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What have you been folding lately?
GAH or FAH for the slower machines?
Idle again...
2311 Mhz of Folding Gone from me
I'm on the move !
countries of Team 32
I'm stuck like chuck
Now my electron microscope won't update
shadowcat and flyfisher>
2,000,000 points w00t!!
Whats wrong with mIRC???
Crossed fingers please
Folding Contest Sign up
Big Loss
f@h Stats 0.87 for mIRC released!!! MAJOR updates!!!
FAH Logstats v0.3
Top Dragon
New Gromacs WU roll out today
Congrats Gnerma
All I Can Say Is :O
w000000000r to flounder!
Shad, ...
Gromac Core out dated, WTF :(
2400+ folding again
Need some help
single board computers
Somebody fold me to sleep
Shad into the top 10!
Hit a wall so ramping up!!
p609 250 frames?
Help! I'm having major problems
Another DC project giving competition
Quick SMP question...
advanced methods for P3?
OC3d check your rigs!
EM3 not able to retrieve points
Would it be possible to get an XBox folding with this?
EMll Question
Cmcquistion's PPW
Portorock slaps 10k around a bit with a large trout
F@H Security
now folding
New stats page
NEW! f@h Stats 0.83b for mIRC released!
Improved Assignment Server Logic
Looking in rearview mirror, Team 32.
new power watch
What the heck is up with stanfords stat page?
Could someone tell me?
Penguin4x4... Muhahaha
Hiding F@H - VERY Important..
holy megapointers batman!
Team 32 newsletter issue #004 released
Look out!
Would this work?
Autodial doesn't send
My First 25K
Stats from Stanford "WTF" they on druds or somthing,hehe.
Yatta and linux Redhat 8.0
New Folding Team-->ABIT-USA team 13285
ElroyCarbon, it's your turn bro
Heads up
Having trouble with "Gromacs"
New to this
Gromacs & fat Tinker frames needed
a new force is rising....
Just wanted a moment of silence
Can you say, LUCKY!
Running as a Task,Do the flags still work?
what is folding team? and...
Am I GROMACS optimized?
Monster WU's...
Server 114 is serving up p906's Gromacs 13pts - advmethods!
most important items for better folding...
Hrm... Is this a sign of addiction?
These TZ1's and TZ2's...
dually alomost
I have a non-Beta GROMACS !!!
robjustice + SilentBob = "pwned"
Lost my favorite spot
New power
Lews Over 50K!!!!
KDFold V6.0 Beta 4 Web Enabled F@H 1,2,3 G@H 1,2(F@H3) DF & F-A-D
Small team on the rise
RIP 733 mhz
Congrats, Belorsch!!!!
parts swapping
Anyone have a spare old Video Card?
Jon, Lews, Shad, Nik, Mudd....
Congrats Walaka!
does OC3d need more help?
I see Gromacs
hey bubba
Gotta Luv This!
Electron Microscope III v2.3.1 (Update)
how much is good
About to pass SilverSinkSam...
Muddocktor wasn't kidding, HE'S BACK!!
Back up WUs?
xeons good folding cpus?
EMIII "decides" to fold locally?!?
How many frames?
2400+ is now folding 24/7
D@mn power out"MAD"
tooting my own horn!!!!
EMIII Question
Get Permission FIRST!
Stat Blank
Best Folding CPU?
Starting as a Service?
Firewall - Help Please
Bad WU's
hidden folding
what is the highly optimized assemly code mean
Stored data
Walaka Joined the 10k Club!
starting F@H
1700+ Rig Comin Online Soon................
Anyone have a spare stick of 2100 DDR that I can borrow?
i broke 1000!!!!
did .109 explode?
time limit?
Internet worm
how to move real fast?
Ploaf warps through 20K!!
last work unit time... local?
New gromacs
New power to the team...
C9 core?
I'll fold for you if you guess it right
I am back
Im confused.............
average work unit
Proxy Question
Is it possible..
I got the beast folding for me...
How to run folding without it being it being in the taskbar?
What the hell is going on here? :mad:
**Official Overclockers.com case badges available again soon!!**
Whoa, these 19 pointers are pretty sweet.
Wheres the info on this protein?
I tip my hat to a worthy Adversary - muddockter
Shadowcat66 tears through 10K!!!
Dude this sucks!
congrats to robjustice
Back up to strength
click of death? =/
OC3d takes a small production hit
Folding Help!!
Congrats to Rezman5 at 10k!!
Gettin Cozy Next to WEDO...
Just entered top 300!
F@H Webserver crashed
Finally back home!
Rage Surge
Free Microsoft OS for folding machine
5000 points
Darn you Jon
Quick I need opinion!!!!!!!!
Thank you and update (she's better!)
problems connecting...
Okay.. how long will this one take to do?
Some more power for 32
Just made the Seti to Folding switch for many reasons.
Germania is going DOWN !!!!
If You DID NOT Get your Newsletter, Please come in!!
XP 2000 = How many Points per week?
Stats Messed up??
take this cj! 300+ppw! :p
Folding DOES slow down comp
discontinued proteins?
anybody got those big 19 pointer?
EMIII problem
Reaching 100
Introducing the F@H Service Installer For NT/2K/XP!
XP2800 on it's way!
error and lost unit?
If this program keeps my cpu @ 100%, would this "burn in" just like Prime95?
Team 32 folding@home newsletter issue #003 released
Getting 2 instances of folding on 2 cpu's..
Inconsistent point results with Pentium Pro
EMIII v2.3.0 not reporting P622_TZ1_NAT correctly.
Complete Folding noob requests assistance
Icarusflys @ dslreports hit 50k!!!!!!
Got it installed fine....but cant connect?
Flyfisher demolishes the 10k barrier
Hey guys, just wanted to say hi....
Lookie what *I* found!
How well do you think this would fold?
Where do you draw the line?
Good New and Bad News?
Waiting for work units
Nice way to end the week
FAH In The Press!
fahCore_ca.exe ???
dual p2/p3 450's or athlon 900?
mIRC help
Adding New rigs this weekend
Rig Down
Not too bad for a Folding nOOb eh?
Prayers please.
feel the horsepower!!!!!!!!
WTF? Duron, .Net, and F@H crashes....
New WU's
Add one more CPU to the fold!!!
Electron Microscope III v2.3.0 (Update)
Hrmm.. Really strange FAHlog with new core/protein...
Folder down!
The Hack?
help getting gromacs...
EMIII for linux? or some alternative?
Statsman Rant
More tasty proteins released...
another 1ghz for Team 32
I just got a gromac WU!
I'm back...
Finally Hitting 1000!!!!
got a free 2.4 P4 chip time to order a MB :)
FoldMonitor in windows monitoring a linux client?
I am so embarrassed...
How do you get out of stealth mode?
Is there an operating system CPU combination which is best for Folding?
AMD vs. INTEL: which is The Best CPU for scientific work like Protein folding.
to those entering the top 100 on the team
Congrats to OCAU
Congrats Pinky
whooo haw! 5000 pts!
EM3 Stealth
Congrats Rage3d
Top 600 In Site!
New Dual System! :)
Moving on Up!
Team #32 has over 1900 active processors!
Gigabyte 7VKML Mobo
Is Mandrake a must for Yatta?
Still outproducing Oc AU, woot team !!
Hit 25th!
The Server Lives!
do i contribute to octeam or not??
Lews takes the #1 spot, Congrats!
Question about cpufsb 2.2.6, the FSB adjuster
new overclockers team?!?!?!?
How to find out how many "Mhz" your folding
Reformatted and Lost F@H
Won't send my WU
yatta with celerons?
needy folder
Moral Question
Here I come!
What do I need to make a dedicated folding rig?
looking for the team 32 flyers
167 p611_trpzip1_ext, no show?
nooo!!! not the HD!
good LORD...
Question about sending and receiving WU's from a seperate machine...
Down time for me:(
I just raped the lab servers....
Wedo@Work is down
8K3a on FedEx truck,yippy
OpenFriday TOP 100 soon :)
I should have listened!
Fixed my Asus :)
2 Motherboards 1 PSU - Mini How-To for all you farmers out there
Thinking of folding
New Dually This Way Cometh!
I lost a WU?
new rig
Whats up with statsman?
Yeaaah! Top 250
Client 3.24 qweschun.
folding as service in 98/ME
help with a problem pls
The numbers of Folding
Nice new ASUS Dx mobo
What would you do for an ATI TV wonder VE?
so how do i do this
Teh Smackdown!!!1 (01/06/03)
The Lab.
Statsman messed up again?
Need to get rig up
Team 32 folding@home newsletter issue #002 released
Hit List... Short Term...
How to tell if OSX is folding
Statsman java?
1.5 million
Folding vs. Win2k or just me?
Congrats on 10k Flounder!
What happens after a system restore
My WU's went to someone else?
Where Do I Find
Does someone have a "How-to" for a dualie rig?
I wasn't going to.....
2.000 points!!!
Dropped a little bit
Post Your Slowest Folder Speed
production back to full strength
stored unit
Question about my personal status
Help i am stuck
Watch your 6 Jetmech!
faculty on clab.cecil.cc.md.us?
Edward2, no matter what I do....
12/31/2002 New OS X versions on the way
Lost Name
Genome question
The Alliance passes 2000
gromacs vs tinker on an AMD
logging in prob
Did anyone meet their goals?
Germa......rearview mirror check
Shad reaches 10,000 points!
ACK! Can't get new work packets!
One more quick Q..
Just Curious...
2 milestones in one update!
Bad to worse but looking up. :[
Happy New year good people!
Running 2 F@H processes with Linux
help with diskless booting.
Electron Microscope III v2.2.8 (Update)
isn't there a command to make F@H send the WU back?
Rhymez to Fold to, Smack in a rap.
Brand New To Folding
F@H as a Service
I got my first Genome!
Folding issues with Mandrake 9
New at folding
I Just Broke the TOP 100 !!!!!!
this is getting boring :(
New stats page
need your help
properly floding on a dualie
monitoring a farm
added a little power for me
DUAL 333PII for folding?
has anyone gone to Statsman today?
points hiccup
computer kinda laggy...
? About Knoppix
Canít believe itÖ500+ points a week
Is 256Mb mem OK for Folding @ this time?
We Lost 200 Cpus!!!
I am moving up
Electron Microscope Screensaver v1.0 (Release)
1 more gig
Kickin' it up a bit
The Power of OC3d
Not so merry Christmas, Main Folder Down!
Yatta Jr. is DOWN!!! In need of Linux help.
Since when did we start outproducing OCAU?
Getwork fails to connect to - G@H units instead . . .
Finally did it! 2500pts!
Profits from F@H
Servers down...
Going out of town
Folding without internet access - possible?
Down to only 2 sys now [MAD][/MAD]
Christmas loot.
NEW F@H Team
EM3 Problem
Santa Brought Another Folder!!!
Do I need a different User Id to fold.....
Merry Xmas All!!!
New F@H client released
Electron Microscope question??
Attention Newsletter Subscribers, Get the Emails HERE!
newbie question
Good work, broken
Multiple instances
What Happened?
Got a G@h wu, WTF?
I just started folding.......
New Folding Clients ver 3.24
EMIII Stealth Mode
Is it just me or do we have a lot of new power folders?
Lord of the WU-tang!!!!
Need something
*For all those using the Googlehack - READ*
OC3d enters Stanford's Top 20! (if your name is Pojo, please read)
News Letter
At 800 WU mark
:EVERYONE Please read!: i have a quick question for you...
Team 32 newsletter issue #1 released
Thinking about joining the folding team.
Help with EMIII
google toolbar
Christmas Skin for Electron Microscope III
Why's everybody home
Off till the new year!
When I open the console
2 durons or 1 xp
i hit the 1K milestone! :D
Azhari Tops 10K
Folding@Home the cause of "crash to desktoping"
Folding Farms
Does like every Mhz count?
This is why we do it!
Can anyone translate NASsoccer's avatar for me?
Need help, just reinstalled
My New Years resolution...
Just started.
Downloading issue?
F@H Service Installer For NT/2K/XP
Back to full power!!!!
about to add another 1ghz
how long?
OSX 3.24beta2 clients - Expire Jan 1, 2003
[03:28:38] - Deadline time not recieved. WTF is this?
Pt's from other team question.
chuckerants pops the big 10k!
Patting myself on the back!
how many a day
Google Team
any way to d/l several WUs at once?
Frame Rates
help a desperate fellow folder!
Love the p620's!!!
Installing the Linux F@H Console
WOOOHOOO! Top 500!
importance of memory bandwidth
Congradulations, Gnerma
Team 32 Stanford webpage
Is the -local flag needed?
Production will be down for a bit.
EM Web Server auto Active on Startup ?
Folding on a floppy....
A little Christmas present.
what is wrong w/ my fah console?
Team 32 email list to debut Sunday, December 22nd
who will pass how first: interesting challenge
aggregate teams?
How would you add the console to startup?
Back in action (almost fully)
where's the WU's?
F@H3 buggy lately ?!!
World's simplest folding monitor
finally! i'm in the top 300! :D
Top 800!
Port 80 AS is down (Pande Annoucement)
checkin me rear view
am i the only one
SMP's and Folding
EM3 auto disconnect work with AOHell?
Mr. B is almost at 10K!
1854! w00t!
stored wu's, why so many???
Another Folder comin Online Tuesday
Someone has a target on their back
Using EM3 to monitor remote computers
EMIII Stats not updating
Just broke 500 pts/week!
New server stats log
Gromacs Update
modem and no autodial
Forcing F@H to send
im in top 200
ZirC "netsplit"?
Screensaver advancemethods
IRC problems
Good mobo for a yatta?
Upped my prodution
Parents can be REALLY dumb!
hiding the console