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Recruited atleast one guy off a forum, maybe more
Team 32 Mentor Thread
Points not updated in a week?
How's this for a master Borging Plan?
Saving WUs
New Folding Subforum
Check this out. Can you say BORG?
SSE vs 3DNow!
Happy B-Day To a Man Gone Red--ShadowCat66
A Tragedy
Best way to fold on a Novell network?
Electron Microscope Question
How to convince network admin to let me fold!
Science Fair
HAve you see this device for "locked' AMD's?
Mothers Day
Running 3dMark
sending unit
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I love this forum!!!
Folding Team T-Shirt Design Contest
Electron Microscope v2.5.2 (Update)
grr... not saving work
Got my first DGROMAC, I like!
Hello from Catalonia!
losing over 5 gigs :(
Donations for a folding comp?
my stats showing on Extreme Overclockers?
Free farm mb after MIR.
Cube Shelving for Farms
ATTN: mrd_overclockers
Running more than 2 instances
Dgromacs are gone
How much have we got folding (Part III)
How do I stop FAH from starting up with windows?
Folding@Once Installer: Beta 1 is here...
Why does folding do this?
help w/ EMIII monitoring over lan
whats -local do?
strange EMIII issue
Worthless WU?
2 CPU's...Need a good home!
Off topic but I really need help here :(
WU Size?
frustration and anger
dropping like a rock
How does this work exactly?
Well I'm back
what's with all the 20-30 point gromacs?
finally gone green!
Pics of my boxen farm as I promised
The Team 32 Recruitment Agenda
my Wu's won't upload?
Why all the thread resurrections?
the folding on a notebook
I PWNed my most vile enemy- OneClick has been vanquished!
server down?
Should i get these comps folding?
Question about weather to keep FAH running or leave it...
folding-related web dev. question
Has something gone wrong ?
greatest farming board ever!
how many cpus do you have folding?
Will a lowly P3 contribute anything?
Overclockix LTSP makes folding via PXE easier than ever
One Click Installs Not Doing Any Work
16 hours
EOC Stats :-(
I finally passed the Ninjas!
need help quick for a borg!
which flags for p3 500 in linux
EMIII + Linux monitoring = minor bug
best, cheapest, most effective folding?
400 frame tinker... on a 500MHz celeron... lol
why is my console deleting these WUs?
what is this WU?
Home, home on the range.........
SSS I'm coming for you
back to -advmethods on AMD cpu
few questions about F@H
WooHooooo 100k
Help! EMIII error
Older core downloaded?
Best way to uber-borg.
3 500mhz machines
Program to control 2 computers...
Hey I just started folding!
What does the -service flag do?
Who to write to?
Finally in the top 100
5 folders = 15.5% of our daily point!
Service install will not work
Mini AIX
What Happen?
Power bill increase :(
price vs points
One-Click v3.0 *Gromac and Tinker Update*
Dual Tbred @1875 or P4C at 3.3 for folding
Tinker with 25 mins a frame on a tinker!!!!
wheee - Got 2 FAH instances, 2 computers, 1 network cable!
Folding@Once Installer: I need your help devleoping it!
Red Again!
maximumpc.com does folding tweakers guide
Tomorrow (today) (4/24) = Borg
Idea for forcing tinker work
The battle of the borg...
What stats site?
Having trouble getting out...
Borging a Mac?
Massive update to the Ultimate Install Guide
Ok, I'm getting a little cheezed off.....
Optimal performance on A64
Borged Machine IDs
<----- so many points
Couldn't Connect to Server Error
The New Point System
Mustanly takes 8th place. grats
Is it just me...
Approx. how many folds will 45 2.8GHz p4 get in 12 hours?
Optimizing for Dual Xeon
Maybe a new folder
Got core 79 on my computer...
Remove -advmethods with Wedo's One Click? HOWTO?
Witness the power of the BORG
MY One-Click:
More MAC G5folding performance data
Help me convince my parents to let me fold 24/7
Double Gromacs SSE2
WOW these SSE2 double gromacs are nice now.
Optimal folding flags discussion/comparison
whats this?
EMIII Lockup
new proteins not listed
tweak for my laptop
What flags to use...
OC-AMD overtakes plext on the 21st
Why tinkers have gone up in value!
One-click install logfile?
Problem with EM-III
New Tinker Scores
Folding for Team 32
Priority on Service install
im stuck on benchmarking any help?
237point protein
What about the -forceasm flag???
movin' on up
any good overclocking mATX boards out?
Tinker points value!
I'm catchin ya fast
**URGENT: Need some questions answered about Oneclick
Link to stats on home page?
Are Gromacs Easier?
wanna know how well pentium M performs?
How do you get console F@H to run in the background?
Point Inflation
What's up with stats?
Who owns this stats page? folding.octeams.com
Gonna be getting a nice B-day gift from F@H!
Stay calm and relax KrisMCool....
Free low tech stuff (heatsink and nic card)
Gromacs on client??
It Has Been Settled...
Network Monitoring
Grrr... EMIII keeps crashing!
Happy Birthday, April 17th.
Timered Checkpoint Triggered
Can't fold due to technical difficulties....
The best folding stats links
Cs+F@H not good
EM3 for Linux in the works
Unit still stuck in queue
2 pcs one protein
Putting pressure on OCAU.
help me borg macs!
Hurry I need help
Simply WOW
More AMD goodness
Understand what's actually going on?
How do I know for sure im on team 32?
frame takes so long
I just passed the top 1000 mark!
Folding farm left at the mercy of my wife
Congratulation from OCAU
Fast-Fob? This guys been busy lately
I need some help folding with Linux
How many rigs folding for you do you actually own?
Problem uploading WU
Wanted: 22x22 folding png icon
Any HT Folders seeing a drop in PPW?
Possible dedicated folding rig, worth it?
w00r to the nikh!
Outproducing the Aussies
Farm layers
Protein density
20+ more Ghz for team 32 :)
How can I create a mini super computer???
FLOPS Question
Borging makes me hot...
F@H questions...
3 instances of FAH core.exe?
rigs down for a week :(
The Enemy Within....
The Flamcube is, well, on FIRE!!!
Folding is the Devil (Look Quick)
Evil plan
can we make a poll like this? and sticky?
what number am i?
Lol, this is kind of funny.
Confusion w/ Non-Graphical Version
Been awhile... help?
board recommendation
Another rig going down
SLOW FOLDING on a dually, FAH1 and FAH2 folding same protein
200 mhz that much difference??
We have another 160 pointer!
i screwed up registry for folding forum
Now wouldn;t we like to have one of these babies on our Team??
Getting the same Gromac 3 times in a row?
Crappy production!
4 more rigs @ work
have to stop folding :(
G5 frame rate vs AMD, P4 and others
Team 32 nOOb folder contest!
intel board recommendation
help me bring up console please
Borg, borg, borg, hahahahaha
Graphical FAH monitoring for OS X
weird one...
An interesting thread I found about DIY MACS
cheap motherboard
Folding T-Shirts
I want to make a contest!
Gots me some 50,000!!!!
Apple Folding Press!
milestone for me!
Does it seem like my output is too low?
Sorry Nitrox, bye bye Dissolved
Friendly Reminder:
What flags?
WU differences
*thump Thump*
Borg Borg Borg!!
F@H Stats
any way to guarantee I get tinkers?
2 intances on Baron!!
scoobiedo = pwn3d
High Five for Maxvla
Aggregate team?
Return of the Tinkers!!!!!!!!
One Click and Teams
Folding causing display problems.
How many instances
Can you run both linux and windows out of the same directory?
Stanford Mistake?
fixed EMIII scores
help setup some folding rigs
team stats page
Folding Close to home
How can i check my log file?
Production slowing down
Mobile Chips
Breaking News: Fishy pwns Nikh
folding mirc script
Here's something I have NEVER seen.
For those who help Maxvla!
weird request, but help me get as many rigs folding...plz ^^
Anyone watching...
Whats this trash??
Trouble with Win 2k pro
Will this work ?
argh, all I am getting is tinkers!!
No more SETI?
Damn tinkers!!
Starting a folding team on another forum
help!! Overclockix 3.4 view with EMIII???
aquamark 3d score
More cheap folding parts! Even parts for you UK folders!
quick question
PSA: PMSfishy WILL lose if he doesn't get help from folders.
Looks like the flood of 160 pointers has subsided
They know we're creeping up, LETS RAMP IT MORE AND BEAT THEM DOWN!!!
(OC)Folding Ninjas
google toolbar folding without me knowing
FAH core not DLing
New member question
The goal has been reached
Go Wedo!
Strange Folding@Home Problem
Folding errors my fault or servers fault?
Getting more out of the rigs
Yup, it's another Page 2 thread
EVERYONE, STOP FOLDING IMMEDIATELY, Save the world from global warming!!
Is it better to remove -advmethods?
I love the WW II style propaganda
what is a good P4 board for folding
What's with the 41.1 point proteins?
Why does everything have to be so hard?
which core is better for folding: thorton or thoroughbred?
PPW, how do YOU calculate it?
get krunk'd!
stanford's april fools?
P4 2.8C went live
F@H errors out my wazoo
Overclockix HT (foldstartup) script error
What do you think it would take...
Is anyone else having problems right now?
Daughter causes rig to be down for three weeks
Arkaine / OC3d
temporary production drop.
EMIII points box not working
Fastest Frame Times Contest - p858 - WU Inside!
Stats not right.
most efficient chip
Anyone know of a switch for kb/mouse/mon?
service wont start at startup?
Only guy in town folding...
Question: New to folding
Daisychaining 4 pot KVM switches for my farm
good deal?
1000+ computers, but i'm going to need alot of help
Problems with P858 and P859
Farming Questions
Double Gromacs only on HT ??
EM Stats Display Broken
this setup worth the cost?
Stanford redone Pretty nice
p859 the EM3 wont show timeleft for
Double the powah, double the trouble, watch me burn y'all up like stubble!
Known method ? (networking with folders of free computers)
Client Error
What is Folding?
wanted - diskless folding for dummies
Bellsouth DSL?
overclockix and HT
How do I Maxamize folding
PMSfishy not pmsfishy
New users within the last 7 days
Bootable OS on a pen drive?
How bad to these mobo's stink?
core79 fix
Folding on a dual cpu system?
how to resume after rebooting
Salutations from Iraq
just started folding 15mins ago
Electron Microscope Issues
portable folding
Is folding@home sposta take 60megs of memory?
Coolest Farm?
Folding shuting down on K6 450
Duallie Folding Mobo
FAH Graphics version-Registry edits-help
Flag Confusion
Using dialup
Two more machines for me :)
$$$ Vs Ppw
Does Folding run when Windows is at a logon screen?
new NFS-7, odd problems with folding
Folding program slowing down my internet???
Clean Up?
K-6II 550 VS. Celeron 500 for folding.
EMIII troubles
Stats TODO list
folding 64bit
Hitting 1k, y so slow?
I'm Back!! Yay!
Remember the "good ole days" ?
Farm Pics at last!
A question on using multiple PC's...
YA!! 20k
Happy Birthday Vonkaar!
Problem With SSE
Electron Microscope v2.5.0 (Update)
Stanford has made some changes
Network Installs
Double gromacs core
Whos got the biggest
Old Folding program
Folding with a 600Celly
Questions about monitoring
Win console client stuck?
Text only question
Folders, Beware of RC SP2 for XP
Hit a personal goal
World War 3
Username change = Loss of SSE?!?
Farming mobo for $31
Getting Funding
Nik just slapped 800K!?!?
question on duals in linux.
Odd Behavior with core 79
I just joined for my first time folding
EMIII Stealth won't come back
ummm low PPW
Maximum PC article on Folding
Deleted Work Units
Boost your production.
Don't think I will make the deadline...
EMIII info and how to
Hard to tell if all computers are working.
core 79
Challenge Auto-Detection System
duron 800 good enough?
Making a subteam
well thats not normal
Pushin on up~!
More ppw on which ?
Goal before leaving Germany
What do ya think(New Rig)
Met my goal, now I'm done
contemplating folding
FAH and games
Hmmm...interesting new member
Running two instance....
All Eoc Graphs/stats Are Up!!!!
Stats not showing up
Shameless post.
New Man on the Team
Stats??? Whats going on?
Confused n00b asking for help
Convince Me To Fold
Couple Questions
arachnid stats down for good :(
Introducing Folding@home Service Installer 1.0 BETA 1!
Could this cool your farm in the summer???
Maybe this is why we are getting bigger proteins
Stats Graphsi up on EOC!!
How do you guys like those new 160 pointers?
Timered checkpoint triggered!! :(
congrats to us
Lost Work
Think I just lost a beloved Mobo:(
Whats the deal?
Help, quick!
firewall alert "Invalid TCP flags attack" from Stanford
What is protein 696?
Two foldings boxes having problems
Quick Wine Question
160 pointer?
I have a quandry?
How to hide FAH on 98?
NEED HELP! lost production!
Stats difference since new version
Look Out!
Folding and other Background Progams (Progress Quest)
P3-S temp question
A Linux and folding question
50k, 1200ppw & still can't hold top 100
what is this error?
AAAUUUCH - That hurt!
Overclockix install problem
CPU usage at 100% from System
Watch you backs, I guess.
new core= higher temps??
How are G4s?
Is there a power consumption difference between idle and fold?
Nikhsub1, get back to the auction
Noob folder, ? about -advmethod tag
Possibly something that I have done way wrong.
How well does DELL hardware tolerate FAH?
Arachnid site having probs not too?
Something Isn't Right
Will a HT computer show as 2 on the Stanford Stats site?
Look out Volvo9!
Avast is saying One Click exe is a trogen
OS that runs from CD?
High electric utility bill when folding?
Does capitalization matter for stats?
2.4C @ 3.0. Any Good?
made top 500!
anyone stop folding for the summer?
am i addicted to folding
radiation man/goheels/deadsmiley want to race
K6/2 400 - worth it?
new eoc stats conquest/threats pages