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Xbox fold
fold@home proxy settings ?
Planned complete server outtage 9/7/2002 and much more
Folding on Mac OS9
EMIII Help for newbie
Relic's 50GHz challenge
Im a noob
Clients Question
w00t!!! 5K!
Folding on a beowulf?
Well, I decided to help both teams
Questions for a dedicated F@H machine...
De Novo protein problem
quick Q about taskmanger and foldin@home
folding on my 233...
Anybody seen this?
You're Next (f@h3)
Server issue and resolution timeline
Whats up with the stats
I Made The Top 300
Whew..this is one tough fold
3.1 Client
IRC Folding Script
WU website?
Just d/ed @home
jetmech, Thank you ...
can anyone tell me what happened?
newb folder slowwwww WU?!?!
p145_1L2Yunf, IMPOSSIBLE?!?!??!
Yummy Yum ............ PolyQ50
Updated Stats?
folding console error???
Just Started folding...
Dumb question.....
screen saver in folding@home
problems with my firewall
What team number?
New to this...
I'm Back!
firedaemon beta timeout
OCAU's turn at 1 MILLION
Sending Error
People stealing nicks on Folding site/Stealing credit?
whatever happened to Yattamonster??
Need help in transferring wu.
F@H as service, how do i...
Team Number=? + a noob question.
about vsync... its folding related.
Sorry for asking this.
Can't log in
New EM III Skin posted
How long for your longest W/U?
where do i clear a WU?
A New Kind of Science - S. Wolfram
broke 1000 pts!
help joining team 32
team hotmail??
Down 100 proc's
Slowdown after reboot
server or me
trying to get my school to fold!
Voting will now commence
Electron Microscope III v1.9.6 (Update)
Who owns the data?
AMD faster than Intel??
PhLuBB is 1337!
Join Your Fellow Folders in IRC
2 cool little proggies
A lot of wasted power
Fold or Seti?
Electron Microscope III v1.9.5 (Update)
Heading for the top 300
Linux vs Windows - is either better for folding
Team 32 gets no credit
Well i did it
What is folding?
arkaine... were you the one who did this :)
Itanium and folding@home
a banner from a soon to be member.
My stab at a banner.
Added 9 Machines!
news from stanford on gromacs and overclocking
i'm ranked under 600!
For all the PMMX, PII, and PIII folders
Folding displayed on an active desktop?
Noob to folding
Top 100
error 0x1: keep downloading fahcore65
how to choose fah/gah in Graphical version?
The alliance reaches 500 points :)
Which core is faster for P4s?
Emiii Deleting Boxes
wow, up again
FAH console shutdown?
WARNING: Folding is addictive!
I forgot to .....
emIII question
1 folding box currenlt offline :(
something ironic
Production WAY up! FAH is weird.
It's official
Gromacs Slow beyond belief
Because of a 0.1 second power outage....
Is a K6-2 350 enough to Fold with?
if gromacs has crashed on your overclocked system, post here
Folding again!!!
p145_1L2Yunf Whats Up With This?
Does EMIII make elephant sounds?
EMIII dosn't like me
here is how to enable sse
Calling all our graphics artists!!!!!!
Thread Killer
send errors
What Is This ? Any One Know
Muddocktor 124point update
Tooting my own horn...
erm.i think im folding with you guys now
Just broke 8,000 points!!!
How to fold 24/7?
Jon, Kendan has apologized.
protein198 NOVO PROTEIN in water??
On my mind...
Folding! NTFS v FAT 32
Anybody else folding gromacs
back up
What's the link to overclockers.com seti team?
Where is Kentucky Fried Bird???
If you were going to change teams, ...
This is for folding gamers!
I am catching up
So, there I was on WallyMart, ...
Where is Cluster
Banner Idea
this ... er... sucks!
1,000,000 the [H]ard way
Win a Brand new computer--- sign up here
Hiding the F@H client when you don't know the admin password
about.. to... go.... insane.
F@H beta client 3.14
Adding 5 New Rigs!
OC3d about to pass Raging Dutchmen; film at eleven!!!
Folding@Home server status page
can't get much closer than this
smp amd + folding
another 3 rigs to help the cause!!!
got my 3rd rig
A cure for cancer foudn!!..??? Where's the computer?
Electron Microscope III v1.9.4 (Update)
production down again... hate videotron
Happy Birthday to one of our F@H Team Leaders!!!
EMIII Error with the Gromacs?
Does not play well with others
How about it Nas?
Ridiculous firewall!
folding version
Still folding with you guys, a little bit.
SETI vs. Folding
Just started
lost production
Mr. B! What's up with the new...
Lost 100pts per week
Lost 16 frames after a ctrl+c close down ?!!
network send failure
Nice job WillysNut....Over 5K!
Question on TEXT Version
Wu not processing
nevista case for folding node?
5 more for OC3d?
Folding Prob...
wtf? >100 min/frame
Electron Microscope III v1.9.3 (Bug Fixes)
One more cpu folding
News from stanford .. gromacs and servers:
folding ???
woohoo! an 8 pointer!
Starting a New Team!
Speaking of long time no see, where's Tweeked?
Core_65 Error
total CPU usage, but no WU's =( ?
Long time no see :)
Core 78 problem
Two strikes you're out
The latest Addition
Is it my computer or what
is it true?
Back, but never really gone from folding
This Sucks
New Folder question?
Production Increase on the way!
WinKDFold V4.0b11 Folding 1,2,3 Genome 1,3 & DF
1200 fram w/u?
MB for diskless?
i goofed
How Many W/U's Per Day? @ Having Troble With The Software.
Electron Microscope III v1.9.2 (Update)
New Gromac
a few F@H questions
Happy 16h Birthday!
Changing Client
I broke the top 1200!
just installed new version
New at this
Did I miss something?
very disappointed may be quiting F@h soon
just finished my first WU!
Donde esta statsman?
I spoke too soon. trouble getting proteins?
Network is functioning and secure!!!
Overfoldix with two boot servers...
Lot's of new proteins... need xyz files...
F@H client stopped dialing up
Dutchies are Imminent
Electron Microscope III v1.9.1 (Update)
At what point did u find it hard to climb?
15 More Villin's!!!
am i registered?
Where are You folding?
Production down
Gromacs Info Thread
How many days left NAS?
Who is our ZoneAlarm guru?
FahCore_78 ?
Pursuading a school to fold
what the heck
Sending results
can i have more then 2?
server 171
Another EMIII query/problem
This is how much power a folding box consumes.
Sharing 56k to fold, help!!!
I have 4 "P145_1L2Yunf" proteins almost done...
Electron Microscope III v1.9.0 (Update)
Name for new sub team. Your vote please.
Im Happy
DE NOVO Protien
My numbers, before someone gets concerned.
Idiots Guide to OverFoldix!~!
wu's reading right
CPU Speed and WU's
just started folding..
any suggestions for FAH and stanford....
The Brand-Spanking New OC3d Thread
fsb or total mhz?
EMIII Alert?
Look how far we have come!!!
folding@home / genome@home
We broke 500.000!
Problem with Mandrake Linux and the Gromacs core
Welcome back NAS
PIII 800 - Why so S L O W ???
thoughts on subTeams
project choice?
More reason to fold faster :(
2.2 ghz just itching to fold
JHU - New Folder
F@H Gromacs protein...
Whoo Hoo! Top 100 in 20 days.
WinKDFold V4.0b7 Folding 1,2,3 & Genome 1,3 & DF
Top 300 In team 32
new rig
Finally made it past 100
Help me, what is a Dutchie?
No folding at all next week.
eyem nawt speshil
my 100th WU
i welcome myself
Does Folding like RAM?
XP Speed Differances
Stanford added more 1.5 Pointers!! 605 & 606
I made it!
Hiding FAH on XP and 95/98/ME
Folding and Quake3
Top 20 ?
emIII monitoring 3 computers.
Please help David keep the milestone thread clean
Recognition for faster WU return?
Woohoo, passed Stanman
Running while logged off
Mr. B
whaoo! top 500
me=newb to F@H help
Top 30 Baby!!!
new mp mobo
Where is muddocktor ?
OC3d at 10,000
My First Protein!
be gone for the rest of the week
about to get another rig up :D
time per frame
Linux client with diff. User ID storage (3.12)
From graphical interface to service...
YAY Team!
Walking softly and carrying a big stick!!
seti in the sky
roomate won't fold. advice please.
18th on your team
Anar and Bendaman
500 Points
Server 112 down
Team 32 Bumper Stickers
56k and folding
Just A Little Q
missing stats? bug found!
i dont get it
Server 112 down ?
for the mac folders 3.12 beta
All Welcome Mr.Death
new protien or another stanford mess up?
9:00 PM stats
I am full time OC3d from now until we kick BPGs butt! :D
WooHoo 300 points in one week
30 days of folding = top 100 on team 32
Port 8080?
F@H: Educational style ;)
server troubles might be over soon??
OMG milestone sooner than expected
need advice, non folding issue
I'm done folding
New FOLDer for Team32, I think
Problem turning in completed WU's
Reward users for faster WU return?
OMG I have 8449.07 points
New version?
Another Folding member :)
Dutchies talking smack progress report
cpu useage
changing F@H3 options?
EMIII grrrr!
Can I transfer WU's to another computer?
Can I select which proteins I get?
donny paycheck?
Finally hit top 100
They're back
weird protein
WooHoo, I did it!!!!
Stuck finished WU
Top 50.
Dutchies going to get us?
Does emIII count?
The answer to how much $$ to have 24/7 computing.
EMIII skins?
Yet Another YattaMonster thread....
folding newbie Q's
client question
yay me toot my horn 100 points
Yattamonster Jr. REBORN!
P 145 = P 146
P145 huge protein only worth 0.6 points?
3.11 goes gold
skins for FM
EMIII Problem
Ex gf and their comps
folding issues
the new seti banner
Folding DOES like FSB
Another slowdown
Happy B-Day Loud!!
What happened to the newbie folder sticky?
Well...I've done it.
Lighting...Power out...OH My!
What's going on Kiwifolding?
The Milestone thread
Minor milestone
What happened to the milestones threads?
Clients start at XP start but shut down at logoff
What is Folditis?
Woohoo! Top 100....
Second Rig is Up
EM III question
is there any way to fix this FM problem?
How much have we got folding (Part II)
AOL users and folding
internet and folding do not mix!
The Official O/C Team 32 Folding FAQ/Links/INFO!
p145 & p146
P145 on PII 400Mhz
Hey Malakai
gromacs benches and more info
What is up with this 0 point protein?
Yay! 300 points
those with slower procs and dial-up look here
Why does my clients keep shutting down?
Folding Prob?
Team site and AOL problem
Team ranking
Linux n00b--need help
P 146 protein
Future Contest prizes
Question about folding, need an answer or i have to stop
I am still a folding
is it possible to transfer folding credits?
Show me your avatars - aww pleeeease
Woohoo! got the new 6 pointer!
16 days folding and I just broke 100 points!:)
Electron Microscope III v1.8.5 (Update)
Yattamonster "howto" document
Top 100 BY AUG 1.
What is Folding ?
I don't get it!!!
Avatar mod
Heat = bad folding times?
Folding at the Jedi Academy
New Protein
Yattamonster Jr. IT LIVES!!!!
server change
Folding is slow
Team 32 T-Shirts
Points problem and others been fixed yet?
What is Seti and Folding???????????
OC3d vs. The Raging Dutchmen!!!
relic's DC corollaries to Murphy's Laws
gromacs WU's for windows
3.11 'beta' client
***Feel like giving stanford a hand?****
Here I am - Top 50!
Whats with Folding stats ??
20th WU completed
OC3d members....
Old Seti crunchers turned Folders... donate your old w/u's
Help Setting up EM3
Can't get my folding XPmachine to dial out automaticaly
Small Problem
new rig added
Is someone folding for me?
Congradulations Skip !!!
Why isnt my sats updated?
Recomendation for EMIII
Just Broke 100/wu
Got a problem... help!
Monitoring fold client of the net?
1 broken boxen fixed, 1 to go!
i added a new rig
GROMACS core sighted on Linux!
The folding home page.
Faq Wip
IMPORTANT news regarding the duron contest
What will fold faster, P3-450 or Celeron 500?
Another rogue oc3d????
Where did we go?
Just got back into the folding game :)
woot 54 points in one day!
Broke 200 points :-)
Task Scheduling the client
hmmm no stats for me :(
Newbie needs help
we got us a traitor............lol
att: OC3d members
HELP: Getting bored with folding
someone wanna make me an aviatar?
Adding another Box!!
Console Client Config Options in detal..
Updated AMD/Intel protein speed data page
About Yodums
DManekid and Verdufreak Unite!
Reached 1.5!!!
Team anouncement!!!!!
Newbie Bonus Contest winner
Help me with EIII again.
Now's our chance!
Overfoldix help.
Can I cash my workunits
what is this??
good and bad news
woo hoo, i made it