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Removing MPICH2 and starting fresh?
Intell i7 and linux were just meant to fold!
Powering on virtual machine
priorities\infinities management software
All's Quiet on the Folding Front
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M
Back to folding
Folding on an Intell ATOM.
Why do VMs increase PPD?
Jolly's New Home - Pics
Issues with Notfreds VM
Use 4 logical cores in a VM
SLI and F@H
Expected PPD from an EVGA superclocked 9800gt?
tip of the day
Contest Winners Announced here
GPU Servers Down- Again!
GTX 295 question
Notfred Update
Tangible results of folding..
calcuation fah does
Enjoy Your Summer, but...
I cant get smp going all of the sudden
windows 6.23r1 expired today?
Top 1000
Less than 100k to my first Mil
No Fireworks Needed
P2669 - Water molecule starting at atom xxxx can not be settled.
9600 GT
6/24 spike?
-advmethods flag (y/n)
My sorry attempt at creating some T32 FMP av's
Just broke 1 million points !! =D
Folding watertemps for custom block
GPU-2 locks up my rig
Business type design ideas needed for T32 POST THEM UP!
help needed
My Folding Options
Moon Walking Made EZ
How can I 'lock' affinity for a gpu?
Added to folding.vmx-priorities\infinities
a way for fah to get alot more done?
Hmmm... Hyper V kills VMWare Server x64bit guest OS
Huge PPD drop :/
Who is this "Folding Machine"
The "I need something to finish my Rig" Thread v2.0
I should be within the 1000 top Folders by tommorrow, Woot!
Wanna start folding
OC'n for folding
Folding on FreeBSD
I see you sneaking up on me Voidn =D
New high production day!
Need some advice with new system setups!
06.24, 3pm PPD Production pump up
New Windows Client
Summer shutdown
Linux Folding; little easier how-to. (some Terminal more clicky clicky)
At Last!
GPU probs
FAH not doing anything x.x
Impending loss of production...
Folding Contests Closed! Stats are posted HERE!
Spreading the word out about fah through networks like facebook and myspace
10 years!
Linux Unable to Restart a WU Fix
which produces more?
linux 9.04
Points Hit for me due to heat :(
sudo ./fah6 or sudo ./fah6 -smp -verbosity 9?
T32 Pirate shirts. Who would be interested in another run?
Production dropping, but clients look fine?
Why not an Xbox 360 client?
linux smp error.
AVAST ME HEARTIES... Prepare to be boarded
Q9650, XFX GTX260, 8GB GSkill, Gigabyte Board. $499.95!!!!
does folding burn out the rigs hardware?
Nitteo bows out
I'm Back!!!
I had to shut it down due to heat.
Wanna give me a ~$400 folding build?
Kick Back & Relax -
Folding contests ending date.
Notfred, was SMP, now uni client?
GTX 295 single PCB design
Linux SMP 6.24 Issue
Article - What is Folding and Why Does it Matter?
My little bro wants to help
Non "standard" hardware folding help
multiple wu preload
I have some folding stats
Borrowed a machine for two weeks :)
Took about an hour but I got Notfreds set up.
Can't get Rivatuner to hold my fan speed @ 100%
Help Wanted - Details Inside
Win 7 + folding anomaly
Stop after next and multiple shortcuts
Ozzlo can you please update the stats on the June 30th contest?
Error: Could not write local file.????
Notfred time?
GPU Client causing lag in 2d
Trying my best to keep ahead
Multi GPU + SMP Question
My Great Business
Thinking of making a second folding rig.
CAL Wrapper
GPU Client Slows Down Computer
Question about Affinity.
GPU Gromac \ GPU2 nv mt
VMware unable to connect
Serious error running the core
Finally got 'er done
Thanks, Secret Gifter
linux 64-bit SMP A1 core.
Intel T2600 & Ubuntu
GPU1 issues EUE errors
Need advice on best GPU2 card for $75 or under
Ubuntu machines down
Back in the fold
Website For PPD Statistics - Opinions?
Summer's Nearly Here
HBR down after 3200 hours
i7 win7 - missing unitinfo.txt
VMWare SMP WU now takes 5hrs. TPF!
Who is Folding for me?
Phenom II + 4870: HT Link speed overclock = EUEs?
How to dump a WU on a notfred VM?
1.5million PPD
Linux GPU folding with Wine
Help Needed for Teammate
which 9600gso should I get?
28PPD using Notfred's VMWare
Ya now Im done
X2 3800+ with GTX 260-216 Question
Crappy Performance / PPD ?
Need help for WIN 7 and 9800GTX2 GPU client install
wth it doesnt even work
Folding Video Card
8 Cores.... 128 Threads... WOW!
Is this allowed
going to fold for 32 again
Asus Dual 285 behemoth
Card comparison
Verifacation please
Shutting down This weekend
F@H Organization?
idk? help
Notfred clarification
App For Detailed Folding History?
That's a Likely Story!
PS3 Folding.
1000th WU and new WU problem
Win 7 Nvidia Drivers - which ones?
Good & Bad News
Coming back
Quick Question
Long TPF Project: 5911 (Run 0, Clone 239, Gen 1)
Unstable 4870 with GPU2
9600gt vs 9600gso vs 9500gt with this psu
folding farms
New page 1 member
Win 7 Beta expiring
Wheres barnettworks?
Will a 9800GTX2 play nice with a 9800GTX
Declare your arch nemisis folding contest 2.0
A Long Time Ago,
GPU probs
GPU on linux?
Since rivatuner doesn't work with 185.85
Folding contests offically start tomorrow!!!
Production about to go up.
FAH Stats Page [PPD tables for various GPU and CPU]
tpr file
poor ppd with GPU folding
whats the best bang for the buck these days
yuppers, Moving on up!
Need some help (Benifit To Folding)
Thanks for the help!
To i7 or wait for the 8 core cpu?
Stanford severs Are Down!!
upping my ppd.
Check out sno in the newest CPU magazine!!
Removing the -oneunit flag
Anyone tried a 260 and a 9800 in same machine?
Congrats on 3rd in CC
Excessive UNSTABLE_MACHINE Errors (Not NANS-Related)
Vista SMP - ok I give up..
i7 contest?
Does anyone have experience with Win 7 and WinSMP?
Notfreds VM problem
Bat Outta Hell Week
WOW rediculous!!!!!!
Laptop Folding, good idea or not?
GPU Fans
The possible way to beat MPC
Question about ATI Folding
Ubuntu throttling my FAH quad.
Chimp Challenge 2009 Thank You Party
notfreds vm thing... problem
SMP Troubles
Summer Shutdown
We got a man down!!
Maximum PPD?
NotFred Questions
Configure FAHMON for notfred?
Another notfred issue
Clamatowas@EVGA made a CC2009 wallpaper. it's "awesome".
new drivers?
Serious PPD Reduction
Mid-Race Milestones!
notfred troubles
353 pointer? What is this slowness?
optimizing multiple multi-core processors
A Few Quick Questions
Well, just got last month's electric bill
Good production?
UK Folders: 8800GTS £49.99
write up on ubuntu folding
Windows Domain F@H Deployment?
T32 Page 2 GOES GOLD!!
Chimp Challenge Race Updates
Problems w/ SMP client w/ Win7
New gtx275 help please?
And there they goooooooo!!!!!!
Chimp Challenge Stats Page!
Too much is never enough
Darn Unitinfo.txt file acting up again
Setting affinity for VM's through vmx file
Have you switched to T32monkeys yet?
The Pre-Race Jitters and Milestones
Little help multi gpu
Setting priority VMware server?
Linux GPU Folders: OC tools?
8800gt and 6k+ PPD?
W7 X64 and RivaTuner issue
Ubuntu - GPU?
NotfredsVmWare client
just a thought
Production drop
Increase in production.
920 Help
Measured effects of core/shader/mem clocks
notfredsVmware +3ghz 9950=5000ppd but still need advice
need to get FAHmon to work with notferdsVM
Back to folding once again
Should we extend the ending date of the folding contests?
Help Please
thanks to CW!!!
help me get started
Got my first 9800GX2... couple questions
Getting ready to go primal
Chimp Challenge Estimation
20 K here I come...
* HFM.NET - Client Monitoring Application for Folding@Home *
Hi from maximum pc!
<< Amazing Folding >>
SMP/ UBUNTU On external drive?
CIDR list of F@H IP addresses for firewall
CC Decision
Another noob question on how to access personal stats
Experimental CAL DLLs
GPU memory tester
thinking about a VM client need help
need help with i7 Folding
Chimp Challenge - We NEED Your Input
odd gpu behavior, throttling ?
PPD Just Halved on a CSV Core
Is there a way to save a WU?
Why were/are you hesitant to fold
Difficulty with the F@H client and some 8-core servers.
GTX 390
SMP PPD question
recruit wayne?
how many new forlders for the contest?
Bringing up a second rig, need some insight
Some Ubuntu 9.04 observations and folding
New Recruit - Welcome SLEEPER_V!
Using VMWare 2.0.X + Already installed Linux OS?
Q's about folding on gpu's
Folding i7 issues
Your Invitation has Arrived, Get Ready!
yay linux gpu folding
New a2 core v2.07 (OS/X and Linux)
Couldn't send HTTP request to server error
9800gx2 SLI question
driver stopped working
Quick Client Questions (P4 systems)
correct ppd?
Considering Folding
repeated occurrences.
Folding on Tricore
avg folding scores?
GPU temp inquiry
Connectivity Issues F@h
What do you use to test GPU stability
Best AGP card
3,000,000 PPD CHALLENGE !!!
linux, native, 32 bit, no vmware?
Chimp Challege 2009 Info and Rules!
8-core Windows SMP only using 50% ???
MPICH2 PPD estimate
Vista problem
PPD on a single/dual/triple 9800gx2?
i7 and folding
stanford out of 59's on gpu2?
some math...getting back to 3rd place?
Is 856 Points with 18 WU considered decent for 2 days work with 1 computer?
It's a hot time..
Ubuntu 8.10 X2 Weirdness
CPU can't find work packet, GPU stuck on 10000/10000...
GPU2: 182.50 WHQL vs 182.08 WHQL
9800GX2 problems
New to folding: Some questions/issues
What does it mean when a Client Died?
gpu2 folding
The I7 folding contest ending date has been extended!!! Rules updated aswell...
Adak, Running FAH SMP Client v6.22b2 MPICH2 Install Guide
yay! hit 25k!
Sad day
New to folding
Notfred, TFTP, Server 2003, DHCP and all the fun that goes with it
Folding Team
Brutal-Force's set up
PPD Blues
GTS 250, 9800 GTX, 9800GTX+ UNSTABLE_MACHINE @ stock
PCI-e slot question
Normal CPU usage running GPU client?
GPU > CPU? (9800gt superclock > i7?)
Linux Distro for Folding/Tweaking and Learning
How long till there is nothing left to fold but laundry?
GTX 295 problem
Another reason for to fold
Project 5775: 9 mins 36 sec TPF
Two Eggs, in One Basket
Need Some Advice
Darn power outage, production down 24k PPD
This is exciting...
Returning from a long slumber..
*Updated* The Official Team 32 Install Guide - GPU, CPU; Win/Lin/VM
folding 2x nvidia cards on Ati chipset?
Excessive EUEs
The top twenty.
why is my ppd so low?
FAH running nativly in linux?
One source of GPU instability (nVidia)
Issues with SMP client
checking your points from another computer?
Just started...Have some basic questions
gpu folding problem
ATI Catalyst™ 9.4 Folding
i7 good enough for folding?
A salute to nikhsub1 !!
Phenom x4 a little slow?
Up and running
Jim Morbid, Reporting For Duty!
GTX285 shader straps different?
folding on a webserver
GPU Shader Clock Sticky
April folding contest part 5: Time to sweeten the deal!
Wow Look at this Guy.
Increase PPD on quadcores
Welcome to all of our new Folders
Folding like a snail...
I have only folded for 4 days!
What are your shaders at?
8800GT PPD
Help!! Notfred not folding
Is this normal?
4870 + Dual Core? Post here.
GPU - WU Series 57** Nans detected
folding on 2 gpus
What would be the best clients to run?
Run GPU and SMP at same time?
Straight from the Easter Bunny
Is this a problem?
Tesla Question
How to Fix This?
SMP on Dual Core?
Wow check out the powa!!!!
VMs...affinity & priority
MPI Issues
8800GT 256MB?
A quick tidbit about loads and tempatures.
what clients do i need??
VMwareserver 2.0 help
server issue?
Sorry...loss of production...
constant deaths are happening fold on!!!
Some help to get started??
gtx260 folding
New Fahmon ver 2.3.99
Folding Rig Down - Windows Will Not Install
PS3 changed thier setup for F@H!!?? I need help with it...
My latest borg and recruit
Stupid question..
Congratulations to T32 from MPC
April Folding Contest Part #4 OCF UNITE! (I7 computer Grand prize)
Need help between 2 Evga GPU's
awooga! AWOOGA! MPC is within 1 million points, outdoing us by 400,000PPD
VMWare/Ubuntu PCTools Connectivity issue
Just as the Going was Good
wondering about some cards not listed for PPD?
P5900 R10 C352 G49 = 472 Points
8GB Esata drive
April Folding Contest Part#3: Declare Your Arch Nemisis
April Folding Contest Part#2: Spread the Cause!!!
Woot! Simultaneous launching of new Team32 contest site and youtube channel
Red Folder, Red Folder, We're Calling You Over
Sneak Peak...
EUEs on a stock 9600gt
First EUE :(
GPU recommendations
Will a 4x bus speed hurt my performance
Back in the top 20
Couple OS Folding questions
How does FAH connect to servers
Finally Did it
Best options
Added 2nd GPU, 1st one slowed down
Folding not working...
First Million!
PNY Folds!
SMP in Ubuntu (Dual Opteron)
Trouble: Win7 64bit & VMware setup
5902-5904 worth 1888 points
Quicken 2009 laggy while GPU folding only
April Folding Contest Part#1: Folding Pride! (freebie entry)
Windows 7 and GPU overclocking
Need help configuring clients on a system...
Who was that folder that just sped by me?
What is your age?
Anyone in houston?
GPU problem
Stacking & Racking
Help! 1 of 4 clients WAAAYY underproducing!
Old "certificates" from stanford's website
do we have a for sale forum
how do i join team 32?
MPICH2 question
4870 Woes
GPU2 Question: Systray or console?
Newcomer questions.
Looking at setting up nw system with old parts...need input.
fahmon question
the start of my folding farm (and help for anyone interested)
Which Program do you use to monitor your clients?
Shooting for Team 32!
The 3 little words we all love to hear ==>
VM SMP Stealing GPU Cycles
help setting up new system
I've got a theory...
Trouble submitting
"FARM" PICTURES (not farm animals)
GPU2 USERS MUST READ - Newest ForceWare 185.20 = PPD increase
Multi-gpu problems
Most Fun Folding Ever
ATI Catalyst™ 9.3 Folding@Home Performance Enhancements
Sady I will be shutting down for a few weeks
Difference between GPU clients
New guy here.
Hello! =)
GTX 200 series performance
Uniprocessor server?
*** 5 million point warning!!! EMERGENCY FOLDING MEETING! (the perfect storm approacheth) ***
Couple Q's
Taking a bow...
newbie here
15 E6300's folding
How to set SMP to run on 2 or 3 cores, instead of all 4?
Summer shut down.
12MB cache size = folding benefit?
My 1st 9800gx2 thoughts (questions also)
GPU suggestion needed