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OK, what's up with this 0 points for the day?
Completed jobs not uploading?
FahCore_a3.exe crash
CPU PPD chart:
Bareboned Folding rig anyone?
Folding Dragon
Folding temps
I appreciate Team 32.
How to add the Team 32 logo to my avatar
Multi GPU Folding ?>
"Is Team 32 going to fall out of the Top 5?"- Feb 14, 2011 Team 32 Report
Public Release of New A4 Cores
The Best of the Best
Got an 8800GTS g92 not doing anything...
What is your cagey vet folding move?
First week of folding coming to a close
Down for now
cheap gpu folder....
Back to the Fold
GPU issue
Rollin by 600K!
1st page?
Back in the game!!!
Missing points?
Sorry guys :(
Anyone had a GTX 580 die from folding?
Windows smp question
Fold and Run: Quickly get ~20 folders online?
"At least Team 32 will still be in the Top 5" February 8th Team32 Report
980x @ 4.5 vs 980x @ 4.0
smp running single
New machine.Screenshot in action!
Question about changing config for next wu
Happyness is......
Ivy Bridge 22nm works with H67 and P67
Any word on Linux folding for -bigadv??
A3 Core v2.27
Just got client running and some questions
Back in the Fold
Win 7 killing fah6
Testing Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti
I think I'll just leave this here, too! :)
Is there an easy way to change folding team?
Changing Teams
Showin some love
Intel's first LGA 2011 motherboards
I think i'll just leave this here...
Overclockers.com Team 32 Decals (Classifieds ONLY)
Folders looking at Sandy....
1 Million..WOOT
I need permission
After a couple years
Had to drop my PS3 folding
Got a nagging problem..
Question about our folding teams...
New GPU3 (version 6.41) client released
Lagouste & F@H working right?
Same client for SB?
It started in June 2004 and its all come to this.....
GTX 560 Ti Folding Thread
LogMeIn-Hamachi: Tip for the users out there.
Folding goals 2011
Project 6701
Is it cool if I....
RAWR!!! Fold FASTER!!! I command you!
Nvidia Tesla
Attn: Lowryder
HFM Client Configuration
Kind of new to multi instances. 100% load damage processor?
First WU Complete!
Sandy Bridge vs (your older rig) Kill-A-Watt readings
Just cracked my first million.
Errors on a new client.
Not folding on new GTX 460
Gigabyte Responds to LGA1155 Socket Issues
Just passed 400k!
AVG Users Performance Advisory
Making VGA-Dummy Plugs
No bigadv work?
Uh oh another addition
-bigadv question...
Help with console client
back online
200,000,000 Point Milestone
Weee 10 million
[FYI] 6-Hour Maintenance: 2 F@H Servers [HW upgrade]
New Team 32 Super Sticky
2.000.000 points
"Inspirational Folding" Sign
GPU2 or 3 for a 5750?
Timed folding?
Linux SMP client issues, anyone know whats going on?
Failed WU(just wondering what the vets think)
X3 445 PPD question
Oh dear, this is not the way I wanted to beat him.
Where the hell did YOU come from?????
help me figure this out
Storm Coming
Have a few questions about i7, OC, temps, and folding....
uh-oh, here comes a newbie!
Any noticeable difference using an SSD drive?
Intel Sandy Bridge performance
Just received the power bill...
I hit 4 million today!
Two new GPU3/Fermi WUs: P6805 & P6801 (+PPD Update)
Figured out how to keep my 2nd 9600 GS0 fan working right
[SOLVED] exception: 0: could not bind socket to...
Had to take the screen shot...
A good Nvidia/AMD comparison
How fast should I be folding?
gtx570.. gpu3 vs gpu2?
Me likey
Settings to improve system's response
2 Million points and in top 200!
Turning off monitor causes reboot in gpu client?
Client not getting WUs?
Happy New Year 2011 !!
OCing to fold quicker. i7-920 EVGA mobo.
Putting windows 7 on a flash drive for farm
FAH Questions
2x 8800GT Vs GTX260
Woe, watch where you're folding that~
Updates on v7 client
big adv update/changes?
A Frustrating Anecdote!
Team 32 Super Sticky ***New Members Start Here***
Thinking of Folding,need advice
Help 2 gtx 480 trying to run 2 clients
Merry Christmas to ALL!!
Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #91 Special December Edition!
Diagnostic Information
What did I screw up here?
8800gtx with aftermarket cooler or...
100K Yule points for the team
PS3 folding 900ppd?What!
Milestone! 100,000 points and 600 work units!
which OS should I choose
Multi GPU? 9600 & 460
Made my first million!!! And passed freeagent! Lop
Shuttin'er down... time to make a sprint at it Tim.
Race to 4 million.
My first million wooo :)
In Brazil with generic psu...
Client Parameters
Optimizing my fold - Linux Kernel + GPU OC
hey guys having a problem configuring smp client
This smp wu takes forever rant...
Which GPU to add < $250?
[O/C] Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #90
oc help
HELP! Overclocking a E8400 on P5W-DH-Deluxe.
New WU: GPU3/Fermi P6808
Classic client big and small wu's?
help my gpu can not get a work unit!
Join the beta team
Team questions for the Donor Advisory Board
Good or Bad?
How Work Unit Values are determined
9800gt for $25 but it won't game
GTX 4xx vs GTX 5xx series on GPU3 F@H
Future farm upgrade...
Folding@home cartoon.
Folding farm sponsored by my school
Stanford network upgrades
Anyone have spam from extremeoverclockers?
50k points and 3k ppd milestone!
Somebody has a sense of humor
Folding with old hardware
PPD of various rigs?
Do I need them?
I can't get my OC back
Gigabyte gtx260 ppd's and shaders
Free: AMD 2200+ Sempron Socket 462 with motherboard and 256MB PC2700 Ram.
GPU client and Nvidia 8400GS?
Shader squeal
3 direct days of 2k ppd+
New Phenom x6 Build
How much does Hardware Effect F@H nowadays?
Almost at 1 mill
Something wrong here? (fah log inside)
PPD Watt on p6811
Well I got the bug again to start folding.
AU Football
Don't flinch Gary I'm on your heals
How well will an 875k fold with 4gb ram
installed smp 6.3.0, but only 25% proc usage
Hey hey!
fastest computer in the world!?
[Problem solved] No GPU3 core 15 work...
THE END,,,, Sadly!!
Issues with new gts450 and getting set up.
Link: Stanford NDT (Network Diag Tool)
New Bigadv: P6900 WU
HFM display wrong?
this doesnt look right...
Internet line..
I broke into the team top 200!!!!
Help me build a new folder...
Gigabyte GTS450 setup issues
core i7 extreme
Help me build a quad folding machine?
need some linux advice
My GPUs aren't working
Advisory Board poll assigning Core 65 to GPU clients
New Folding@Home Advisory Board
Its winter again!
cpu underperforming
OMG Someone (Wega!) is finally on my threats list!
Giving VMware Player another go
Problem folding with 3 gpu's
New to folding.
All about WU's
Thoughts on the GTS 450?
Awesome display of computing power!
Is something wrong with my GTX460?
I'm back to the fold... Sort of
Back to the top 100
Not getting the points i should be :O
Deals for folders!
[O/C] Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #89
i7 or hd850
can I fold my 5850 in win7 64 bit?
How much faster is Ubuntu for folding than Win7?
sfu7274456 ok?
Working up the ranks
GPU client and GF 260.xx drivers ***SOLVED!***
FAH on a GT430
folding rig in the garage for the winter
Back to folding!
Problems with multiple instances of GPU client
Our #4 spot!
GTX 580 CUDA folding vs GTX 480
Did someone at stanford pull the plug on GPU3???
Ordered a gtx 470! :-)
Opteron 180,deadlines and -smp 2
Props to imposter!
Slow SMP2 client
smp client crash, fahcore_a3.exe
-bigadv and 2(or more) GTX 460 cards
Adding 2nd 460GTX to msi client
I'm cranking up the PPD, but need some advice...
Login to SMP console...
FAH GPU tracker v2?
Anyone else's GPU3 PPD going up?
P10xxx series GPU WUs
There is an Aus 460GTX in Cyberdeals@$115MIR
Card question
Bayna goes NINE DIGITS!!! harlam (that's me) goes 60 millions!!!
GTX 460 (768M version) temps question
Elf's and Santa's gift list.
Status check...
PPD and some other questions =)
Nedd a little help!
Team32 on livestream.com
yay go me!!
HayesK #1
Team 32 video production team startup thread
[O/C]Folding@Home, from a Bencher's Perspective
Gtx285 series...
Hey, Whats going on
Folding 950
just to know if did it right =)
can i fold on a 4870 and a 9500gt on the same rig
Can a GTX260 and GTX460 Fold nice together?
Folders I need help
VM question
anyone getting work from stanford tonight?
The 2684 from hell.
Q6600 only doing abut 1000 PPD?
GTX465 flashed to GTX470 works
Have you noticed that...
Help with linux SMP (arch linux)
@ Rizo-uk, step in please.
Wega!.... 3 weeks man and i'll be ahead!
Donate me a GPU...
About a week away from a new #1
Some quick questions.
How did my Voltage change?
New to folding, cannot get second GPU to work.
*Trying* to start it up
Whoot!! WC Back up!!
please may i have a "team 32 folding" under my name...
GTS 450 Folding @ 111ppd/w
Should I fold on my Toshiba T4500 Laptop?
No console client for GPU's?
Client-core communications error: ERROR 0xc0000005
Max PPD from a dual core
Couple questions about Kill-A-Watt
A call for help from Team 32
Folding temp on i7920
Reference Build: EVGA SR-2 "Computing" Rig
[SOLVED] GPU not @63% for Folding?
Need help with settings
Back Folding again :)
### Countdown to 300 more CPUs ###
SR-2 Availability & SabrePC
Does PCI-Express slot speed affect ppd?
Sorry guys... my PPD will be dropping.
Standalone memory tester for ATI+NV GPUs
What do you use to OC stress test for folding?
Bigadv WUs give a wrong packet size error
Nothing but 6701s
Nice milestones!
License agreement
Oh SFU...I'm putting you on notice...
What am i missing?
Back :)
Thanks Gixx!!
Problem with 2nd 9800 GX2
Folding@home 10th anniversary
OH GIXXERGUY6 ..... VRoooooom =======
I should hit 3 million today.
smp help
I'm back for a bit
Slightly Confused [Solved]
Tips for dealing with "the wife"
My output seems low for a Q9400
lost points
the arcansie needs help
Cant get wu
top 50 :D
F@H on a lappy???
Building a Folding Farm
I feel like I cheated
Help me spec a Folding / HTPC machine
time to do a little dance
Reference Build: Z8NA-D6 "Computing" Rig
Team32 frontpage writing contest, starting Friday Oct 1st!
Back in the Fold
Cheers, HayesK!
I7 uncore
Increase core speed - increased points?
I see you guys there...
Well done Team 32 !!
Bigadv + RAM: Per core, or per thread?
1000 points reached
Folding stats in sig
F@H SMP2 using only 50% CPU usage?
Memory usage
Rearranging the house and taking a hit in PPD.
P6701 bad for windows folding only?
Q9400 Folding - Please help quickly to get it folding!
is -bigadv drying up?
Folding times
5,000,000 points!!!!
-bigadv WU;s
Two new key results
Bigadv VM on x6
Bigadv On > 8 Cores
Folding Farm: Future Hardware Investment(s)
"F@H Organization" Sub-forum
process name?
Slightly broke folding 250 GTS...
Latest HFM.NET Sneak Peak...
FAHCORE_A3.EXE has stopped working
Machines for prospective buyers
Windows SMP2 6.30 beta works for 32 bit Linux...FreeBSD
Some decent uptime...
my first -bigadv
Ubuntu/VM vs WinSMP 6.3
Ubuntu and -bigadv
extending desktop?
Developement with GPU3 (not good)
The apocalypse
I7 smp and gpu folder
-bigadv reliability, 500 here I come!
Top 1k Folders & Getting People Engaged
FAH not using 100% of hex core cpu?
Current Hardware: Reaching Max PPD
CPU vs GPU folding
Check it out! 00032 pushing forward
More rigs for folding @ a cheaper price?
Handling/Monitoring GPU Client Errors
Well guys... I really took a tumble.
@ Twigbutt, please come in here.
Curious thing with GPU folding
Need help finding new GPU
More SMP server power coming on line in the near future
PII X4@3200MHZ out folding a PII X4@3.375
folding on a GTX 470 and using the 6.30 SMP Beta
I have a rogue WU
working on getting back.
SLI for GPU3
Remote GPU temp monitoring ?
How the heck are we doing what we do ?
Issue with my bigadv
GPU3 Fermi 4xx nVidia cards
Back on the Fold!
Can someone straighten this up for me? psu and gpu's
HOLY CRAP bigadv's
ATI 5770 x2, worthless for GPU clients?
I fail who wants all my points :(
Error causes GPU to drop clock speed
MSI GeForce GTX 460 1GB up for grabs
Happy Birthday to our #1 folder!
SMP install issues on Ubuntu 10.04
Folding as volunteer experience
System tray
I'm about to make it into the top 1000 for our team.
Gainward GTX 460 GS 1GB ppd?
Gamers beat algorithms at finding protein structures
VSD in POPC and water, neutralized PPD
Testing EVGA GTX470 Folding
Loss of PPD... another sad day.
Check out these PPD
Looking for folders with a Kill a Watt
eVGA B Stock Deals
Sorry Molnarc
Passed 4 million
Folding on an SSD/HDD combo?
broke 1 million
Hi, sfu7274456!
SCORE!!!!!! new parts!!
best folding app.
Windows SMP2 'client-core communication error'
Who is picking up on T32monkeys?
Errors on my GTX470
Inno3D GTX 470 question.
Rig is up and running BUT!!!!!
New Folding Name Plates?
Haven't been getting any work in two weeks?!
Testing Gigabyte GTX 460 Folding
started folding again
Back into folding
In regards to the new v6.30 drop-in binary...
i-7 930 1700 PPD?
I just hit 50 million... I just hit 50 million...
Huge spike July 22 @ noon on EOC
For Canadian Folder's looking to try out Fermi
I've been out of the loop for a while
big -adv's
Welcome New Members -As of July 13, 2010
Genetically engineered viruses seek out, kill cancer
No dummy plug needed
MAJOR Problems!!! Like smoke/flames from psu
just about to hit 500,000
Help with settings :/
Testing Palit GTX 460 Folding
Setup Problem
Dedicated folding PC
Ok I need help with setup again :(
New Folding Machine
new gpu's installed but!
Sorry Team its A Very Sad Day
some opinions please
GPU3 open beta test continuing well
Deadline benchmarking standards for SMP work units
stanford.edu proxy error?
An electric question.
gpu folding wont work
folding with gtx 260 896mb Help please
WU uploading issue?
Looking for a few volunteers
PPD Question
setting affinity high
E6600 and 3870 folding rig?
We're in trouble!
Ati HD 4800 folding
notfred image, can do gpu folding?
anybody here a tech in Greensboro NC?
May I have a -bigadv please?
Now taking bets on PPD
Folding uploads/downloads
Update on the v7 client
Memory - FREE to folding team members
Which Nvidia GPU?
i7 @ 4GHz+ and ready to play but how?
5hrs per frame whats going on here?
How to Make a Dummy Plug