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Just turned orange!
Good Deals For Folding Components...
How do I join?
not so clear
Where's Gnerma
Can an AMD 300mghz fold?
How do you set up multiple computers?
Hey im Alive!
1700/1800+ with stock hsf
page 3!!!
Grr... 1 rig down
woot! 100,000 points!
will team 32 ever catch [h] or OCAU??
Folding again
Overclockix V2
2.53 folding flags
233 pentium 2 worth folding?
I'm not listed on team 32 web site
folding question PART 2
New foldign rig
Why 3dnow? Could you take a look at this screenie?
Fry's deal, stocking up....
Folding and power consumption
Fold Time Slow-down
what motherboard?
Folding at home CPU cycles limit
whats up w/my WU's
Top 200!!
Cheap cat5 cable?
up production and fold for your cows
Woah! When does FAH service install run?
Pentium 133 - even worth it?
F@H core won't shutdown after finishing WU
List your farm and its weekly output here!
Folding again.
Is the extra money worth it?
Ramping Up...Again!
Would ya look at that..
folding question
Flash Video
I lost a lot of folding power. :(
Man I see ya'll tryin to knock me out!!!!
Quick Question
Case/PSU for $35 shipped from newegg
nikhsub1 is about to break 1\2 a mill
Folding Cores
Power outages
Can I reach the top 50?
Pretty good deal on a fold layer.
folding away hooah!
Problems problems problems.
new comp up and running
saying hi
HO HO HO, A Borgin I Shall Go!!!
Someone slap me!
new to F@H
w00r!!!11 Top 50!
Giving up hope on multiple clients o P4 HT
Main folding rig is down!! Need Help!
Can't get better than 50% using P4 hyperthreading
Just a quick Merry X-mas!
need help with zone alarm pro blocking
AMD folding
Lookie what folding gave me >
Seasons Greetings
My production may soon increase!
certificate for 10 points?
New milestone coming up
Folding Systems
Bandwith per 1000 points
O.n.n.a.s.k.p ......
Not displaying my wu's
Where is the thread
Lost my bookmark - Help
interesting new look
BOINC - upcoming folding/seti/etc client
Merry Christmas from the other side of the pond
A proposal for team 32
Now there's another one.
Rainbow stats funny.
temps help
Problem Uploading Running 2 F@H
Firewall problem
Am I dreaming this, or is my active processor count > the # I even actually have?
My active processors count is > what I have.
Folding running but not folding.
I'm uber...
I don't wan't to see fold in system tray.
Folding Certificate?
change of USername while rig works on a WU?
AMD's, Folding and SSE
Flags on a PIII 550?
4.0 no longer beta
Does Xmas Effect The Teams Performance
queue program
A community Christmas
The problem with folding on a Hyperthreading machine
AMD 64 and folding?
Sharon passed away Saturday morning, Dec. 06.
I got 40k!
folding on a p4, at what temp does the p4 throttle?
Folding on a server???
when gaming??
1ghz Athlon Flags
Remarks of FAH and damage to a cpu.
Help an aspiring farmer...
Sorry Guys :-(
problem with new service install.
Grab Bag
Folding details please
Overfoldix II
finally hit 5k and yellow for 3hrs
Hey Nik
look at what i got today
Some new additions
Wedo, a folding newbie???
:) Folding Wha?
Lets welcome autoMATTic to the fold!
Need a small HD for fold rig
30k and I'm not too far from page one.
I read the sticky about permission but...
Question about F@H Windows Client
An Arkaine Chirtsmas
Boo Ya! I got....lol
How Depressing!
A new method of persuading would-be folders
Desire Core_78
death of a friend...
Back in the Orange
Frames question
Bad day
Just bought 5 HDs, 4 Motherboards, 2 XP1700+, 2 XP1600+
New Linux Folder
Is this working properly?
Whoa, folding is more useful than I thought!
5000 points.....finally
One-Click Options Poll
Dual ppro folding
Nik, your mine!!
Dyn. file size INFO ?
Wire harnesses for splitting a psu?
Rainbow stats are back up!!
EMIII setting up help!! with beta console 4
diskless folding
winter break :(
random questions
Why do you fold?
FAH4Console ****ing me off
OMG I'm RED!!!!!!
Which Overclockix!?
Folding speed on different platforms.
Folding Screen Saver
Kitty Power won the day....
When is 4.0 coming out?
New (cough) Network Install for FAH
AXP and Durons.
Hello top 100!!
General disrespect for other forum members
Strange error
the stats are back!!!
LOL, woohooo.. 50K
SLR institute
For_Those_We_Lost 100K
Overclockix main page gets a face lift!
What's going on with the stats page?
F@H 4.00 console question
The new One-Click is finished and for SMP too.
Can we boost our average?
congrats to nik!
Terminal Server for windows?
One Day sale @ newegg for farm mobo
OMG is this a Bug or is team 32 about to shift up a gear?
Question about one-click install
Is this the right project?
Overclockix change screen resolution?
How to convince ppl to fold?
Everything down
Folding Noob Questions
Nik, well done!
lower than expected preformance in f@H
New Rig
fried my video card!
EMIII startup question
New Asus A7V Mobo for Folding
YAY, over 500ppw
Cheap case/PSU
Not uploading WUs?
Stats Graph
How are these times?
somethings wrong!!!
Want to borg an AMD need help!
2 New Boxes, routing advice needed.
Folding = Tax Deduction?
why Fold instead of Unite?
Winter vs. WinFah
Fold using XBOX project?
Best Way to Fold
What is folding?
10 ghz on its way
Newsletter entry for Folding.
Rainbow stats
Fboxes for Team 32
New Folder :)
Woul a CD version of service install be easier?
welcome n00bs!
FTWL 91K!!!!!!!!!!!11111111oneeleven
Networking help!
Know anybody who needs 380,000 more members folding?
PLease help me get 1Thz folding for 32
Bye bye 200k, come here 300k!
Member:Processor Ratio
One-Click for Win98 and 95 here
Which Rig???
I'm stopping once I reach 100k.
RideGuy watch out!
New rig won't boot overclockix
Halo PC screws up my WUs
Potential farm board?
broke 200wus!
What to use?
Ack, Internet down
Farm sticky?
Need Mobo advice!
Anyuone want to buy some computers?
Finally 10k
All I need is 2 power supplys and I'll be orange!!!
Help on new rigs
Question Regarding Strange Workunit
stanford list?
Folding Report
Argh! I think I screwed up a borg somewhere...
Gimme some ideas for folding farm parts
New to T32 & Console
Lets see those folders!
Um... "Hi"
Sorry LEWS
updated One-Click
Turmelle's diskless folding guide
member list?
Client config files are being changed !!!
-verbosity 9 flag kills my client every time
client stops after completed work unit.
Firing on all cylinders
Cheap farm box- 1.6Ghz Duron for $150-160ish
Switching to just -advmethods
After a Wu Amd machines go from sse boost to 3dnow boost
Heads Up..Check Usernames
added 5 more computers to team 32
Folding Farm hold-up
grabbed another
Reeaaad Pleaaseee
w00t yellow!
1st 10K
WOOT!! Made the top 100
Happy Bday AntiHeiss
Help halting temporarily
hardware setup question
Look out guys I am on you tail
Do you disable F&H when gaming?
UPdate on me, and observation
Finally Made 1k And Top 1000
SSE and no SSE folding times
Folding stops after first WU is done..
Interesting Overtake for me it would seem...?!¿
FTWL 80k
Another rig up & Folding
Did I miss something ?
I'm coming for you Cujo 32!
Help me fold faster (Memory question link attached)
any way to speed up fah?
What is YOUR lowest wu project number?
New virginia tech supercomputer to fold?
Flags in windows version of F@H ?
Need to borg my dad's AMD rig, but mine are all intel's
F&H memory leaks. The cores take up over 20MB of RAM?
Anyone try v4.0 beta?
Whole school folding!
Downward Trend!
has any one else had this prob with w/u's
The Aussie's have a threat!
CAUTION: statsman.org is no longer a folding site. Parents read!
500 Mhz p3 VS 700 Mhz K6-2
problem with foh
Can't get WU :/
I'm comming to get ya!
yea....so i started folding...
darnit! why did i have to read this, now i want one folding for 32
overclockix log file
Team leader!
(H) is about to ramp it up
Sterculus has gone crazy!
How does Stanford distribute proteins. I keep getting tinkers
2 computer "farm"
Getting permission and then borging
CPU Question
Can a 200mhz and 333mhz machine meet deadlines or is it a lost cause? tinkers or grom
90 More Points And Nik Takes Wedo!!!!
can i run multiple folding applications
Strange Problem
production issue.
switch to text client?
Ninjas back in business?
Looks like Server 110 is back up accepting WU's
p344 protien
can't retrieve work data
United Devices
New to F@H TEAM32
no G-folding!
Force Send?
credit 834,wu 83 in 4 days is this good
WTG! Fast420A reaches 20k+
Bandwith Conservation
i have 2 cpus folding, stanford says 0?
400 frame
What you think about the Milestone Thread ?
Sorry guys
-forceasm boost - test results 100% boost
Linux box
Folding on an IBM
SSE & AMD Crashes Revisited
Flags, -advmethods
FAHcore_78.exe and FAHcore_65.exe
Just started
Team 32's 1337 folder is....
Got a weird Problem
New Folder
A sad day for all Folders
I'm jumping ship and nobody can stop me.
when kittens go bad......
Slowing down for a while
Got the rack built, and the PSU split...
Folding as Service on 2K3?
Woot! 20k, with a little help from my friends...
What is folding?
I have the 3.25 windows graphical client. slow as mollases!
SOmoene is selling refurbished K7D master's... shhhh, hurry before tbey're gone
screen save and flags
Dualie on the chopping block
okay then
P4 2.6C HT at 50% in F@H??
Anyone else getting the 5.7 point tinkers?
Hmmm... where did those extra points come from?
Emiii 2.4.2
More Cheap Farm Deals!
ArBiTaL24 and ArBiTaL_24 the same person???
Gamaliel Dominguez catching up
The Shrimp Farm Completed?
Just Broke 100K!!!!
By this time next week I should be over 1000ppw
my dilemma
Lets get the Earth Simulator to fold for team 32!
Win2k user-profile question
More mhz or forceasm?
Units stuck in Queue
What is wrong with this picture? I'm stumped!
fsb or total Mhz
P4 HT doing twice the same protein
3 more days badvector
Why am I not on the webpage?
my first one hundred point day
FAH service intsaller bug
help me get 40 CPU's folding plz ^_^
So, who wants to have the fastest folding rig ever?
Off Topic - Avatar Uploaded
P2 tinker frame times???
Running 2 instances.
Pimping Overclockix.
Linux getting a lot of tinker lately...
How does one determine if they're producing bad results?
Norten's Antivirus
This is definately a competive team
I'll be dropping back to 300ppw for awhile
crappy frame times?
n00b needs help adding these "flags"...
finally got a rig running overclockix
Whoa, Mr. $T$ !!
Two service controlled instances
Arkaine hits the gas pedal
the best one yet! 2016?
Nice looking sig.
top 100! finally!
FAH service not processing
Has nobody noticed?
post your frame time here !!!
Uh Oh! I saw Cujo32 on my threats list!
Getting optimal performance on a P4 3.06GHz
I'm baaaaaack
Stats page to be going bye bye
How 'bout this battle
Dialup and Folding
Funny ideah
anybody hook a folder up?
What I REALLY wanna know is...
Boo Ya! I got 70k
installing folding in a windows temp directory
Interesting Folding Article
Good news for the farmers
82k PPD yesterday!
Possible Problem?
Is anyone using NORTON FIREWALL??
Will FAH produce bad data on *unstable* machine?
seti@home client - boinc
Since Folding@home started has it.....
Semi Bad News...
TOP teams climbing!
Getting work
Linux Beta Client
Production spurt.
OC3d fades to orange
Everything is queing!
I need some input...
The Kittens turn!!!!
2 Linux folding questions
New beta
uh oh! modenaf1 cant fold! help please.
Well, It's Official!
Flix...You ok?
Finished my first gromac today! (YAY!)
Linux folding
Is our production higher than usuall?
–forceasm 100% boost?
Anyone having problems with Gromacs 1.51?
Happy Birthday To Me!!!!
Wooty Woot!....Yellow!
Nik, inside
Back up to full production
Folding console on Linux
need help with new folding rig
Partial WU's?
folding with a laptop,precautions,concerns?
Got 3 rigs running for #32!
Fold for a free iPod!
Folding without an Internet Connection?
Yay! 1000 WUs folded
3 cpus added
This might be a mis-print....
will f@h run on different users automatically?
Help with overclockix?
Is this right? lost WU overnight
Good Job on the Production increase!!!
30.1 pointers taking forever?
i havent really seen any threads on this.. so about HT and Folding performance hit...
YAY...Im green!
2 instances of F@H on a HT chip, how ?
The Mighty Wedo has fallen
downloading from the folding team home page
F@H Log Stats v0.68
Something Iäve been wondering for some time...
this comp good enough to fold?
I made #25
Congrats Hkgnra!
Internet-based folding program?
Proposal: Pimp folding for 32 on iNet.
A Few upper ranked XS team members quitting folding?
Lots of powah comin
How does Standford handle dropped work units?