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points, how are they figured
Link to flash video approved!
will F@H operate on port 80?
Hi there
F@H 5.0 Prerelease
Doom hurting production
no internet when folding...
Another question...
Custom Stars for Folders
yooohoo?!? where are you Dgromacs?!?
Its been fun but bye bye
Researchers find the Gene for Acne using a Protein Folding program!
40,000 Points
Wont connect...
EOC Javascript popups...?
EMIII problem
GREAT DEAL on MOBO quanity 1
what'd I miss over this past week
badvector, you out there son?
Welcome back to orange Bon3thugz43v3r
borg incarnate
New Folding Team Leader: All Folders Read This
Points Update
Is there a SSE3 gromac comming soon?
Whiy do I submit WUs but don't get any points ?
Excuses... How do you handle them?
Another laptop folding thread
Slashdot article: Synthetic prion made at UCSD
good article!
I am curious as to what ALL diseases folding covers.
woot 40k!
FYI Stats down
Small Dilema
Congrats Walaka7!
10k overnite
My first BORG...
New toy for folding forum!
Howto Make a Farm?
Woot Woot...Top 50!
James "Jimbo" Drulis passed on sunday
WU value page
1 year anniversay FOLDING
Congrats to many!
is it just me?
Overclockix help
OneClick uninstaller (single and dually)
Help a folder out?
always good to check the competition...
stan03 / aznwhiteboi
Sad day, farm is down for the count
network intercom for folding
De-bugging help
Woooohoooo ! Talk about mooovin' !
Closing in on 100.000
look for some help with info(for the cause of course)
I'm New To This And Wondering...
looks like the overclock was HURTING!
Watch out top 150-200 here I come.
One click is no more, kinda - need hosting
Microsoft is hampering our efforts!
Looks like another Tinker storm
please respond qiuckly!
Back in the fold!
Woohoo!! Broke 50 000!
Sending info
Using F@H with AMD 64 Processor
confused - multiple cpu/computers
Newcastle 2.2Ghz or Claw 2.0Ghz 1Mb for Folding?
Still down 37 PCs...But...Top 100!
Need a Team
Client-core communications error
top 100 tam32
won't send work
Ricardo vs. sterVin
Been down for a while...
Just had a New Baby!! Need some help so I can fold more!!
A request from those who have lost someone.
Finishing a WU before it was downloaded?
Hiding console
linksys wireless router keeps making me lose points!!
Cant get any closer than this :eek:
what port does the folding client use?
20k :OOOOO
Exactly what does it take?
GoodEffort, just where do you think your going?
OSUmaxx hits top 10!
Top 400 and Climbing!
Problem, Please help me diagnose my log
New Folding@Home Flash Presentation
copy results from offline machine ?
Few folding questions
FAH team 32 recruitment video.
Folding on web server?
Anyone Wanta Help Me with this?
rainbow down again?
How long to complete a WU
Ideal folding machine?
Yellowjacket fully operational!
FAH can't get work while not logged in?
Cleaning up.
Fast enough to fold?
newbi question on DC... why do this ? are we sure what happens with our cycles ??
Newb that is intrested in joining team 32
Folding the same WU twice?
os performance
message to ryland
After waiting for 4 DAYS to download, Overclockix...
New team 32 100k member.
Damn the folding gremlins!!! Down 10 rigs
My Borgs out for this week, pass me up!
Is something wrong with my Linux FAH installation?
rainbow stats down?
p262_ch3cn = production loss
Hmmm...what happened?
Down 1 rig
Servers are ticking me off
I've been seeing...
Where's the "Farm" Sticky?
How often do the stats update?
50K WooHoo
Having some trouble with EMIII & FAH4Console, live help on AIM requested!
Big Congrats to Rav
Newb question, but someone explain ?
Anybody seen Mr. B lately?
What ever happened to...
how long does it take you to do one tinker frame?
Folding Mentors!!!
I'm just curious
Where do you live? Fold, I mean.
Getting one-click dually to work
Console tags for 4 rigs
Here comes Drop_Top
error 503
Thinkin of making a mini farm
Tinkers helped me
how can I install a new one-click when I already have one installed?
We need to retake the spot!
w00r!!! Top 20 Producers for Team32!
11 WU's in que????
Red_silver is Making the move.
any way to set time zone on wedo's one-click?
My Dulaie is here! W00tage!!
37 min per frame!
Weird molecule displays
HOLY COW! these Tinkers take forever
Newbee with startup troubles
Dualie comming soon, small hdd needed.
Been a good 4th of July for me...
4-5 More rigs from AAR nearly complete
whipped this up for the team
OH OK I get it now...I hope
Early End Units.
FAH suddenly won't run?
Where the heck am I?
Please help! Main folding rig is down.
getting into the game
Going back to EOC
The Ninjas should be ramping up...
Quick n' Dirty .bat file to stop/start FAH
When was the last time they updated our folding team website?
Mustanley Broke 500K
Flags for Centrino lappy?
Pardon us Sterculus
limit upload speed to stanford servers?
Adopt a Rig Donations Thread
Can't send WU
sample of log when work unit is sent back early
Just turned orange! w00t!
Hooray for tinkers?
Get to the Furbs! AMD maTX farming boards for $20 SHIPPED!!!!!!
console question
AAR needs a cpu!
Count me in...
Well, I am here too...
Want to build a farm
what is a good chassis for a farm?
tinker problem
Folding on a corporate server.....
Hilarious trend
Wedo Joins The One Million Club!
how can I tell if work units are being sent back early?
Anything come out of FAH yet?
Failed connection?
looking for a challenger/race
What Is Folding?
Fever vs. MrChambers
Broke 100k and added 2 more CPU's!
have to uninstall folding :(
Stats page/member list
Is there a virus going around???
Farm layers cheap!
Looks like I'll have to sell the farm
I'm coming for you, Chambers....
EMIII Question
I'm tired and fed-up with folding....I quit
Folding and Seti combining teams!
3k Marker Passed!
Gmail for folding
Turning off FAH service for users
Folding server .112 down
HT intel and fah
Can't connect over school network
why am I folding so slowly....?
I'm Out!
Orange again....& after soooo long a time
Looking for a new home
Another cheating $@#!*
Kickin' up my production a notch
My -advmethods result ala Graph
If you want a lot of production don't forget to OC!
Return of the Flix-meister
Anyone Need a 1U Dual 1 Gig server?
Top 200+ 40K+ 900wu's complete in the same day!!!
Thanks a lot IMOG
Forcing download of WUs?
F@H and futuremark
Who wants to make a AMD64 farm?
German 5 year old gas mutated gene that gave him super stength! Whoa!
T32 Folding Mentor ALERT!
Points question
Just thought I'd help...
Win98 vs Win2K on AMD farm?
The big red X, should I delete the WU?
Schroomer quits EOC
An Idea to get a little more attention in the forums about Folding
Heads up if you set your AMD folders to GAH
Broke top 100 !!
Are you top producers using advanced methods?
Who is Orion456?
Xeno bows to Scary_Penguin
Special deal for folders in the classifieds
Top 20 Team 32 producers
Loosing WUs on restart
Please help me decide new box - slightly off topic but will fold 24x7
I need an FahCore_79.exe
Folding a little messed up
Looks like OCAU will do it today.
Broke Team 32 top 1000
Help out fellow folder on price vs performance
finally im commin back :)
Best performance to cost ratio
Client-Core Communications Error?
Predictor Update: The French are about to pass us!
Problem uploading finished WU's
128 points instead of 239??
Drop a WU ?
Will be out of the fold for a few days :(
Save a WU?
WooHoo! Top 1000 worldwide!
which is better for folding?
Finally broke top 100!
EOC and www.overclocking.com to join forces
Folder "One-Click" hits 50,000!
Team 32 Mentor Announcement!
Folding behind a login screen?
Cheap but effective folder?????
cpus for farm builder
Jr. ITC School Project
Borging Question
Goodeffort, your clock is ticking!
Why are my points still going to Wedo?
uh oh F@H causing a problem!
Want to become a Team 32 Folding Mentor?
Help me price out a farm
What makes F@H better than DF?
Team 32 Mentor Assignments
What is the better folder of the 2
A borger's tools.
Folding ?? :S
What Happened
MIA = stymee
10k and Producer #18
Looks like another tinker storm
Man Down! Man Down!!
and yet another farm is born!
Look at all the new members!
Who is TOP folder?
/rant Tinkers
laptop folding
eoc stats down?
How do I stop FAHconsole?
Made it to 40,000!
What Happned to 1920x1080i-How???
Convince Me!
I made it to 10k!
Ol' McSterculus built a farm too
How do I increase priority of One-Click?
Decent Dell Folding computer again. 2.8c for $350 AMIR
Accustom to folding 24/7?
10,000 Finally!!!
New Folding Project
so sad... but congrats...
59297 MHz Added for Team 32, and I'm not done!
calling imog and ALL mentors
Linux folders
Six new versions of One-Click now ready
Forcing F@H to download a new WU
2 consoles on a non-ht machine?
is there any way to automatically turn on my computer?
Ol' Papsomax makes a farm, eei eei ooohhh!
request for one click
svchost taking up all my cpu cycles?!?
Important PandeGroup Announcement
Woo Hoo! 10,000 Points For Rezon8!
fold on sisters new laptop??
One-Click type installer for NT?
Active cpu's and progress
Double Gromacs Questions
Weekly Production Keeps dropping
I hit 5000 this week!
woor! just cross 4 digits production
New Contest -- Borg, borg, borg!
University Major: Computer Science or Computer Engineering?
68 point Dgromacs
win 2kprof standby help
What is going on here?
Just lost a WU?
NT and USB?
Service Installation Questions
Team CPU Counts
KDFold, outdated, but will it work with FAH4?
cluster update
Sub-Groups to user ID's?
Problems with FAH. CLIENT_DIED???
Is there a new "Stats" page so I can see how we are doing?
what to use for monitoring?
any fellow folders in Raleigh?
I passed How?... again...
folding on a cluster
New Folding Client 4
I'm back!
This is really dumb!!!!
how many frames in this WU?
monitoring linux with em3?
.119 is down
What is folding guys?
Anyone need a farm cooler?
Number of CPUS and Reformat
Fast-fob,, are you ready to Rumba?
Just (barely) passed MLMIB in top 20 producers!
linux folding on xbox
frustrated... but finally decided to do it right
Losing a bunch of my borgs :-(
Nice Folding Rig Deal
karbon in top 1000!!!
How to get more tinker WU
37 Minutes per frame?
Folding using HT
Front Page
No Points for 2 day work units on a 2.4ghz
Linux: Why do I have 4 Copies running???
40 PIII 1GHz Borgs = How much ppw?
cd-rom tower
Who do you hate more?
one-click for macs?
Public Apology
udpated stats???
F@H irc script...
More Bad WUs?? Please Help!
Folding with more than 8 machines?
Folding for a week!
Where's erpauls ?
FAHCore4 keeps crashing
I quit using -advmethods and you should too!
What's up with the folding.octeams stats?
Team 32 Folding Advertisement
This tinker is taking forever...any tips?
the big shuffle WOW!
Info we all want and need...folding benchmarks done right
Congrats Walaka!! 100k Broke
how to add F@H to startup?
related to setting up a farm
Nice Production Everyone
The best stat page
Am i getting low-point WU's?
SIGTERM signal (2) from OS & Bad WUs?
Chalk up 56ghz of P4 HT power for OSUmaxx
Gasoline vs Linksep 10K run finished!
out for vacation
Borging = win!
Problems with getting WU's behind proxy.
GRRR tinkers are the worst things ever
Cheap Mobos on the 'Furbs good for folding layers
Major hit: for me.
Folding with NT4 and a DEC Alpha ?
Folding on dual machines
20k Barrier
Distributing F@H with free software
hey all!
One-click questions
uh WOW LOOK!!! 135 point gromac == WIN!!
got a new folder today
HELP! kinda in hot water over FAH, network pro's plz
My Milestone 100k Finally Reached!
More of a reason to fold!!
More Mentors Still Needed!
Waste of electricity?
Give kudos to Arkaine23
Newbie Question
w00t! Top 500 baby!
Blkdiamond, What happened?
Another lone folder climbs to the Team 32 Top 100
Getting tinkers?
How do I install F@H so it is a service in Linux?
Points Unknown?
What Is Folding Team 32
3fah instances on a dual?
Our production trend
Production Loss
does folding really do anything?
Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!!
135 point Gromac?!?
should i?
Ignore this thread. It's just worthless drivel.
its been a while....
fah problem
T-shirt Contest Voting
I'm back!
Stats changed or am I crazy?
Help! Folding stats *won't* update
Alright -- I'm folding on Linux
Ramping up Again
back up and running!
folding motherboard
Team 32 aim buddy icon
One-click and EM III
how big are tinkers?
Download WU's for a computer that has no internet connection?
How Do I Run 2 instances of F@H?
Extremeoverclocking site error?
Is it possible ?
Project MSN
Folding at Home Gear image
30 rigs DOWN!
OC Australia taking over [H] in 60 days
Too hot
Massive Team32 Boost Idea
here or sticky?
ew, new protein
Folding @ Home killing my glxgears performance
Why can't I get work units?
FTWL - 200k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111two
borging peoples comps
Is this an Intel EE ??
Hows this for a farming MB??
Adopt-a-rig parts still needed!
Windows Yatta Monster
I got a few questions
HD Corruption?
500,000k Race
Whaa...?? EMIII and network monitering
P1109_KiefHaber_28 = bad tinker
EMIII bug?
watch for me steaming MLMIB, gaza
Can't connect to server? AAHHHHHH!!!
How many?
WARNING: We are now being outproduced by Alliance Francophone....
100,000 Finally woot woot.
BTW, possible nice farm board...
Someone Buy These For 32!!
PC too weak for folding?
No progress after 2 days?
Turn off oneclick?
What is "Borging" and how is it done?
Folding Wallpaper
how much more power ?
Why climbing is so difficult (graphs)
What's up at Hardcore?
I'm Back
New Member
Why does folding slow down?
Kinda borging or something and stuff
PIII 450 doesn't like FAH?