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AMD Radeon 7000 series F@H Thread/Speculation
Ptreyyt much only folding standard
Return of the JEDI pu
HPCS!! Folding for a week, and their ovetake is 5 Months!!
Best way to fold on A8-3800?
Which GPU
Limit fahlog.txt file size for sake of remote client monitoring
10 million some time last night.
Ahh, the elves have been busy here.
Figured the folders would like to read about this news
Looking to start folding again!
GPU DC farms
Back to Folding
So why does nobody use Intel server hardware?
Hello Macaholic
F@H sales heads up privileges
Assignment Servers Down
MAJOR Issue...
HPCS fun.
My ol' Rig
where to put gpu -1 -2 -3 flags
What would be the most energy efficient way to build one for 500$?
Blade server
Best PPD/$$$ ratio card right now?
PPD variance
PPD expectations with the new updates
I'm back... AGAIN! And folding like a lawn chair.
Problem with WU 7135?
0 PPD per HFM with project 7200?
I want to get involved...
Trying to monitor F@H in VirtualBox/Ubuntu
-Bigadv setup verification
Time to take a harder look at newer rigs?
PPD on "Gordon"
Folding Problem.
Stat servers down?
adding a 8400gs help
Folding N00b
SMP Client - "pause when complete" possible?
Another reason to Fold
GTX 560's
Folding to heat the house?
am i failing wu's?
Getting multi-GPU working
cpu vs gpu
dedicate GPU to folding?
Quad 16-core interlagos
F@H Heater box
Windows took a dump
Well, I made 10M but
Calculating Sandy Bridge PPD super fun time
new computer more folding
New rig
Elves and Santa Annual Gift Thread!
Looking for advice
Moving on up :)
Intel Reveals Official Next-Gen "Ivy Bridge" Chip Performance Numbers
Any idea why its doing this?
Back in the game
Time per frame, do these sound about right?
I installed the wrong client, now what?
With greetings from Russia
New Team32 Milestone High - Congrats HayesK
Help with SMP folding. Every Core Folds the Same!
Silly SMP question
Recent video about Folding@home from the Stanford News Service
This build good for folding?
Back with a new rig - GPU3 Linux question
Is this MB gonna go the distance?
My folding furnace (quick video)
A couple quick questions.
i7-3930K folding build and review
New member, "worth it" question.
In light of bigadv changes, new best ppd/$ recommendations
Changes to -bigadv
Pande Group Announces Donor Advisory Board
SMP fix
9 million. WTF!?
Ok so I'm confused.
Folding newbie needs help to get started!!
Mixed reviews
Freezing up.
This might be stupid
Would an ISP issue make Stanford degrade me to A3'S?
Be so kind...
Fans of Kakaostats - Proposal to change the productivity colour codes
100, 000,000 that is alotta zeros!!!
Step up to a 2600k?
Suddenly have desktop lag with gpu3
FX-8150 Or i72600K SB
recycling case fans
Is it possible to fold on AIX?
Is a PS3 worth folding?
WTF athenatech!
I have to indulge myself...
Now thats some serious power draw
Optimal Setup With CPU+Tri Sli
Performance Question
Extreme Cooling for Folding
Request: Dedicated Folding Rig Critique
New, need some guidance! (Very Excited!!)
check me out
Linux Umbutu 11.10
A folding Workstation...
overclocking, memory speed, tpf
Stability and folding, a frank discussion
Learning How to Set Up F@H
Production estimate
VMware Player 3.0.0 install problem
Who in the H#@@ is team awachs?
What happened to Team Gix?
Back on track!
1 Box Down :(
There was a small spill...
Vmware player doesn't want to share. . .
Thanks assignment server!
New modest milestone
No Longer Folding
Effects of Dual vs. Triple Channel Ram
Passing Jolly :-/
Quick Folding Question.
Laptop folding speed difference question
Linux and Folding
Just wanted to stop in and say hi
Is it possible to fold ati and nvidia together?
Pausing Bigadv - Good or Bad Idea?
A toast to our Landshark!
Vmware, Ubuntu10.10, and ext3. . .help pls
Linux help...
Sandy Bridge-E folding
Insuring delivery of BIG -bigadv
Sacrifice to the Folding Cause. . .
Question About Linux
How Do I Get A Bigadv WU
-bigadv Servers
Back to folding need some feedback
7.1.33 available
Bookmarking the 4 mil stat page
Folding and Screen Savers
Need help auditing submitted projects
This is an exciting time to join the team!
3 million points!
W7 SMP Client Question
AMD Bulldozer breaks world speed
AMD Bulldozer may be back in the game
This one is for you, old friend.
Yet Another Newb question. . .
HFM Multiple Clients
F@H GPU Instal Issues
GTX 295 driver?
Core 16 freezes and will not resume. . .
Completed WU Question
Did I miss a client update? bigadv gone?
Where are my points?
Folding - Free sandybridge mobo contest
Off to RMA with you
Triple Milestone For a N00b
A warning to Chrome users.
VMware 3.x.x Folding Guide (including -bigadv)
What type of WU is 7008?
6 years and 4 months
Project: 10124.... brand new WU???
Question on GPU folding on Linux. . .
Low ppd score???
Upgraded CPU, but performance won't increase?
Dedicated Folding Box
Top 1,000 on team
New folder :)
Ubuntu, SSD and folding questions
4,000,000 point!!
Getting aborted work units
GPU3 WU 762x can overheat your stock OCed GPU
Intel i3 vs i5 Folding performance
New Futures In Biotech episode about Folding@home
Why the Giant Variance?
Core Temp App Now Available for Android
The Race is ON!
Is my CPU dying?
Have you ever been a folding "evangelist"?
Here's Augie!
Folding on a Xeon E31245
Shark Bait!!!
V7 vs. V6, which is right for me?
How can I properly stop a client?
New to folding and have a few questions
v7 client PPD difference
Folding@home results & other good news....
FAH v7 Client GPU Usage
Meet the real Mother of the Motherboard, etc.
FAH v7 Client Interface Testing - NEED HELP!!!
New to folding
Back to School Beta Bonanza
How To Install Folding@Home Version 7 Beta Client
Completed Work Units Not Showing
550ti compares to 450 and 460 for folding?
Anyone Getting 6903?
New To All This
Same projects over and over
New Server Stats Page
So how hot are you all running your i7's???
8600GTS GPU folding problem pls help!
Anyone good with GIMP/Photoshop?
New Folding Rig Project
Identify Yourself !!
Ninja Folding?
Looking For a Folding @ Home Team!
Anyone Else not getting bigadv bonus points?
Lego folding farm fights cancer, looks good doing it
Help: Filling up queue
How much of the cpu is F@H able to use?
Folding error
Need advice on first folding rigs
2 Million right around the corner!
fah error on gpu client
Folding Client Question
" A New Milestone High 300 Million Points"
What's up with our nearly 50% drop in points??
Open Beta V7 and bigadv ?
Server Processors
AVG cites FAH GPU3 as virus!
Cancer Society spends more on fundraising than research
Whoo-hoo!!! Way to FOLD HayesK!
Bigadv Points Changes
Break out the poofcannon its a war!!!
W7 VM does not pick up 8 cores
Anyone playing with the new beta client?
Was the Windows SMP client effectively depreciated with crappy WUs?
EUEs on project 5738 (GPU)
PS3 is beating my 2600k?
2600K folding points(answer for cuda and dfonda)
Possible -bigadv changes
Intel teases many-core 22-nm products at HPC conference
Budget 24/7 folder, what hardware?
What is wrong?
7500/7501 UNSTABLE and EARLY
What i overlooked in FAQ?
Virtualbox vs Vmware
no -bigadv ??
Broke 1,000,000 and Vacation
AWOOGA!! MaxPC are back on our threat list! AWOOGA!!
mile stones
What OS and ram timings are best for 2600k and 2400mhz RAM?
What are you doing with your summer?
More Server Oddities
WU Server HW Upgrade/Downtime: FAHND03, FAHND04
-bigadv shortage
FAH Bigadv Server Software Upgrade
Project 2684 Slow TPF
-bigadv Heads Up
Bad news/good news.
p8p67 pro + 2600k folding
points disappearing
Bottlenecked 5770
Minimum 2600K OC for -bigadv
My new Folder :)
FAH Donors Guide to Right and Wrong
Issues with project 10123
i am the man
not related to folding, but read anyway.
A Rising Tide for Rosetta
What would you guys like to see on the front page?
Another 2600K build thread
Project 10121?
Windows 64 bit high performance client?
Possible Downtime: FAH Server
v7 on Linux
wu's done but wont send.
Can FAH buffer work units?
new in folding
weird WU
Update To Calculations
how to clone ubuntu drive?
P2684 point system revised
Folding at Home Team Mailing List - Opinions Needed
Will fold for chimps
Just hit 5 mil!
Hardware Recommendations for Budget 2600K Folder?
Chimp Chirps
Optimizing throughput for the contest
Collection server issues
What are you lending to the Chimp Challenge?
Too many LINCS warnings (4905)
Extra 775 board?
Checking Overclock in Ubuntu(Turbostat)
Bought a 560 Ti last night, then this morning...
64 bit or 32 bit OS?
Anybody Folding on Ubuntu 11.04?
Max 24/7 Folding Vcore on 2600K
Optimizing bigadv's
Why so few people actually folding?
looking for folders to test overclockix
Nvidia GTX550TI folding good?
Which Ubuntu Version?
x-post - video card issue
GPU Client Sleeping
just got my gpu folding :)
Just started folding
Chimp Challenge 2011: Contest Rules and Important Dates
Future Folding Farm Hardware Info Thread (LGA2011)
Questions about Folding.
Request for Info on The Great Chimp Challenge
Machine ID?
1 oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh OH <-- lotsa OHs indeed!!
Couple things...
6.34 Ubuntu 10.04 Terminal Crashes
GPU Tracker V2 Help
1 Meeelllion!
Something is destroying my folding. Bad GPU or RAM?
Best Way to Fold on Gulftown
F@H Hardware Sale Heads-Up (Not for Discussion)
Xeon SandyBridge release
Team 32 avatar banner
GPU error help pls.
ATI GPUs on v7 Beta?
My sig
New Folder, suggestions?
Linux 6.34 install
Good f@h setup?
Vijay Pande on More transparency in testing....
Add another 2600k to the Fold!
Folding question
asus p67-M Micro build
GTX 460 problem?
a5 Error
A couple of work units to watch for......
New Folding Farm
1090T Folding Slowly
Just switched to Linux Bigadv in VMWare ;)
VMware and linuxrouter image??
GTX 4xx
New hardware using v7
One permille
Folding Questions
WU's and stats not reporting correctly
Ok what is going on? TPF's and PPD's
580 running in 2D clock mode?
6.34 Keeps hanging my machine
Motherboard prices to see second wave of increases in May
Just noticed this but I have passed 1M!
Folding setup: What components for 1155
"You must start folding again"
Linux Help.
Oh, sfu....
AIDS Vaccine Possible?
I've been a bad boy :(
starting folding rig today :)
FAH Client v7 Public Beta
New Gulftown Folder
Project 6702 WUs Being Cancelled
A cheap video card needed.
Are there no more -bigadv WU left?
No Bonus Under Linux
Question about tri-channel + f@h
Add gpu just to fold?
p8p67 / 2600k issues
How long have your GPUs run?
My next upgrade: Should I
F@H Server Status
GPU Servers are down
Team 32 Overtake Watch: Custom PC & bit-tech
My first million plus month:)
Saw this and thought of you folders
OCCT isn't dead... new update coming soon
GT 430 client
What does you're f@h setup look like?
Folding on a budget
Firefox 4 + GPU Folding = Lag. Fix inside.
More parts :D
1 million mark coming!
My pc is better than an HTPC... :D
Thinking of folding again!
I think my new 560 is dead...
P6901 TPF
Former folding "farms"....
-bigadv memory question for ChasR (or anyone else willing to chime in)
No.5 position may come back to haunt us
Are these numbers right?
Linux client 6.34
2 HP Proliant DL380 G3 Servers (Dual Xeon 3.2)
Want to fold but Power bill is expensive =(
Most bang for the $ - Non-8 core CPU?
Return of the Is
Linux SMP + GPU folding
What happened?
ARGGGGH!!! The barrier falls....
Performance issues??
Folding with my name?
Need GPU install help..
Swapping the Old for the New(er)
Dedicated Folding Day?
FAH Support for ATI GPUs
My Sandy Bridge is rockin again:)
New Folder
Ram Requirements for Bigadv
Chimp Challenge 2011: Changes to Rules
whats up with kakao stats
Folding@home Passkey
PPD of a Phenom II x6 1090T BE
Results so far moving bigadv from Win7 to native Ubuntu.
p10436 and p10437
2 quick questions
About Me
Joined The Team
new build - ubantu experts needed
GTX 560 Ti added to the fold
Distributed Computing + Cell Phones
BAH! Folding Rig Down Again But I'm Happy
Look out Maximum PC!!
-bigadv picking up A3 "non -bigadv" cores
900 PPD W/i7... What's going on here...
Getting ready to gear it up...
Top 200 WOOHOO
ISSUES: a3 stopped, gtx issue, gt 220 issues
My first i7 950 SMP WU
More Problems - Event ID 41 Source: Kernel-Power
Best Folding Option for Linux
Script for Monitoring
Almost 100%
wanting to start folding on my 450 gts
Folding Team Motivational Posters
More GPUs - need a MB
trying to setup VMUbuntu Folding
Linux -bigadv problem
Long time between WUs?
Windows Client 6.34 -bigadv problem on p6901
A bit of random crap....
P10117 GPU2
WTF T32!
Switched to 2.27... [Solved]
Whats wrong here...
VM that can handle 6c/12t?
80 core server?
A5 takes longer?
Dedicated i7 linux bigadv rig
Folding on a gt 220 and overclocking.
[O/C]Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #92
adding another i7 to GIXXERGUY6
Quick help? - Can't get -bigadv work, new install
Win Bigadv MUST upgrade to Client v6.34
"Team 32 has it's best month ever in February 2011!" -March 1, Team 32 Report
P6900 is now on A5 (A3 -> A5)
5 mil on next update!
EUE limit exceded?
What is -bigadv?
Question on usng SMP 11
Congrats to sfu!!!
VM vs Win7
About March Madness...
core_a5 -bigadv observations
Update/Drop-In SMP Client
How do I correct WU history for HFM.NET?
Linux (all flavors) Folding Install Scripts and Guide
a5 issues???
I've got my -bigadv back...
My First Milestone! :)
Core_A3 Crash
Crossfire 6870s + Sandy Bridge 2600k
Is it the GPU or WU causing my spike in temps?
GPU Issues
Upcoming core changes (bigadv will switch from A3 to A5)
"Could Team 32 Pass MaxPC before the end of February?"- Feb 22, Team 32 Report
Folding problem - HELP ASAP!!!
Rosetta Team -- March Contest
Internet down folding paused :(
Wish us luck!
p 2684 -bigadv early numbers
"Core is not running now." =[?
Down But Not Out