
Help me decide
Why is FAH poping up on start up?
Effects of forcing SSE
Farm Going Back up!!!
New Folding@Home Team Graphic