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HT and performance hit
10k seti and now starting folding for a while.
1400 Series
Please, oh please, tell me a server is down!
Turning on SSE
{H} on TSS
Alternate stat sites
Scoring seems confusing
Google folding@home
"HA! HA!" Avatar Trend
project 959
100k! WOOT
FOLDING under Openbsd
loss = more
Fill in the blank!
how to set up config to use a proxy?
Need help uninstalling the FAH "One Click"
better cpu for folding 1700+ or duron 1.8?
I had over 7000 points today... Holy S&*t....
Slow folders=== I think
At least 4 of my borgs died on me last week...
$10 Socket A motherboards at Newegg!
5000 frame core?
when will i be on page 1
I broke 50K! And I tapped RED!
Curious how long..
I just broke 20k!
question about the client.cfg
Third Party Contributions: Kakao Stats
Congrats 45
Birthday wish...
Folding and Google Desktop
Team production down. What do we do?
Starting getting the parts to start my farm
Looking for a "Mentor" for a new farm
Win 98 one click problem
How to hide 3.14 console.
**Please Read** A survey about Distributed Computing
Page 3 of Rainbow stats!!!!
Can i use logos from team 32?
Turned blue...
The Folding/UPS Answer
Not complet?
Rankings & points?
How many small folding rigs can one HQ PSU power?
Last try!!!
not a cluster, but...
Folding and Hibernation Question
update me please
almost 10k!
shutting down
[h] question
problem with folding (display)
New foulding computer
Power usage.
To slow?
making a new farm rack
Well,I held off as long as I could.
The ULTIMATE Frustration
Different WU's worth different amounts
My main rig keeps failing...
Back again
Woohoo 100K Finally!!!
more evidence celerons are wimpy and pathetic!
This is strange...
Core error
Is this normal? p112_p678_L939_K12M_355K
here is you chance to overtake me
servers must be done past 6 hours...
Same WU on 2 machines
My name isn't right in cfg
Attempting to get Work Packet
NO! i went back down to teal!
Top 100 - Page 1 Finally Made It! :D
Strange Thing...
Optimize System For Folding
which app to use
Anyone notice a slowdown in points the last two days?
ATTN wedo- got a request for ya
FahCore_82.exe - REV2?
wu's counted, but without score?
borg emoticon
200K and top 50.
I've started again.
10 point p1310?
one click for 9x?
had a quick question...
Need help
40k :D
Is it normal for FAH to use this much ram?
Just added 4.4 Ghz to the team!
What's this mean?
Just Kick Back...
Stanford forcing out big packets?
Look's Like top 100 is out of reach for me./
Beowulf cluster & folding COMING SOON!
WOW!! its working.
good signs we are catching up to [H]!
Some production fluctuation
I will have a new Dell 3.2 p4 w/HT folding soon!
Am I considered a big boy now?
Help me out guys.
A run at the big boys
FAHCore_78 gobbling up 134MB of memory...
Question for everyone
Just joined Team 32...
Making a special appearance - don't blink
woot #399 top 300 here I come
Any need in updating client ?
$75 PIII Rigs
Attention ShadowCat66: Would you mind dropping to 6th place?
how to delete a wu???
Need an install for linux
I hit 20,000!
wow... the third time in a row!
HH im after you
Two instances of FAH on a dual processor Mac?
100 400 Mhz machines=1 borg?
Someone needs to create a WAN borg watcher
how to network a farm?
too many comps not enough monitors...
nothing wrong with...?
Folding Ninjas! :sn:
tehehehe thanks fizzledfiend
Folding Farm Delayed
Running out of big WUs
Top 100
What the....?
The battle between OSUmaxx and {PMS}fishy is almost over
-jabs lcd- wheres the pause button?!?!
/me luvin GREEN!
Concerns regarding FAH and spyware removal apps
Folding Gurus - Please Read
"Official O/C Team 32 Folding..." Update Ideas
FAH 64 bit compatibility?
It's 3:30 *jds*
Yo Wedo!
New Core is out now. AMBER core 82
question about one-click, assembly optimizations, and instability...
Regarding F@H and P2P
anvil82 makes top 10!
One Click Question
robertm1771 is Coming Back
Top 100!
Electon Microscope III Update v3.0.0
what does timered checkpoint mean?
Points per WU...
Congrats *jds* - Gone Red!
OC-AMD switch team?
Why aren't I receiving points for my WUs??
24 hr avg of 32k???? how the...?
EMIII question
Tracked this down..
Hey Wedo... THANKS!
Need Help To Fix our team page
Folding Home Page
Top 100 by New Years Eve (or sooner)
Cool, Quiet, Cheap folding CPU?
Which of these would fold the best?
What a log! From my only Borg!
idiot *jds* cheater from this forum
My borg is dying, anyone ever see this in the logs
Server .153 will not accept work
I quit folding
Late night farming
i am so orange
folding with only a CD/DVD drive?
Informative Speech - Folding Plug
100K WooHoo!
Weird Message
I could use one of these!
10k is mine!!!!
what just happend?
i have some questions please
Possible Future Housepower for Folding
Quick question please
Dip in all major teams production...?
Any Way To Uninstall???
Convinceing a friend to fold
omg! is this the longest frame time ever?
Congrats Clean_Blady
made in China?
I'll be shutting down soon
Look at these points.
We pwned the [H]orde today
Wedo = Pwned!!!!
One click 5.02 will not start as service
Diskless farms?
folding cause hardware failures?
Folding Slowing FPS in Games
EMIII and 5.02?
what effects are the big packets option having on -advmethods vs no -advmethods?
Holy begeebus! I've turned ORANGE!
One Million!!
Power Saving?
Look out
Which board for diskless folding?
page 1
Special OCFolding Avatars
vonkaar, where are you?
put on the red dress!
Does Stanford give credit to folks whose folded proteins discover something
Overclockix LTSP v2.1 hold my hand?
\/\/()()tttt!!!!!! 200,000,000!!!!!!!!
Fastest frame contest (1124) / (1125)
Ahhhh,Feels good to get my spot back!
Overclockix LTSP 2.1 released
so i read the "newbie read me" post
One-Click with 5.02, -advmethods, and EULA compliant!
My FAH one click isn't running at all!!! HELP!
My name is Bob.... and I am red.....
Orange $$
What is up with this?
? about the memory...
Senior Project
i am gaining fast
5.02 unstable 5.00 stable?
Nice job Deathknight
Folding in Batches
TInker only?
drop-top....hows this working?
Warm? AMD Farm layer deal....
World's faster supercomputer to fold
We need more powah!
fast-fob...who is this and whats happend?
Unknown Tinkers; How to Display?
Fizzledfiend!!!! Read This
Mother of all proteins
holy cow 2MB L3 cache rocks!!!
anyone else noticing a changing of the guard?
Something is wrong.
Xeno offically h ates intel
Little Packets with Big Packet Memory resorce usage
Error report...wth!?!??!
Before Wedo's one-click... what was there?
CPU just disappeared...
The Ultimate FAH Network Install is born...
Strange Stats Occurance
Help me understand the config file
Flags vs CPU
Guess what cpu this is !! with prize
Folding lagging my system
so I joined team 32 am I right?
I remember when FAH was v.1
Merging w/ Others to Beat #1 and #2?
final verdict on folding on laptops
unrelated funny story
WOOHOO back orange
this good for my num of wus?
EMIII text issue
Who else is addicted?
I just cut 28 secs/frame!
Sevral issues/announcements: borging 100+comps, and the folding mentor project
want to add a 2.4HT but need help
How much are each WU worth?
What have you done for 32 lately?
Folding problem...
Folding is Freezing!
So, I decided to fold for team 32.
AAR3 is up and running!
I'm new to Folding! Help me!
Installation & maintenance on non-networked machines?
One-Click and client 5.02 note.
Team 32 the only one on the upswing!
Best service install method for an XP Pro, single OCed 2500+ barton user who games?
What's folding?
Changes to client.cfg, does the console client need to be restarted?
Rig running again, folding craziness. Help!
Bigpackets for a dedicated folder with 256MB?
this sounds like some of you guys around here :)
Way to pause for gaming?
Beer budget Champaign taste!
10000 points!
Can you specify the location of the "work" folder
Homer reporting to folding...
Now this is sickening....
put a spot aside for me as a top 5 producer for team 32 ^_~
woot! finally back in the red
Free Benchamrk BOOST!
Hello everyone, my name is Robert... and I FOLD
Where are the Beta listings?
new side panel PICS!
And the 'Bone head' of the month goes to...
New to folding again
A moment's reflection....[H] taking a hit
FAH Monitor Program
Should I be concerned?
has anyone ever dreamt of folding....
Help! One of my AMD machines is twice as slow as the other!
is the verdict in yet.
Folding Client Going to Sleep
Folding on a laptap
Trending upward...
Our trend line has a negative slope
Interesting folding possibility
45, whats up? you seem to be slipping....
looks like ERPAULS found the "on" switch :D
Weird problem with BigPackets
Want a team 32 T-shirt? Post here
Taking the plunge
School shopping. I need t-shirts...when are the Team32 Folding shirts being released?
stervin, "the day is mine!!!"
A64 folding
+3.06GHz Folding 24x7
whats with this chatter about folding ending?
New F@H Version
More amazing DNA/proteins/enzyme stuff
Folding Ratings
Need Help, Can't Get WU
60k :D
special avatar graphic for crunchers and folders?
I got burned at RC5-64...
ATTN: idea to help promote folding
Win98 Folding service - HELP
silly simple question for someone...
ED gave me an Idea
loseing 2.6
Well, I have to stop folding for a bit...
I'd like to fold on this...
Farm dies....
F@H Log Stats
Newbies come here for important info!
I'm turning green with vengence... Mu ha ha Look out WOODS (Insert Evil Music here!)
Question regarding One-Click installs.
early end... need to be woried?
Battery backup and folding?
30k :)
No info on a core?
Folding with a GPU???
Folding 5 benchies
?'s about F@H
P130x get another boost
need help finding service install for mac
What folds Faster? AMD64 or Pentium 4?
what is the current version for the folding software?
Back after a long break.
Folding Bracelet
How do you uninstall one-click installs?
Bad news for TeamDFA
help quick please
EMIII Question
check out this wu!
mini folding farm
shutting down fah
text only client
Darn storms hurtin' my production!
Congrats Nik
Screen Saver gone mad! Farm dying.
Wow..VERY slow WU's?
Bigdaddy Tank - Wave & Smile
Farm going down
Hide the Folding program?
Let's talk about BigPackets and -advmethods
Overclockix LTSP 2.0 release
My wife may have skin cancer
Folding is taking 90% CPU usage
Who is OPS?
I am SERIOUSLY Quitting Folding....
How do I set up my 3.06Ghz HT to Fold 2 F@Hs?
Yes! Top 200!
Tanks So Much To bigdaddyTank
Folding in the news
Have to shut farms down temporarily
Farm Questions
Sad day in hrdwrjnkie-ville
I would like to learn how to FOLD? help???
Quick question....best XP overclock board, and the reason why i fold (unrelated to XP
Is it jus me or not?
Decisions!! Which will fold faster? and is it worth it?
LMAO, 242 point WU's?
Project summarys? Where?
Extreme folding stats team influx
Personal Milestone
Flat line folding. Boo hoo.
Electron Microscope Question
WU Problem
add another rig
Linux no likey?
Folding@Home Team 32 @ Austin Community College
Illegal instructions while folding....
Another "what would fold faster?" question.
Back in action
11 minutes a step gromacs/ASM
I need more Connection's?
Server down?
Server Status
Woohoo! Potential Borg!
woo woo 50k!
5.02 Console Available
Time To Bust Out More Rigs OC-AMD!
Core79 on a non SSE2 cpu
Dial-up vs LAN setup
Farm production down.....File-IO-Errors
Need Help from Hurricane Charley Area
No creadit
Congrats Fizzled
[H]ardfolding VS OCFORUMS all out WAR! hehe
Updated Site?
Folding ?
Unable to connect to server to download new work units
just got my side panel back from xeno's friend!
Is this supposed to happen.
Folding with Dual CPUs
i just dumped in 219 points in the last 24 hrs!
Old boxes. Reeaaally old boxes...
WU's wont' upload
Cmon now...this is just ridiculous...BIGPACKETS
Threat List
bad chasr bad bad! *wagles finger*
'Pause while on battery' - Work with UPS?
bigpackets=no a good idea?
Warning to P2P blocklist users!
Help folders! need to get 2 borgs up by saturday!
advmethods = bigpackets?
Holy Poo...
Fah 5
FAH HT Service Problem
No points 14th / 15th.... problems?
20k w00tage!
sterVin vs. veryhumid
Ramping up my production! "I'm comming for you Quailane!"
EMIII times
Holy huge proteins!
EM3 not detecting 12xx proteins
new tinkers and faulty work units.
hello mr. xeno...
Update problems...
FAH 5.00 question
Performance / load, and the new FAH5
Problems - I need help
One-Click for FAH5.00 is here!
Here is how to config the new 5.00 client
big tinkers (the new ones)
Wanted: AAR website desiginers
Removing F@H
Can you feel winter closing in?
-advmethods still lives if you've got what it takes.
50,000 at last! (That was a quick trip from 40k?)
Uhhh, p261_1ryp_gggg
Hoping to double my production ^_^
Girlfriennnd! Oh no you din'nt!
Benchmark scores
New To this
Predictor@Home with Boinc
My folding farm (pic inside)
BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC Heads up on FLAGS and FAH v5.0!
Guide:Running FAH on Smoothwall
FAH 5.00 Console & Service Install
Folding and SP2?
Iraqi WU
How to fold on Smoothwall?
HELP FAST! Need the oneclick thats down!
error in log and request for one click
New borgs coming soon
Got me another folder on the way.
Upload and Redistribution
Bragging rights
Green Baby
What Core?
AMD's athlon number rating? (according to folding)
Folding Team Leader, Change of plans
got a new computer to fold
woohoo Drop-Top
farm down
Clearing a debt, losing a rig
points page + NEW MEMBER
Northwood VS prescott in folding
Who wants to borg this?
Gonna be down for a few days
Rainbow Improvements
Reformatting and continuing with the same WU
a rig is down, can you help?
Trying to stop the slide
50K! Bout f'in time!