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A new threat that cannot be stopped
I would love to stay... but I gotta go
Just joined...
my F@H wont install
Thanks to Flounder43, Ploaf and Ebola!
Milestones Feb7, 2002
2.18 Beta
I just found a GreaT Webpage for
What is folding?
3.5 more w/u till?
I knew it was true but not to this degree
Significant increase in folding
webpage updates
Change nick, leave score?
OSX Beta
I am taking a major hit...
F@H slowing down my computer!
power supply for a duron
I'm just about done
Folded My Last Fold
ploaf, look at statsman
ploaf, how did you open the bridges?
What is happening here? Are we #2 in the stats?
Need Help
Yay! Stanford is aware of the modem problem!
Fold Monitor not showing total WU's
Milestones Feb3, 2002
Losing work. .dyn file missing
new protien VAL Sidechain-Amber
i hate gnra haripins
Getting ready to rock and roll, baby!
Better watch out!
Asking for permission
Folding on Birthday
What a beast!
OS X client Beta
Sidechain crashing Winfah.exe
Another New Sidechain
Folding FAQ 3.0
IE 5.5 eating up processor power.
text-only version
I am defecting
Milestones Jan31 2002
I am a folding Machine!!!
How does the P4's compare to this?
hiding the clients
Interesting findings for F@H dialup users
That's it then..g@h it is!
Yet another new rig
new rig
My best Folding rig is down
new folding machine
Best CPU for Folding@Home
anyone know why winFAH takes more memory?
Major bug...
Folding@home on linux
1 Os -33.472842??
Ok, I got bored and...
my biology teacher wants to join this thing.
dually instrcution guide
Genome@home info please
New Members Post here,...
need to know more about folding
Ghost in the Router
need more folding power
-CHARMM a new WU?
min requiremnets to fold?
new computer any help please
Small problem..
Folding 1 type only...
Does this make sense? Getting around a proxy.
Need help in Overclocking my 2000A
Heads up
TYR Sidechain - CHARMM
which stats page do you prefer?
WTF Can't Get Work
F@H on non-x86
Just joined and need help
v 2.17 . . . What's the difference?
I wish Stanford would just take my &#^%ing WU's!!!!!
Got my machine at work hooked!
New protein: Native BBA5
I folded a few for the wrong team!
(2) after my name?
folding & seti
seti is down for a while so.......
Procedure for getting a dedicated folding box running
Best bang for the buck...cpu of course!
I just set up Folding on my dually rig. How do I...
Alternate way to run as service on XP and W2K!!
i ordered my dually today
Survey: How many active procs do you have?
ARRRGH!!! Why is Folding freaking out on me?
Folding time limits
Core65 problem!!!
Where to find server #s ?
How to build a folding box?
Broke 100 WU, WOOT!
Keeps downloading Core_65....
DNA Binder Mimic is back!!
Team Centipede
cheap folding box?
Question About text-only console Mode
Stanford servers down?
Folding behind a firewall
Yatta!!! Roll Call!!!
Milestones Jan20 2002
what is folding@home?
What happened at 20:00 on 1/18?
posted to two different teams, both 32??
How Do You Set Up The Text Only Console?
How do you install and use it
I've just learned something
A higher OC takes longer?
I hate my ISP sometimes...
What's up with stanford's site?
I am not sending WU's!
Finally Back
folding for cancer?
Folding@home? ScreensaveLifesaver?
new old folder
Folding on MAC OS9????
Issues!! :(
Intel or AMD
stats/rankings milestones
console (text only) client options
Milestones Jan 16 2002
Duron's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!
Silly question about protein picture
Hey Lews...
What is the norm?
Is it always Native Villin?
Problems with Folding@Home
WUs under old username?
Busy, problems, misery, and lack of production....=(
100 WU's!!
Don't just copy the client.cfg
folding setup
About the 'Slow Team'
Optimize the WUs
HELP ID! quick
average time per frame
Not Getting Credit For Wu's!
Folding tray icon
Milestones Jan 12
Just Broke 100th Barrier!! ;)
Forget gHz... I'm talkin BTU's here!
Is the server down?
Guys I'm ****ed
Internet connection sharing (ICS) problem!!
I'm back!!
something is wrong with my times.....
wtg lews
stupid @home...
ahh this sucks
Naming the slow team...
Question, Want to Join
problem with folding display
Milestone Jan 8
wu progree
A Folding we will go!
Fold Faster
Cant find the fold monitor link
Got another one
Need to input a password for proxy.
:( Offline :(
server down or what?
New Folding Member! Connecting thru Firewall ?
Tell me when Stanford cleans up their act
3rd place!!!
Help name the Slow team!!!
I think Im doing something wrong..
Yet Another Thread
My T-Bird is getting bored. Help me!
Milestones Jan 5 2002
WU Reset??
More than one box
Unix or OSX?
My School
sorry about those 26 1000mhz PIII
Mystery WU's?
looking to fold...
I'm so sad
My Name!!!
How to run F@H on a dual CPU machine...
Frequency of team stats refreshing?
ARGH, downtime!!!!
I'm back in too !
windows XP?
Shiny New Team
update on my folding machines
Beware: I thought my PC was folding, but it wasn't
Ist Fold Completed
new "members"
Decided to join!
DownLoad Client,ScreenSaver,or Both?
What has been going on?
We need one or two.....
Milestones New Years Day
multiple systems on same name
formatting and saving WUs
sending the wu
How do you get a new WU?
the webpage
Den's Stats - URL change
PM I received......
I finally made it into the top 50
new folder
Team number?
folding again
What Helps?
time to update
Milestones Dec 28 2001
I've had enough- I'm leaving!!!
Monitoring Networked Boxes Progress
Making progress!
how long for 1 wu??
New T-bird on my team!
Kicking some protien booty!
Letter to folding monitor writer....
How long?
Beowulf clusters and folding
GNRA Hairpin?
Issues with other users and folding with 2kpro
F@h and proxy
Merry Christmas Everybody
Help for the softstuff challenged
Is there something wrong?
Milestones Christmas Eve
I'm not understanding
I have a problem guys
Slow computer Races (SETI are doing it)
anyone elses work just sitting in a queue??? or just me??
best folding monitor
Not exactly a milestone but cool enough
Oh yea I just found myself
another folding question
Milestones Dec 23
Another new box
Run 2 clients 1 machine?
Anyone seen or heard this
new folder
cyrix and F@h
Dude getting 120 years in prison for running distributed computing at work
heres what we need to get ahead in folding.
Folding times
New, bba_build_ext to fold!
Faster folding?
full screen
F@h how much ram
If you close the client without shutting down core65...
Distributed computing is illegal...
Anyone figure out how to get W2Kpro to auto dialup?
Milestones Dec 19
Anyone else have a school or business network?
Started a Few Clients Today
What is Folding
two more machines are folding for us!
NewB has question.
Is graphic client Slower? it seems so to me
W/U per day?
Console Sweetness!
Hey Yo!
problem with console F@H
Two New Folders
I seem to have lost interest in folding
Milestones Dec 17
Adding another computer question?
Multiple machines
F.A.Q. - Check them out here
Link to Fold Monitor proggie on the team homepage?
Leaving SETI Behind
Whats up with OC.au
Project... WU...
Fold Monitor Question
Help with setting up
F@H Client not happy on winxp
Quick question...
1 day folding up tp 291 :)
screensaver question
Milestones Dec 14
Transferring work
bx6 2 dying
Milestones Dec 13
How to install F@H as service?
Good temps when running F@H
i was 96/100 on my first w/u
Still having trouble connecting
Stat meanings
F@H2 new beta ver.
[H]ardOCP What are we going to do?
Better folder is folding!
I just joined folding team 32
Milestones Dec 11
Who ate my WU?
WU74/100"a question
Hide it!!!!!!
Finally updated to the newest version...but somethigns wrong
Production hit :-(
Milestones Dec 10
new protein
server update prob
F@H on firewall
Milestones Dec 9
newbie using folding@home
Cleaning up the Stickies
Lost members
Getting bored with my 1.0 Ghz Athlon...
F@H2 New groups pages.
"Its raining proteins"?
ive got 1 out of 26 1 gighrz pII folding so far...
Milestones Dec 6
leaders, give a shout out!!!!
Lost Link
no credit
Milestones Dec 4
folding coefficient...
Idle folder folding again :-)
folding newbie question?
Team stats
Transferring "in process" WU's before reformat?
Milestones Dec2
Folding again....1 question
share data?
Forgetful Folder?
Team number
New folder...
Milestones Dec 1
whats been folded?
Folding newbie questions
no name or team #?
Two machines, one name
GNRA Hairpin
Are these times about Right?
Milestones Nov29
Milestones Nov28
A big OOPS!
Newbie can't get it working
can I run with multiple computers using same username at same time?
Sending problem. Help please.
problem finding stats
new folding box
Milestones Nov27
If all goes well...
What is the time limit
kick it up a notch
No more messing around...
Milestones Nov26
down low!
Harrowing Experience
New Protein?
I'm back baby...
Milestones Nov25
The good and the bad
I'm torn!
Milestone Nov 24
Milestones Nov23
My Athlon is so much faster...
New Console version opinions?
Building a folding box
Thanksgiving Milestones or Nov22(outside US)
Folding Not Stealing Enough Juice!
New version of fah. 2.15 is out.
Please eat me!!!!
F@H 2.0 problem...
Milestones Nov20
Dumb Question
New to Folding and got some questions...
Milestones Nov19
It shouldn't be this hard...
website update 11-19-01
What happened to Genome@Home
Milestones Nov18
Is this true? Answer from Stanford if poss!!
My little idea
Time limits?
Why does Statsman make me crash?
Milestones Nov17
another folding box
F@H on the XBox
Milestones Nov16 9PMEST
Cheap folding mobo
Fah 2.0
2 boxes on same wu?
Five new boxes up...
Holy Crap!!! We got Decimals.
First Milestone Posting
A Comment About The Team
Is nudging going to far?
F@H -> shorter works?
So is F@H rendering proteins.......
New system idea
just an experiment
Milestones daily posting
Can I tweak this folding software? My chip isn't even breaking a sweat.
So is folding more dependent on memory bandwith or CPU clock cycles/IPC.
Cruncher can't get folding going?? Help me out!
Oh how I wish...
Beta F@H2
Fold Monitor (new ver.)
26 1 gighrz PIII
help! mommy!
A new threat...
How long does it take to complete a WU?
K6-iii & F@h 2.0
This might help
Just an FYI about OC.au top 2 producers
Windows XP a problem to connect?
FoldMonitor E-Group
? about install perl for foldmonitor
villin...after villin...after villin...
OK, I am convinced...
we're back
We are getting wasted!!!
What the heck is this?!?!? lol
zeros are bad
Another box folding
FAH Priority
No time limit server!!!
What's the Problem, People?
Can't get no stinking work !!!!
networking on a 56k
Another folder
Everyone Having Connection Problems
Could the stats be wrong ? (READ HERE)
Vijay explains why.......
folding problems
FoldMonitor - Nice, but perl.exe crashes...
working on getting school lab folding
Holy...look At This!
Note on Checkpointing
what's the delio
Experiment...... Switching client versions
FAH Version 1 Stats and Good News
New console Version Number Out
FAH: Idea, let me know what you think
anybody else get this?
F@H good for full load temps?
I'm back.
Folding on my school's mail server... :)
More folders needed
Help, This is very strange, downloads core_65
robjustice is THE MAN !
Hey peeps!
prob with v2.12
wus vs score? Can someone explain?
Dual Processor F@H?
i'm fed up with this....
Win NT/2000 service install script
I'm stuck
two f@h consoles?
Finally got My Duron Folding
Is there a time limit?
Not real happy with the new folding software.......
Folding won't dl new core_65.exe
He's Finally GONE
Which is better...