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Why are there so many "grey" folders that stopped F@H in the top ranks?
lan party borging
Bad news...
Hey TommyHolly
Possible to add parts of overfoldix into knoppix??
Third cpu up and running.
team stir-fry #1
[OC]FoldingNinjas are coming for you, TeamDFA.....
And the farming resumes...
problem with folding ?
can i get a hello?
Folding Video
New Folder problem
New Folder... and EM3 Question
How can we get the most points per kilowatt hour?
Look out!
been doing it for a while, but got a question or two
Where has OC-Sampson gone?
Mr. B, did you kill me?
Helloo 200's!!!
unit in queue
Quick beginner question
Where did Gnerma go?
Dually down
fsb vs core frequency in FAH?
Take that 2k!
Time to Quick Folding.....
Folding with AOL? help plz...
server .123 down for maintenance today
My F@H 2k3 server rig
New boxes here. Looking for some helpers...
grr.... cant get 3dnow to work!
Folding how-to @ maximumpc.com
How to copy the work folder?
Pocket PC folding?
Hey Dreamingwolf
Veteran Ramping Up
er.... -advmethods flag not working
Bah, taking most down
Continuing saga of the borg...
EM Protein Calculator v1.2.1
Crap, my mom turned folding off last night!
RE'Added another 800pts/week for Team32
Help me!
rh9 / wine question
Folding mini-race
Ooh Nooo!!!
Cant connect!
folding video
linux folding processes
teh kittay funnay returneth....
Alright this is annoying
How sweet it is...
top 200
Increase team32 WU production
w00t w00t
Dont know if you can use it but here
SLLowww time per WU
Folding Power!!!
core priority: idle vs. low
Have you used the one-click install lately?
Too Much Red!
Disco Stu is back in the race to 10k
Restart your clients! Gromacs are back!
I'm down on power this weekend
WTF! I woke up to Genome and Tinkers!
do genomes count for fah points?
Happy Fathers day
I think I got the new core take a l@@k
Top 100!
problem's with console & service install
cheap farming!!!! (Fry's deal)
'Grats to DeathAdder
Went over 3k today.
Outproducing the Aussies!
*The* most cost effective way to fold *Of All Time*
Help a a folder out.
help with EMIII
Sending WUs and not being credited?!
hows this for a post? 10GHz going down tomorrow
Shad pimps slaps 100k!!!
Holy New Members Batman!!!
Welp time to up the farms
O/C stability in folding...
Finally into the top 600!
top 214 on 12/10/2002
Congrats OC3d
Incredible borging idea!
Need mobo suggestions for a multi node diskless system
my last masterpiece!
Today was pretty productive
Portorock, its been fun...
I still don't have it
Electron Microscope III v2.4.0 (Update)
FAO TommyHolly
Hey Mr_B
I have Admin accerss for the next 20 min!!...NEED HELP BORGING NOW WITH THE ONE-CLICK
Dag Ninjas!
1709th place... Woohoo!!!
Yeah! 20K!!
I have 8 WUs turned in a day usually. Why do I only recieve points for 2 WUs then?
Goodbye Rage3d
Ahhhh, Orange
Sticky: Kill the stickies
Electric Bill out of Control - Urgent
I'm about to up my prodution
Big dog Lews
We are the most "Efficient" of any of the top Folding teams...
i'm down
1,000 Points
Borging/dial up
FTWL lost power
newbie quesiton about machine id?
My main rig is down!!
Sticky Clean up
Is it my network connection...
WoooHooo! I flew past effini and have 11 active processors! YES!
I am coiming for you DeathAdder
Client unit send retries
800 Fsb
Whoops... I've been folding for anonymous
What happened to all of our cpu's?
New Protien
teh "plan" .. .. .. .. ..
I've had an idea....
folding question?
crappy weekend - a cautionary tale...
My first borgs for team 32
New Proteins?
Hospital Visit
What's is Folding?
west nile virus and folding?
Send off results?
That's enough Extragooey
A sad day for folding. :(
EMIII StealthMode HELP! (iv tried everything)
The ninjas join the 10k club!
continue folding with Barton 2500+@2200 or tbred 2100+@2350?
Log file
Why do you Fold?
Holy Crap P910 Rules!!
Added 1 of 3 new rigs tonight.
We don't need no stinkin' boxes
need to get other computer folding?
Where's the how to sticky on building Yatta folding farms?
Cheaing in Folding
non-x86 and exotic Unix hardware CAN Fold!!!!
Folding on the xbox?
Advanced methods in console version
TeamDFA Milestone.....
Which to fold? Tinker or Gromacs?
What would you do? YES OR NO POLL
the beginning of the yatta
Borging w/o admin rights
Stress your CPU to the MAX!
3 Months downtime, but I am back!
I broke 300th place in team 32!
How can you save a WU after a crash?
So many in queu
Couple of questions
Three recent Borgs
What the heck am I folding?
Folding car.
Stanford stat updates are working again.
So who wants to recruit me?
Stay of execution for one of 32's Corporate Networks
it's been a whole day since stanford had been down
Is your name on this list?? Explain yourself!
happy bday to skou and mbigna!!
Original Slot A Althon 800 ?'s
I'm back from a sad trip.
What's this?
My first borgs :-)
Is stanford having server problems?
123 down and not on the list
No way to catch CP
Moving Wrok units
clueless about overfoldix
Anyone else noticed that....
Folding@home main site's address will change back later
Folding will also be on BOINC platform oneday
DOS folding
How do you hide F@H on a shared computer?
Passed 10k
Few things
fold from CD
what are the???
Windows based folding farm?
disco stu needs to stop werkin' pro-bono
How to catch OCAU- Brainstorming
CMC blasts through 100k!!!!
Another newbie question
Silly stanford changing URL
Pursuading my school
boot from flash disk
TeamDFA is in the RED......
Milestone Reached, I Did It!
Stanfords new site
"Couldn't Get work Instructions" ???
You are mine orangebug
New Folding Team
What kind of Folding Ninja are you?
dually is down :(
64 bit folding
Compo Duron report
How do you rate your athlons?
Tinker or Gromacs for non-SSE CPU?
cannot send wu to stanford
Look at that...
been gone a while
Stupid newbie
Whats the deal with all these points?
Personal best ppd
I'll Be Back!
What do you guys do to get your team motivated?
Keep getting corrupted cores
Great Folding Optimization Idea!
Problem With My Queue
Stats Pages..
aarrrggg my rigs go down too much!
Moving up team 32 ranks slowly but surely
[OC]FoldingNinjas go ORANGE!
We might have an infiltrator
bumping our google ranking
Can Pentium II computers from 1997 handle Gromacs?
Why does it say 6 out of 10 jobs in the last 24 hours I got ")" points??
Now Folding For Team 32
Crapola !!!
the threat list thing reminds me of the game AVP2
btw, about this competition...
Oh Disco Stu.....
Need help on setup
Wow it must be the client!
Am I doing good folding?
Finally, the one click install!!!
If you miss a deadline...
Got carried away
What are these 100 frame proteins?
Monitor your farms temps with mbm5?
this threat list
I am about to get passed!!!
3 more processors
Isnt it getting alittle outta hand?
Page 5 / top 500 team 32 / and top 10k project rank
Something different here
Wedo in Spanish
Links to EM3 skins broken
PPW how many per cpu ?
I Have Come To A Conclusion
another free giveaway
We've got to get more POWER!!!!
Ninjas, in two days.....
I'll fold for you if...........
Big Red X
Rebirth of folding recruitment video
skeptic dosent get how folding helps, help me help him!
LAN Monitoring Question
People with the OLD folding links in ur sigs...
hey i got the new core, what about you guys
What's Wrong, My Fellow Ninjas?
Folding success stories??
what happened?
free stuff inside
CP will pass me for sure now. But
Whos has time?
Bukkake, what happened dooder?
where can i find a minimizer?
PPro 200 PPW
Folding on Multiple PC's - noob question
finally went orange for the first time
Threats list is shrinking!
Ninjas untie! ... Uh.... UNITE!
Stats page
problem with main rig
I'm 499 on Team 32!!!
Folding rigs down! sorry ninjas!
what would it take to overcome the aussies?
put my laptop folding?
Whew,I'm Back!
Is this a new or old core?
Added 1.4ghz
Another 10k - er
Sometimes 3Dnow, Sometimes SSE
Holy Fold BAtman
Another Milestone
Ahh, it's a beautiful thing....
yeeeehaaa! - top 25
multiple instances = multiple cpu's?
Something is wrong...
History of Team 32
Folding a dual G4
folding beta 3.25
Can anyone tell me what's up with this
Manually asign your work server?
Newly added folding power
Grumble grumble...
teh big 10k
SSE core :)
Team DFA
Just purchased 1 Ghz of folding power!
Jedi Folding Sub team
consensus folding question
What's with the ninjas?
My Computers All Stopped Sending Wu!!!!
stats page in mozilla.
Look ma - I'm running Linux! Can I...
new core
HELP!? what happened?
WinKDFold (Web Enabled) V7.0 F@H/G@H 2,3(Auto SWitch) DF & F-A-D
Falling like a brick...
Ph34r my 0range 1337ness!!
service install over a network
No power for almost 24 hrs
> 4 PCs to 1 user
Does Extra Ram Help A Dedicated Folding Machine?
Top 500 3 spots away
Difference Between Win XP and Win ME
Celerons not created equal?
Geeesh I dont pay attantion to what I'm folding
Setting up as a service on a DUALIE
Folding for my USB keychain
Extremely trivial and simple question...
Ok, You need to do this NOW!!!
And then there were none
BIG upgrade...can I just copy the FAH folder?
Woor! Osu in the top 30
cant get F@H running on mandrake...
Slower as a service than graphical ?
I need help with a folding presintation
Time to dual?
Borged my way to yellow !!
ATTN: DaveSauce- check your threat list!
Today, I passed How???? TOO!
Folding, power and parents, a tip for Canadians
please answer guys :(
New member for the [OC]FoldingNinjas
Whats the speed difference?
? on points and gromacs.
Do I get points for this?
Finally hit 10k
EDWARD@ Ramping fast
How's this for some Folding Goodness?
Just a hint for new ppl like me
Today, I passed How????
Overfoldix update
question about the new core
Problem With 1.0@1.33 Celly
how best to use a PII 450
HT or not to HT
Moooovin on UP!
Damn Folding Ninjas....
Electron Microscope v2.3.8 (Update)
I see I have more threats...
2000 ppw
p343_gnra_pf2 has "unk" as a point value. dump this?
1000 Ppw
F@H IRC Script
F@H with Novell?
War has been declard in my office. Someone is removing F@H from the computers...HELP
"former" current projects?
Power consumption questions
two new projects released today
is this optimized?
What am I doing wrong?
New Core
Are you from Omaha, did you win a cpu?
Click on the Red Pill
CPU giveaway processor fsb?
How do I know if I'm folding Gromacs?
Chant v2.0: NIK! NIK!
too funny
What are all the team 32 subteams?
Broke 500 ppd
Time limit
Borg wars!
5,000,000 Pts!
10,000 Milestone! Yay!
Check it!
Top 500
5,000,000 reasons to fold
EMI won't let me fold?
<--New member of Folding Team ;)
Funny core?!
Monday is soon upon us
How do i monitor my folding?
Stats page time delay????
Added another box
ElroyCarbon,Your still @ my six!
Just broke the 400th rank and moving up...
Name+folding name = stars?
Farm Setup help
Back from huge death spiral into internet hell...
Stanford Flash..
counting amds?
Can someone give me some advice?
50th spot, for me so shhhweet :)
8k, and I wave you by orangebug
What did I do?
Chant: WEDO! WEDO!
Switching teams.
F@H & sending/downloading WUs
I'm past 1k and moving up.
Inside the top 20 finaly!
adding flags
Get all your rigs online and folding, Cheap!
ExtremeOC Stats Just got better
Yellow green wtf?
1410ppd on last update! Personal best!
Switching names soon
Are we ready for the new core...?
Em3 Fubar
EMIII won't update my score anymore
Just went yellow
I "benchmarked" my comp
new core?
how do u?
Working with standard loops on this execution ?
bling bling
Just started this
quick borging
The [OC]FoldingNinjas hitlist!
What the? Check this out!
This working right?
Defrag question
Have to quit folding
Great Movies That Promote Folding
Happy Birthday!!!
How does...
Help! Issues
Guero doubles production!
Great CPU Giveaway: Final Week
And the raven has passed....
just for you guys on irc
Looking for an ATX 'Y' power cable
Batch File for borging?
Borg Wars
Contest Drawing Tonight
Crazy Ugly GUI!
Patting my own back! *pat pat*
70.9 point tinkers ?
hiding question
15,000 ppd is what we need!!
F@H (consol ver.) running off another PC?
I have four leftover cpu's
All folders are ugly...
sorry loner ............... :p
It's nice...
Would i be right to think.........
Gromacs cannot continue further????
Make the window disapear?
Is folding possible on a Smoothwall box?
2 months: 2200 ranks :D
Man Down...err.. rig down!
I hit 20 K!!!
Link to user ranks
a toast to xsquareduk
Calling out TommyHolly
Genomes or nuthin.
I'm back at last
:)Its not easy being green:)
is the folding contest over yet?
WOW very very weird protein
What features am i using?
20 K, Ohhh yahhhh :-}