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NINJAS 40k! W00t!
i'm yeller!.
'orrible weather.....
Ummmm, this is interesting
HT WU times
This sucks!!!
Sorry guys, joining another project.
How do I prevent Gromacs
setup problem
Justy303's crappy-'n'-old-computerparts giveaway
Need Help Folding on Other Partition
1000 WU's
Vacation Week
Joining the Folding Team?
It seems like How is back !
Fold on
10k has pushed down to page 3 now.
Distributed across network?
minumum CPU/system for folding?
HELP: Trying to get another machine up
That's IT!!!!!
4Ghz more for the fold
PII 333 vs Celeron 433
Hyperthreading multiple
Future Folding Farmers Look!!!
strange problems
How many points a week should I expect?
Standard Avatars
Core Internal Error?
does RAM affect anything?
How do you close the service install?
FAH program corrputed some displays on winxp
what happened to Kendan?
first week of folding
Portable Folding Keychain
Attn: Linux client getting tinkers only!!
Can you choose between Tinker/Gromacs?
New Core_78
Time for a WU
More Power
Just added my 9.5Ghz!
:D New Amd Rig
Yay!! Yellow now! =)
Hey Ninja's!
I'm Looking For Some Writers For The Folding Newsletter...
Why is it taking so long?
what happened stymee?
Uninstall One-click
The new Gromacs Core is here!
Points per day?
So what's your score based on?
Taking alittle trip
keep getting bad work units, plz help
6.5K Milestone
The end of my summer ;(
F@H on P133 Linux machine?
Does HDD speed have anything to do with data processing for F@H?
stupid FAH will not run as a service!!
retarted piece of CRAP!
I'm looking for a new team
Voltages while Folding
20K Points
for fastest folding?
Just installed F@H for the first time!
What is the deal with the red lightbulb icon in EM3?
unable to send WU's...
We should be scared!
gromac...now no gromacs?
getting back up to speed :)
just started
laptop folding-power saving
More power!
More history
Thanks to whoever...
Folding on Linux
no monitor, no keyboard folding box
2 of me?
REAL SLOW on a P4 - all of a sudden
Borge Mania!
Well I'm finally back...sorta
I'm Back!
Hello fellow folders!
Yay One more science teacher
Nikhsub1 hits 200k!
team site down?
Penguin Crashes Through Top 350!!
Folding Benchmark?
Knee jerk ignoramuses
slow comp has EM3 problems
Folding loop...
EMMIII download
where be the chat
Win 2000 Server?
Drdingo is threatening me from afar
Main Rig Down...
folding aint folding! help!
Dual Barton folding times
I don't know if this has been discussed before
Finally got my rig up and running at home!
where to get overfoldix
Pentium VS AMD
From crunching to folding
Want to fold...but
Do i need my net on all the time for constant folding?
How long till stats show up inthe database
graph console VS text console
switch to Gromacs with graph console
EMI - updating network view
something wrong with folding?
Lost 6 machines today
15000 Woot!!1!
Congrats Shadowcat! 130,000
Gone Fishing
what is folding
1st WU Completed :)
Number of posts
APA Borg Almost Complete
Leaving for good
Folding and hibernate mode?
network install
-advmethods tag
server 110 notice
Woot Top 50!!
WEDO cracks 200K!
20k!!!!! :d :d :d
Help!! Folding error
My F@H runs for hours with no progress!! Help!!
Electric bill
It's been so long
Star wars galaxies is folding friendly
Bad News
Power outage
Turning yellow sure does feel good.
Stanford rounds score?
5K milestone
can you hear the folding?
I'm back!
gromacs with k6-2+
Project 721??
Penguin4x4 Pimp Slaps 5K
Electron Microscope III v2.4.1 (Update)
Personal record
Doubled Production!
Help with configuring stuff on F@H client
Sooo close to 5k
Maxium PC's guide to Folding
Congrats Wedo!
help with flags
Top 500...
Almost 200 WUs!!!
Multiple intalls?
w00000000r Blueacid busts through 2k points!
2008 active cpu's!!!
Folding speed vs. FSB vs. cache vs. RAM
Ugh...Clawed my way into the top 150...
Ninjas... whats happening?
Team 32's new secret weapon is coming...
2 quick questions
Internet Explorer vs F@H...IE loses
Ugh Back At Last
12 hrs and only 1/2 way done?
Good news
The BEAST is back!
1.46 more Ghz for the fold...
EMIII and Server 2003?
Finally got my server up and folding
EMIII Users..
Question about non-SSE comps?
Erpauls is red!
5th Place!
How do I join?
Anyone with a lot of money and time...................
EOC stats are still messed up
What is this exiting discovery they made in the Tinkers?
yay! 2k mark!! =)
Just a quick note
Another shameless plug....=)
Make up for my slacking, folders!
MachineID and borging
A quick "Howdy"
Processor gonna die on me?
Things that make you go Hmmm
Detect when you're giving bad WUs?
Whoa!! 0 Processors within a week???
The NEW Milestone Thread
batch file
MUAHHHAA back to top 10
What is borging, why do it?
9999.93 woot
I am a folder!
Just passed the 40K mark....
OC'ing for folding
Need Help! System 4 no IP
saving work during a system rebuild?
Finally working on my duallie
Where are the Gromacs
ZiRC... wtf?
Stanford servers suck
Bummer... walaka7 & LonelyRaven are inactive now.
Production going down.......
jetmech - almost had you!
finally my comps turned in their WUs
Borging spree = eminant!...with some help
Checking a borged rig...
Finally went RED
Just broke 4k.
Watch out for One-Click
Problems sending WUs?
top 100 this week
Bad week Borging........
I'm the cleanest folder!! hehe
Will we ever?
finally hit 10K points!
Borged me another...
YAY!!im in top 30000
damn you ninjas! <in scooby-doo voice>
tinker: green or blue?
How do I get a New Work Unit???
Fold gromacs with Hide it X?
uh... having folding on takes off ~1500 pts 3dmark2001!
What the heck is this folding thing?
Console problems.
Folding Ninjas 30k
An Ode to the Folding Fanatic
FYI about server .110
Can I download more than one WU at a time?
Low Priority VS Idle ?
I Can't Handle This!!!
where's that CPUID app
Stats a little off?
seeya in 2 weeks
AIGHT, I have a K6-2 400 folding and need to figure out how to configure F@H for it.
AIGHT, I have a K6-2 400 folding and need to figure out how to configure F@H for it.
Power failer at Stanford
Get it over with DrDingo
The shameless folding plugger strikes again...
Bah! I [i]was[/i] on a roll...
I'm BACK!!
I'm off to Denver
RAM Drive & F@H
That rogue folder One-click is in my threats list
Where did all the servers go to
Be leaving Sunday
how do i join?
No Score?
HHmmmmm whats this
Help i keeping getting an error
ain't this funny
XP in a Domain issues
Where is team 32 and OCAU on the stats??
creating own 'borger' disk and got questions
Linux B client 3.24 and SSE
Bad 3:00 Update
he he were OCAU now?
does not seem to be sending units
Going bonkers
who dialed p911?
sporadic work servers?
VKQ cheap
All I see is RED!!!
In your eye, 5k
H and us
Congrats to FTWL....
OC.com moves into second place!!!
What are ninjas?
uh..... is this some kind of joke?
whats with extremeoc stat page?
EMIII questions
Set up wine for FAH?
Now it's my daughters turn
I am shocked!
em3 probs
Weird WU?
I need to borg. I have a way.
Getting rid of a tinker
OCAU ............ Running Away
Old McWedo built a farm!!!
My internet connection is fixed
Ouch (OCAU), look at PLEXT !
Seti going down ?
aaarrrrggg! dad turned off farm
i think i POed another team
Out Of The Pits
A friendly reminder;
7 Wu's in 3 days????
new sig
Folding with no connection
Haven't posted a milestone in a while...
home rigs covered in Genomes...
Drdingo's threat is shrinking
Lans kill production
I'm green with envy
Mwahaha! I'm no longer a borging virgin!
Linux Folding
folding ninja.
Made it over the hump.
F@H ThinkTanks needed
Chalk one more up for Cancer...
Mystery WU?!?
Can we get folding stat sigs?
p910_vill_str0_rf = 57 pts (screaming fast)
Spare parts for folders. Anyone interested?
WU Results Server down again
Pwning Lews
logged out folding+screensaver client
Folding Temp Question
When folding my computer locks up
Foldage goodness
FTWL breaks 30k!!
No folding for a week.
Overfoldix can't locate Ethernet Module?
work from erver
Problem with WU's!!!!
WU keeps restarting
Comin for ya...
*grump* Skip's close to passing me
hey TommyHolly
simple idea to keep in mind everyone
I'm out
RealVNC And Folding
New for team 32
Im ne to Folding@Home
Borged 12 boxes
Is anyone giving FTWL a hand?
4th of July borging!
Happy Birthday USA
sending before the WU is finished
Burning Overfoldix
wow my production went down the drain
Tooting my 30K horn
Count my 2GHz in for team 32....
My evil brother
Hitting 30K
You know your addicted when...
Broke 3,000! Horray for me!
New and trying to pause
Move over bacon, it's Elroy Carbon!
GHZ GHZ everywhere and not a drop to borg
Grats to nikhsub1! (And Wedo)
How about $29 per layer for a FAH farm?
Page fault
OMG, I just joined and I think i'm addicted...
Wine and folding
Minutes away from 10k! Horray for ME!
Anyone else see this???
Folding@home Core Shutdown: EARLY_UNIT_END
2 instances of F@H on Dual P-Pro 240
Do you think we will?
Oh my
Added another 1800tbred
Sniffing that #10 spot
WU not reported
TommyHolly check your rigs!
Issue with Mac
Any DOS heads out there...?
Should I fold?
Everything OK Wedo...?
Duallie down for a couple weeks: 1/7 to 15/7
So close
Ack! Looks like my P4s and IIIs are gone. No more insane PPD :(
I'm Outta Here!
FreeBSD and folding
P4 faster than XP on F@H?
At last...
Overfoldix Ques
older machine
Gimme sum IRC lurvin kthx
Oh Noooo!
SSE Flag on non-SSE PCs?
See ya flixotide!!!
YAY!!! I folded my first thing a ma jigg!!!
Me and One-Click
Ohoh... verbatim is back on my threats list.
Putting a face to why I fold
The Stats
Huge shoutout!
I need a folding icon in png format
Ouch, Gromacs just left again
OK, I just made the top 200...my goal of top 100 is getting closer at light speed...
extreme overclocking stats page
Finally made the TOP 30 and now lost power for the next 12 hrs!! ahhhhhh
Happy Birthday Ploaf
Team 32 Here we come!
Death Adder, you have a prob
I have 75 PCs folding for me!!! (For only a few days more though...ugh)
Which works faster GUI or Text only?
The folders lament ....
I can't get a new work packet!
hrmmmm this looks interesting......
Mac Borging???
Still down!
2 machines back up
Hidden emIII
Happy Birthday
Argggg, just lost valueable folding time.
w00t!! Great JOB FTWL!!
Top 100!
HELP ME! Gromacs + AMD cant complete
Hmm... Transmit Error.
Longest Borg
finally some stats on 2500s
Problem getting work today?
Who's got the best percentage PPWU??
Wahoo! Green
349 times
how to find out PPW?
Will a P43.0c HT out produce a MSI K7D MP2400 duallie?
Add/Remove Programs Uninstaller
TeamDFA watch out...
New dual cpu system up
Problems with DL3TC
That time of month
Stealth Install Perdicament
What's the best OS for folding?
Power Outage ends 6-month uptime...
teh heat is teh suck :( production loss....
Not in the stats?
Do you miss me???
Broke 1000 pts!
Broke 1000 pts!
VCN Proggy
Number under the computer icon in EMIII?
What does WU stand for?
how to be sure the hd stays off ?
Getting started on Project Uberfoldix
Well, I've finally started!
weird error!
which core do i have
congrats moorcito!
Installer .v1
I'm home!
Top 400!!
Service Install
.....what happened to the new core?
ShadowCat66 P\/\/ns 100K!
Ninjas make da 20k!!!
Milestone Pimpage
Where's al this red coming from
WU Time?
Bad weekend
w00t 1000 from my T-Bird
Top 100!
Stats down again
Yay! I just did my 100th WU
a big congrats to toysrme!
whats the different names mean
Folding Stats down?
Time per Frame
Dual 2.4Ghz Xeon server and FAH3
Woot OC3d!
Wasting away down in Kiaville....
Everyone set a goal.
Inactive Users
how does the opteron compare?
Which one of you blokes is CrazyFraug?
My New Untapped Power
Protein 356 Times
SMP coming in the future(whenever that is)
Look at my F@H Folder and tell me what I can delete to stop getting so many Tinkers
Hello strangers.....folding gurus
5k --> top 300 --> yellow for 1st time
some questions for a n00b.
My how things change...