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"Network send failure"
Want more production?
that time again... EMIII 1.7.6
The Tragedy at Rage 3d - I think you all should check this out
Folding w/ out Internet?
Excuse me, Rez and Belorsch
fold times
Milestones!!! Congrats!
boost WinXP folding?
Congrats to robertm
Let's get there
Beta 4 for F@H is available
How Long?
Will downloading large files slow down folding?
what i got folding
how much power does a folder consume?
did we find ANY cure yet?
Linux version help
Folding new protein GNRA_f0
Less than 4k
1000 !!
Congrats to our fellow folders
We are loosing it !!
Folding for Vengence...
FAH3 beta 4.. come get it
Faster Folding For Folding@Home-console?
Why is it all of the folding gremlins come out at the same time?
two rigs one name??? help pls
F@H = The Devil?!?
passed the 2500 point mark!
Hide Console?
Hi All
We pushed rage3d back to september!!
EMIII v1.7.5 (Update) yet another
OC emIII skins
1000 WU's! But...
No Folding till Next Saturday
Fold or run Seti?
Folding@Home - Whats it all about?
w00t! new box!
Woah! OC folding banner ad!! Can I use it???
seti is trying to steal our new members
Avatar Suggestion
Possible 24/7 1.8 p4 need help though
Show us your team32 avatar
ok finially made the 30's
300k guys/gals :)
Stymee knocking on the door...TOP200!!
Hey David!
3 digits and no stat on Stanford's site?
Ploaf's been busy....
New Toys
just got....
almost in the top 200!
Help! Folding Problem
I'm passing myself!
Just a little more help...
Text Console Twice as Fast as Screensaver?
Contest Server is back up
Yes Is It True? OMG!
New Box Running!!
Fold Monitor & Electron Microscope3
4 Digits!
Banner link is broken!!!!!!!
History Question
is this cheating?
Some good news, some bad.
Banner Idea
not counting, or not updating?
What's up with the servers
Hey, Gator! Have you added some cpus?
Can I EVER keep my mouth shut?
F@H monitoring software?
Congrats Ned_Clocker! You've hit 4000 points yourself!
Past 100%
Contest Server Down
Folding Banner
Just got two 8k7a+'s for 78 bucks!!!
OCAU giveaway
Congratulations, Gator!!! 4k milestone
Expiring Beta
how to optimize my comp for folding@home?
New Protein?
My Banner is LIVE!!! (#7)
my folder died
Secondary machine won't fold
what's better?
Am I doing something wrong?
Folding ?
Folding Version 3 improvements
Help me Estimate
Display keeps opening
800 CPU's for team 32!!!
New Protien
beta 3 expired?
Have a question about the screensaver version.
Is Ploaf still around?
New to here
Multiple Boxes on same WU?
***+++***Web Designers, DBAs, Scripters. Volunteer Here !!! ***+++***
Asus P5A & K6 450 Question
EMIII revisted 1.7.4 update
Not original, but worth a shot
new oc3d thread
So whats new?
We need to convert some CRUNCHERS into FOLDERS!
How do I talk my employer into folding?
What OS can I use for a dedicated folding box?
hey newbie doo
Hey, Gator, better check your 6!!!
Is the text client faster than the graphical client?
Back and Better than Before!! [long]
Iam back!
stats updates
OMG! Everyone in the forums needs to try this program!!!
Laptops slow folders?
Recruiting revisited
something new
60 day target: Scoobie is in my sights!
explain this to me? folding
2 machines on same name?
I cant see the progress...
Attention All New Team Members Please Read: BONUS CONTEST
Ok, you win.
here i come!!
Three programs I can't live without
Electron Microscope III v1.7.2 (Update)
anyone make me a new folding avatar?
Rage's Latest Plot
Gonna build another OC32United Box (AKA RageKiller!)
Contest. Win yourself an AMD Duron!!!
can we slow down the stalker?
I'm in the top 200!
TCP/UDP ports for F@H client?
A couple of thoughts on the race for the top:
Yes, my baby is up!
Some thoughts i had.
New member of team 32 needs help
Now THESE are farms!
Folding on a dual
Hey Newbie
I have a question.
Lets see some faces
HELP! how to un-stealth EMIII?
Personal Milestone
BamBamXK check your 6!
heya guys n gals
No proxy server support?
Happy Birthday Lews
Just added another 2.4 GHz of AMD magic!
WillysNut....where are you?!?!
Vote for your favorite Banner Ad Here
Just started with a ProteinA
Group Purchase?
FAH3 users, check your CORES
Request Info from MAC USERS!!!
Area for team 32 at folding community forums
Team32: Doing well, but not there yet...
another milestone
how to set up a farm (is there a for dummies version?)
A milestone....
SWEET, new 8000 BTU AC unit!!!
Bruce&funnyperson1alliance at 100point milestone
Check your configurations
684 to 774 active CPUs in one week!
Calling Cluster
any folders looking for a vmod for ECS K7S5A
Who has posted flyers?
The race to 2500 will have to wait a bit...
55 points/week!
what should i do next
doh wrong forum (edit)
How do I stock WU's???
Have a happy Memorial Day
Sending back WU's
Gee, it sure has been quiet here.
What power supply do I need for a folding box?
wu not transmitting...
Q: Installing Beta 3
working with EMIII and the client program.
Good Job Team 32!
jetmech, check your 6!!!
Uhh, guys, is this normal?
Core Process?
Folding Results-Simulation Videos
A new milestone!!!!!!
Need some help from a few people
100 mark!
What happened to diehrd?
Congratulations Flounder43!!
i think i can take the award for...
Whats wrong with Fold Monitor?
Dedicated Folding Box
I am Leaving!
advantage of foldmonitor
idea for cheap folding boxes
want to see.....
A Milestone!!!
F@H with XP Connection sharing
no internet connection
got another rig up!
won't fold?
FireDeamon with F@H Console ver
500 point milemarker
I shall have my revenge....
486 Cluster
Storing WU's
Almost There!
Is Intel Folding Really this Bad
How to get DOS-system folding??
F@H - Farm set up
EMIII window size issue
folding again for a bit
New Foldmonitor Issue
I challenge you guys
Off to work I go and news on Dens and Foldmonitor!
WU P706.src/Prepti
hehe, "borrowed my siblings rig for alittle folding! as you should!
one done
3rd to 5th?
Can't get ne work
Folding32 Banners Ads Submissions
I'm Baaaack!!!
ad info from skip
FoldMonitor - Removing Cliets
Is there a server down?
The Folding News :
Better results with higher multi?
Forum Announcement
WU info
Screenplay for Rage vs. OC here!
FAH + SAH = Higher temps?
If you are still using a "Pojo" avatar, please remove it.
Infra Red remote control?
28.5 points in my first week... hows that?
Picking the gaunlet up...
What happened to S_Wilson?
New Folder with small tough army.
Folding Server Status
EM3 1.7 get it while its hot!!
I need to start folding again!
Kiwifolding in trouble?
1st WU!!
folding utility
3dmark Team folders!!!!
Remote Control?
pci video cards
Now onboard
Has any body seen jetmech lately???
Rage3D one step closer!
Where are all the 5-pointers??
Contest Winners!!!
Folding Client Freezing?
FYI: Folding 3.0
Zombie mode..........
Oops! EM3 Question
Recruiting Effort!!!
A couple of remaining questions on Folding...
An idea to get folding rigs built! please read!
Hawk646 and I UNITE!
How to install FoldMonitor...
Come, help show we are a team
Recruitment and a word
Constructive Engagement with Rage3D
Might as well build Athlon XP folding farms?
Folding on Dad's Computer
Folding Screensavers!!!
just hit 100!!!!
Dreamcast doing F@H?
What about shut downs-Restarts?
Arguments & tactics to win over new Folders for team 32
Folding clients
Check Out Statman!!
Can I fold with a dial up modem?
Might start Folding
Time for some tinkering
<shakes fist at HP and WinME>
Congratulations Rezman5!
im stopping, well sort of...
New folder
Team Number
Final Contest Update!!!
Folding 2 More Systems
Mission Accomplished
folding contest end?
Does anyone know who kiwifolding is?
When you trash the work folder...
Some more recruiting efforts by me
F@H Website
Sharing a dialup connection - help me get folding sooner!
Throwing the gauntlet down...
credit for "late" WUs
I'm getting sick of GNRA pfold 314!!
Why aren't my folding points going up?
Benchmarking ...
Happy B-day RobertM
Ecs K7s5a dedicated folding
Emergency Measures Team 32 needs more Folders!!
Personal Milestone
Possible OC street wear?
Can't stand ignorant people
Whats your Speed in doing a frame on a PFold 314?
Just For The Record.....
Folding vs United Devices?
Trading Page
Contest Revisions
Who is Clan Ws?
Statsman is back up!
I have 1 question about Folding...
Setting up spare rig to fold
new rig
Anyone working on a PolyQ50?
The gator feeding frenzy is over...
Real Quick, Help!!!!!
Is there a way to choose which Protien I'm folding?
Info on why Statsman is down.
Another Contest??
Folding seems to be going slow under linux!??
If I turn off my client, will it erase my progress? NEWB here
My first folding day is almost complete
Input needed
Cures for .......
Incorrect "Member Since" Stat
Its a Race to 1000
Congratulations to Ploaf - who is about to pass Stanman!
How can I tell if my client is working?!
A mild overclock yields big returns
Rage 3d
new rig coming soon
Stats Update 05/13/02
What exactly are you guys doing?!
What is FOLDING?!?!?!!?!
Personal Milestone today!!
OC folding logo
Statsman down again? Not updated since 2:00 AM
XP rig down again
Now in top 1000 F@H
How to get that last 5% from your CPU with Linux
DeepScience retires from folding
OC logo for EM3!!!!
Thinking about Joining, Have some questions
Flyer for F@H, OC.com, & Team 32
Foldind with Firewall?
Are the servers down, or is it just me who has a problem?
How many Mhz can You add this Summer?
1 question, some good news, and some bad :(
What I have / What I need.
cheep hds for folding rigs
2.2 Beta just a few days away
Project "Smackdown"
maybe some more!!
Folding@home x2
new memory
Team strategy
T-Bird & Duron Performance
Apologies from Team Rage3D
Let's pool our old parts together?
Getting back up to speed!
I Broke 250!
Production Booster!!
Everyone should UPDATE their core_65
losing 3rd place...
Science Fair = 1
Contest Stats 09/05/02
Sharing data on a dual boot sys?
speaking of schools :)
Folding WU taking 2days
spike coming soon
Hi hi hi there!
Made it to 500 before B-Day.
the dissappearing client!
Should be a 24/7 folder soon!!
700 Series Proteins
I Love 5 pointers
Can't send recieve work
newbie folder
Den's replacement
how many points?
Server down?!?
Den's Stats gone!!!!!!
folding probs
What's the average time for a F@H WU?
Client core communication error
Non-Folding Folders
My XP rig is going in for operation
my 1st recruit
Folding with an offline computer?
any folder out there not able to get work give this a try
Folding no display??
Welcome ssjwizad1 to the fold!!!
Getting my whole school Folding...
FM inaccurate with 700 series
Ouch! New core and giant frames.
F@H graphical client is bogus?
Just completed the first protein
P 705_SRC peptide {asn->ala}
PLAGUE are you here ????
P704 Peptide
EM3 new ver.
Check it out!!!!!
Cheap Folding Rigs Here!
Unable to fold indefinitely...
Just added another 850MHz
Central A/C is coming!!
Can I Delete the FAHLog.txt file????
Well, here goes nuthing
New Core_65 folds 50% slower!
Should I run 2 clients???
My Folding Update and questions
last day of 24/7 folding :'-(
Announcement - Stats - Thanks ezlor!!
Can't fold any longer :(
# of Active CPU's according to Stanford
Distributed Computing Within Distributed Computing
Lost my Overclock!!
Contest Update 05/01/02 Complete STATS!!!
watchout for 700 series proteins with windows
internent pop-up after screen saver
Anyone had a problem with Folding@home last few days?
Folding@Home as a Service not working
Vijay likes!!!!!
What the heck is folding@home??
Interesting story about the human genome project
why my name not in new stats :(
command line client confusion
Rank 100 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lending a Hand
AMD K6/2 500 @ 500Mhz too slow????
Help Debug the modem problem!!!!!!
Shutting down :(
Problem finishing a Protein A!!
Local Comp Show in Mpls.
f@h program problem
ARGH!! I keep getting protienA's
Farm Machinery Question
Loud, ...
Ezra Brooks
For folding @ home, which
It's heeeeeeeeeere.
I highly recommend 15"
Linux Workstation folding
yes it finnaly works!!
text only how do i use it?
Folding as a service in win2k
New Protein
how do i open M B M
Need Help Making Shortcut
Servers are shot !
which water block or heat sink & fan
Foldmonitor on LAN not working right...
Whoa....New website for Team 32?
Text only in systray?
Stats down? New Folders
04/25/2002 Contest Update
Ok, Guys...
I Was Just Wondering.
We're catching up!
United Devices
Lost Wu's
It wont work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stat Servers Usually Goofy ?????
member folding rank page
SETI-Help-FOLD / Setup Help
donateing 100 work units :p
Hey ebola!
Flounder....welcome to the Top 20!
New CPU's coming onboard friday
Watch out top 40, here I come!
stats page?
Help Something Wrong!!!!!!!!!!
F@H2 Forum
help with folding please
500 by Bday???