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Operation Folding Freedom
New F@H user needs help
Need a good writer :D
How effective will dual athlon MP's be??
What services should be running?
A couple more newbie questions...
WU Failure
A noob question about the one click install
Enough is...
Quick Question
2 1700+'s...no money
instability in beta 3.25?
New Folding Ideah
Farmers, cheap ram for you!
A new folder...and some questions.
not reporting?
Folding Problem
What is Folding?
nikhsub1 breaks 300k info inside!!!
The shrimp farm has started...
A Few questions...
New Core, anyone know the changes?
How to install on a dually?
Amount of ram and folding speed
Gather round folks, close race at hand
Folding to slow or about right?
Folding on XBOX?
Borging mass network??
imagine if wedo and niksub1 joined forces
unless there is a more efficent way, i might put an X on the whole darn thing!
I need to fold faster
What is going on??
Nearest threat 2005!
joining team 32, help!
Just borged my frat house, now i'm in orange!!
Sorry Ninjas
Dually up, hit 10k!
1,000 Pointos!
Hosed windows
A sad day for me
Different Archs?
Great news!!
Clic (Linux Clustering)
Video assisted folding?
Odd graphical client problem
Begun to borg!
Need help fast !
Farm back online
Barton ppw
looking for help on "proposal"
Holy Crap!
damn the 22 pters NT
Roll em out Badvector.. I'm back
Service install on a dualie?
question about the fah client
Idle Cooling Programs??
not sending WU's :(
And so it begins!
1 click installer not folding
Now taking requests for install programming
Folding Benchmark
just a what if/maybe....
Verbatim!!! WHERE'D YOU GO?!?!?!
Major point-loss, major power-out
folding interferes with some functions
WOO HOOO!! PAGE 2, I'm HERE!!!!!
Team 32! *I Challenge You*
The new athlon 64
I turned yellow!
2 More Computers Folding!!!!
Folding done properly??
23 folders gone RED.
chaos's goal.
It can't get any closer than that!
Extra SSE Boost sometimes on/off with flags
security hole with F@H?
I lost EMIII somewhere...
Phew! Finally back!
I'm yellow too
just added over 10ghz
Folding stats confusion
the irony
Maybe a bit too expensive...
Are some computers not reasonably capable of 24/7 folding?
I borged radio shack!
Why Hello
More bad news...really really bad
OCAU falling off a bit
Someone folding for me? or...
Gone Yellow!
MIA for a few
3 Hard Locks In A Row!!!!
LOST pasword from team
how can I resume my statictics
I'm yellow, flix
Another F@H Install Guide
Father In Law Folding??
Just hit 50k!
I'll hit 10,000!!
another stats page
Calling the big G
4 way shootout
hkgonra see inside
WU not turned in
Farm pricing thread
Farmers look here please.
For all you farm lovers like me...
1200 Duron vs 1000 athlon
Rainbow stats are back up
Im green!
Why Folding and not Grid.org?
EOC stats back up.
celeron 1300 Mhz not too fast
Wedo 300K!!!!!!!!
New member just joined - me!
FAH Term Paper.
few questions for a new user
A new milestone....
A new milestone....
1 hour 8 minute frames?!
Does folding run faster as a service?
Minimum CPU for foldiong
Hiding the HideItX startup splash screen?
Can't stop/shutdown service install?
1 click installer not installing
Speeding up my production
Folding rig fun
Hurricane downage
Statsman (again)
The Beast has Awoken!!
Lending a hand to some old friends:
ATTN! Get you STATS HERE! You know you need 'em!
Please Say A Prayer For Our East Coast Folders
folding on an x-box?
folding on an x-box?
Statsman is really gone now!
the mighty [H]orde falls...
Okay, seriously... FLYFISHER???
For the Stat Junkies!
Service install on NT 4.0?
Science Fair Idea releating to F@H
Invasion of the 18pter
folding.extremeoverclocking.com down??
Boom! 15ghz added today ^_^
Anyone know why I can't view statsman?
Electron Microscope v2.4.2 (Update)
ExtermeOverclocking Stats
-forceasm locking up rig
P548_BBA5_ext 6x 18 pointers/day on Tbreds!
About future of Folding...
2 More rigs borged!
Rigs going down for a while
I'm Back!
The Ultimate FAH Install Guide
Top 100
these case mods have nothing on us
We have to step it up...
Anyone seen one of these?
Crazy mobo/cpu combo deal
Installing FAH on servers
Zen and the art of haggling
I'm outta here
Flix calling Arlo
Change machine ID of client
I've turned up the heat
I do 60pters faster than 51pters
SMP dual clients, second one won't take flags
DGROMS is #1 folder
Overclockix EM3 how-to
Should this have happened?
What happened to NASsoccer??
w00t! Just borged my first machine!
p3 700mhz core?
HT on P4s
Log File??
New recruit idea.
Unsent WU problem
Why your production sucks!
Down for a while :(
Decent board for a farm?
its been exactly 1 year
Zero active CPU's!
amd windows client with sse/gromacs?
Wonderful News for the Team
Dial-up Borging?
user-stats by nation?
Good news and bad news =(
need help quick
Service install
need help with linux client
Need help asap.
lost some power
Is a proxy ok?
What happened to OC3d?
Link me up on the stealth installs please ;)
He's got another farm going!
For those who miss statsman.org....
Frame times
folding musical player
Erm noobie to Folding needs some help
Whats the fastest folding box?
high OC reason for lost WU w/0x error?
p803_p53dimer803 - And it is good :)
Folding Fast after restart?
Does turning hard dist off affect folding?
Anyone else get these 15 pointers?
Happy Birthday Nikhsub1!!!
To all F@H gurus!
when's the next contest?
Graphical client anyone?
Possibilities for unvolunary rampant folding?
I'm folding in linux.
Flags to set for celeron 450?
Nahmus hits 100k
What you need to go RED!
Back from the dead...errr summer
Moore wu's but less ppd ?
Locked HD?
School/Lab borging progress?
Tryin to get to 10000 ppw
PPW of Duron Spitfire vs P3
Stop mugging me... damn fastmovers!
Folding two consoles
Happy 40 K to me!
Mr B ?
Excellent New Stat Software!
AMD 64 and folding?
Ninja power ?
The grey abyss
Whats with all the greys?
A few questions about Overclockix..
Getting a FreeBSD box folding?
Permission from schools thread
I take a bow to Musstanley
broke 2k ppw!!!!!!
Borging what???
Anyone want to fold on an 8 Blade server?
What I love to see!
Summer heat...
Finishing a WU on a different box?
Odd folding behaviour
about running FAH as a service
Folding with no tcp/ip network
Farm At Stock Speeds is Locking...
FTWL Website Is HERE!!
Our PPW vs. [H] PPW
Alright! I'm back
Whoa! Talk about starting out right!
Stats Software
Diskless Folding machines.
Congrats And Welcome!!!!!
No name in the stats?
ok i know this is here somewhere but...
Seattle Folders - Sweet farm deal!
I can't fold?
Current production and challenge.
Stanford Stats need a kicking...
start folding, and stop me from stopping
about overtaking H
afk a bit
High-five to hkgonra!
could you imagine?
client upgrade idea
WooHoo! Yellow!
The Tiger Is Going Into The Top 1000
Whick client to i DL?
I'm in!
Hey One, I told you I would be back.
OCAU about to take [H]
Highly optimised Assmbly code... ?
burning knoppix (or anything from ISO)
Quick lets get this guy before he goes SETI....
Skip needs our help!!!!
EMIII Question
What the.. p250_gnra_hybrid_hamiltonian_sjlee
Woah Vonkaar!
Main Folding Rig Down
Just a quickie...
Folding Problem ....
p913_vill_rf_o points ?
Graphical client slower?
don't think i can borg my school
A Question
A new way to borg!
BOINC goes Folding
i got a few questions about the text clients..
ok i joined
Ack! More 33pointers
Back to folding :)
ok now i'm boggled
On my way back!
I hit green! yay!
questions about dualie farm
One-Click that folds only when inactive
The OFFICIAL Low Down on HyperThreading and Folding...
End to folding?
Folding in Linux
Disco_Stu check your rigs!!!!!!!
OLMI is back yaaaay!
w00r back in the orange
Statsman.org, is it coming back online?
Problem with EMIII
Problems running F@H as a service in XP.
WUs and errors HELP!
Sad day my friends
w00r! 5k
EMIII/XP home issues
Team will soon achieve 10 000 000 !!!
Trouble getting wu's
Only 50% use problem
Help me get 2 Tbreds and a Palomino folding
We've got a man down...
Just flew past 15,000
moorcito the real deal?
I see RED!
How do [u]you[/u] ask people to borg them?
I've been Tinkered
woohoo... more durons
Active processors within a week?
folding ethics.
i think you can change cpu usage
What Folding Helps With? (And Has It Really Helped)
adding more power
33 Pointers
Top 400!
Cheap deal for a Duron farm...
My first time ever in the top 10
whats the deal with console(asap plz)
folding DOES cause problems with your system!
Greetings Ninjas
I'm kinda tired!
Stats Page
Added another CPU
Folding stops after each protien
anyone have problems running HT / dual clients?
let the Ghz flow like wine
I can't handle no stats!!
Farmage Pics, almost done!
folding question
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the agony
question about laptop folding
Scheduled Task in XP to reboot?
Turned to Tinkers
p912_vil_o ... any info on it?
How slow can you go?
folding experiment.
gromacs with cel 1000
Gromacs with athlon XP 1700+?
My production still stinks
WOW thats a big WU
Does this seem a little slow or about right?
Recruitment Drive.
P4 1.8Ghz Folding
A few observations about OCAU
Problems getting new wu
School/College/Work Place program...
I'm looking for a jar with...
Sobig F on the rise
Looks like there ARE large files
do williamette's have SSE?
Da#* Power Burps!!
NiTrO_bOiE is gonna get me and OSUmaxx!!
top100 finally!!!
Prim95 slight instability and FAH
yea so i might get my whole school folding..
are the servers down to get WU's
Hooah! I'm about to enter the top 500!
Yellow! Eat it! muhahaha!
Okay, What's going on!!
one click install service
Run as Service?
new proteins and frame times.
top 1000
Folding faster on win 2000?
Hard time sending results
Spreading the gap!
HELP me get this box folding!
Spreading the gap!
Spreading the gap!
You don't know what you've got till it's gone
i've finally moved in!
Help: Computer Stops Folding
The Blackout of 2003...
Gromacs problem with 51.4 pt'er?
overclocker.com folding stats page
F@H and NFS6
How Long To Fold A W/U On System In Sig?
W0000000R!!!! New System for Blueacid!
Orange baby!
Black out anybody?
Wedo and Nik's borgage cause of black out?
Congrats ONE, hitting *orange*
Who here likes my Folding Team signature?
OT : Life goes on
OMG, 2500 frames
Folding Without Internet Connection
battles at the top 10, 30s and 40s
Lost some folding power...
Is SSE faster than 3DNOW?
The For_Those_We_Lost (FTWL) Thread
discreet folding
I'm not Receiving any Work Units
What's that I see?
aw cwap... three rigs down
Folding Ninjas!
Gromacs and the Google toolbar
How can we recruit our SETI team to come fold?
Screaming up the charts !!!!
WC3 vs. folding GUI
Woohoo! 10,000!
Regarding the CA meet.
Ice&Ninni 2
Folding on a pre-OSX Mac
It's too hot, farm is going down
The things I'll do for folding
recently started folding
is the folding problem on hyperthreaded cpu's going to get fixed soon?
OC3d Thread- The sleeping juggernaut stirs at Wedo's approach...
WooHoo! Green
StatsMan web site down, please be patient
making it to the top100
Backup To 100%
Adding some more Ghz tomorow!
Folding from a pen drive
two different cores?
Obligatory self congratulation...
Autodial w/ Windows XP Pro and a Laptop
an idea
Extremely quick, hidden borging?
Farm bargain alert....
Mustanley, light my fire!
3 of 4 going down.
Going away...
Has folding paid off yet?
XP2800+ vs XP2200+
f@h crashed?
New version of HideItX released (v5.0)
Overclockix Final
new folder help
Not finishing in time?
Using multiple Computers, 1 client
What a Rotten day
OC3D needs your help!
New Team stats page???
We broke 9 million points!!!
Is there a IRC channel?
Colored stats page question
Well ive decided to change
System Trouble Help
This is very weird!
Big applause for Arkaine
Splitting my folding
how do i know if there is an error?
Looking for a large farm? (ebay deal)
Team 32 Ultimatum!!
Hyperthreading question
Teh Farm is on-eth teh way!
Added another 2.7Ghz... for now
I stuck my 2 pence worth in
Gromacs back for Native Linux client???
In your face Arnie!
Ppw ?
5000 Points!
Basic Linux question
Stymee's got 29 points today....
I need help with my f@h
Now its getting annoying..
Back from a trip
am i to hot
Hey Fever.
Not yet
hi all newb here