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To all F@H members, FSTATS @ Sig is now permitted!!
Upcoming Folding Team News Contest
Folding with my new HTPC?
Just a few questions from a FaH noob.
Weird message in FAH log
my ppd is gona be down for the next few days :(
i would like to join this team but..
Sad Day
New code to embed folding stats in your post
1st time Win7 need input
foldingathome-smp 6.29-1 seg fault after system update (arch linux)
Stupid Idea?
I blame markp1989....kinda
How To Become A Folding Team Member - Intro and Install Instructions
Help with the ubuntu 10.04 issue... (aware of tear's fix)
Wife pulled the plug on me...
servers are up, but no work to do???
HFM.NET Website *Alpha*
New rig - I7 or dual Xeon
Notfred Update
just about to hit 100,000 points :)
[O/C]Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #88
What processor should I use in a folding rig?
Back to the fold.
Budget super-folder?
Numbers going to drop soon =(
not getting units since yesterday
Happy Memorial day all!
GPU3 in Linux (via wine)
New I7 930 @ stock, best client for now.
GPU CPU Utilization
Now who's got the Blues?
New Member
New bigadv WU: P2684
BSOD every time I add HW?
Team Banner Titles
i7 options
GPU3 has entered open beta!!!
Time to go back to old gpu instead
100 ppd on gpu
BigAdv Help - Ubunto 9.04 vs 10
Finally Back!
Testing something don't respond (It works!!)
win7 SMP client Core Download Error
Somewhat Settled
i7 920 D0 vs i7 920
OK, What Gives?
Getting ready to move
Paying back our friends in Rosetta and SETI
how to increase my ppd?
Folding with your ati 2
Restructuring the Sticky's
Error in library libnss. Help!!
Back up in the threads!!
Differen't GPU's on same machine. Folding@home
SMP Client Upgrade to 6.29 Required
Folding@home with Ati
Possible internet usage issue with folding
I'm out of SMP!?!?!?
Need a how to to help with chimps.
Number of EUE allowed on a passkey?
Go Monkeys Go!!
We've fallen to 6th in the cc
ATTN: Chimp Challenge participants: Check your rigs!
Project killing my pc :(
possibly borked configuration?
Just cracked 1,000,000
[O/C]Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #87
Lightest/fastest possible client/settings
Back after move
CPU + GPU Folding on same rig
Back to it-- after this speed bump
im out for a bit
New SMP trouble
Last time that will ever happen....
WooHoo! Page 1!!!
Starting to fold
Problems setting up GPU2 on Laptop
Notfred trouble
Just a little bit of a heads up for the Folding Team
Put Your bigadv Clients on -oneunit!!!
I think my P6N Diamond died.
[O/C]The 2010 Chimp Challenge is Upon Us
Warning about VMWare Player and new Ubuntu 10.04
WUs are too big
Trouble with SMP2 client
Tips on keeping things cool?
New Rig Advice
Update Kernel
Tried to install 9800GX2 and now random reboots...
HFM/Hamachi monitoring help
Chimp Challenge 2010 - Passkey Request Thread
Chimp Challenge 2010 - Pledge Thread
* Official Team 32 Chimp Challenge 2010 Thread *
Maximum PC slowing down....
worth the work?
P.P.D. guess that means Points Per Day
folding on an i7-720QM?
SMP Client runs once...
hello everyone
bigadv: could not connect to server
Is this good?
Help with folding on ATI 4870 and Nvidia 9600GT on same machine?
time difference
Where's my -bigadv WU?
SMP CLient seems to be stuck
9800GX2 Set up
Anyone start folding with a GTX400 card yet?
Noob just starting
SMP Client Running Very Slowly
ATTN: WarriorIII and onefstsnake!!!
Extreme leaderboards WTF?
Linux smp -4 a3 TPF?
HFM Help
Official Chimp Challenge 2010 Notification thread
P5771 keeps failing Why?
new folding toy!
Back to Folding for Team 32 after a 5 year break
SMP has given up
Just to ease my concerns
i7 = vmware/linux + 1gpu
Read but still confused
Help smp has no work to do!!!!!!!!!
Aftermath of a Toasty Card
WOW, some folks got some really big points right now!
Bugs with the nVidia 4xx gpus & folding...
Where can I check my a2 and a33 completion rate?
What is the difference between WU's?
i3 540 F@H a3? PPD's
5.03 vs 6.23 Connection Problems
Another New error.
What are the 8800 GT, GTX, GTS etc. PPD?
Man down...man down!
anyone tried folding on a mobile i7 -720?
"Your foldin'? you better get some Neosporin"
help w/ building dedicated foldiong pc
standard windows client
SMP2 a3/a1 S/N rato?
Setting up VMPlayer 3.01 for -bigadv
Before I buy one can someone tell me (power comsumption)
Tracking completed WUs?
Team 32 persona for FireFox
Another thread started by Methal (bigadv point question)
Don't know if this was posted already . . .
You know you're addicted to folding when...
your choice of Linux Distro for -bigadv?
Anyone having a "dry spell"?
Slowing down for a bit :(
Who is ChasR?
Possible to run GPU client with -bigadv?
shutting down my farm
Multi gpu setup Qs
3065 EUEs
-bigadv folders.
Complete sorrow!
[O/C]Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #86
PPD Expectations?
Ugh, feels like summer
--- 50 x 10^6 ---
SLOWELY climbing the ladder...
Pentium4 HT
My ATI 4830 makes more PPD then my e5200
Remote pc reformatted and now issues
Error starting VirtualBox on win7
Can the ATI X1600 Pro fold?
Get off my 6 Bomber!
AAR and BAR combined into F@H Organization
Ewwwww...baby box problem GPU2 client
Does any one have gtx480 & gtx470 PPD yet ?
Weird issue when folding
What happened to T32 passing MPC?
WOOHOO 3 Milestones pretty much at once!
O M G Fermi Compute - Need to see
What is folding?
Rear view mirror report
Help with an update
Error deleting file...?
SMP2 on C2 Quad Waste of Time?
Odd error while folding...
1512 - the max shader on my GTX 260-216?
BigAdv not working?
I'm back to folding for the contest, and have CUDA card now!
GPU's down :(
Reflecting on my last milestone for for awhile
Finally reached Page 1!
Yay 13% CPU load
20k in the bag, need to qualify my passkey for Chimp challenge?
GPUs able to fold -bigadv a3 wus?
BigAdv - no credit?
not getting 100% load with smp 4 on q6600
GPU2 and GPU3 Failing
Did I set this up right? i7 Folding Rig & Bonus points.
Linux GPU client upcoming yet?
display driver has stopped responding....
Dynamic Load balancing?
Issue with new pc
Something wrong with Projects today?
[O/C]Announcing the 3rd Annual "March Madness" Folding Contest
*** 3rd Annual "March Madness" Folding Contest ***
*** 3rd Annual "March Madness" - Sign-up Thread ***
HFM.NET *New Version*
3 GPU's 4 screens only using 2
HFM, VM and UTC reporting weird PPD?
Mid March Madness
I have my new i7 920 rig running!
GPU and clocks while folding and temperatures.
Stanford down?
Fahcore_a3 and bonus points
Clock speed issue
GPU P6606 issue?
NorCalSteve See you later
The inevitable day is near!
Keeping the 295 cool
Chimp Challenge - Stick with the old sub team, or start new team?
Hi Guys!!
HFM.NET *New Version*
Congrats Gixx
Drop in points after putting second card in
3x GPU setup
Chimp Challenge 2010 - Planning
The "One click" install files?
Win 7 x64 - F@H with 2 GPUs
new issue (for me)
Folding team needs to get in on this...
How can I dump this WU without re-installing?
New issue has risen!!
9800 GTX+
JoT is done folding again, for now.
Has anyone seen this before? Is this normal?
Stanford Collection Servers Down?
Farewell, but not for good...
I'm back
first mil coming at me
EUE limit exceeded
what is proper way?
a1 issues
Newb question
What Would You Do With 48 Cores?
Problem encountered... PSU???
Marching On
Second GPU.
Mac Pro 2 Quad Xeon Processors 8 cores total big adv
Monitoring Multiple VMs
Who's doing this? Certainly not me alone...
[O/C]Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #85
Count down to new milestone.
I'm sad I have a failed unit (UNSTABLE_MACHINE)
When running 4 gpu2 clients and bigadv wu's
Newb questions
Bigadv - How Long For The Bonus?
Case suggestions
Don't Install VMWare Player v3.0.1...
Monitoring remote machines with hamachi
Gifting -bigadv with passkey, but no bonus?
Added 2nd gpu to my rig :D but need help
VMware Player Internal Monitor Error
Was running A3 units.. now it says A1....
My Whereabouts, HFM, & Not March Madness
Bigadv folding with >8 cores. HOw about VMware ESX?
Win 7, multi-GPU folding, and screen extension
having 2 issues, probably common
Estimated ppd/ rig
HFM and remote computers
Points/WU's lately!!
1+2 = good!!!
Bad WU?
Quick Q ?
EVGA W555 folding monster
Most stable NVidia drive to install?
Quatro - Cinque
If it isn't one thing, it is another...
Nvidia's Fermi
Pause break in about 4 weeks...
I'll be back
p3469 & p3470 - Interesting results
Gettign A1's for -Bigadv
F@H and Penn State...planning stage.
New here, please help. Can't send completed work units?
Update on me
Parts for new i7 Folding rig - Opinions?
Dual core?
2010 Chimp Challenge
-bigadv, it does need a 64bit OS right?
SMP Windows Client Giving Warnings
Setting Mac console versions so it autostarts
Burning/ripping/Encoding DVD's while folding
Future Gulftown release and Folding
Look at Harlam go
i7 PSU
Had a few minutes of down time today :(
140PPD with SMP2 and Phenom II 940...
Doubling Up Time!
8500 ppd?
GPU issues
SMP2 Time per Frame Question
How to Set Up A Different Team?
Cpu and Gpu folding @ the same time?
GPU - 281 failed attempts to upload??
Gonna be BACK in action soon!!
GTX260 is underclocking even while folding
Almost better than Team Shirts
Folding on a laptop, safe?
GPU clients not updating?
Affinity and GPU's
HD5870 Folding Settings?
im down but not out
October 6, 2010
having trouble with gpu
GPU affecting SMP2
Weird Error
Tricky startup problem
gpu2 new units and PPD problem
Wish a speedy recovery to Mark620!
Trying to get back up and running, but I'm confused
folding on workstation
Help a new guy with smp client
Work rig down / 295 - GX2 questions.
Can't afford FAH anymore...
How to change core count?
Ubuntu 9.04 Problems
Where's our snowman?
how to i get bigadv?
GTX 285 Folders
Bigadv VMplayer help.
Any Big WU left??
Finally joining the SMP fun
i7 920 Build Cost?
GPU Performace...
Warning: ignoring unknown arg
Best Client on a Core i5 Laptop?
HFM.NET duplicate client warning - bad??
-bigadv Client Notice
Quick Q about a WU
New record ppd on old machine
2nd i7 rig set up right?
Passkey issue
Shutting down for a while
Time to back em down.
Failure to upload
Passkey ?
Nice, BSoD and now this
Goodbye socket 775s
Back into the fold
-bigadv WUs gone?
Folding screenshots and pictures
E2180 oc'd to 2.75 4gb folding
GPU Question
which card would you choose?
[O/C]Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #84
Did somebody turn off the A2s?
mystery points? am I getting credit for these?
Fold with GPU on MAC
Getting a Malevolent Feeling!
File size of packages
A Little Less Talk
Major down time....
Kernel Question
Here's to hoping it sticks!
A3 only using 3 cores???
Dell workstation
MUST READ!!! - Great Team 32 Story!!!
Folding Job Portability?
Stats server down
Doing other stuff while folding
SLI question for Folding
Need a favor from someone running Linux
-BigAdv VM Stability issue?
i7 920 or Quad+ multi GPU?
i would fold on my i7 but....
A3 Bonus by which deadline?
WinXP A3 Wu = 5500 ppd - nice!
VM/Ubuntu vs new WinSMP - same PPD?
We only need 17 more i7 users!
Put forth your recomendation's for TheSpotlight.
Restoring a notfred backup
Finally! No issues I can see..Yet!
CUDA compatible card saying not compatible
Did we just PASS team Australia??
GPU client 404 fails
I'm not getting points for A3 WUs! Why?
Battle scars
Look at what I did...
Pentium 4-M 3.06Ghz SL7DU - 100 PPD, lolwut (ChasR help)
how well will this fold
484 points for an a3?
New winsmp2 issue or is it?
Help please.
Future Folder/OC'er Born today!
GPU 2 Folding issue (Priority Issue?)
VM Error
[New Revised] Windows SMP2 v6.34 Install Guide
Bonus Calculators For SMP2 A3 and -bigadv
Looks like chemists do have a sense of humor
VM Bigadv or new Win A3?
Laptops I have here doing nothing
New SMP clients 6.29
No contest drawing this week...
Notfred fans- take notice
So, Guv could be back in the game for top 100!
SMP2 introduces new points system
Get ready for SMP2
The Storm Surge Rises
SMP@50% CPU Usage w/Project: 5101 (Run 0, Clone 137, Gen 113)
GPU/Bigadv... AGAIN...
Meet Ceyung
SMP is a POS
Squealing, Screamin Vid cards! SOLVED!!!
Nvidia 196.21 driver warning...
Wisconsin Tourism Federation?
ATTN: cuda340, aka Bayna
Chasing onefstsnake
Donut is LEET!
VMware 3.0.0 Error
VMWare Player 3.0.0 question
-bigadv upgrades...
-bigadv with GPU client
anyone seen this before?
Whats that site that shows project/PPD stats?
Deadlines question
Not folding for "notfred2630"
GPU servers down???
CPU question
how would this xeon fold?
Tweaking help
A BIG Round of applause goes out to:
VMPlayer/SMP - Not using 100% CPU?!?
[O/C]Easy Linux Folding Setup Guide: The GUI Method
Ok.. Finally stable for folding...
Running 2 GPU's, 1 is folding faster than the other, Normal??
Nvidia Quadro FX for folding?
Standard Client Folding prog ?'s
HURRAH for me I think
3rd in the world... Seriously WTF GUYS! It's Party time!!1!11!onecos(0)!1
Need new set-up help...
I'm back! but with questions!
New "bigadv" rig shakedown
vm smp tpr file? wth?
-bigadv checklist
Question on config for max PPD.
fun fact
Games with cores and priority
Status Check
Growing monsters...
Rig question for you guys
SMP servers are down?
New to Folding Need Help
More details on the GPU3 core
I'm up to 9.8M ppd
Less that 6,000 till i join the club!!!
New folder, have a few hardware questions
Looking into building a rig.. can i..
New to folding - Is it worth the time to fold on an old P4?
How many steps = how many Points?
PS3 or 2 GTX 260?
Client for GPU folding in linux?
test protien A?
Chucked a PS3 on the team
Stanford ran out of work??
SMP Core Shutdown Error
Questions about my WIP Folding rig....
295 Error
Thank you Team 32!
Its gonna be a good week of folding for me!
Twenty four 6-core CPUs - Max Power?
P4 client
New cheap i7 Rig!
[O/C]In Memory Of pscout
DCA - Cure for Cancer has been found in 2007
Are You Ready?
some issues 'optimizing' I7 folding
Loss of -bigadv WU?
Last WU
My borgs went online yesterday
Another Rig Added to the Fold
Re: -bigadv wu's