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20 K, Ohhh yahhhh :-}
I am new to folding
I Broke 2k!
Can You Borge On Novell Systems?
This is a good frame speed right?
10,000 Yay!
No folding this week
OMG Nikshub 1
Where are wu's going?
never trust a dalmation
Aussies take control
My Friend Wants To Fold Potatos
Why is it that...?
New Subteam......
How to use SSE with AMD!!!!!
how do i get SSE back?
broke 200!!!
OSUmaxx, you need to slow down a bit
Congrats ElroyCarbon
1K points!!!!!
Optimization Idea (need comments)
Zooming my way to 500!
Week 11 XP
used to fold
Ninja Gauntlet!!!!!
Foldninjas check in
xsquared_uk, did you do this?
OC'ing and folding
FTWL Web Site - non-ftwl members please read
Folding Irc Room
I want to fold for someone, or sub-team.
frame times on P3
Nearly outproducing HardOCP!
Rank #911 on Team 32
I just turned green.
Updated Stats
Laptop folding
Free CPU Dead Already
making F@H run invisible...
ack! What the heck??
OMG! I'm a 1337 folder!
Google toolbar + Gromacs
client.cfg question
My name is Warhawk........
Just broke the 500 mark in a few weeks!!
Easy folding for newbies
p543 frame times
Is this just me...?
Top 100, yikes!
The Legend Of Borging...
im proud of my contribution this week!
Core 1.48 and SSE - BUG
New protien? Or new core?
weird EM hemisphere thing
Off to a good start?
I don't fold anymore.
nikhsub1's going to travel to the past
Need a head count
how much will 5 of these produce?
help! how do i have someone fold for me
What is fahcore_ca.exe?
frame times on p340_gnra_nat w 1.48 core?
After a few months...
did I miss something ?
Extreme stats page
TOP 100!!! 10k very soon
Gromacs version 1.48 released
Getting Somewhere?
Newest subteam through 5k!
WooHoo 20,000!
Threats and conquests on ocstats
new 909's
About the new gromacs core
History of PPW Production... WOW!
10,000 Points
WHO on earth are these guys?
New Gromacs Core
i'm running folding right now but...
Quick question.
OCAU Outproduced [H] and still going
Machine ID# conflicts!!
Great CPU Giveaway: Week 11 (XP TIME)
Windows type yatta?
Edward2 don't look back
waiting for that last%
Athlonxp's faster then p4's, why?
NOOO my comp crasheD!
Racking up kills on the hit list :D
Some help please?
Production using only your own cpus?
After 1 year here I am
Are you Ranked between 100 - 325?
Need help to annihilate my opponents... ;)
One issue with Borgin
WOOHOO im in the top 150,000!!!!
Does F@H continue to run when you are not logged on in NT or Win 2000?
I Don't understand about "teams" and making $$?
fold for me & win prizes
FAH Connection problem
Folding problems
Pausing F@H service.
7 More Rigs Added! Cost?
Diffrent times/WU/points?
One more Wu to go!
Who's Next?
I broke 1,000!!!
cmcquistion into 3rd
Never thought I'd hear myself say these words
GREAT JOB! we're outproducing the aussies!
Team 32 Top 1000
connecting to get another WU
congrats cmcquistion!!
Thanks to Wedo?
Team 32 folding@home newsletter issue #010
Time per frame problem ???
Having Some Problems
What's the point overclocking & folding?
Movitation so here we go again
UPS package tracking says - LOOK OUT!
n00b to folding
226W peltier or Vapochill
Folding problem
Wedo, shadow cat and anyone else who
a mystery?
oH yEaH~~~!~~~!
Here's and easy goal - Color yourself!
top 20's rigs in team 32
Where do i put em3?
300 ppw
Hopeful New Computer
it doesn't get any closer then this lol
P4 3.06 and 2.53 for team 32!!!
Folding problem :/
F@H Sleeping????
Have I done something wrong?
Great Cpu Giveaway: Week 10 (late)
How long does it take for your work to be credited to you?
folding didnt get fahcore_78
How does FAH Determine the users "Score"?
Gromacs Rocks!
EMIII network read problem
for those who DONT want gromacs
New Error That I've Never Seen!
For those folders using rage 3d tweak and command line
We are the Knights Who Say Ni !
Folding + Hauppague TV card = ARRRRGH!
rigs down
Borging people
Could not connect to work server (results)
Minor annoyance....
Restarted folding @ home farm
the ultimate pwnage
EMIII Question
How do i configure a second computer?
F@H acting funny lately
A little point question..
production lapse @%$@!!
w00t! 5000+ points and top 200 for 32!
Is there a problem w/ stats?
patting myself on the back
cameron_bol, You wann step outside?
Sending Data with dialup?
How many WU's Do You Do?
All for team 32!!!
Alot of Yatta questions.
to the good guys out there
I made a .reg file for the service instal
Descent Start?
Check this out!!!
what gromacs?
OMG!!! WEDO is 2ND!!
What is ppw ?
Make it 2 for me now!
just an idea....
what are gromacs
Bubba, check your six!!
No credit?
I have a few nOOb questions. Please help me help you guys. =)
News from the Pinky farm
Time 4 me 2 slow down, :-(
need borging help
Week 10 contest????
Get in Top 100
I think I've had the same WU all week
good news for cancer....
Installing FAH ON 2nd machine
2 new rigs
Repeated WU's
a little something to push me to 30th place
what is this??
It was nice while it lasted...
-advmethods questions
P670 - time per frame, post.
Cracked top 1k for team 32
whoa, ocau just whipped us
I Am The Master T
Monster wu on slow machine
small but big ownage
Hehehe Here I come!
Scoob crashes through 30K!!!!!!!!!!
A pic for the cause!
Sorry, but I just have to...
newb question
If Leaving an unattended FOLDER, Check Taskmanager!
78 core running by itself?!?!?
problems with folding app
I keep getting monsterous WUs
Moving a Work Unit?
Is there an online record of Protiens I've completed?
200 XP 2100's
Adding Boxen to ISUuNFers
73 Ponter, does this look right?
Main folder down
Next newsletter...
Broke 100 ppw
Havin fun Folding!!
Rigs down!!!!
Couple questions about a folding farm
OCAU to turn up the heat
Power is commin!
Genome Error on C3
Folding Siezed Up Again....
Shadowing video/system bios
Finally Got my Lil System Done!
One heck of a Gromac!
Peaked! @ 7th
Connection problem
FYI for IFUuNFers!
Big arsed work unit
A gentle nudge to CMC and Lews
Runing Multi FAH On Same Computer
Smacketh Downeth Comingeth
146 Point Gromacs !!!
no assignment server?
Just want to know.
Ouch, slow going from here on out!
Getting out past the firewall
F@H attempting to send results for two days now.
How does the folding core work
Banner submissions!
Out of case computer?
Slow and steady...i forgot the cliche
I formatted my drive
Banner Ad
ISUuNFesr ???
"Upcoming Conquests"!!!!!
"189 Active Processors" :0
About 30 seconds away from 5000 Points!!
Congrats on the milestones!!!
folding problem
Does EMIII show the correct CPU speeds?
Read Me
Does leaving EMIII running in the tray slow down folding?
Post Your Folding Avatars Here
Mad then Glad!
Added some new 32 power
just blowing my own horn :)
New folder help
I'm a-foldin
Any more Barton times?
Rigs going off again
has there ever been a breakdown of 32 by folding type? home/subteam/borger?
300 and upward!!!!!
64-bit folding program?
What happened?!?!?
Great CPU Giveaway: Week 9
umm... back
Folding in Safe Mode Update
anyone have this one?
Remote proggies.
'fastest folding machines'
Hello from General [M]ayhem
Top 20 in Efficiency
CJ145 Crashes through 10k barrier
Howdy From OCAU
my first WU
I havn't posted one of these in this forum for a while...
Help Steve spend his money!
Uh oh...
I'm back
Top 100!!!
buggy tooltips...need help
Strats to borgin mah school
upgrade plans
Need some networking help
Need some info
Woot! I think )
electron microscope
On usefullness and heat
viewing stats
Week 8 winners!!!!
Scheduled Task problem
What hardware ?
New to Team 32 -
Happy Birthday Mudd
K6-2 vs K6-2+
If I can just maintain this
just joined, a question
First Wu
YAY...Another milestone.
Can't get work for F@H
Come on people!
Greeting, all!
stanford found Gromac error hard drive full
reports dirve is full....
To the contest winners
im back!
what is a WU
which is better
A ccouple of additions
Team pwnage
Win 2k problems?
I would like to start Folding.
Well, I started
20k Woohoooo
Work Prob
VERY Depressed... I'm Gone For a While...
Gone for a few days...
More Pwnge From Moi
Look behind you, Mr B....
Generating errors...
Wife hit wrong breaker
Folding Problems
EMIII deleting WU's?
-advmethods (ie. beating a dead horse)
Bad News
Someone is 23 today.........
NEW subteam for team 32!! PLZ read!!
Problem Installing FAH
Insane Milestones and a ton of new members!
Guess who's Bzack
UD Team?
4 active procs but only showing 3?
Contest Week 8???
2 hard drives full
9 New Tinkers
top 500
Computer won't wake up
Ocau ?
Another wierd log file...
Best case for folding
Odd Discovery....P4 at 210FSB?
Help Me Calculate this:
Crashing Gromac
Im Stuck
Kinda disappointed
What happened to server 110?
Anyone else seen this yet?
Please Help Me Understand
Is this Bad?
fundraising idea
Uh oh....
Google Hack Gone Bad? Look here if you use it!!!!
Yeay! I'm in the 400s!!
my first milestone
minor milestone
OCn00b blast though 5k
hiding F@Home
folding filled up my 80gig drive wtf!
Is it just me, or does Stanford have some servers down?
and im back
Team 32 folding@home newsletter issue #009
PDA folding farm...
EMIII Questions
Toot my horn, 15K ohh yah
another folding avatar thread
Need a hand in posting pics
910 mhZ added...
stats graphics script?
Seamadan000 hits 5000
Service Install
hey guys..
Things are going a little slow....
3.8 GHZ added :D
I'm still not a happy camper (long)
Almost there Moorcito, 10K
f@h Stats v1.0 for mIRC!!! - MAJOR fixes, totally rescripted, look inside...
I'm Not Gonna Be Home
What position?
tooting my own horn
farmer gear Cheap Case/PSU
should i use -advmethods -forceasm on an XP2400+ (198x11)?
P536_BBA5_N in water!!
Who can fold a protein the fastest? A challenge from OCAU
Going to Break Top 500 today! Yay!
My First Big Milestone
Hiya! Newbie with questions...
folding kitty picture
yatta pics
What is going on? It used to take 3 minutes per fram, and jumped up to 12 minutes?
Came across a great chip!
Electron Microscope III v2.3.6 (Update)
Remote Access
Changing WU's
Finally,Full power!
Invisible protien?
Can someone help me project my arrival to top 100?
Finished a Frame
Sparc/Solaris client for F@H?
What do the Gromac WUs look like?
Who is the folding madman "anonymous"?
So close, but short on $$
Ok, im new, just started,
Out of Town.
whoa! look at our new folders!
If you are feeling down....
What the hell?
Rigs are going down!
I am new to the team
Summer will come, are you cool enough?
Team 32
P656 & p657
Boo yah! I got 5,000 points!!!
Great CPU Giveaway: Week 7
those Aussies
Wishing well to The Coolest
Lol No!!!!!!!!!
Hookup for cheapo parts
Folding Wont Send
Some Serious PWNAGE!
Anyone get the samurize folding stats script to work?
Electron Microscope III Protein Data file. 04/08/2003
New To Folding
Top 200 w000000r
YAY! Ranked 1338 for OC.com
What is going on ? Problems with EMIII and Folding
Borging .exe ?
Huzzah for gromacs!!!
-2.1 Ghz
extemeoverclocking stats???
Linux Monitoring
Overfoldix returns
I hit over 1000 PP-Day!
Folding Gromacs
Point Removal???
giveaway winners, tips please?!?!
Electron Microscope III v2.3.5 (Update)
my boxen will fold in my absence
Finally.....after two years
Boxen down for expansion
Question about gromacs
Need help getting a new box up
possible termination :(
linux script to view log file
A Thanks to "robjustice & Twinkle"
30K for Elroy!
folding depression?
I'm down a few hundred mhz
Since I started counting...
post your p541 frame times
new gromacs
Folder down...
Problems with the Forum
New Gromacs
damn team rank = 90
all 7 point gromacs gone
Graphical Client question...
Look what you are missing on IRC
case idea for yattas
Windows Vs. *nix
Yatta thoughts
folding on a PDA
Overfoldix, with this config?
congrats moorcito
A WU in 3 hours
Congrats Jon
858 p388_perm
I can't believe how much of an idiot i am!!!! *smashes head into brick wall*