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Re: -bigadv wu's
Ruh Roh, upgrading wife's comp.
From 9600GSO -> GTX260-216!
GPU Folding with SLI
Sorry Production Down!, Due to Heat Wave!
SMP Win7 x64...not working
Another RMA?
New VM
Folding for Team 32 newbie
I want!!!
folding on a t400 thinkpad
Video card issues - 280 GTX
Ducking out for a bit
Temporarily Shutting Down
Would anyone like to write something for the front page?
i7s the only way to get -bigadv bonus points?
New This, New That, New Something Else
VMPlayer using 50% CPU
what can i do to raise my ppd
Did I do it right?
Ram question
Best config question
Give yourselves a pat on the back!
Prion Info
Ubuntu Guide: Setup Samba File Sharing from the Terminal
Assertion failed
gtx 260 half ppd
Happy New Year!
VM Problem
Change Hostname
Can you transfer unfinished work over?
[O/C]Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #83
Unknow core / credit
Can You GPU Fold under Vmware?
Whats going on here?
Multiple Instances of SMP Client
Ahhh!! lost a 100% bigadv unit
Optimize my Opteron dual core rigs
Big WU points?
GTX 260: 192 or 216?
Team 32 mentioned in The Overclocker Magazine
[O/C]The Four Big Folding Sins
83rd Spotlight Interview(sneakysnowman)
Folding setup q's
We're Neck and Neck
Some minor updates that should boost PPD
Ubuntu/VM - Shutting Down Core?
Getting started
Folding info located....
Folding nostalgia- remember when...
Hello again
Best day yet!
Wow, 9 out of 10
GPU Upgrade time... for folding
Will Fold for heat.
My father passed away last night
SMP not meeting the deadlones
Folding Goals for 2010
Mobile GPU chipset
I'm back guys!!
Network CPU Temp monitor?
new members slowing down for top 10 folding teams
[O/C]Introduction to Folding@Home and Team 32
loss of 2 days work on bigadv
Christmas Shutdown and Homeward Bound
-bigadv flag problem.
Merry Christmas to ME
Ubuntu Will Not Install Under Vmware
Quick question
Unbuntu hangup.
SMP Folding
vmware install
Help me get more!
To all those about to fall in ranks
MacBook Pro + SMP folding
Dear Santa, I want a... (for Folding)
might be a dumbass question
Finally got my linux folding working
Gottcha to Me last night: "Cya at the party Richter!"
A good folding day
The numbers don't lie
Guide for GPU folding in windows?
Linux VM folding error
quick question about adding a folding card
1.5 million
Just installed and setup folding, seems slow..
Pulled the trigger on two i7 systems!
Linux SMP client tpr files
FAH server down?
Now My Proformance
Attention - need Santa's help
Remote Desktop (Windows) and Folding via gpu?
Right PPD?
What folding clients do you use?
cheapest way to -bgiadv
The Folding Forum and Overclockers needs you!!
Folding for pete_scout
Unstable Linux GPU
ubuntu 9.10 and folding???
Grats to OZZLO!
Imagine folding on this beast
Offical Prize and winner announcement thread
Support Jolly's Case Mod
My performance?
No idea.....
Overlocking your GPU in Linux
2x295gtx - weird UNSTABLE_MACHINE's
Problems finding notfred on network
The Big Four Folding Sins
Winter Rules
Normal PPD?
Monitoring Issues
A question for the Native Nix folders
Setup Problems
Linux VM SMP and Windows GPU2
Why am i getting smp a1 WUs?
new to folding
Re: Folding for Elena
better ppd with 2 GPU vs 3?
starting to fold again
I want to extend this contest and get the rest of the forums involved but...
A new blip has appeared on our radar!!1!!one!11eleventy!!1!
Linux SMP CPU Client Video Installation
Hello Again from MaximumPC
My new toy
Ethical dilemma?
Low PPD?
i7 Cooling requirements for 3.6GHz OC
Win7 64bit?
Now... Witness the power of this fully armed and operational i7!!!
Help i need more points!!!!
PPD up?
System memory settings for fah, speed or timings more important?
Old TPR File? Am I not optimized?
GPU2 Issue
Crapped GPU/Kick in the nuttz
An Idea for A Folding Cluster....
Unplugging/replugging ethernet cable cases FAH SMP crash?
VM related questions...
Config check
[O/C] Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #82
Overclockers.com Team News
Having Issues with VM+Linux
The Folding Contest Is now Live!!
Extra Large WU Info
Ps3 F@H
New Thread
Dead folding machine...can it be fixed?
Notfreds kills my gpu clients
My First Million
auto start for vm & ubuntu
8800GT with GTX 295
Post your Folding PCs
Things are Looking UP
Newbie getting started with F@H
DFI P55 miniatx looks :drool: for a folding machine
2D Lag when running the GPU client
My X-mas Presant
How to gracefully shut down notfreds
8800GTS Dead, However...
2 Million!
[O/C]A Detailed Step by Step Guide to Folding@Home Under Linux
Need Old Parts?
SMP2 Core in testing!!!
Folding Rig advice
16X vs 8X GPU
Some things not right....
#7 in the top 10 producers!
My Birthday gift to Team 32...
Folding on a MacBook Pro
Black Friday Report...
Why isn't there a GUI installer?
Donating some hardware
Offical Winter Blaze Contest Rules and Info
Radeon 4570 Mobile
New OC Folding Video
VMWare Player 3.0 + 3.4Ghz AMD Phenom II: More PPD than Windows?
Please Join the HFM.NET Google Group
Folding@Home will go to sleep .....
Warning: long 1-4 interactions
ATTN Core i7 Folders: Super-Large, 56,000 point, 8-core+Linux ONLY Work Units!
gtx275 EGVA
Netservers down
Is this worth folding on?
GPU2 P5914
GPU3 is going through testing now.
You can now mismatch cards, old news?
Have we ever been closer to the Aussies?
Any members of OCAU forums.
Things to be Thankful For
new custom built pc - suggesions needed!
Folding specs?
Time to rewire the lab
GUI lag with GPU2 folding?
FMP on Front Page, and looking for more content
HD 5770 folding
82nd Spotlight!!
Multi GPU Folding (2*ATI4890/Systray6.23)
Two sick rigs that need to be folding with winter here
Why we Fold...
Ubuntu 9 - 1/2 speed on -bigadv wu's?
Former Member: Oldskool
Yay 50 WU's in 48 Hours...
GPU2 folding favor?
Folding ports?
Video card for folding only
2 x dual opterons?
Duplicate WU question...
Phenom II X2 545 Benches
Our Monkeys Are Even Doing It!
Player 3.0 has support for 8 cores.
[O/C]Folders Helping Folders
Notfred Update
Project: 5791 (Run 0, Clone 318, Gen 9)
Thumdrive F@H
Shut down for a week or two
How to fix?
Rosie RAC Harvest starts tomorrow
Elf's and Santa's Gift Thread! Calling all Elf's!!
"-forcegpu ati_r700"
SMP and GPU dumps
CPU and GPU Folding @ the same time?
GPU2 folding error
SLI needed to Fold on multi cards?
points? broken server or broken me?
A couple of volunteers wanted
The Sun Kisses the Morning Dew...
Hardware help...
The Winter Blaze Folding Contest Offical Signup Thread!
HD4870 that I don't need
New Budget Quad Folding Rig Req
need some sweet pics and screenshots for new promotional vid
Should I be getting more ppd? (CPU)
New OSX client, anyone notice any differences?
It's getting cold in here...
5 Million :)
Dual GPUs - one folding and one gaming?
Frolicking in the Muck? not responding
New VMWare Player 3.0 Build 203739
VM Linux Folding
Wanted: Folding Team Content Editor
Dual Core SMP Speed Up.
Someone got some new blue suede shoes!!!
GPU EUE,s NANs detected on GPU
Linux SMP Client using only 80%
FTR/Downloader.Gen: False positive on Avira?
SMP ppd with AMD
P4 FAH default client
Avoiding the 511pt GPU WU's
Considering starting folding
can't find IP address
On Fire!
F@H can't find second GPU
i7 folding: shooting for max production
P3700 lapop... worth it?
Weird EUE
Page 2 :)
Setting up a new Ubuntu Box
F@H Typepad: Update on New Cores
production was down for two weeks
Suggested Folding Rig Builds
What is holding my GPUs back?
Who's Counting?
GPU PPD down by 1000 PPD - WTH?
Optimized Linux Kernel for Folding
Better Forceware drivers = more PPD?
Folding hangup. Help?
GPU Folding in Karmic
TPF for p5102 Curmudgeon in water
Graphics Card Trade?
It's the BIG One!
How to copy VM OS from one machine to other??
Hey guys can you tell me what this means?
Team 32 Folding @ Home on Facebook.
Slow GPU folding on Gentoo
Back in Action
Dual GPU Folding
Hello Team 32!
VM Software and XP
GPU and CPU folding
GPU Folding: Dell XPS 1340 (Hybrid SLI)
can you run dual 4870 to fold?
VMware Player 3.0 beta: 4 CPU support & can create VMs
I believe I have reached Folding Nirvana
Back on track
VM/Ubuntu install help
No monitor output w/ F@H-GPU HD4850
Let them dream...
Automate VM/Ubuntu under W7?
The Team 32 Folding Mentor Program is back!
Team 32 Mentor Program New Admin Thread
Folding again, question about windows version
legacy PCI card for folding?
Coming Back!
Vbox image?
Passkey field in FAH
Fall Brawl?
Making a new promotional folding contest launch video need some help!
Front page article for donating parts?
i7 folding rig feedback
Looking for contest prize donations
A guide to folding under Linux
Win 7, GPU Folding EUE
I'm baaaack...!!!!
New #2
Why I take breaks?
Coming Right at You!
Just Started Folding
News From Pande Group (Stanford)
I found my own personal HayesK
WU stops part way through, continues after restart
Best parts for a cluster/farm/rack?
Burn in burnt out?
Need a queue.dat file from a PowerPC Mac
Folding on a 5870
Gone for a while, need help starting back up.
Trouble keeping things going in the storm
Bad GPU2 WU ?
Page 2
Help running gpu client
add SMP to X2
Want to start folding, sorry for this thread :(
9600GSO 768 fan speed won't hold @ 100%
Whats That Coming Over the Hill........ !!
Lets talk about this
Article Writers Needed!
Big Mouth, Lots of Sharp Teeth...
Which Driver for GPU Folding?
Non SMP for multi-core processor
a day just dedicated each month for...
GPU not folding?
Back to School Special...
Had it now its gone.
500 000 today
Trying to monitor F@H in VM/Ubuntu
What free VM app do you use for SMP_FAH?
I'm down
Permanently assign a core to GPU2 client.
Folding in VM+ Primary = more PPD?
Slow Time Linux
New A2 2.10 core seems to be running slower
SETI 10th Anniversary Gauntlet Race
10th Anniversary Gauntlet
I've almost maxed out my rig
Card combos
congrats guys
best card for the money
9600gso for 35 bucks
Tag help
Cutting back
Milestones Blown to Bits...
New A2 Core 2.10 for Bad 1 core WU
Back in the game
is it working or not?
-bigadv passkey ?
Most WU's complete without rebooting
Now thats a sweet motherboard!
GPU Linux problems
When do I start earning bonus for this -bigadv SMP???
Small issues with Notfreds setup.
Problem with 190.62 drivers
Gentoo + GPU. New message: UNSTABLE MACHINE?
GPU option for 100%???
notfreds problem
One down, onto the next ..
Project: 2677 (Run 30, Clone 70, Gen 39)
How to monitor SMP on Ubuntu...?
Lost my OC
WS revolution Questions! :)
Sorry Production Down!
VM's and -bigadv, DON'T WORK
Only one core found?!?!
Multiple GPU Folding
p2681 aka 25403 point WU calculator
Getting a few EUEs on smp
Dust of those rearview mirrors
25k point WU.
My Goal
Is this WU a "bonus one"??
HFM and VBox connection help needed
Updated -RivaTuner v2.24c
SMP in windows 7 x64
WU = 50K ?
My Final Set-up
So One Day...
Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the Music!
newish folder :D
Personal milestone
New 787 point GPU WUs are great
New Folder!
To fold or not to fold
Folding in Win7?
Need a GPU2 log showing EUE state
PS3 Slim/Green
Folding GPU's on Ubuntu 9.04
Bad SMP WU won't go away..
GTX 295 single board question.
Back again...mostly.
Bad WUs
Thoroughly Lost :(
Taking a Break
NOTFRED Not working
LINCS Warning
New to folding-- question
wouldnt you know it
Quad servers down?
Oh, Happy Day!!
GTX 285 > GTX 295?
Older Posts?
Hard Drive capacities
It has been a great run
Need VM that runs on 64x Widows & hosts x64 Linux w/4 V processors
Check your rigs -- T32Monkeys are still posting thousands of points!!
Team number?
virtual machine clock drift
Quit yer Jawing and Click in Here...
Inching up TOP 20ppd
Issues w/ GPU2 folding on Linux
Bad Boy Beast Has Arrived
Without much fan fare, I made it.
Dummy plugs
ATI newb question
why dont I get points at noon?
fah6 -smp VS 9800gt OC
T32Monkeys still joking around............
8400 set up?
Core: GRO-SMP?
New Month, New Leubpard. New Icon..
anyway way to avoid certain proteins?
I'm sad...
Grats Mac!
I'm so spoiled
Something to Celebrate!
Help, new Borg problems...
SSD and folding
Somewhere..out there...
Entering the 21st century!
Folding Mentor?
OC stable in Linx, but not folding?
os type Last credit Last returned WU Proj Run Clone Gen
second GPU wont fold?
WOW what a pair!
New Billion Club Teams Arriving
More Winners Listed Here ==>...
First MILLION!!!
Safe i7 temps for folding 24/7
My first 24 hours of folding!
Can you run two gui clients?
VirtualBox and Ubuntu 9.0 4
Horribble PPD with XP Pro??
Down temporarily
VirtualBox now supports up to 64 CPUs
how do I retrive my old passkey?
Rivatuner fan control issues & GPU2 FAH
Need some advice
Funny story
New into folding...
EUE Limit?
Problem Solved, next...
SMP client - refuses to load
VMWare Server and Player issues.
What has happened to some of our huge folders?
Half-Blood Wizards, Old Guy with Balloons,
NEW NVIDIA 190.38 WHQL Drivers
newest error
I'm coming for you GeneralMac!
A Sad Summertime Song and a Smile
Will a 9800GTX+ & 9600GSO fold GPU2 WUs on same machine?
New Work Units for 8 core rigs.
Extra-large work units coming soon.
Ding! 1 million
I hope this project is complete by 2050