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Welcome new members!
Some bad (but not unexpected) news.
congrats to nikh and shad!
via MB unlocked chip prob
Please don't hang me for asking this...
We Did It!
The Official "Why Do You Fold" Thread
500Mhz PIII - what can it do?
Is there anyway if I create a new team will anyone fold for me to get me up?
xyz is a ballbuster!
Figuring which protiens are the best.
Beware of the Graphical client...
Non-beta Gromacs
Grrrrr. XP down most of the day
Dual CPU
Flog-O-Meter Update
new folding team member
YAY! Completed my very first WU!
An update on my team
Yatta anyone?
Folding xbox?!?!
Great CPU Giveaway: Week 6
thats it 2X
Cast your vote
that's it
Has folding done anything so far?
Making folding work harder
Just broke into the top 500 for team 32
Hey Malpine_Walis
Gromacs core
YAY my first 1,000 ppw week.
Noooooo! Blew my psu!
I have some really bad news
nice work seamadan000
Word up Everyone from 850-200!
If only I could keep this protein...
Newby Question regarding F@H + Celeron
I'm bad, I'm back.....
beter watch your back
What is Folding?
er, where am I?
advantages of genomes?
fahconsole task manager... i really need this....
need some help folding here.
Folding killing onboard audio.
Ready for some more OC folding
Zhoe Can't Fold
Who likes the new avitar?
Boo ya! I got 4570.82 points! j/k
2000 Active CPU's by the end of April??
-advmethods with graphical client?
Wedo Kicks Down 50,000!
Latest EM Protein Data file, is up
Team 32 folding@home newsletter issue #008
New WU types Today
Finally passed bubba
Boo Ya! I got 1,000 points....lol. (j/k).
I'm not a happy camper with FAH3
OOPS!!! Ploaf hit 30k!!!!
Welcome new folders!!!
Noob Folding questions
More shameless plugging....
Why do you fold?
folding avatars
pretty pics on console????? i'm a noob. just d/l today
congrats OCn00b!
serving notice!
Onboard NIC to boot from network. Yatta - LTSP
a few more wu's
Check your rigs NOW!!!!
A few more MHz.......
[H] Rivalry?
/me scans horizon for top 100
check who you're folding for
Toot'n my own horn
Server 112 is down
Folding-Community team 32 thread!!!
Question about the folders
2-3 instances on one machine
Sassy recruiting slogans.
Another setback for team 32
New set of tinkers
somthins WHACKED!
What would be better
Home pc's coming back online
Viewing statsman with IE6 winxp
Question, does mem timings help folding?
Sorry to do this
a celery faster than a willamette???
whats the deally yo
Images for the folding video.
2400+ not finishing units now
Top 100
I bid you all farewell and good luck
3 million w00t!
folding@home crashes my system
shiney new P4's
Can you help me?
Ryan Richard breaks 5k! (sorry its late bro :()
Rig 2 Online
The Great CPU Giveaway: Week 5
The return of the Penguininja....
Free stock intel xeon HSF to any folder that needs it.
Search Engine Placement
Back in Action
Genome's :(
Folding parts trade threads
See ya on the flip side
4000 w00t!!!!11
Slowdowns w/ Gromacs
Google Folding
6 figures for OC3D
congratulations team 32
quick question
Kendan, Here I come
Yay Me!!
OCAU production
Starting teh farm. Maxvla is movin' on up.
Problems with F@H
WU transfer?
A "How-To" on Borging
Hit us with some drums please
We slapped the Aussies today!
How to fold only Gromacs
i'm in the top 1000!
Congrats to WEDO
samurize and F@H script
Severs coming back online
"Gooseeggs" for me today...
My First 1K!
Read Now Urgent
Serious Noob....
Relay for Life
Lost Production T-storms
Question about folding with Xeon's
Folding client causing severe system lag
Congrats Da, You Passed 5k
A Small Step
Google hack
F@Hwin and Metaframe XP
Added a few rigs lately... Adding 8 more GHz tonight
EMIII and FAH Console not liking each other?
hwo many PPW should I be getting?
Support for Folder
Wonder How This Would Fold...
Latest against the OCAU battle
Folding tune up thread.
New User questions
The Great CPU Giveaway: Week 4
Can i get my folding data Back?
Gromacs vs Tinker
Electron Microscope 3 GRR read
Attn: Everyone
Why Why Why?!?!
Gromacs is fast !
This Should Help Out A Lot Of Folks
help network booting
linux problems
Contents of folding video.
I have a problem! my computer has stopped folding!
niksub1 pounds through 40K!!!
Team 32 folding@home newsletter issue #007
"Network send error"???
faster folding advmethods
google hack
Lag in games while fold
How could I pass this up?
what protien?
server .121 problems
what's a stored work unit ?
Just Wondering
Getting work
Finally my second rig is Folding
How Good Will This Fold?
Why do YOU Fold??
?????????????? just started
Good news and bad news.
Alright Shadowcat 66
I'm a little disheartened
One WU down...
This Bites!
cooling down
Yea! More horsepower!
well it has been fun....
I must be insane!
Losing Ground momentarily
This has been happening lately...
Gentoo and seg fault
Barton Proc are they worth it?
Broken003, you passed me :-(
Now Entering: Broadband Hell
Walaka surpasses 20k
I'm Baa-aaaaack
Time for the Rally Monkey and Thunder Sticks
Aaarghh! Stupid me !
The Great CPU Giveaway: Week 3
insane sized protiens!
Interested student with a couple questions
fahcore65 error? monster tinkers?
How do I hack the start menu in win/2K?
KDFold Linux & Windows V6 Beta 8 F@H 1,2,3 G@H 1,2(F@H3) DF & F-A-D
Twas a nice boost wilst it lasted :D
w00r! WEDO to 40K!
New F0lder
Thanks Wedo !!
Folding videos
need your help...
support another disease !!!
Two comps running F@H Problems with one.
Close race Moorcito
problem with app
O/C Folding Boot Screen released!
Folding Boot-Screen
2 instances on one machine
anybody folding using SCO?
cmcquistion hits 50k
Lews hits 60k
Remote Programs
200 here I come
How fast are you
scoobie destroys the 20K barrier!!
PhLuBB prepare to be pwned
Some pwning of my own.
Barton and Folding
DA & Bubb's...side by side for a while
To the Week 1 Contest Winners
Newbie OC3d package?
Almost back... 1 down, 1 to go
OCAU tries to fight back
OCAU getting back in the game ....
p530_BBA5 in water (Gromacs)
Yay! And....thanks.
return of the Gromacs
I bought myself a custom rank.
Jon to hit 20K!
500 ppw
p648 but EM3 says Unk
couple a questions.
FahCore_ca version 2.06 released (3/3/03)
UT2k3 Servers
More gaming for folders...
WinKDFold V6.0 Beta 6 Web Enabled F@H 1,2,3 G@H 1,2(F@H3) DF & F-A-D
The Great CPU Giveaway: Week 2
slow connection
Having trouble setting flags...
Electron Microscope v2.3.4 (update) and EM-DC site news
DGROMS over 200K! That is just HUGE!
Question about building a small farm
Hello everyone, help please
Just got another commercial for the team...
Free stuff for folders (just in case you haven't seen it)
26.56 points!!!!!
Where are the Gromacs??
First milestone and more rigs coming up :D
Welcome the new guy!
Faster folding w/ramdrive?
Gnerma now @ 10K!
OC3d Lounge
New Avatar
What project is this?
Got to head to work.
I just started folding
Room for a bigger family
Just To Annonce
Team 32 folding@home newsletter issue #006
EMIII error ?
im out
Production Loss
erhh.. thanks? but to who?
P4 comparison
how long does a 30 frame gemone take?
2400/6000 Wu?
Woo Hoo!!
what flag to not download another unit?
Where is Gnerma??
How would I run F@H on a small machine...
2 mobo's, one PSU: Where to buy splitter?
Pwnage Countdown
A Challenge Made, A Challenge Accepted
I need a favor
Congrats to Sterculus for blowing by me
Im gonna buy a new folding rig soon, need some advice.
How to beat OCAU and [..]
Number 1 by 12/31/03
42? Heh
Mudd you didn't really think I would just let you walk away...
Another Folding rig
Questions from a new member
folding input asked
Statsman and OCAU
hey all
SickBoy crashes the 500 PPW barrier!
Flog-o-meter is Flog-o-wrong
201 Days!!!!!!!!
How do I join the team?
Something odd going on here...
permission guideline and letter.. please read
The monster grows
the gromacs are gone again!
Pioneer 10
Folding saved my butt again.
yatta folders- does the biostar board allow you to set the multiplyer?
DManeKid kicks the door down to the top 100
We Did It!!!
I've lost something
Monitoring linux box from winxp box using EMIII?
The Great CPU Giveaway: Week 1
folding on an SMP
Hardware for Folding rig
First Milestone :D
Let's see that farm!
support for mac?
problems running 2 instances
Anyone Else Want To Be A Senior?
folding permission request letter
I layed down a gauntlet with the [H]orde :)
Anyone help?
dang darn &%#* power glitch
Should I use forceasm?
Newest addition
The Numbers Don't Lie:
NedClocker hits 20K!!
getting friends to fold
w00r 1000 points
short scientific run for FAST machine
production up and down
Folding farmage...
HideIt X v4.0 (Update)
What exactly.........
Another 10K-er
Where is pojo now?
Phlub and Antiheis new 5 digit members!
Top 100, here I come!
Continue windows WU in Linux?
Starting a folding Farm,
Things to check when upload wont work?
1000 points!
Doctors i.d. new disease
Folding and Gaming
walaka7 > 15k
Need hardware
500+ ppw w00r
tinker or gromacs for athlon xp?
Gnerma!?! Got anthing in reserve?
Personal Trainers required.
2100+ now folding
"Hooray for Über!"
I won't be folding for about a week
Hey, ya know what??....
do genome projects give you points in folding@home stats?
A few CPU/GHz questions
OWNED by Shadowcat
Edward2 joins the 1k ppw club!
What's new in 2.24?
Loud, stop responding
Shadowcat66 blazes thru 15k
Sorry all
EM Protein Calculator (v 1.0.0)
Off-line Indefinantly
Elroy pops 15 K!!
MR B crashes throught the 15K barrier!!
This one seems to be stalking me hehe-->Des2/pdb1d9c.20.spa
Check out the new statsman
Flounder hits 15K!!!!!!!!!!!!!
invisible fah
Just a couple of questions
new job!!!
The Best Processors for Folding?
To Shadowcat66 and Elroycarbon
P4 Folding performance ???
newbie to folding!!
Tearing up the stats!!!
This is how bad it's getting....
Gromacs time phenomenon
I feel great...
Mandrake and 98 client cooperation
Added 2 Rigs, that i just built!
can i take my unit home to finish it?
Move over Bacon here comes sizzlelean!!!!!!!!
whats biggest outof uve seen?
About How Good Is This?
Some Even NEWER Gromacs!
those "deadlineless" WU's still out there?
Umm a little help in IRC
How many CPU's you have folding for you?
CAUTION: BIG red letters inside here!
added a tbred 2100+ :)
bad news
OCAU Has more PPW than us??
Dial-up and F@H service
gromacs are back!
Gromacs back ?!
Newsletter issue #005 released
What is folding!?!?!?
where's Rage?
OMG im crunching a 55.5 point wu!
Hi my folding people
The gauntlet has been thrown!!
Can't make a ltsp HD less workstation to boot
the flogometer from OCAU
Filip04 smashes 2k barrier and enters top 250
first week of folding is done
ehhhh ... restore of the forums?
2-14-03 Statsman is back up, 10:20 PM.
Yet Another Folder For Me!
I have 3 rigs folding for Team32 now.
Can Anyone Beat tThis?
EM3 Errors
Return of the Yatta... yatta-noob Q
emmm.. update problems?
Does StatsMan work for you?
Arkaine is BLUE!!
6000 WU's
10,000 big uns
Posted my 1st Work Unit!
fold for warmth!
Happy V-Day everyone!!!!!!!
oc3d got passed!
Statsman down for a few days
WEDO past 30K!
Folding and Smoking
Electron Microscope III v2.3.2 (Update)
To NAS about the Contest.
Folding Contest
OC Team Logo for F@H's Stanford forum.
KDFold V6.0 Beta 5 Web Enabled F@H 1,2,3 G@H 1,2(F@H3) DF & F-A-D
should break into top 1k in 24hrs
congrats AH
folding/windows error??
LIF/pdblif1.80.xyz, 37min 46sec per frame, WTH.
Don't know who to contact....
Just what is folding???
Woohoo! My first recruit!
got paypal and 1 dollar? maybe 2?
Hiding FAH in Mac OSX
Update on my wife. She is a whole lot better.
9000 by 8am
Can you hear me ?!? Or should I turn it up ???
Future of F@H
New Official Design Core
New Protein?
Bye Bye Gromacs...
keep me folding
pesty little units
Congradulations team
How do i get it to work on dual proc
yay getting a farm at school :D
stability issues
Less than 500 pts to the BIG 10 K :)
anyone else have folding listed on their resume
Finally my recruitment paid off!
One more for me!
top 100
oh wommalong.. where art thou?
folding = 'maintnence'
I'll soon be back Folding!
Yatta Monster - Pls post new guide
Breaking 2500pts...
can you lose points?
Folding Newb ?
Anyone interested in starting a Uk folding sub team?
Oh well(sigh)
These times seem very high to me?
Got any tips for sweet talking?
Active Processors, Registry