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jetmech broke 5k!!!
cable's #$%^&*, down to 3 CPUS for a while
What's folding?
Just got a Sunf
what the hell is folding?
starting out and need a lil help please
This doesn't seem right
Added Another 2GIGS!!
Passed the 3 million WU mark!
F@H Score 100: Happy Happy Joy Joy
Look out Lews, I have 38 WU!
F@H 3.1 Advanced configuration
New protein
Dual processor problems
what is this "folding"
Active Processors 3 WTH?
Released version 3.3 of HideItX
No Flame War intended
folding farm case from scratch..
Mother of all Farms
Newb F@H Question
I'm new and have some questions
Rank 200 WooHoo!!!
I Am Back Guys
How can I download more proteins
Is it worth it?
How many wu do you do a week?
**** Another OC3d boxen gone AWOL!!!****
Three More New Proteins...new dat file...
CPU Stats
About to make one of my goals
Congrats Senior Kendan!!!!
New Folding Rig
Prob w/EMIII
Hidden client in NT
Helping RAGE OC
TEAM 32 Has Reached 25K/Week!
Is there an IRC channel that people from oc.com hang out?
I know this is gonna sound dumb.....
Just add water....
Folders who have AIM....
Rage's new plot
yay for me and symee
I must be dumb
WTG Ferris!!!
what happened to rage3d?
Woo Hoo!!!
It's the 15th, how's that little contest going?
Folding @ Work
couple of request
Help me join and is my machine good enough ?
credit is lower than total.
Set F@H on a schedule? Is this possible??
have I missed something...?
my new avator
Making the client invisible?
P4s are worse than P2s at folding
Another PC
Main rig back online but...
How to change EM3 skins?
dialup question....
Google is making a move!
EMIII looks weird......
My Koolance just sprang a leak...
F@H only using 25% cpu!??
Just broke the 200 barrier
"New" folder
Welcome new members!
The Big 2K!
Some AMD Folding Speed/Protein stats...
WTH ?? I've been away for 1 week and no move ??
How many F@H servers?
My new milestone...
Damn these 2 pointers
personal milestone
Hello Fellow Folders
Update, my new MONSTER is doing 4 wu's at a time!
10 days of folding!
My new MONSTER server-folder:
Top20 congrats!
Stats way down and I don't know why:
How to -send all w/ F@H3 v3.1 text client?
400k points and 4.5k/week
Nice place you've got here.
Pushing to top 50.
Well, a few of us made it!
ok got that 2.4 P4
EM problem with extra boxes
You wanted T-Shirts? WEll.........
4 digit land
If your F@H display isnt displaying anything, do this!
WinkdfoldV4.0 b5 Fri, 12 July 2002 08:23
we've made it !!!
EM-DC Protein Page updated...
****Attention OC3d!!! We have a rogue box!!****
101 WU's!!!
WinKDFold 4.0b4 7/10/2002 Thu, 11 July 2002 19:49
can you adjust the time?
OC3d now accepting WU donations
I am folding two point proteins.
Gromacs in limited F@H runs
kazaa and google -- partners in crime.
WinKDFold V4.0b3 Folding 1,2,3 Genome 1,3 & DF
Does F@H run during standby?
conflicting stats
1 week of folding done.
for those who have winamp!!
all kinds of news!!!
is Folding start date wrong?
100 WU's
Server 171???
My first milestone!
ill join...
An Idea...
Return of ProteinA
thanks to secret subteam member.
3 New Proteins... and a new EM dat file...
milestones - past and very near futur
EM3 dosn't like me
New Protein?
YAY! Another milestone!
just curious
EMIII goofup??
Linux client Questions
Have you gotten any Genome WU's when Folding?
my rigs r droping like flys wats happening
EM3 1.8.4 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FAH 3.1 is now final
Team 32 now only 4th!
intel comes through 4 me and team 32!!
Whats up with the stats page??
Looking for an answer to rages "HOW??"
Scheduled server downtime tomorrow
those having problems with server 117
Time to FOLD!!!
I'm "only" at 400/week?!?
3.1 released
top 200! Yay 4 me!
Which One...
Running 2 Instances of F@H?
KIWIFOLDING has officially blown by me!
Woohoo!!! 50 points
Electron Microscope III v1.8.4 (Update)
for SSS (and Intelers)
That took a bit longer than expected
rage off the page...
Stats Page errors?
Someone attach Trayit for me the site is down.
F@H as a Service
Goofed 2nd computer?
funnyperson1 not folding anymore?
ISS say bye bye to OC3d :)
any1 folding a 200mhz pc?
All three cpu's have the same WU
Disk Corruption!!!!
is it even worth me folding
mile high club :)
Why am i not on the stats???
Happy Birthday
What files...
team site not work
Folding Tshirts...continued...
Contest and stats
Discless clients folding?
What is Folding@home
May try Folding w/Seti again, ?s
Update on the Rage3D drop...
Folding client...should I upgrade?And about gnome WU's...
wave goodbye to mr crub
I wont be folding @ 100% for a while
EM3 Emprotx.dat file ?
Got a new system up and running
IRC script new version
Please Welcome Wega!
What is folding
another recruit
Wow, F@H sure likes to play tricks on me!
F@H fuxors up wc3?
All right back to smoking
Is statsman.org down?
Sorry I haven't been able to fold.
Personal Milestone
Woohoo!!! Folding member!
Dissolved next to me hehe :)
FAH 3.1 beta
My brother thinks im weird!
New Milestones
Hidden Folding.
Credits and Total?
A few sticky's here huh ......
rage3d team production is down :)
Wtf You Guys Are Weird !!!!
mulitple clients with FAH3
Athlon or Duron for folding farm?
is stanford down???
What the heck is "test/pbdtest.xyz?"
Is everyone comfortable with the new Proteins
server 117
pick one for me
whats the slowest pc worth folding?
Please Help...Seti & FAH
To Fold...or not to fold....
Blackout caused some trouble on the homefront:
Me want dis :D
Wave goodbye to the P2
woohoo, 5000 Part Deux
Pic of F@H grill in Alter. Modding...
Changing goals
TOP 50 by the 4th of July!!
Anyone have a Dual AMD Folding?
6.3ghz of total power!!!
Stymee, I'm giving you fair warning!!!
EM doesn't start with Windows
Woohoo!! 2000
Just how many CPUs do I have?
New proteins and some info...
Revised Contest/team Stats Pages
woohoo 5000
FAH Monitoring The Right Way!!!
Help me out!?
Folding Stats
Electron Microscope III v1.8.3 (Update)
folding site
CPU locks up
It times out (KDfold - Em3)
folding error
cheap dedicated linux folding box ?
public service announcement
another rig up
Attempting to get work packet?
Do Not Let Google Get Away With It!
What is this???
I wanna join but whats the team name
Too friggin' hot.
Monitoring on network
what's the risk?
Intel and Folding
come on guys!
Electron Microscope III v1.8.2 (Update)
Is OC3d already folding?
Will be taking a break from folding :-(
problem folding
So Slow...
Happy B-day Newbie Doo!
just joined..
GUI vs Console
not showing my stats
What is my team number?
p2 400
Question, I just my folding going again…..
This may sound kinda stupid..
a 50 frame protien????
For those of you folding:
how long to run for?
Rank 600 woo hoo
Just joined team 32
my M.L.F.M.
my new computer specs
Lost 5 Pointer
This stinks
Just broke 900
----useful links for newbie folder----
I made top 100! YAY!
Statsman down?
em3 1.8.1+f@h3 text probs
This is what happens when you forget about a F@H machine.
Safe place for a mobo w/o a case
along with adding more to what we ourselves have....
mIRC Addon: F@H stats
new to team 32 questions about folding
Downloading WUs
Got another rig!
we missed an important one
Rally the troops
Rage3D Overtaking 3# at 19 aug
Who needs more POWER?
preference vs only 1- announcement by Vijay
Skyrocketing Production!
I made the Top 200 for Team 32
On vacation but folding there and got a new computer folding.
ROBB23 beware
About the F@H fan grills....
What's this hoo-hah? F@H3 is still F@H2?
Banner Stats
BamBam, gtsimmo, ...
Folders Unite... Please Read this...
kiwifolding Is Production Down?
You guys won't believe THIS!
F@H3 config screen
Username ISS. What!?
Uh!!?? I don't Genome.....
Milestone for Rezman5
YAY!!! 3K for me!
have we fallen to 4th....
need this to work so i can crank out more proteins! help!
***** Need Hardware? Like Prizes? Last Chance !!!!****
em3 1.8.1 is out.
FAH3CONSOLE IS FASTER NOW GO GET IT (40k is starting to look 2 easy)
Print this now!!!
Ned is about to Clock 5K!!!!
About to join
i've got a question bout making a monster..
DC and TechTV
Custom F@H fan grills!
someones already sporting a folding tshirt!!
beta 6???
YA!!! I broke 1000 points
New folders, I have a question
Just joined up ....
Folding-- works comp 100?
FAH 3 Faster? Rage thinks so!
Possible recruitment tool
DC and Cybercrime
Should I upgrade to ver. 3 yet?
Two machines down...
Start up: 2x F@H???
screwd up
too slow
Electron Microscope III v1.8.1 (Update)
where to download core?
What is the Molecule Draw Rate?
u cant believe my luck!!!
Welcome to the top 20 Wedo
The 12 Step Seti => Folding Rehab Program
Breaking 1000 Pts. In a few hours!!!
formatting C
Why so much effort?
What is folding??? And how can I help???
10GHz = 41.33 points/day???????????
My F@H page on my personal site
Stats and updating
A Revelation in the shower....
Folding + Heat.
oc3d vs the raging dutchmen
Multiple people folding for 1 username
Posting Client on another Website...ok to do?
Results not being sent
folding and memory
-service option in F@H3
EMIII v 1.8
Why do you Fold?
There is a CPU shortage!!!
Client for Linux
Contest page...down? eta when it'll be back up?
Configuring FAH3Console
Look Out Mud
Newbie Doo
Electron Microscope III v1.8.0 (Update)
I need some info...
Folding on a P166MMX
well if he can do it...
Scoobie!!! Here I come!!!
The Contest Duron is now Folding!!
WTF is folding???
calling all folders
are we meeting tomorrow??
i just had a revelation
P166 and Folding????
Need more motivation.....
How has our banner ad been doing?
#10 with 65 points
Folding/Render farm
Added Another 2.3 Gigs!
bringing EMIII out of stealth
deleting wu
I am officially bored
Points for each Protein Suggestion
Where is Lews?
Graphing software??
New Site URL
Dedicated rig question
woohoo!! milestone!!
My growing farm
Help me find F@H 2
how much do i have
Check out my newest folder
Folding monster
Annoyances with officejet 600
Gone for a month
Folding rig needs some O/C help
F@H3 Question
Mr B is now in the top 10!
Many thanks to portorock
Just broke 800 PTS!!!
Rage's "predicted" passing date....
Folding Q's
Yattamonster, so as to not loose momentum
refresh my memory!!!
Apps vs. Bg services...will it help folding speeds?
Top 100 baby
New milestone
if something is wrong, tell them
How do i know if its working
FS/FT thread will be deleted
how much electricity does it take?
getting more boxes online
[H] Were never going to catch them.
3000 points, for 3 of us! Yessssss!
Just Started
Stick in stealth mode!
We need 500 pts. a day
I'm currently the 20th highest point pruducer for TEAM 32!
monster protein
Who is ISS?
need help
Places 2 find Used/old PC parts?
i Broke 100! :)
i hit 500!!
Almost switch over to team 64...
How to build a farm?
Contest FAQ
I'm back and ready to fold fulltime now
New Core wont D/L
Very close between [H]ard and OC Australia
stats burp....
we realllly need to get some big farms..
wheres that site that shows graphs about teams' growth?
all in one mobos...
Uhoh what's that in the rear view mirror?
I've tried to fold...but....-need help
Sorry folks......
ANyone else experienced a few bugs with F@H3?
Recent pic's :)
I have made the switch
Explanation of Stats
Very Effective Recruiting Tool!
Explanation of Stats
Folding@Home vs United Devices
I got my first recruit!
Hope to move to top 100 on TEAM 32!
A few more rigs....possibly
my 3rd folder soon to up
Can you fold and run seti at the same time
New Core?
Conversion to F@H 3
Heads Up, New Core!
BamBam Signing out(for now)
Say Goodbye...
options for FAH3
The contest has started!!!!!
Ouch! Looks like a failing waterpump...
uninstall FireDaemon
late WU
Electron Microscope III v1.7.8 (Auto-Verify)
july's WIRED magazine
Protein images for EM III HTML stats
do i need cable for F@H?
WTG Lews
Parallel with that "other" team
new versions/
Congrats, WillysNut! over 4k points!!!
verbosity and text file output
F@H3 final
Sweet! Folding In Linux
New Protein? GAAA_tetraloop
Ok, time to do some Folding......:)
Congrats on Stanford Top100
Version 2.43 is faster...
Wasted my valuable time...
Whats your Avg MPF?
Adding Box # 6 To TEAM 32!
Points Not Adding
Is Den stat page up?
The YattaMonster - Hardware
Were Above Rage3D now!
Congrats to Stymee. Now in 19th!
Where to find Fold Monitor?
Here I come SSS
Question for those in the Top 20...
I am immune to server failures.
didn't take long EMIII 1.7.7 (bugfix) ..lol
What does yatta mean?
The YattaMonster - Operating System
What happened to....??
looking at the user stats...
Protein folding speeds for diff. CPUs?
F@H5 console: How to Hide or Put in Tray.
Folding Help
GUI for Linux?