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Does this match my production????
Custom Frame Scroller for Team 32
i cant look at my stats
FAH Dual/HT installation problems
PMSfishy, you may be passing me now....BUT
Electron Microscope v2.4.8 (Update)
Work Server down?
Applebred vs Tbred.
EOC stats are UP...
This makes me giddy.
How to save work
Problem with dual xeon system and folding
Personal goal
Been a long time
PPW? Min per Frame? How to tell?
Dual Channel???
Met A Long Time Goal!
where have all my stats gone
My production is down, since there are some rigs missing at work!
Is this right?
45's stats took a blow
We are CRANKIN! Outproduced the Aussies today!
mini cluster
Flix -v- Tismedt looking like a photo finish
Should I or shouldn't I?
P4, XP, 64??? which is the bets
About the one click install
my first Borg
never thought this would happen to me...but it did
New FAHCore79.exe
New Stats Tommorrow?
need a little help
ExtremeOC's charts?
I hate seeing the stupid red bulb.
Wow Metallistar Completely disappears.
my FAH is broken.
How to pause folding?
celeron VS p4
win xp prof
Rainbow stats hates me...
finally broke 30k points!
How many protiens are there?
Whats the longest work unit?
Ugh....F@H kills my rig!?
Alternate site for extreme oc stat pages
Stats Pages.
Folding in VM Ware.
Who is the folding ethics guru?
Fixotide is that me on your threats list:D
ok this is me
ok last ??? of the day...
Im contacting my school district...
OC or mem timings..
I'd like to build a few more computers to fold.
Genome@Home ending!
Extreme Overclockers Folding stats
My Good News!
'45' Busts into the top 100!
Who Is The Highest Ranked Uk Team 32 Folder
Who would have thought???
Another Lost
Congrats to ALL on 23,000,000 points reached!!!
Cannot find user Stats
Who's Joecamel?
Totally Offtopic But Please Help...
Seti To Fold.. Some Help...
High Point WU'S (I aint gottem)
F@H on Knoppix
A lot of fun.
Give in to you, Tismedt? Never!
Few more mhz...
Electron Microscope setup "?"
SETI and F@H should unite!
Convincing a stubborn friend to fold
server prob's
Proly the same old questions but...
OC error
problem with WU's
Dual Service?
EMIII Rocks!
The Linux 4.0 client seems to be just as fast as the windows one
EMIII skin question...
Can't get work
So whats your expert predictions on the new core?
Electron Microscope v2.4.7 (Update)
Folding on Windows NT
BitTorrent and Overclockix
Why is it working sooo slooow?
Is it just me or is there a bad batch of 9xx gromacs out there?
Whoa just found this!
GUI for Folding % complete?
ok whats this part doing?
Diff between 3.25 and 4 ??
Work Units
2 USB Devices -> 2 Computers??
Lost WU's?? any help would be appreciated
Well, downloaded F@H...
RoadWarriors official turning yellow thread.
Are you addicted like me? Get your stats on your CELL PHONE!
VNC and folding? Or which VNC for folding?
I must be doing something wrong
Good budget KVM switch?
how to borg
Tally your PC's
I'd like to fold for team 32
ive got a Q about que
So let me get this straight....
Flags for v4
sending done wu
Ok, this is a dumb question, but.....
F@H 4.0 doesn't like my games
Rainbow stats update time getting ridiculous...
How Long Can You Fold Without Stopping
ShaunBrewerv, ninjak, I want my spots back
ARHGR!! This folding...........
My stats arent shown on the OCfolding site :(
FTWL's threatlist
Maxvla and OSUmaxx.....
Back to a great start :)
Linux folding
Work lost.
Dually One-Click install doesn't work.
Overclockix 3.4 question
Pollish kinda: Why do you fold?
am i folding for 32?
Folding question
Someone has my user name
stats down?
Cheap motherboard for Uk farmers.
wonderful time for fog in folding
folding with windows ME
Explain how frames # effect score and stuff
Noob Q: How do I uninstall the "one-click" program on XP?
how do I move a workunit from one computer to another
WooHoo! 1000 points!
More reasons to borg
From now on, i will pay you guys WU for answers
Applebred on M7VKQ?
Prescott vs Northwood
This problem is driving me nuts.
New Core
Zip22... wanna race?!?!
Stanford stats still showing me with 1 active processor
problems getting wu
Free PC100 ram
How do I check the progress on a machine with FAH as Service?
Flixotide I want my spot back!!!
is it safe to remove monitor, keyboard, and mouse while folding?
basic overclockix question
p920_vpf910 AMD vs. P4 HT
Who is '45'?
New Folding Stats Just Around The Corner
Mini ITX Floating point score
2 rigs 1 PSU help please
CPU unable to fold?
folding IRC Stats script
4 wu's and no score wtf?
Lazy question about new core
Starting to fold again... but with reason this time
4 Instance One-Click for Dual HT's is ready
On/Off and reset switches for farm layers
I just lost 33% of my folding power
P683/P684 frame times....
My Gormac drought is over finally
I made one of my Goal's
cpu temp incresses very much when folding
:D new folding beast.
Having problems
Just started foldin
New Folder
How can I promote folding so that I get permission to install on school computers?
MSI/nvidia mATX all onboard farm mobos $49.99 ...
Hard freezing with F@H...
Folding for team 32 prevents me from gaming. Help?
Cannot send WU?
Production Down
mobo+1.3 ghz proc=10 dollars
Dial-up ---> DSL
Clocked too High?
Team 32 doesn't exist?
50th POST, YEAH now i get an AVATAR!
Well I think It's dead....
$10 Mobo for all you folders!
Fry's: BARTON 2500+ w/mobo: $75!!!
almost ready to start folding on my first rig for folding
Something neat...
I found an analogy to relate Folding to!
Need advisement with setting up new client..
Who else is limited by there net connection??
Few questions
Bad news
Deleting the Folding Service
just started, got some questions
Via Folding??!!!
folding problem
Quitting folding, pursued me otherwise?
Has everyone seen the Folding@home Benchmark ORB
Borg to get happy?
Fry's deal is back!
What did I screw up???
Are my SSE/asm flags set correctly?
One click and EM III
Last Night at home
Im happy
Need help adding flags
wow! p802 54.5 pointer = points in a hurry!
Borging Time
Top 1000 and climbing.
14/400 in 48 hours!!!!
Folding helps what?
wooo hoo im folding again!
Not so fast gnerma
One-Click Update with New Core!!!!
Graphical Client Gameing Problems
One Click install
look out
You need to use the new core: Proof!
Could not get ID from server.
What's going on?
Cpu affinity with two instances running on a duallie
Flags (again)
100 hours to complete O_O
I have been assimilated.
Umm, what is this supposed to mean?
I think i'm in....
Crappy folding week
Devil of a time trying to use EMIII to track over a network...
Making another run!
linux + folding = error
Turning up the heat!
Still getting Tinkers!
oddly long time
New Strat To Get Lead
Shooting for number 1!
If comps to be borged the 0cer needs help. Fast
One-Click v2.1 for Dually/HT/Multiple Client Installs
NOOB fah service/console questions...
where actually ahead of OCA
What's the point of all this folding-erhm nonsense
Folding work not being saved
New guy here
Electron Microscope v2.4.6 (Update)
service install problems.
I keep getting 30 point units...
Quick! 2.4ghz P4 needs borging, how?
Code 503
Posted -2,982.63 points? How?
finally made it into the top 100
Hmmm...Is this right?
what's wrong with the stats for team32??
Wedo's back as a contender!
stat monitor?
flag settings for version 4?
Uhhhh! I need to BORG!
AMD SSE fixed?
stupid question
The Impact of Folding on System Performance
My Shuttle folding farm (I wish)
People I sent free parts too
Giving away stuff for folder in classifieds
Well im gonna start folding.... but how do i make a user name?
Work Done But Not Upload
Folding on Xbox
One-Click v2.1 for single cpu systems ready.
WOW! What happened to [H]
Latest Version
firewall and folder at same time?
some q's can u plz help me out
folding irc?
work folder
Team 32 Username not showning up.
Folding farm question
Install FAH on a linux machine
Stats from One year ago today!
First Borg!
free motherboard
only going down from here
Come buy these parts and get some rigs folding!!!!!!!!
Changing half way :(
I'll take 20 of these please
People not setting the FSB on AMD XP's
WHOOHOO .. p920 on all rigs!!
EM3 problem
Folding@Home not doing muc :(
Free Junk For Team32 Folders
Code 400?
help me borg
Folding on TI-89 ?
Woooohooo...Top 100.....YES!!!!!!!
Start ramping up your production!!!
Won't Upload Queue?
F@H stopping after finishing a WU
F@h wont connect
Damn you TINKERS!!!!!
Hit 1,000 in 8 days! + Question...
My stats aren't going up...
The dream is over
FAH4 client info needed.
Bump in the Road
Well Done!
CPU cache and folding and how it affect performance.
Splitting Power Supplies
Ahhh... It's great having no threats!
Finaly joined F@H :)
folding gives me errors!
hmmmm folding gets errors????
Whats the deal with these 400 frame proteins...
Good score table for FAH
What happens when there is nothing left to fold
cpu chart
not on list
Tinker times- Going good?
Will Celeron ~236 MHz be able to finish WUs in time ?
How many GHZ till we hit number 1?
Hard disk question
What does this mean?
Free Parts to My Fellow Folders
How to go about borging 100 PCs?
Anyone HT farming?
Im joining Folding@home OC team, Linux style :)
Back in the fold
Is it even worth it for me to fold?
Just joined
folding rigs
Can't install One_Click v2 with my name...
Define "IDLE"?
K6-2 questions - Tinker / Gromac, and expected frame times
faster folding....
Yes 10,000 Ppw
Hi ho folder, AWAY!
octeams main webpage
Broke 1000! I'm a hero!
Hi there
Oooh, I wanna fold on this!!!
Good places for top end folding parts?
Arughhhh Farm Crashed!!!
Head to Fry's if you can boyz!
Why Does F@h Take Up So Much Vm
Personal goal - Reached the top 100 going to be slow now.
AAAH my ppd seriously down
Electron Microscope v2.4.4 (Update)
I will start folding now!
Setup folding for less tinkerS?
"Major" Question?
What do you think of my room?
linux client and win client?
Been borging
ltsp, pen drive, or overclockix
Amd K6-2?
epauls ?
problme with conolse and core
Farm is down
Frame times..
Poor Celeron can't fold
Symantec not letting FAH return/get WU
?????? folding ??????
Installed New AMD64 Patch & BAM Fold times Double+!
Ice storm in Augusta, GA
Somebody Remind Me!
F@H can't get work packet
Why won't my machine fold Tinkers?
Waaahoooo 50% gromacs
What is a good time per frame for you?
SpyStopper stops FAH!
Borging question
How many PC's do you have folding 24/7?
problems with the client
Best Work Unit?
Good Job!
WU Restart
Linux: wine or native?
Built my New Folding Rig, with CRAZY RESULTS!!
folding at home 4 gui
RH9 help being behind a proxy
Quick question about folding as a service
Tinkers everywhere!
work unit?
Well here goes my Nice PPW I have been having lately.
I need to download the Dually version for my HT computer.
WE NEED A UnitedDevices Team!!
Ducker - way to go
Ahhh... Tis a good day for me :)
Older PSU powering an XP barton?
Wedo get over here on the double !!!!
folding on a machine that doesn't have internet
Low scoring WUs...
Two Things
Mine production took a dive...
New Team Best!!!!!
Confirmed.. FAH screensaver does not work with Windowfx Enabled
Chipset for Socket A DOES make a difference
I need a challenge !!!
"Ghost" instances on a computer?
how do i set 2 clients for my dual cpu?
$1,249 for 2450-2800 ppw
Lost WU's, any advice?
return of l'enfant terrible.. basically, I'm back!
borging help
Running more instances on PC
yeah - just finished my first 2 work units for team 32 !!!
Get News From Folding@Home: v.4 client available
Which CPU is the FASTEST for Folding?
AMD SSE Problems
WU counted w/o pts, odd log text
overclockix n00b nees help in a big way...
I heard about a threats list?
It can't possible just be me? exoc?
folding team?
Added 2nd machine but have no clue where stats go
Added a PIII 850!
I wanted to thatnk the team.
WU Production w/ 2 clients on P4 HT
anyone else?
Sorry all, but I have to stop folding!
folding in overclockix?
Makes no sense?
linux vs. windows
I Broke into the Hundreds !
Assignment Server
Missing opengl32.dll in XP embedded
Finally fixed my second rig
Overclockix...How to check cpu temp?
I just hit 75K!!!
Farming with less space
help! really stuck. (overclockix trouble)
Back in Action
Got a few CPU's...hrmmm
Knoppix - Folding@Home
Getting more machines running under one username
Running Multiple Machine ID's Linux
Help a folding brother please!
question about p4 steppings
Convincing friend
System admins please come inside.
Can you pick what you want to work on?
I like these p920 proteins.
Top 100
problems on an xp...
Internal cluster help
how does folding afect other processes in the PC?
folding stops
Dual Xeons with hyperthreading report
I'm finally back :)
Oh yeah, 1000
Lost work units?
One-Click Install version 2.0
Can you set up a team subdivision?
Production down !!!!!!!
Mighty ]H[orde reclaims 1:st spot!
Well I just finished one.
Woohoo, another system up and running!
Optimized folding code for Intel hyper threading?
Folding on AMD64 Setups?
Ok I need help.
Just signed up
My butt went orange
Is Michael Crichton a folder?
I can't seem to fix this problem
New Folder
Pentium2 or Celeron for folding?
A couple new folders up
May need to back down alittle
Ghz in AMD folding.. which one is it?
PSU splitter
Odd error
Just turned orange!