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Stats DB Down?
problem at some school comps..
Celly 533 slower @ folding than PII 266
OEM PC Folding problems
Lost a Whole Wu nearly!!!!!!!!
see where the folders are!!! L@@K!
Large WU's for faster computer?
i have been on WU #7 3 times
holy cow I never thought it could!!!
Help This Folder !!
Dual Folder now up and running!
Sticky: too many Stickies
i'm sick of GNRA pfold 314's
Congratulations Ned!!!!!
How To Get More Folding POWER!!!
ok, then. Which XP is going to
Folding? What the....
Is there any way my pc can fold faster??
Last Call!!!
T-storms last night
F@H Kills dialup
The one man army get stronger
"Apple has best processor for folding"
Muddocktor is closing the gap!
Faster production
100 Milestone
miscalculation testing
Folding just went local!
What's the best mobo for ocing (and folding)?
welceom new family
Foldmonitor question?
How do I make certain changes in the Folding Monitor
folding wont work
Finally hit the 140's
finally hit the 70's
Heatwave in the northeastern US!
Is the server down?
Hey William, Race ya to 500
ENTER HERE for The AMD Keychain contest
ok my comp teacher allowed me to add one comp a day.
What's Folding?
Advertising the contest
Whats ports are used by F@H?
A milestone, and a Thank You!
Contest Stats Site
whats the longest you can soend on a wu
Y the farms?
New project!!!
Config tip!!!!
Need help to set it up.
Over 100 apps @ once
Got 2 new folders :)
anyone fold on laptops?
points for each protein
New to me, GNRA pfold 314?
KaHNZa, you better watch out, I'm coming fast!
What would fold faster?
Congratulations Y'all
How to get new packet?
Statsman is back up
the folding moniter
Fold Monitor question?
Overffoldix v0.2
Help quick!!!!
stanford is not giving credit for all wu's done
I wonder how fast a supercomputer would fold...
question about folding.....
Folding machine without a HD?
another new protein
Stealth folding rigs
is something wrong?
Having trouble finding stats
quick question
I got the 1600+ from the contest
The Farm is growing ;)
Getting a PS2, a Gamecube or an Xbox to fold...
I'll be dropping back once again :)
Back on the team!
config q
More Lost Work Units
Beating Rage3Ds top producer.
Help! Ive lost my WUs
I must be a hit!
Confused Little Kid
The standings
More PC's Folding under my name, but work rank is lower...
Dnelson, Yatta has you in its sites!!!!
Folding for schools - please READ
i'm back [tortoise jbslow passed me!]
Lago Vista High School to start Folding!!!!!
NEW Folder Wants to chase ?
Party's over.
Red Hat Question
i might finall get another machine folding
Ok will the idiots who did this please own up
Attn Cleveland area people
Can't automatically connect...
finally got a bbaw hairpin
Duron/Celeron Contest
Need help
Finished first project
I think I found him!
Optimizing a stand-alone box exclusively for Folding
I need better AC
Oh, Gandalf,
Hey, Boys and Girls!
Hey, Mr_B
Problems downloading client
Any way to run F@H as service in 9x/ME environment?
HELP --- weird problem
why is my name not listed in ocers list , it is in stanford..
Google in 20th place!!!!
New to Folding
Message to folders w/no permant net connection
ProtienA steps:32500 atoms:601
HELP HELP HELP Who is JTrinkle !!!!!!!
Grrr! I think I lost a WU :0
Great Deals for folding rigs
slow down
Question from a newbie
175 points in a month, I'm an addict
new Folder 4 me
New projects ?
Milestones April 6 2002
Dual AMD Folder
Woohoo! 100points
WU Uncertainty
folders who want another rig
Finally added some AMD Power
A folding rig?
Server 111 Down
Folding On A dual
new/old proteins
Congratulations robertm
Recruited new member....
Anyone up for a seven day Challenge?
Got a weird problem
a couple of COMPLETELY random and unrelated questions
The google toolbar
Show up Team Rage3d
Idea #2 down the toilet pan :(
fastest or shortest wu i've seen
need a way to hide Folding from the Win2k task bar
New BBAs?
for anybody folding with morgan or slower tbird
This is not a complaint!!!
changed my name..
Oh no!!! Watch out for Mr B.
When the parents are away...
I might get my college folding :-)
Robertm - this yours?
uh, i started by pute this morning and..
Its ready!
An FAQ thread
guys if u havent posted in the top sticky go do it!
I am back!!!
Baiting other teams:
how long does it usually take to find my name on member list?
server 15 down?
my outputs gonn half
has anybody noticed this
Folding newbie question.
WU vs. Score? What is the deal?
Clean your Registry
Who is this guy?!
Why doesn’t my name show up
Rage3D slowing down?
Kazaa news flash
Might hit 500 pts by B-day
We appear to have a visitor
Would this pc help??
Want to start a contest???
ok i joined up!
Which Yahoo Group for Folding?
Better Stats for Folding@Home?
Watch your back, Google's comin
Our top guys not folding!
bad news
Rage vs OC update
Contest Final Results are posted!
Questions about folding.
Help, new member
My new Dual System is up and running
ibm and gene folding
alpha cpus and folding?
Some thoughts on a good future contest
production hit
Weekend Contest update
Recruiting Contest
Two Fair 24/7 dedicated Folding Rigs coming very soon to team: 32
is "always on" required?
out of the fold for a couple days :-(
I got a new one
Networking Folds, FoldMonitor in W2K
SickBoy's Dual P4 Xeon 1.8 experiment
Faster folding
Production up?
neosmart stats
3D pictures to help folding prediction
more power
Electron Microscope!!!!!Is back!!!!!
First Impressions...
Fold Monitor Question....
Happy Birthday Tithulta
Watch your back Newbie Doo
Dual Athlons for folding
Just ordered the parts for new folding rig!
Dumb question re: Foldmonitor
4 Celly433s down .. :(
XP rig's gonna crash
folding on linux
Hello from Florida!!!
what is folding
Potential Recruit, need your help!!!
Where is the Folding.exe in Services?
Grrrr. Two dnelson1s - why?
Rude welcome
Got my Xeons folding FINALLY!
nothing but bba5
Best type of overclock for a folding box
4 knew comps folding
might get classroom comps to fold
May have to step up production...Google folding...
A recruiting Contest Idea
Important!!! Farmers please read!!!!
Utility Geeks folding for team 32???
I am leaving tonight!!!
Milestones March 23 2002
The new thread name in GD
foldmonitor site down?
***Urgent!! Overclockers needs your help! Folding that is.***
Is this comp folding too slowly?
A new GCRD thread?
FAH gets some help
Contest Stats new formula
2 new boxen folding + another half
Prime95 versus Folding stability
What about the nutral folders?
our team is the best per active CPU
trouble getting projects
new fold monitor 5.1.3
Less productivity for next 2 weeks...
Has anybody seen this?
Something is Messed up...
Reasons to Join
Who folds under dnelson1?
Need Tyan S2460-WIN2K FAH info
what does this mean?
to robertM!!!
error on install
Need a modem for a Folding box? Look here!
Budget Folding
XP1600 Contest Stats Page
1008 WU's
Getting it to dial up automatically?
downloading WU
Get FREE WU's Here!
same protein for like 3 days!
Little Achievement
Random Act of KINDNESS!!!
Question about ranking
Rave and Question
Personal Targets
Are my units being recorded?
locked or unlock for folding?
Update on my oc project
Milestones March 17 2002
To: Robertm
Setting up Dual...
Cheap, quiet & cool folding rigs
A bit of espionage :)
another machine folding
Not showing up
folding again
Fold Monitor..........
Putting the No Nonsense in the Systray...
Another rig soon
Beware of my Farm!
Look behind you
Where's Gator???
Ayhja Y
Rank 26, by day, and clawing my way up!
down to 1 pc folding
whats the website again
Update about My Fund Raiser
NedClocker's latest "duck" avatar haha...
folding away
I'm now a folder..
what is up with this!??
Another New Rig
Installation woes
Bad News!
New Rig Folding :)
How does robertm1771 and lews get those per-day values?
Fastest GNRA Hairpin I've ever seen!
milestone for me.... haha
Milestones March 13
On your mark…get set…
Overfoldix Folding@Home Linux - ALPHA NOW AVAILABLE!
where to download
Our Production Jumped to 668!
Comand line client???
Get an estimate
The Contest
The XP1600 Stats Contest! Win a XP1600
YEA..Hit my 500 point Milestone
We need more members!! :D
FoldMonitor Progress Display messed up
New protein
odd question..
Milestones March 10 2002
Happy 20th
Can I fold on 3 machines, and get credit under 1 name?
Team Helix is starting to match out output
What happened to statsman.
just got my dually board folding :-)
Donate -- folding farm
These new proteins I've been getting are MONSTERS
How fast is fast? 2 WUs per day?
Queue Count
does fsb matter
error: getwork failed ..?
Changing name = Lost folding?
Using the same username on two systems at the same time??
Folding comparison...PIIvs.PIIIvs.Celeronvs.P4vs.Xeon
fold monitor v5.1.2
Statsman down
Setting username in "text only" version of F@H
We are falling FAR behind
has this happened to anyone else?
Oops! - Please read, strange problem
Farm? Where did I park that tractor?
linux client on FreeBSD
YATTA, I did it.
same protien?
Different proteins producing different stress/heat?
Update on Folding Linux - testers required soon!
Where do I see my progress?
OK to F@H 'Configure ' menu=restart?
Milestones March 3 2002
peanut butter thermal paste
help please!
2SPZ - another new one?
2 new proteins, #01 1APS and #07 1APS
not getting credit
Folding and stabilty
Two user names
Foldmonitor help
Team 32....what's our stats?
Back from India
Old ideas still have value?
Back up and folding strong!
anybody assigned to 115 getting work
2.19 Sidechain Error
new 2.19 beta for linux
Anyone got this protein yet?
Holy Smokes! Look at the latest update
Theoretical Question
Stats question ( no biggie)
email from folding operations
Just imagine the folding power if...
via c3 + folding=?
Team Number?
Does anyone else have 4 zeros in a row?
Going out of town.
ok, y'all. this is ridiculous.
crashing when displayed?
How do I . . .
Mystery CPU
Guess which protein the Winchip got first... :(
Is Protien Folding tax deductable?
Only GNRA hairpins the last few days.
Ok, I'm just gonna do it.
Stanford Responds!
Milestones Feb 23 2002
Is everyone back up to speed?
Folding Benchmarking!!!
Changing Client priority
Folding Linux
new folding machine online :) CHALLENGE for u all
Fold monitor
I promised I promised!
Is this right?
Do you Yahoo?
First WU
F@H automatic?
i try to install folding, and setup starts 4 photoshop!!!
News on the points for the new proteins!
Kendan help please
Got my first ones done
Tbird is here
New Beta for OSX
What do YOU think it is??
Want to get a second rig folding 24/7
New to me, ProteinA, what a beast!
OCAU issue "speed challenge"
New System, want to see how it stacks up
I Plan To Fold - Need Help
congrats to our new team leaders
Something strange going on
I think this is a new one...
i hate this
Trying this our for a bit
Yet another folding hit.
proteninAg29a help!
Installing 2.19
Crash Crash Bang!
Bug in 2.19!!!!!!!
team leaders
gotta be something I'm doing wrong...
Milestones Feb 18 2002
I got an XP
My WU's reset!
Statsman back!!!
When "Winbloze" crashes...
New Protein?
not enough folders within the fold
i'm wondering....
Newbie Question
stanford is really ****ing me off!
New to Folding
Should I upgrade
How do I hide the Folding@home tray icon ?
my last 7 w/u were sidechain
What is this?
Folding production for Sat
New to folding !
New Beta is out!!!
wtf is up with faulty WUs?
Look out above!
Anyone else having problems?
Intel did it again
crash w/ some water WU
Milestones Feb 14
whats wrong? it keeps installing gametiger instead
Where's statsman?
Damn Sidechains . . .
folding without internet connection ??
1 CPUs instead of 2???
Celly .13 micron
XP has arrived.
Apology to 32
I HATE sidechains
What is Folding ?????
Ahhh! Wow!
300 woohooo!!!!
hmm guess fold monitor doesn't like it
You're member # 600!
I think its that time again
Am still around just not as active on the boards
F@H as a service in 9x/ME
fold saving
Need help-Folding box wont connect thru LAN
help, please? convert old ps to atx
I think it's the 200 watt power supply
Folding on Linux and a couple New Rigs
General Question
Queue full deleting oldest wu...
A new threat that cannot be stopped
I would love to stay... but I gotta go
Just joined...
my F@H wont install
Thanks to Flounder43, Ploaf and Ebola!
Milestones Feb7, 2002
2.18 Beta
I just found a GreaT Webpage for
What is folding?
3.5 more w/u till?